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Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

Bottom line
The Jews didn't start all the BS , but I'm hopeful they will finish off every last POS terrorist
Read Larry Millers essay
Pay attention
" Jul 7, 15 4:07 PM

I guess I have to remind everyone to please read the essay written by Larry Miller ...
Larry Miller's thoughts on Palestine.
Please people if you want to know the truth you should read this .
" Jul 8, 15 9:35 AM

Sag Harbor Resident Hopes Documentation Can Bring More Knowledge To Historic Preservation

As long as she's not on the same side as all the other people that flipped out over the new Harbor Market ........." Jul 8, 15 9:40 AM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

So sad . Yet another person that does not understand history . " Jul 9, 15 7:00 AM

Read Larry Millers essay about
"Palestine"" Jul 10, 15 9:52 PM

Read Larry Millers essay about
"Palestine"" Jul 10, 15 9:52 PM

Ha thought some more people would comment !!!!
True hate !!!!!!
No sorry my friend , the essay speaks the truth !!!!!!!" Jul 11, 15 7:53 AM

Ok I'll put my head in the sand and pretend Muslims do not strap bombs to children " Jul 11, 15 10:08 PM

Check out the Palestinian flag prior to 1948 " Jul 12, 15 1:31 AM

And bottom line is this :
No land was stolen
Arabs started something
Hopefully Jews will finish it !!!!!
Jewish people have been fighting persecution for thousands of years
Oh well it's getting ugly ....
No pity from me

" Jul 12, 15 1:35 AM

Does anyone know what the Palestinian flag looked like before 1948
Also pay attention to the Saudis
For all of you that think Jews run the American government .....guess again..." Jul 13, 15 8:25 AM

Go to google
Type in the following ....
Free thought nation why pick on Israel...
Check it out !!!

" Jul 13, 15 8:52 AM

So the question of
" who's side is Obama on " ...?
Well when we have a Jew hating most likely Muslim in the White House ... Which side do you think......hhmmmmmm " Jul 15, 15 7:37 AM

After the Bar Kokhba revolt , Roman emperor Hadrian decreed that the regions name would be changed from Judea to Palaestina

The root of the word Palaestina came from philistia a Greek word

Basically the real "Palestinians"
Are Jews

The word Palaestina was introduced to punish the Jewish people for the failed revolt

So for all of you that have been brainwashed , hope this helps.

It's important to understand that Jewish people have been fighting for equality, justice, the right to live , for thousands of years

And they do not strap bombs to their own or any other child.

Pay attention people .
Are Jews perfect ? No . Are they sick and tired of this ? I'm going to say yes . Have Jews committed crimes of epic proportions ? Yes at times . But after thousands of years of fighting .......
Well what would you do ? " Jul 15, 15 8:48 AM

Mindless brainwashed to hate jews
You idiots

" Jul 18, 15 8:24 AM

Well thank you for finally understanding !!!!" Jul 18, 15 12:44 PM

The Jews didn't start the fight
The Arabs did " Jul 21, 15 2:11 PM

The Arabs started the fight ......
The Jews did not " Jul 22, 15 8:46 AM

Zeldin Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal

Ignore the fools nazznazz you're on point !!!!!!!!" Jul 22, 15 7:26 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jul 25, 15 9:56 AM

Zeldin Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jul 25, 15 10:00 AM

I judge Obama's character, not the color of his skin . You race baiters need to get off that one
I want Allen West to be our president
Oh would you look at that
He's not white ....." Jul 26, 15 1:14 PM

War is not an ice cream social
West "lost his temper"
Really ??? " Jul 27, 15 9:20 AM

Hillary Clinton To Hold At Least Two Fundraisers In Hamptons In August

Allen West for president !!!!!!!!!" Aug 2, 15 1:20 AM

War criminal

I'll tell you this
I have zero problems with torturing terrorists
Sorry I guess that brings me " down to their level "
I see it in a biblical sense
An eye for an eye
Grow up people!!!! There are people outside ( and inside unfortunately ) the United States trying to KILL us
Hello ...??!?!?
Wake up tree hugging hippies
" Aug 2, 15 11:38 AM

Southampton Justice Seeking To Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit

How could he know exactly where the child's bedroom happened to be located? Was that explained in a past article about this issue ? " Aug 6, 15 12:09 AM

I just found out that the footage from the camera was viewed and all that was recorded was the activity in the driveway.
The camera was not pointing at the child's bedroom.
Also it's not illegal to have security cameras on your home.
To slander the neighbor in such a way is truly disgusting .
" Aug 7, 15 8:40 AM

Zeldin On Trip To Israel With House Majoity Leader, Members Of Congress

As usual this is all about people that hate Jews
Bottom line
Doesn't the very first comment say it all ...??????
" Aug 17, 15 1:14 PM

Blah blah blah ..........
Bottom line is this
People STILL hate Jews
Blame the Jews for everything
Would sooner trust Iran
We have big problems
" Aug 17, 15 10:22 PM

People ...
For the truth about "Palestine "
Please go to google
Look up Larry Millers thoughts on Palestine
Thank you " Aug 23, 15 8:22 PM

Another great article :
Go to aish.com
Check out Israel's right to the land .
Thank you " Aug 23, 15 8:28 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

@uncle fester ....that was THE best comment ever !!!!!!" Aug 28, 15 9:19 AM

New guy in town wins !!!!!!" Aug 28, 15 10:22 PM

Southampton Town Will No Longer Fight Establishment Of Religious Boundary

Sadly that will never happen , because the absolute HATRED HHS feels is deeply imbedded in his/her soul
Just like the hatred the Arabs / Muslims have had toward Jewish people for thousands of years
" Aug 30, 15 10:28 AM

Is a nativity scene considered religous ?" Aug 31, 15 5:45 AM

Everyone has his or her version of what "truth" is ....
" Sep 1, 15 6:19 PM

Interesting comment & proof that my comment is correct " Sep 2, 15 10:38 AM

As long as certain people really dislike /hate Jews , this will never end ....
" Sep 3, 15 6:24 PM

Sorry , all your fancy posts still do not disguise the facts that you have a problem with Jewish people
Keep trying though....
It's very entertaining. In fact I imagine every time someone posts something you disagree with , smoke comes out of your ears !!! " Sep 4, 15 10:12 AM

Nope , sorry . Can't stop !!!!!!" Sep 4, 15 10:37 PM

Lee Zeldin Announces Raffle For Constituents To See Pope

Just stop already ...." Sep 7, 15 10:03 AM

Sag Harbor Native Moves To Israel To Serve In Army

I do not know this young ,brave woman but I'm beyond proud !!
What an amazing person ! " Sep 8, 15 9:56 AM

And here we go ....." Sep 8, 15 2:59 PM

People that hate Jewish people will NEVER see it that way , they will only see Jewish people as aggressive land "stealing " killers of Christ
Until people WAKE UP and realize what's REALLY GOING ON in the middle east , well you know the rest
Because invisible eruv markers are much much worse than sharia law
" Sep 9, 15 10:08 AM

Possibly because Israel is so small they need all the help they can get , because if the Muslims get what they want in terms of Israel, do you really think we are NOT going to be next ...?
Hi there Europe.
I'm a proud American, and I feel we need to concentrate on our safety and borders first . If there are a few Jewish Americans that have the guts to try to help the ONLY CIVILIZED country in that region , well good for them .
Yea I know 3.....2.....1...Israel civilized..?
" Sep 9, 15 8:50 PM

So why was this article pulled from the
"Headlines" so quickly ?
I think I know why .... " Sep 12, 15 9:09 AM

Calendar Of Events For Harborfest In Sag Harbor

Yay TEAM WHALERS champions again
It's too bad they were ROBBED a couple of years ago by CHEATERS !!!!!!!!!
But sooo happy these true gentlemen won !!!!!! " Sep 13, 15 6:02 PM

Zeldin Co-Sponsors Two Resolutions To Thwart Iran Deal

People PLEASE take a look at Pamela Gellers blog
All you need to know about Muslims
And how they ALL feel about non Muslims
And for the the people that call this
"Propaganda " .. Well good luck when the muslims are in your backyard
WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!" Sep 14, 15 8:15 AM

Sag Harbor Hosts Annual HarborFest

Are there more photos in the actual paper ? Where are the photos of the WINNERS of the whaleboat races ? " Sep 15, 15 9:55 AM

None of the teams are "mine". I'm merely a spectator, which means I have eyes ,and could see the cheating. And sorry if you disagree but rules are necessary in any competition. I asked a member of one of the women's teams why the course was changed and she said it was , " to even out the playing field, make it a bit more fair" and added , " that's why instead of the angle start(, and that first boat getting a head start,) we all start out in an even line". So it seems to me that the rule change would benefit everyone.

. " Sep 15, 15 12:58 PM

Ok ...?? So what was the point of your first comment ? " Sep 16, 15 9:25 AM

Zeldin Co-Sponsors Two Resolutions To Thwart Iran Deal

Roads and Zip codes won't matter much when Muslims take over
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sep 16, 15 7:50 PM

ARF Rescues 46 Dogs From Kill Shelter

Ok you go save the world and help the "peaceful " muslims
I'll take a dog over that any day !!!!!!" Sep 17, 15 11:12 AM

Wake up .... There's being a bigot , then there is the fact that our country is on the verge of destruction
Let go of the tree your hugging and face facts " Sep 17, 15 1:58 PM

Check out Bridgette Gabriel on you tube,
Then maybe you'll understand what's going on in your backyard ." Sep 18, 15 4:23 PM

Do me a favor, you'll need to take your head out of the sand first , then go on line and type in the following : Deah Barakat's racist tweets.
Yea I'm sure this guy was alone in his feelings ...." Sep 21, 15 7:05 AM

Of course you can , but remember who started all of this .
The people that did are headed here to take over . Take a look at Europe.
Wake up. " Sep 22, 15 8:04 AM

Here's a suggestion for all the anti Semites out there ...
Go to you tube and type in the following :
History of hatred aganist Israel and Jews
Or try this one :
Bridgette Gabriel explains the Muslim Brotherhood

And just an fyi ... The Muslim Brotherhood ( a lovely group that has been calling for the death of Jews for a long , long time ) was founded in 1928 ......
20 years before Israel became a state ...

And to explain that " land stealing BS" ....
Go on line type in , The myth of stolen Arab land

But I'm sure all the hardcore anti Semites will say it's all BS and lies

Just remember this people , if Israel falls , we are next.

" Sep 22, 15 8:48 AM

Sean Ludwick, Accused Drunken Driver In Fatal Accident, Appears In Court With A New Lawyer

I pray this guy gets what he deserves ." Oct 2, 15 6:53 PM

Motorcyclist Killed In Sag Harbor Saturday Is Remembered For Love Of Music

My prayers go out to his family. I'm very sorry for your loss." Oct 4, 15 1:12 PM

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