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Nature Observations

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November Sightings Nov 12, 19 1:12 PM

“What happened to our local scallops?” was the most talked about nature topic this past weekend. Unli... more

Raising Monarchs Nov 4, 19 4:22 PM

Monarch butterflies could still be observed making their way south last week, although we are now past the peak w... more

Some Walks In The Woods Oct 28, 19 4:05 PM

Two river otter workshops were held last weekend, both designed to inform and train interested volunteers in how ... more

Fall Butterfly Sightings Oct 22, 19 5:52 PM

The monarch butterfly has gotten so much “ink” over the past decade, that it seems most people now recognize the stunning... more

Salamander Encounters Oct 17, 19 10:13 AM

Earlier this month, while South Fork Natural History Museum president Andy Sabin was leading a field trip in Mont... more

The Mountain Lion As Ecosystem Engineer Oct 7, 19 1:14 PM

Did the mountain lion ever roam Long Island’s landscape?In his excellent 1971 publication, “The Mammals of Long... more

September 2019: Going, Going, Gone Sep 30, 19 2:52 PM

Our weather for the month of September was notable for its overall warm temperatures (2.4 degrees above average for the month)... more

In The Field With Master Teachers Sep 24, 19 9:05 AM

Last Sunday, I met a group of “Master Teachers” to share some ideas and information about taking students on... more

September Sightings Sep 16, 19 2:05 PM

The sun is dipping below the horizon at 7 p.m., night temps are dipping below 60 degrees, crickets are dominating the nighttime... more

Tinkering With Ecosystems Sep 9, 19 11:12 AM

Ecosystems are complex systems composed of many different species, each reacting to perturbations or changes in complicated... more
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