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Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

HB is being taken over by big business. We miss the small town Baymen's haven it once was. " Nov 16, 10 3:35 PM

WPPB-FM Now Officially On The Air

Not the same as the old Southampton College station that I enjoyed so much. If this is NPR, why so many commercials?
" Dec 27, 10 7:54 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

WHy was she taking pictures when property was clearly posted "NO PICTURES" ? She is a person to be investigated thoroughly. " Feb 15, 11 8:25 PM

Mayor Says Southampton Village Supermarket Law Has Good Chance Of Passing, Despite Opposition

The only grocery store in town, Waldbaums, could use some competition. The specialty grocery stores would still be used.
" Jan 14, 12 12:37 PM

Firefighter Injured Battling Hampton Bays Blaze

congratulations to the HBFD for excellent work. " Feb 10, 12 7:25 AM

UPDATE: Monsignor Trench of Sacred Hearts Remembered As People Person

I am saddened by the passing of Monseignor Trench, A great loss to all in the community, and particularly to the young people. " Mar 17, 12 8:26 PM

In Light Of Police Files Investigation,Tenaglia Claims No Wrongdoing

Really! Who is to know what the facts really are?" May 17, 12 3:46 PM

Housing Authority Chair Blasts Southampton Town Board For Skipping Survey

I believe that the homes should be owner occupied and built as soon as possible. " Jul 17, 12 1:37 PM

Bishop On Defensive After Claims Of Unethical Campaign Solicitations

But is he trustworthy? He scares me. " Aug 17, 12 8:47 PM

UPDATE: Charges After Partiers Are Rescued From Sandbar

Why wasn't this mob scene on the sand bar stopped before it became unmanageable and dangerous? I don't get it. It is right across from the Coast Guard station." Aug 26, 12 10:53 AM

It was not just a bunch of local kids but a large group of partiers who did not have a clue about our local waters. " Aug 29, 12 7:26 AM

A Look At How The '38 Hurricane Hit East Hampton

There are more photos of East Hampton's '38 hurricane damage in the Long Island Room at Rogers Memorial Library. " Aug 30, 12 7:39 PM

More Than 200 People Attend Community Forum In Hampton Bays

Good job Michael Dunn, keep up the good work." Sep 6, 12 9:32 PM

Morris Welte To Turn 100 On September 11

Happy Birthday Morrie. What a nice story. I wish you and Audrey the best. Joan
" Sep 9, 12 8:01 AM

Press Wins National Award For Excellence

Congratulations on winning first place. What about the western edition? " Oct 8, 12 1:27 PM

Former Parrish Museum Could Be Future Home Of Public Radio Station

I think the Parish Art museum is the perfect place for WPPB. " Oct 10, 12 7:16 AM

Woman's Death On Street In Hampton Bays Sheds Light On Mental Illness

May she rest in peace." Nov 1, 12 2:15 PM

May she rest in peace. " Nov 1, 12 2:16 PM

UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays

Any gas available around Hampton Bays?
" Nov 1, 12 7:38 PM

Thanks, I will try them in the morning.
" Nov 1, 12 9:58 PM

UPDATE: LIPA Says It's On Track For 90 Percent Restored By Wednesday

LIPA crews worked on Squiretown Road and Red Creek Road yesterday, Sunday, there was heavy damage. They got the work done and power back on within a few hours, thank you LIPA. " Nov 5, 12 7:50 AM

East Hampton Business Debuts On National Reality TV Show

I believe I saw Donna McCue on a cooking show on the food channel in the past. She is very entertaining. " Dec 4, 12 6:10 PM

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