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Commercial Suites Could Be Part Of Amagansett Apartment Complex

I simply cannot wrap my head around the notion that the Town's Housing Authority should be in the business of providing commercial space to small-business owners, presumably at below market rates. I guess we will need to rename the Authority as the "East Hampton Housing & Commercial Space Authority." I wonder if that objective falls within the intended scope of the State legislation that established the Housing Authority. David Buda " Feb 2, 16 11:47 PM

Oops, meant to say I think the Seller "will be LAUGHING all the way to the bank." DB" Feb 2, 16 11:55 PM

Rossetti Perchik, Founder Of East Hampton's Clamshell Foundation, Dies Saturday

A true loss for The Springs and the entire Town of East Hampton. So many benefited from his community spirited events and activities. He will be greatly missed. David Buda, for The Springs Concerned Citizens. " May 8, 16 12:12 AM

Eastern Portion Of State Route 114 Scheduled For Repaving

I can only hope that for $75 million the State has included plans to add turning lanes on Route 114 at its intersection with Stephen Hands Path. The cars traveling SE and NW regularly turn the shoulders of the road into additional by-pass and turning lanes to get around vehicles waiting to make a left turn. This is a potentially deadly situation. David Buda " Jul 19, 16 5:47 PM

Springs or The Springs? What's In A Name?

To all interested in The Springs: check out the "Photo Gallery" (click on button in the lower right-hand corner of the photo under the headline. David Buda, The Springs. " Sep 2, 16 9:47 AM

Springs Man Sues Over Hamlet Signs

You'll be cheering for a loser, Mr. Wheeler. This Small Claims action in Town Justice Court is a farce. The Justice Court simply does not have jurisdiction to grant the type of relief sought. It can only consider claims for an award of money to compensate a Plaintiff for losses allegedly sustained by the actions of the Defendant(s). Also, the court has no jurisdiction over the County Executive, who cannot be served within the Town limits. The only good news for poor Martin is that he only wasted two $10 Filing Fees. David Buda" Sep 2, 16 6:56 PM

He would have been better off buying lottery tickets with his $20 of discretionary income! David Buda" Sep 2, 16 7:56 PM

Storm Uncovers Sandbags On Montauk's Beach Project

A picture is worth a thousand words. Wow, that did not last long, did it? David Buda" Sep 6, 16 7:32 PM

A picture is worth a thousand words. Wow, that did not last long, did it? David Buda" Sep 6, 16 7:32 PM

Affordable Apartments Above Garages Draws Some Criticism, Some Support In East Hampton

The proposal under discussion is to allow a limited number of affordable accessory apartments to be erected in new or existing accessory (detached) buildings, such as garages, pool houses, sheds, etc. This is not a good idea in single-family residential neighborhoods and is contrary to the very definition of an "accessory building." David Buda" Sep 7, 16 11:11 PM

Another Town's Judge May Hear 'The Springs' Legal Challenge

Just a silly waste of time and resources necessitated by a frivolous resort to the local Justice Court, which has no jurisdiction in such matters. David Buda" Oct 22, 16 6:27 PM

East Hampton Town Officials Say Family Lived In Illegal Basement Apartment With 6-Foot Ceilings And No Smoke Detectors

Here's a novel solution: Adopt new laws making the landlord of an unlawful apartment fully responsible for the cost of emergency, temporary relocation costs to put the displaced persons into a hotel/motel for a period of, say, 60 days. And make those charges a lien on real property. Think that might make some landlords think twice? David Buda" Dec 6, 16 10:54 AM

Water Mill Home With Roof Top Tennis Court Is Sold

Yes, clearly it is an architect's model. David Buda" Feb 19, 17 10:22 AM

Local Officials Ask State To Repave Eight Miles Of Route 114 By Summer

The biggest safety problem that confronts the motoring public traveling on State Route 114 between Sag Harbor and East Hampton is not the quality of the road surface but, rather, the lack of any turning lanes at its intersection with Stephen Hands Path. Cars traveling south and north regularly use the shoulders as a bypass lane to get around the line of cars waiting at a green light to make left hand turns onto Stephen Hands Path. Someone is going to get killed at this intersection, mark my words! David Buda" Mar 5, 17 10:28 AM

After A Decade-Long Wait, Construction On East Hampton 'Affordable' Condo Development Could Start This Year

I trust there will be significant restrictions on allowable resale prices in order to maintain the units as Affordable Housing. Otherwise it would be as if the Town was making a gift of the cost of the land to benefit the initial purchasers, only. David Buda

P.S. Mouthhampton, I agree that apartments and houses that are built to be sold to qualified purchasers simply cannot achieve the most "bang for the (Town's Affordable Housing) buck." " Mar 7, 17 11:53 AM

Springs CAC Calls For East Hampton Townwide Reassessment

You are correct that because all properties in the Town are not within a unified, Town-wide school district the impact of a Town-wide tax reassessment will be determined by which specific taxing districts a particular property is part of. Notwithstanding, the goal and effect of a Town-wide reassessment will be to eliminate the many inequities and disparities WITHIN each respective taxing district. For example, The Springs School and Fire District tax burdens will be more fairly distributed WITHIN those tax districts, while the tax burden for providing Town Police services to all of the Town residents (outside of the Villages) will be more equally and fairly distributed among all Town property owners that live outside of the Villages. Moreover, many municipal services are provided to all Town residents (e.g., parks and recreation, and tax assessment services) and the cost of those services will be more accurately apportioned among all property owners in the Town. David Buda, licensed Suffolk County Tax Grievance Consultant." Mar 30, 17 7:54 PM

Schools Could Be A Target For Fast Water Quality Improvements

This is a tremendously important news article that has pulled together highly relevant, and up-to-date information from many sources. Kudos, Mr. Wright. David Buda" Jun 27, 17 12:03 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Village Mayor And Village Board Respond To Lawsuit

No, he is running to become a member of the Town Board as a Councilman. Just as bad for the Town. David Buda" Aug 28, 17 2:03 PM

Convivial Counselor Bill Fleming Of East Hampton Dies At 69

A truly renaissance man. A great loss for the entire East End. David Buda." Jan 16, 18 10:55 AM

UPDATE: David Lys Appointed To The East Hampton Town Board Thursday, Over Objection From Bragman

I agree with Rich Morey. The Town Board should not be all be in marching in "lock-step" to the same drumbeat. Diversity of opinions perhaps will herald a new era of meaningful debate and discussion on important topics, not merely a guaranteed consensus reached out of sight of the interested public. David Buda" Jan 19, 18 11:50 AM

East Hampton To Spend $850K To Restore Artists' Studio And Home In Springs

Even though James Brooks and wife Charlotte Park are acknowledged to be important artists who came to Montauk in 1949 and moved to The Springs in 1957, the fact is that the James and Charlotte Brooks Foundation has ceased operations and distributed all their remaining art works to various museums (including a large number to the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton). Their next of kin sold their 11 acre parcel with house and two studios to the Town Community Preservation Fund with the clear understanding and expectation that all the (dilapidated) structures would be razed. I appreciate the CPF sponsored restoration and renovation of the barn at the former homestead of artist John Little located at Duck Creek. But to try to do a silimar project at the Brooks/Park property may only serve to diminish the utility and value of the Duck Creek community facilities and activities. If the plan is for a community art display facility and activity center, we already have a nice one in The Springs. If the plan is for an art museum to honor the Abstract Expressionists, we already have a nice one in the Pollack Krasner house. CPF, please save your dollars for acquiring the Willem deKooning studio if and when it may ever become available. It does not need to be restored, It doesn't need a million dollar renovation. David Buda " Feb 2, 18 9:48 PM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

If they did have cameras pointing to the nearby, exterior areas of the school, then I very much doubt this would have happened. Students know where there are cameras, duh. David Buda" Apr 6, 18 6:23 PM

Water Authority Will Rethink Amagansett Storage Tank Plans After Objections From Neighbors

It seems there are Deed restrictions that run with the land, which the SCWA was going to try to simply ignore. Arrogant or just stupid. Probably the prior owner wanted to eliminate any possibility of SCWA erecting a humongous eyesore. David Buda" Apr 17, 18 1:13 PM

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