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UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

When will this stop ? When the PC police and ACLU says it's ok ??????? " Oct 7, 15 8:13 AM

Zeldin Reflects On Boehner's Resignation And What Is Necessary To Move Forward

So HHS lets say the Muslims get what they want in the Middle East which is Israel annihilated . What's next for America ? And please explain to me how the Muslim Brotherhood works ... I'm so confused.
And let's be clear , this comment is on topic. Because Zeldin is being attacked because of his support for Israel. And if people can attack him for that , I should be able to post my support Thank you " Oct 8, 15 10:15 PM

Larry Millers thoughts on "palestine " .....

The Peel Commission

The Muslim Brotherhood : Hating Jews since 1928 , long before we could blame Americas foreign policy.....

Aish.com -Israel's right to the land.....

Testimony of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem , Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini January 12,1937 ( that land was not stolen)

I support Zeldin and America !!!!!!!!" Oct 9, 15 11:06 AM

UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

license spot checks ... Or will the ACLU say that's against someones " rights". " Oct 10, 15 11:42 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For State Department Spokesman John Kirby To Step Down

Larry Millers thoughts on palestine" Oct 18, 15 9:56 AM

Peled wants one peaceful state...Ok ...Then why did his wonderful arab buddies not allow this BEFORE 1948.....?

Testimony of the Mufti of Jerusalem on January 12 1937.....Check it out....
Team ZELDIN !!!!!!!!!" Oct 18, 15 10:21 AM

Between 1918 and 1945 wealthy Arab families SOLD land to Jews. By the end of WWI some of the land was owned by absentee landlords who lived in Cairo, Damascus and Beirut. Keep in mind there was no such place as
" palestine".... yet....
Jews paid more than $20 million to arab land owners, mostly estate holders. in 1944 Jews paid about $1000.00 per acre for mostly arid land. ( now would be a good time to check out Larry Millers essay ...explains what happened with all the land) ... Also during this time the British illegally created " trans Jordan" (1922) in 1946 this was declared an additional new arab state----- despite the fact that it had been carved out of 4/5 of the land mass that had been designated to form the land of Israel
Here's the main problem...
arabs INSIST that Jews have zero connection to the land !!!!!!
There was an Israel up until the time of the roman empire
The romans conquered the land. Israel had no homeland but the romans allowed the Jews to live there ( so nice....)
unfortunately the Jewish people were driven from THEIR LAND in two dispersions , one in 70 AD and 135 AD
But despite this there was ALWAYS a Jewish presence in the land.
Check out what Mark Twain had to say about his visit there....Then tell me again about all the "ancient Palestinians" he ran into......
Jews had to PAY to get back what was RIGHTFULLY theirs in the first place.
And explain to me what happens if muslims get what they want , which is the destruction of Israel.....whats next .?
" Oct 19, 15 10:21 AM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

I don't think any Jewish people are going to go ..........." Oct 20, 15 7:49 PM

I see you didn't get the joke ........" Oct 21, 15 7:34 AM

Nah thanks
I'll talk to Kenneth Meshoe about apartheid.

" Oct 22, 15 12:49 AM

Please go to you tube and check this out:
5 Palestinian lies......." Oct 22, 15 1:38 PM

One can't be an opponent of Israel and not be anti Jewish. Sorry to upset some people but that's really the truth. For the Arabs this is ALL about the hatred of Jews. Always has been and always will be. The hatred non Arabs have towards Jews stems back to the notion that "the Jews killed Jesus". This is why, in our society , it's been easy to demonize Jewish people plain and simple. Also the notion that Jews have zero connection the region is absolutely ridiculous.
The REAL history of this conflict is too deep to try to explain in a quick comment post.
I urge people to keep an open mind and do the following.
Go to you tube, and check out two awesome presentations :
Debunking the Palestine lie- by encounter books
The great big fat Palestinian lie~ part 2
Also go on line and check out any article about how Palestine rejected statehood.
And please people, just look at some of the lovely posts here and tell me it's not about the Jews....give me a break.
Oh one last question/comment....
Why did Waters play in Shanghai....?" Oct 23, 15 3:53 PM

It's vital to understand the history of the region prior to 1948.
Clearly not a lot of people do.
Again I urge people to educate themselves .
Here's a few more suggestions
Go to you tube, title :
Outstanding explanation : why Israel can't withdraw to it's pre 67 borders
Also there is another
Debunking the Palestinian lie by Gnebz
And can someone explain something to me ...?
Why is it the Arabs in all the countries surrounding Israel and "Palestine" , treat their fellow ARAB palestinians like garbage yet they have rights in Israel , the one country they vow to destroy ???
And no one plays the victim better than the Palestinians " Oct 23, 15 8:16 PM

Nope you're incorrect. And don't speak for "everybody"." Oct 24, 15 4:49 PM

No. With all due respect, incorrect again. Go on line and type in the following :
Bernard Pinsky when being anti Israel is anti semitic.

And remember, for the Muslim Arabs this is ALL about anti Semitism. ALWAYS HAS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE

From Abid Saud king of Saudi Arabia 1947:
" There are 50 million Arabs. What does it matter if we lose 10 million people to kill all of the Jews. The price is worth it."

Again..... Anti Israel IS Anti Semitism.

It's easy for most Americans and most non Jews to believe all the LIES put out by the Arabs because, as I said in an earlier comment , it's easy to demonize the Jewish people. That's what people just don't understand. With all the anti Semitism all over the world in the 20's , 30's & 40's , it was easier for people to believe what they were told about the Jews. The Jews stole the land has been shoved down everyone's throat. But hey, where's all the info about how the Egyptians treated the Palestinians , when Egypt was in control of Gaza..?. Or how the Jordanians treated them ?. Fact:most of the surrounding ARAB countries treated (and continue to treat ) their FELLOW ARABS the "Palestinians" like crap.
Funny how the media doesn't mention this....
That's why I laugh when I hear that the Jews are in control of the media. If that's the case they need to re vamp their PR dept.....

.." Oct 25, 15 3:28 PM

Again I urge people to watch this video : Please go to you tube and type in the following....
What is Palestine ? Who are the Palestinians? by Changeling9au
" Oct 25, 15 5:27 PM

No another incorrect comment.
You clearly have zero understanding as to why Israel became a state in the FIRST place . People that were persecuted based SOLELY on their RELIGION needed a safe place to call home. What better place than their ancestral homeland . The entire country is based on RELIGION. People are being attacked over and over because of RELIGION , not land. You would understand this ( especially the land and ancestral ties part ) if you took the time to either watch or read some of the articles and videos I've suggested.
Only then will you understand the definition of racist and bigot.
Oh and clearly a lot of people care " Oct 26, 15 12:13 PM

No sorry incorrect. I see you still do not understand the definition of racist and bigot. You really should take the time to read & watch what I suggested in earlier posts. And may I suggest another ....
Check out the Peel Commission .Pay close attention to the testimony of the
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem 1/12/1937.
It will explain the difference between land and homes forcibly taken and wealthy land owners selling out their own people.
And it happens to be a fact that all Arabs that are Israeli citizens are treated far better by Jews than their own .
And as always I suggest reading the "cliff notes" on this entire situation.
Larry Millers thoughts on "Palestine".
" Oct 26, 15 11:35 PM

Bay Street To Refund Tickets For Those Who No Longer Wish To Attend Roger Waters's Performance Friday

No Sorry Vikki K, you are incorrect and clearly have no understanding of the region prior to Israel becoming a state. Actually it's important to understand the history of the region when the Ottoman empire was in charge.
You do not understand the definition of apartheid either.

And here is a question for you Southampton Press.. Why was Richard Braun's comment removed ? It's ok to call Israel an apartheid state ? But not to compare something to Nazi's ? Where is the free speech here Vikki K ????
" Oct 29, 15 2:04 PM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

Now which people are you talking about Vikki ? The Jews who have ancestral ties or the made up political pawns known as the "Palestinians" ? " Oct 29, 15 2:53 PM

Bay Street To Refund Tickets For Those Who No Longer Wish To Attend Roger Waters's Performance Friday

Well, it's clear you still do not understand the definition of apartheid. Not only is this a problem ,it's an insult of epic proportions to the people that actually suffered because of it.
You also do not understand why and how the settlements were obtained. You do not understand the concept of self defense. The issue is not about keeping good people out, it's about keeping the bad people out. It's about keeping ALL of the citizens of Israel ( Jews ,Christians & Muslims ) safe.
And in perhaps the biggest display of your ignorance of the matter , is your comment that " history has nothing to do with it.."
History has EVERYTHING to do with the current situation !
But not just "any" history . History based on facts ,not anti Semitic propaganda.
Again it's vital to understand the history of the region. Clearly you do not.
And do tell , did you live there during any of the five times the "Palestinians " could have had their own state, but rejected it every time.? Honestly you living there means nothing because clearly you are biased and I guess what you saw while living there erased actual facts and history...?
And I have relatives that live there now, and lived there before Israel became a state. So you living there, means nothing to me.
As for your disenfranchise comment...
Please explain then why there are.......
12 Israeli Arabs serving in the Knesset
Chief's of medicine in Israeli hospitals and Arab and Jewish doctors working side by side
Arab Journalists ...The list goes on and on.
No one talks about how most Arabs would rather live under Israeli rule than Arab rule. No one talks about how wealthy Arabs SOLD land to Jews...I could go on and on..
" Oct 30, 15 12:49 PM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

First let me say, I'm confused by your "speeches from 80 years ago " comment. I'm not sure exactly which speeches you are referring to..?
However , this is what I'm positive about. You do not understand the definition of ethnic cleansing and genocide.
The objective of the Nazi's was to exterminate all the Jews in Europe.

Israel on the other hand wants ( and wanted for more than "80" years and at least for 67 years) peace with their Arab neighbors. That and the right to return to live free of religious persecution in .... their ancestral homeland,
on a tiny piece of land surrounded by Arab states....
But that tiny piece ( undeveloped in many places) was still much too much , and the Arabs have ( for more than 80 years ) vowed to " drink the blood of the Jews", and for 67 years vowed to destroy Israel. ** Also remember the region was not void of Jews at any time in history **

More than 1 million Arabs live as free citizens of Israel. Israel's policies are designed to protect Israeli citizens ( Jews and non-Jews ) from constant terrorist attacks .
How do you explain the rise of the Palestinian population from 731,000 in 1994 to 1,165,155 in 2011. That seems opposite to genocide doesn't it....
And what about the real ,actual genocide of Christians in Lebanon , in Syria..?
" Oct 30, 15 6:00 PM

#1 Ok, you make very little sense here. What is the point of this statement ? I've referred to many "statements" that have occurred over many years. I think the date you have stuck in your head is the date the Grand Mufti testified ...? If so , well that's actually an important date as well as an important statement. Kind of debunks that whole "land stealing thing".

#2 No , you still don't get it. There is a difference between trying to exterminate an entire group of people and self defense. It's pretty simple.

#3 Still incorrect and it seems, a bit incoherent. Again its imperative you know the history of the region. Clearly you do not. Also lets not forget the Nazi connection to the Muslim world. After all the Mufti was Hitler's BFF

#4 No wrong again, and no hypocrisy here. Like it or not Jews have always had a connection and a presence in the land. There was never an ancient "Palestine " And again ...enter ...the Grand Mufti... No stolen land .

# 5 Another confusing comment ...Lets see where do I begin ...All of Israel's neighbors want to drive them into the sea ...er.... uh... I don't know you tell me what the neighbors have to do with it. And clearly you do not know the definition of genocide.

#6 I will assume this is your "big guns " statement in your post. Well all I can say is, if only the Arabs peacefully accepted Israel all those years ago....
Incidentally I didn't see the statistics for the number of Arabs that strapped bombs to their own children. Do we count them as well.?

# 7 So I guess giving tax $ to the Muslim brotherhood is more acceptable.
" Oct 31, 15 12:18 AM

Roger Waters Show Draws Protestors At Bay Street Theater On Friday

No incorrect again . Ok this is getting ridiculous but here we go.

Allison Kaplan Sommer, claimed that Ha'aretz was a "victim of the game of telephone" , and admitted to" mixing up" facts. So as usual another vile lie about Israel. I find it quite interesting that Depo-Provera is the most popular birth control in Sub Saharan Africa.....Why is that I wonder.? Anything to do with religious and societal reasons ....hmmmm... So I wonder do the women IN Ethiopia know about the dangers of the shot..?
And why would Israel rescue Ethiopians ( operations Brothers ,,Solomon & Moses) To " sterilize " them ?? Oh and its birth control not sterilization. Also there are MANY factors that contribute to low birth rate among Ethiopians in Israel.
I would be more outraged at the Muslim practice of female genital mutilation, not family planning......

And no, "both " sides are not at fault. Lets try this again.

1. Jews have ancestral ties to the land, And purchased land from WEALTHY ARABS, that sold the homes of the Fellahin, without them knowing ! They also settled land NO ONE WAS USING .
2. The region was NEVER void of Jews.
3. Arabs REFUSED to live in peace and STARTED IT ALL. Very simple to understand ,when you use actual FACTS and not anti Semitic propaganda.
So no ,still incorrect about this notion that Arabs were forcibly removed etc.
Sorry not a fact .

" Nov 2, 15 9:11 AM

Well ,God was the one that wanted the Canaanites destroyed, apparently for two reasons. First they were idol worshipers that practiced human sacrifice, primarily by burning children and apparently were sexual deviants and all around not nice people..... Then they ambushed the Israelites during the exodus from Egypt. So it looks like they messed things up for themselves.

And finally someone states an actual FACT about Arafat !!!!!

And I had to laugh a little bit at the comment about Waters promising the fences will come down. He should stick to music and mending his own personal affairs.... Oh and the fences will come down when the Arabs stop promising to push Israel into the sea and drink the blood of the Jews." Nov 2, 15 7:36 PM

Well, instead of the bible, maybe you'll enjoy reading something a little more current, which ironically is pretty much based on another "holy" book.
Go on line and check this out:
An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic goal for the group in North America written 5/22/1991
It's not very long , but to get the general idea skip to page # 7 paragraph #4.

I'm not exactly sure what Abe Foxman needs to be guilty about. Do you understand the definition of guilt?

And I'm not sure you understand the definition of reasonable either. Because Israel tried to have a" reasonable dialogue" many times with people that STILL want to push them into the sea and drink their blood....

But here's some good news for Mr. Waters ....
His tax dollars ALSO fund Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.....**see above ." Nov 3, 15 1:57 PM

No you are still incorrect . You base your "facts" on vicious libel . You refuse to acknowledge actual facts. The "Palestinians" can blame their FELLOW ARABS for their current situation. The "Palestinians " have been pawns for years. That is what an actual fact looks like.

One more time ...I will suggest reading material. Go on line and type in ,

Don Boys Muslim Leaders Admit Palestinians don't exist.

Also instead of worrying so much about the Palestinians worry about your own existence in this country.

To explain this I will suggest another bit of reading material.
Check this out...
An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic goal for the group in North America
Skip to page #7 paragraph #4

" Nov 4, 15 10:32 AM

No, here's what happened....

The Palestinians left their homes between 1947-1949 for many reasons. Thousands of WEALTHY ARABS left in anticipation of a war ( because the Arabs promised to destroy Israel) and many more left because of Arab leaders suggesting so , because of said impending war. They were promised their homes / land back after they (the Arabs) won the war and destroyed Israel. Well as we all know, their attempt to destroy Israel failed. Not only this, but why wouldn't many of these other ARAB states take in the Arabs that they encouraged to leave ? After all they're ALL ONE PEOPLE......

And guess what ...Many JEWS became refugees when they themselves had to flee the ARAB states that they were living in, when it became even more dangerous for them to stay after it was decided to make Israel a state.

In Israel's Proclamation of Independence ,Palestinians were invited to remain in their homes and become equal citizens in a new state.

Bottom line had the ARABS accepted the 1947 UN resolution , not one Palestinian would have become a refugee. An independent Arab state would now exist next to Israel. This refugee problem is the fault of the ARABS.
The Arabs REFUSED to allow a people with ancestral ties , flee religious persecution to just live in piece. On a TINY piece of land . Yes the GREEDY ARABS couldn't share a sliver of land.

And here's a fun fact ...
Aid was given to Palestinian refugees
25 million from the US
3 million from Israel
600 K from all Arab states ......Hmmmmm interesting
Who's cheap now ????

Zahir Mushein...Chief of Military operations of the PLO( now the PA)

"We are all part of ONE people , the Arab nation. We are ONE people. Just for political reasons we carefully underwrite our Palestinian identity.
Yes the existence of a separate Palestinian identity exists only for tactical reasons . The establishment of a Palestinian state is a new tool to continue the fight against Israel and for ARAB unity..."

So your friends grandparents can blame their own people.

" Nov 4, 15 9:01 PM

Ok ,I tried to find this video , but remember the internet is a big place. I need a real title / author , because I would love to see the video. Incidentally I hope you took the time to watch some of the videos I've suggested....Ha probably not...

However while searching for your video, I found another one I'm sure you would love !

A young American Jewish boy in Israel ,wearing both a yarmulke AND a keffiyeh is standing near what appears to be some sort of Israel pride event / parade. He is shouting out about the plight of the palestinians . Some security and police approach him, and ask to see his passport that he was waving around . He refuses. They ask again and again and he refuses. Now I hope it's no surprise to you or anyone else that the Israeli police are on high alert . Remember how you felt on 9/11 ?? Imagine feeling that all the time.....
So they continue to ask and he becomes more belligerent . So they physically remove him from the area .

So here's my statement / question...
What do you think will happen when you go to one of the most volatile places on earth, wearing what represents terror to most Israelis , and you are non compliant with security. ...???

This reminded me of a scene in Goodfellas.. When Henry Hill finally got busted and how he knew they were cops and not the mob. Because if was the mob he would have been dead already....Because that's what would have happened if this kid reversed the situation , went to an Arab state and protested how they treat Jews.... He would have been killed. Any rational person knows that's a fact. And don't tell me about the lack of free speech in Israel..

No Arab nation has ever been interested in sharing the region ( no matter how small the area is ) with the Jews. Arabs consistently attacked the Jews 100 years BEFORE ( key word) Israel even existed and steadily ever since the 1947 UN resolution.

And to your comment god help them because no one else will....Remember that INCLUDES their fellow Arabs.

" Nov 5, 15 4:23 PM

It's clear to me you do not know any factual history. You know nothing about the San Remo Treaty, The Balfour Declaration, the 100 years BEFORE Israel became a state and the 68 years after. You do not understand that Arabs left the region on their own volition. You know nothing about the Jews that left Arab lands and became refugees . They did not leave so freely as they were terrorized . Arabs were encouraged by Jews to stay and live in peace. The Arabs instead , listened to OTHER Arabs and left. Not the Jews problem they chose to do so.

You continue to ignore the ONE AND ONLY REASON THERE IS NO PEACE....
Arab refusal to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. That and the whole drive the Jews into the sea and the blood drinking thing.....
And remember , the Arabs felt this way LONG BEFORE Israel became a state.

And to insinuate that right wing Israelis came up with some "new" rhetoric....
No it's not new , the FACT that "Palestine" was never "real" is not new..It's not new that the "Palestinians " have been PAWNS for years.....

Jews are not colonists and Arabs do not have the right to murder Jews in the name of resistance.

As far as the absentee laws ...
The Jewish people have been fighting for a very long time for the right to live freely in the land they are tied to ancestrally. They were given land , then land was taken away etc. They accepted what they were FINALLY granted and that TINY PIECE WAS STILL TOO MUCH !!!
Israel was attacked the DAY AFTER it became a state and has been continually attacked ever since.

Israel is aware of the fact that it has to protect itself by "any means necessary"
If that means to pass laws to protect themselves and the land that THEY PURCHASDE well so be it.

I do not feel sorry for Arabs that willingly left because they were promised that Israel would be annihilated. And it's not Israel's fault that no other Arab state wants the "Palestinians" or as they should be known ARABS.

As for where U.S. tax dollars go..... You may be ok with funding The Muslim Brotherhood. I am NOT.
So maybe you should educate yourself...
Start by reading this:
An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic goal for the group in North America. Enjoy" Nov 6, 15 1:11 PM

No still incorrect on all points except one. I mistakenly wrote treaty I meant to write conference.
Yes the BD did state that, " nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non - Jewish communities in Palestine"

However that was rendered null and void when the Arabs decided to attack the new state.

You are suggesting that ,even though the Arabs attacked the new state, with the intention to annihilate it , the state should still treat them well ??? Hmmmm interesting concept.....

Also you are incorrect, Jews in Arab states were not treated the way Arabs were treated in Israel. Jews that resided in the Arab states were forced to leave .

I never said Palestinians aren't real people , I said they are Arabs , specifically Jordanians. Palestine is a region not a people.

Arabs left willingly because they were told that Israel was going to be annihilated . Do you comprehend this ? So you happily leave because people are going to be killed... ... Oh but now you want to come back and be treated civilly....well when you learn that if you want to be treated civilly you must BE civil..we'll talk . Something most people learn in first grade, how to treat others...

This ,by far , is your most entertaining comment yet...! Lets see people want to KILL YOU AND DRINK YOUR BLOOD ......Hmmmmm So your saying Israel shouldn't defend itself .....basically.
Maybe this will help you understand ...I'll make it as SIMPLE as possible.
If Canada was trying to destroy the U.S. for the last 150 years........

Muslims live by a different "code" if you will... Worse than Israelis ? That's a matter of opinion.

Also you CLEARLY have no understanding as to what the Muslim Brotherhood stands for. That's why I suggested some reading material earlier.
Our tax $ go to a lot of things I do not agree with, however funding the Muslim Brotherhood takes the cake !!!!!
Again you do not understand what they stand for. You do not understand what their objective is in America . And that is unfortunate.

All the Jews wanted was to live in peace in their homeland. Why is the attitude they have towards people that have been trying to ANNHILATE them a surprise to you ???

I do not post anything extreme, I post facts. Israel is not racist or bigoted, because Jews, Christians & Muslims all live there. Can you explain to me why there are not many Christians living in Arab states ? And it's a fact that Muslim Arabs would rather live in Israel than ANY OTHER STATE IN THE REGION ??

No one stole land and what happened in subsequent conflicts ( ALL INITIATED BY ARABS) is called SELF DEFENSE

Again....PEACE could have been had in 1947, if the Arabs were civil.

" Nov 6, 15 4:35 PM

Ok, first I will respond to AT. Your comment is all kinds of confusing. Every person that posts has a different opinion. You feel the facts AND ,my opinions are wrong .I feel the same way about your posts . We are debating. If you don't want to discuss it any more stop posting.

Ok now let me say this ...
Land was not stolen. Did some Israelis commit crimes ? Yes. In MY OPINION ,Jews were pushed to do some drastic things to ensure their survival. Remember, the Jews have been trying to survive for thousands of years. They were ( and still are ) terrorized . Again imagine living 9/11 over and over ..... ***Again remember Jews were attacked BEFORE ISRAEL BECAME A STATE. Still an important fact.

Also you miss many points in my posts AND you completely twist actual actions and events. But that's only my opinion........

You "half" understand the definition of collective responsibility. The Arabs were fond of Hitler and The Grand mufti ADVISED him. So once again another example of ," they started it". The Jews are RESPONDING to terror PERPETRATED by Arabs. The Jews in Nazi Germany were just minding their own business and were killed because they were Jews. Unfortunately any innocent Arabs caught in the "crossfire" have their fellow Arabs to blame.
Arabs are not killed because they are Arabs , it's their actions.

As for your 3rd sentence ...
What do Muslim Arabs find immoral ?

Now your 4th sentence is by far my favorite. This proves to me that you did not take my advice. I'll suggest it again.
Please read :
An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic goal for the group in North America. Then there will be a quiz. I'll ask you to explain the central tenant it that lovely bit of literature. I'm not so sure you understand the definition of democracy.

And finally. The Jews accepted what they were given in the UN resolution. The Arabs did not and they attacked.
And although Pope Paul VI was one of the more Jew friendly popes the situation remains the same. And the bottom line is, Israel TRIED to "work for justice" , but how can you reason with terrorism ? And please lets not forget the times the "Palestinians " could have had their own state.

Oh and thank you Infoseeker ....
" Nov 7, 15 1:48 PM

No, I get every point. And ironically , that's just your opinion. And, with all due respect, I don't want to argue the definition of opinion with you . Also you do not have a clue as to why I've mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, nor do you understand that they are the LEAST radically behaved group.! Here is where it will help to know the definition of insidious. You could say , they live by the motto that the " pen is mightier than the sword". Usually it's the other way around.

This is why it is clear to me that you did not actually read the Explanatory Memo.
These are the same people that have been terrorizing the Jews for the last 87 years.

And I'm a rational person and I feel that it would be great to have two states. Too bad Arabs didn't feel that way in 1937,1947,1948 etc etc....

I believe that the Jews have ancestral ties , and that the Palestinians are Arabs that have been used a pawns. You do not know the history of the region, especially where the name Palestine comes from. Very important.

The two sides are this:
Israel declares it's independence 5/14/1948
Five Arab states attack Israel 5/14/1948

Not seeing much gray here

" Nov 7, 15 10:16 PM

I never said my view is the only valid view. And doesn't everyone that posts a comment believe, that they are correct and perhaps someone else is invalid ?
And this IS discourse. All people that post are joining the debate .
Clearly you manage to find the time to debate me, so once again I'm confused.
How long then, should it take me to dismiss different view points? I feel I'm pretty much on par with the rest of the people posting here, in terms of how "quickly" I respond to someone that has a different opinion. I'm just as passionate in what I believe in as Roger Waters is about what he believes in. Simple. I guess that offends you.
I never said I was incapable of making a mistake. And guess what..? I never said an Israeli, " never" committed a crime .

What you're not comfortable with is the fact that I understand and accept when Israel does something that isn't kosher...pun intended.. to ensure the survival of the state. I guess kind like their neighbors that chop off hands when someone steals. Right??
Remember the facts. Jews were attacked before the state existed and continuously since.

And of course I agree with anyone that wants or wanted two states. But again
that offer was on the table many times and refused.
And again with your gray area and discussion....

Israel becomes a state and is attacked by five Arab states the same day.
Are you familiar with this saying:
"Actions speak louder than words"
How can Israel talk about peace with people that have vowed to annihilate ?
Remember this is just my opinion. I'm allowed to have one. Just as Israel is allowed to defend it's citizens.
" Nov 9, 15 3:26 PM

Well I suggested many videos and articles on the subject. Not my problem you chose to ignore the suggestion. Besides my personal feelings on the subject, I've posted plenty of facts as well. It is your right to disagree.
But remember, when you disagree it's your opinion that your expressing.

Naked assertions...good one. Again go back and watch some of the videos and read the articles.
You see the problem is, some people base their opinion on anti Semitic propaganda. That's biased as well .

No Larry Miller is not a historian . He did however condense a story that's thousands of years old into a few paragraphs. And I stated that when I posted it. I said it was the "cliff notes" on the subject. Get a grip. Everything in the essay is on point, in MY opinion.

I'm able to look at history before Israel became a state and see a connection to the MB. The fact that you cant see the connection is unfortunate. And I guess you couldn't figure out why I mentioned the San Remo resolution and how I connected that to "breaking a contract".

Failure? Again that's your opinion. And why shouldn't I respond to a post when I don't agree ? Over and over ? Just like you and everyone else?

" Nov 10, 15 2:46 PM

To Nazznazz, nice try but you had to know that would be removed. And I wonder why the SP didn't remove an earlier duplicate post... Interesting. And to the last post... Is this a serious inquiry...? I'm truly curious.

And Thank You to ALL Veterans active and retired.
" Nov 11, 15 12:07 PM

So libel, and pushing an anti Israel / anti Semitic agenda is now an "artistic viewpoint "...? Interesting...
Your second paragraph is quite inaccurate . " Nov 12, 15 7:00 PM

Clearly you did not understand my post. Read it again and you'll get the answers .And no, he wasn't trying to "represent both sides". He was verbally attacking Jewish Israelis during some type of Israeli pride parade, while wearing something that represents terror to Israelis . Again for some reason you are not able to make the connection between daily life for Israeli citizens and 9/11.

Do you understand the connection the Arabs and especially the Mufti had to Hitler? At all?? Who do you think came up with the idea to make the Jews wear the yellow star ???

As for your last statement or question .... It's a bit confusing to me because clearly , you do not understand my original statement.
I'm illustrating that a Jewish ( or Christian )person living in an Arab
state would never be able to behave as this kid did in Israel . That should clear up your confusion about free speech and where it's allowed in that part of the world...

" Nov 12, 15 8:03 PM

First AT , let me say I find it interesting that I was accused of posting my "discredited conclusion over and over " yet you and a few others do the same thing ! Had to laugh at that!
And no it's not me that has a hard time understanding the definition and differences between fact and opinion.
And every person that posts, believes they are correct . Your point??
Oh and me and my bias ...no one else is biased huh ?
I do not care if you find my posts irrelevant. That tells me you know zero about the region.

Now to answer the question about Roger Waters and libel. It's simple .
In MY OPINION it's libel .
YOUR OPINION is , it's not.
And guess what ... I'm aware that Arabs and Jews are both Semites. But anti Semitism is used when talking about Jewish people. But thanks for the attempted lesson. Yes I've been to Israel. I have relatives that lived there before it became Israel . What is your point in asking?

You may not agree with Vered's "artistic viewpoint" , but it has zero to do with the topic at hand. Her good or bad taste is one thing. Saying anti Semitic things and bullying other artists to feel the same way is quite different.
Oh and I happen to love the legs. It makes Sag Harbor the unique place it is. And that's just my opinion.

And if you are at all concerned with what may be deemed "anti Christian", you may want to educate yourself. Start with finding out why there are so few Christians left in the middle east......
Yes we have many rights in America. And just like Waters, I'm exercising my right to free speech ...again your point ??
What are you not understanding about the rights ALL Israelis have ? By ALL I mean the Jews, Christians and Muslims....? Anywhere on earth..? For example in Arab countries..?
And can you be specific in reference to Begin. Did I mention the day Israel became a state they were attacked by five Arab states.?

As for Helen Thomas. Well you see , she is biased ( oooh just like me) considering she is of Arab descent....... She's an old school anti Semite....in my opinion........

Oh and here's something to ponder....
Abrahamic religions...
in chronological order

" Nov 13, 15 1:18 PM

Your first sentence is just a long winded way of expressing your opinion. It's your opinion, that my opinions are not verified . And again everyone that posts is "habitual". Every one is passionate about his or her OPINION.

You may not understand what I've posted or suggested in terms of reading material. That unfortunately is your problem. What you do not understand is there are certain things ALL Muslims believe when it refers to the religion of Islam. Again your problem that you don't "get it" .Hi, have you seen the news about France....?

In reference to human rights. Do you understand Sharia Law.? And who is for and against it? Do you find Sharia abhorrent??

I thought we covered the whole bias issue. Nothing I post is irrelevant. Again that's your opinion. My "citations" are like everyone else's .And just because you do not understand the connections I'm able to make , doesn't mean they're "detrimental" to my case.

Misapprehension ...? To which part you ask ?? Uh, all of it I would say. I don't know of anything I've referenced that you agree with. And that's ok . I don't care what you believe ,just as you don't care for what I post.

As for each individual being unique. Well you don't understand the concept of how certain beliefs will unify a group of people. Then all of a sudden everyone is on the " same page" . That's how I know, you know zero about Sharia law .

And what are unique rights..?
Are they anything like the rights the Muslims that live IN Israel have, as opposed to the ones that suffer outside of Israel in ARAB states? Arabs torturing other Arabs. Get it ?
" Nov 14, 15 2:52 PM

I'm not arguing about the necessity of validating opinions. I have done that . Again it is YOUR opinion that I haven't.

And for some reason you ignore the relationship Hitler had with Grand Mufti Amin al- Husseini. Two very despicable people ......You fail to see the Arab Muslim influence on the Nazis. And I can tell you still have no idea what Sharia law is all about. Nor do you understand the collective goal of Islam in America. If you understand the importance of research , why don't you research that?

No, my opinion is not worthless. Everything I've suggested in terms of videos and articles on the subject is valid But you're entitled to that opinion. Again I'll pick ALL of my references. They're all pertinent. You have blinders on in reference to past and more importantly, current events in the region. I asked about France in my last post. Still in the dark about what's going on over there I see.

You also are not aware of the fact that there is really no such thing as "moderate" Islam. The Koran is pretty straightforward in terms of the "goal".
Treatment of Arabs ? They get what they give. They terrorized Jews long before Israel became a state ( and continue to do so today) AND they treat their fellow Arabs horribly as well.

I truly feel that two wrongs do not make anything right. However after 130 years of Arab terrorism I can understand why Jews have had enough. Again if only the Arabs had accepted the fact that Israel had a right to exist, there would be peace. Oh and no land was stolen.
That is an example of unalterable truth." Nov 14, 15 4:36 PM

Once again HHS it is YOUR opinion that there is no validity to what I post. Still fuzzy on the definition I see. I think you are confused. I've posted numerous videos and articles that explain the actual true conflict in Israel and most importantly WHEN it actually started. Hint: It did not start in 1948.

I never posted anything that supports mistreatment of Arabs. I stated that Jews have been dealing with ISLAMIC TERRORISM for over 130 years, and like it or not, I feel that fact alone justifies retaliation. **Just my opinion**

Think about how you felt on 9/11...imagine the feeling every day.
Think about the people in France...imagine the feeling every day
You're just pushing the whole " Israel shouldn't defend itself BS.....That's really all it is. What should France do ?

OK now imagine these same people ( Islamic terrorists) live right next door and vow to "push all the Jews in to the sea" and "drink the blood of the Jews"
And don't get it twisted, these people are the SAME. The ideology is the SAME . The hatred the Muslims felt in 1948 is the SAME as the hatred they felt on 9/11. This conflict is NOT ABOUT LAND. Very important point!!!! Oh and remember they're not fond of Christians either.

Therefore when some Jews lower themselves to the level of the people they're fighting, I get it.

Truly intelligent people will see the connection between the current conflict(s) in Israel AND the Islamic "extremists" . Also truly intelligent people will understand why I put quotation marks around the word extremists .
You espouse the " one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch" theory.
Not true in this case.

You also do not know the definitions of assimilate or conquer... Two important words to learn and understand especially now. Again I hope my subtly doesn't go over that High Hat you're wearing.

I never refused to debate with you. We are in an active debate are we not ?
I asked you in an earlier post to be specific about what you disagree with and it's YOU that refused. Had to laugh at your wisely comment . Very funny.

PS From the book "Audacity of Hope"
" I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction"
I'm going to give my opinion here so stay calm....

I would say the winds are shifting in that "ugly direction".....
" Nov 15, 15 11:55 AM

*** I just looked at my earlier post and noticed something missing. Proof I don't always proofread !

In my PS
It should have read as follows :

From the book
Audacity of Hope

In the book Obama is discussing the concerns of Muslim immigrants and Muslim Americans following 9/11. He was reassuring them that they would not be treated the way Japanese Americans were during WW2. He may not say Muslim, but I think we all get the idea as to which "side" he is on if things should get ugly.

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" ... Is how I interpret it. Sorry just my opinion.
And again I'm going to give my opinion here so stay calm...

I would say the winds are shifting in that "ugly direction"......

Just wanted to clear that up

" Nov 15, 15 8:21 PM

No, not baloney, how rude to suggest that. I corrected one honest mistake. Nothing disingenuous about it. All my previous posts are all valid.

And remember, that is just YOUR opinion.

As usual you misunderstand me. This is hilarious ,you cant comprehend what I post, but you're criticizing my reading skills.....

Honestly I thought you would be happy!! I agreed with you. No, Obama did not say Muslim. But I happen to agree with the misquote. I think it describes his intentions perfectly .And how did the misquote originate I wonder. I'm going to assume other people feel the way I do.

And I love how you throw the "human rights" issue in every one of your posts, as if you understand the definition.
Are you familiar with Sharia Law ?.At all? What about genital mutilation ?

According to the Arab Human Development Report, of the worlds seven major geographic regions, Arab countries ranked lowest in terms of freedom, civil liberties, political rights and independence of the media.

I never suggested Israel is (or should be ) a Jewish only state. There was always a Jewish presence , no matter how small, in the region. To deny this fact is to deny the truth.

This is why it's important to understand the history of the region during the mid 19th century. And once you understand what actually happened , you'll hopefully "get" why the Jewish people said enough already.....

You also need to read the Koran...Then you will understand the difference between some and all ........And what some people will do ,and ultimately what ALL will do.. I'm sure this just flew over that high hat.......

I'm not going to argue the idea that God gave this land specifically to the Jews. How do I know if that's true. I'm stating that Jews have a right to be there based on the facts that, there was always a Jewish presence in the region ,archaeological proof ,and Jews were in the region before the Muslims . Notice I never said the there were no Arabs at all.

Jewish people had a right to escape religious persecution and return to the region . Bottom line. And the Jews were willing to share. The Arabs were not so willing.
Did I mention Hitler And The Grand Mufti had fun filled sleepovers ?
So no you still don't "get It.

Also ,I know why use ISIL and not ISIS....Roger Waters would approve.
" Nov 16, 15 2:00 PM

Just as I suspected my comment was misunderstood.

SOME Muslims are called "extremists" and SOME called "moderates".
ALL embrace Sharia and follow the Koran
Here's a name for you: Fahad Ullah Qureshi....he has a term to describe ALL Muslims .. He calls ALL Muslims the "common Muslim".

Go on line and type in the following;
Peace conference Scandinavia Fahad Ullah Qureshi... Check out the video.

And I think It's funny, all the people that lost their minds over the Eruv in Westhampton ! Ha. You think a little piece of clear plastic is bad, wait for the Conditions of Omar.

You left out some parts of the story. Specifically why the attack took place (typical) . Who gave the command to Moses ? Also there is a" sexual temptation" connection to the story . Explains why Moses made some decisions on his own. You also left out the part where the Midianites tried to destroy the Israelites . Basically what the Arab's have been, and are still trying to do.

What you cant do is compare the way Israel defends itself now, to Biblical times . Yes ALL people in the region did some horrific stuff... But why they did it is the question. Again we are not here to debate religion. Ironically that's why Arabs hate Jews. Religion. But Israel is a bit different now.

Can the same be said for Arab states? Suicide bombings, honor killings,slavery,decapitations ,stoning...... Sounds like Biblical times to me.
So no, I cant say I would call Jews rapists and murderers . I wonder what Sharia law has to say on the subject of rape.

Oh and this...
Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. They also advised women not to walk to or from the train station alone because of it's proximity to a refugee shelter. You know why..? Rape epidemic.
Again who's living in "biblical " times now ?

And Jerusalem is not just "land" as you so callously, and most importantly ignorantly state. It's all part of Temple Denial.
You read the Koran, why no mention of Jerusalem ?
Why do Muslims turn their back to Jerusalem and face Mecca when they pray?
This is not about land at all. It's about denying the Jews have any connection to the region, thus justifying "pushing them into the sea"

And Miko Peled is just another example of a "self hating Jew".
" Nov 17, 15 4:25 PM

Wow really , everyone understands ..? Except you. Especially about current events. See France....

And again making me laugh !! Despotic subjugation. I'm going to assume you mean how they're treated by other Arabs.
No they don't "probably" harbor anti-Israel thoughts, they do. Let me remind you : 100 years BEFORE Israel became a state, Arabs terrorized them and ,vowed to annihilate them. Then they attack Israel, the day Israel actually becomes a state. I would say that's a teensy bit deeper than just some anti Israel " thoughts".

And I wasn't aware there was discrimination against Palestinians because of thoughts. Silly me I thought it had to do with rockets ,suicide bombers oh and again, that thing that they (with other ARABS) did on May 14,1948.....
Can you tell me about democracy in Arab states ?

How am I rationalizing rape? Remember God was the one talking to Moses , not me. I'm not justifying rape, or anything that happened then. I'm stating that a lot of horrible things happened in Biblical times. I'm also stating that CURRENTLY( not Biblical times) there is a rape epidemic in Europe. What a coincidence. Also I know what happens to a woman that is raped under Sharia Law do you ?

Oh and thank Hamas for what happens to Arabs in Gaza. And what happened with Gaza in 2005 ? Again this has nothing to do with land. Or not the way YOU think it does.

Again, Jews in Israel are "up to date"...
Arabs still perform, Honor killings , stonings , beheadings......Sounds like Biblical times to me !

And your best yet! The quote from the JVL. Emphasis added by you ??

What that meant was to be able to go back to their ancestral homeland and escape religious persecution. That's pretty much it. They accepted the 1947 UN plan ,Arabs did not. Land acquired in subsequent wars was based on the fact that they obviously needed new DEFENSABLE BORDERS... I think the UN said something similar in resolution 242.

Unslaked thirst. As usual a bit dramatic and confused.

Enough with what the "Palestinians " could have had. Besides the first time(1947) and many other times "Palestinians " could have had a state.
As for Jerusalem. Why such an interest AFTER 1967.... And what happened in the 19 years before that ?
So once again Arabs attack Israel, get beat, and all of a sudden Jerusalem is a "big deal" to Muslims. Yea right....

Jerusalem meant nothing to Arabs. Only AFTER the war in 67 did they have some "deep connection" .

Jerusalem is not a place to which they pray, it is not mentioned in the Koran or any prayers, and is not connected to anything in Muhammeds life.
The city never served as a capital of a Muslim state.

Again. This is all part of Temple Denial...

If the Arabs were to acknowledge that Jews have ancestral ties, that would validate the fact that this is indeed the Jewish homeland....
Therefore to push the LIE that Jews do not have a connection to the region is VITAL to their cause. Need a refresher as to their cause ? Here's a hint, it involves pushing people into the sea and drinking blood.. something like that.
Doesn't sound anything like coexisting or yearning for peace.

Getting attacked because of your religion for over 130 years, justifies retaliation. Vile or not. Just MY opinion. Also did I mention Arabs living IN ISRAEL have more rights than if they lived in any Arab state.

Mattityahu Peled mistakenly believed Arabs were capable of civil behavior. But as we ask today , how can you negotiate peace with a terrorist ? His son is spreading anti Semitic propaganda, in MY opinion. Not every Jewish Israeli is smart ya know......

" Nov 18, 15 4:07 PM

Well HHS I guess that's 5 times too many for you.
Oh wait I forgot. You espouse the idea that Israel has no right to defend itself. And I guess you feel the same about my posts...I'm starting to see a theme.

No I'm not comparing anything. This is all about self defense. Simple. Arabs started something that they intend to finish. And now they're not just focused on Jews. There is a difference between attacking and being attacked.
Clearly you do not know the definition of alleged.

I think they're "tolerated" better in Israel as compared to ANY Arab state. I wonder why they weren't absorbed by their fellow Arabs that told them to flee prior to 5/14/1948.

Walls are for self defense.
The Jews extended their hands in peace only to have those hands spit on.
All over a tiny piece of land.
You do not know the definition of allegation.

The Bible does not command people to kill abortion doctors. So when one Christian misinterprets the bible no, its not every Christians fault. The Koran however is very specific and clear as to what Muslims should do when it comes to infidels ( Christians and Jews) . There is one Koran. Not one for "moderates" and another one for "extremists" .

There is also an anti Semitic connection to a lot of these doctors being killed. Many are targeted because they happen to be Jewish as well .
So look at that, back to square one ..... hating Jews...

As for Baruch Goldstein, again no comparison. And that's 78 % more outrage than displayed by Arabs when Jews are murdered. Check out Bridgett Gabriel's video about the peaceful majority....

I guess you forgot about the special friendship Hitler had with the Arabs. The Mufti gave Hitler great advice....so stop comparing Jews to Nazis. And here you go again talking about respecting human rights. Wow . And you insulted MY reading skills.....
Sharia law and human rights.....mutually exclusive.

And no Israel is not treating Muslims like produce (?)
They are however treating them like the NUTS they are....
" Nov 19, 15 4:59 PM

What is Sharia ,good question. More people should ask that question.
And only whites threaten to kill LGBT people ? I wasn't aware of that statistic.
As for the subjugation of women....

I'll take 82 cents to a mans dollar over genital mutilation any day.

Sharia and rape. Interesting. I wonder if a woman under Sharia is raped, by four men, can she use those same four men as her witnesses or does she need to find four strangers....can you clear this conundrum up for me ? And how can she circumvent the punishment part for being raped in the first place.?

And here are a few names for you ....

Abdelkader & Hnia Amal originally from Morocco now in Virginia USA
charged with keeping indentured servants.
As were :

Al-Turki & Sarah Homaidan ,originally from Saudi Arabia now in Denver, Colorado
LLyas & Tallat Asher, originally from Pakistan now in the UK.
Abdelnasser Ibrahim & Amal Motelib, originally from Egypt now in Irvine California

I wonder if these people came to the USA for a better life...?

Here's what's even more disturbing than seeing a clothesline in your neighbors yard.

Let's say the neighbor is Muslim. And one day you don't see the clothesline .
Then you find out said clothesline was used to strangle and "honor kill" a daughter in the home because she started to become too "westernized" ....
Well at least the "eyesore" of the clothesline was taken care of right...Always see the silver lining !!!!

Here are some more names:

Noor al-Maleki an Iraqi living in Arizona .Her father ran her over with his car
for dating an American non Muslim
Sarah & Amina ,Egyptian sisters living in Dallas. Their father shot them because they dated American boys. At a vigil for the two girls their brother said the following : "they pulled the trigger not my dad".

Fauzia Mohammad , killed by her brother for wearing immodest clothing.

It's so wonderful that you can minimize the seriousness of the current situation.
But as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

The rest of the rational, intelligent , informed world however is not so blissful
with current events.

" Nov 20, 15 1:18 PM

Once again that's just your opinion. I never said all Muslims are bad. I'm saying all Muslims follow the Koran and that's a bit of a problem.

Muslims are not here to assimilate. Muslims , the good guys (moderate) or the bad guys ( extremist) are ALL here to live by THEIR rules. And they're not OK with other religions existing. One of the" fundamental belief's" in America, that you refer to all the time. Clearly you do not understand that one cant mention America's values and the Koran in the same sentence.

I never said Muslims actually drank blood. But you knew that. You're just saying the same thing over and over, using different words. And quite dramatically .
Ironic that you mention blood however. Muslims are big fans of Blood libels against Jews. I'm sure you're familiar with the book by Mustafa Tias.

As usual you left out some details about caliphates. Yes Dhimmis just LOVED life living under Muslim rule, especially the part where they were not allowed to make eye contact with Muslims, or how they were forbidden to defend themselves if attacked by a Muslim..Uh ,yea the whole "practiced their own religion" didn't last long with Dhimmis, many converted to avoid such horrific abuse....*insert eye roll*

You can thank the Israeli police force for the ALLEGED peaceful coexistence

In a poll taken in 2000, 66% of Israeli Arabs said they would back the Palestinians in any confrontation with Israel. Not much has changed in the last 15 years.
Familiar with Ahmed Tibi ?

Can you explain the rape epidemic in Europe? Remember these rapes are committed by refugees and not Islamic terrorists....
Please stop comparing the Torah, or any holy book , to the Koran

An excess of words, huh?? No that would be you. And still fuzzy on the definition of human rights I see .

" Nov 20, 15 9:13 PM

No I'm saying that ALL Muslims follow the Koran, and that there is no way to misinterpret what the Koran is suggesting. Then there's all the actual evidence of just how" biblical" and barbaric they behave. Evidence you ignore.
And for the past two weeks, you still push the lie that land was stolen.

Thoughts turn into ACTIONS. Not irrelevant at all.

Wow you paint such a lovely picture of Dhimmitude...

So statements such as , " much of their (Dhimmis) TRAGIC existence depended on the WHIMS of despotic rulers. Their treatment was deplorable"
Well I guess to look on the bright side , they were allowed to pray about such horrible treatment in the privacy of their own homes .....

For any reader that is not familiar with Dhimmitude check this out.
Go to you tube and search
Dhimmi alert episode 2 life as a dhimmi ...

Well of course Ahmed Tibi ( the man that said Jews had no right to pray on the Temple Mount) wants the pre 67 borders. It's much easier to ,"drive Jews into the sea", when the sea is only 9 miles away. And "Palestinians" had 5 chances to have their own state. We've been over this FACT.

And as usual, my reference to Mustafa Tias and Blood Libels went WAY over your head.
And again pushing the lie about "stolen land".

You should really be more concerned with CURRENT events. And here is a question.
Why don't more ARAB states take in their fellow ARABS.

" Nov 21, 15 10:22 AM

Once again, your opinion.
Of course you would call the truth propaganda.

The interpretation is the same for ALL Muslims. The object is to conquer, not assimilate. Some do it with force , others more insidious. The desired end result, is desired by BOTH "moderates & "extremists". They both have the same opinions.
Also I love how you continue to use ISIL...No sorry Israel has a right to exist.

I never said Ahmed Tibi suggested driving the Jews in to the sea.

It was not out of the goodness of Turkish hearts that Jews were welcomed to the Ottoman Empire. It was for the added revenue and their trade expertise they brought with them. Purely economic.

What are the Palestinians claiming then ? Jerusalem is A Muslim holy site ? No , It's not just "extremists" that say AND BELIEVE vile things about Jews. What is "muddy" is your understanding of the truth. Oh and no land was stolen. Clearly you do not know the definition of ethical or morally.

And only SOME in this country have "urged" Israel to "give back land" ...
There's a word for those people :
Anti Semites

And why did you stop calling me Bibi ? I kind of like it.

" Nov 21, 15 9:33 PM

Did you know the poem was written by a Zionist? She understood the definition of freedom.

I think you left out part of the poem where it mentions, "except for when Muslims get to America, everyone better stop eating pork products and displaying Christmas decorations. In fact we really wont tolerate any other religion. And say goodbye to your constitution it's now Sharia Law".
Maybe that's on the other side of the statue ?

I never said ALL presidents were anti Semites.

Johnson : Is this the same Johnson that said " We are not the ones to say where other nations should draw lines between them that will assure each the greatest security"

Nixon : Is this the same Nixon that said this about Jews: "Generally speaking you cant trust the bastards" And oddly enough said to Kissinger , 'You and I both know they (Israelis) can't go back to the other borders"

Ford : Is this the same Ford that said something in a letter to Rabin about "remaining" Golan Heights ?

Bill and Hilary are known anti-Semites, and just plain all around racist. Bill did warm up to one Jew in particular, but that was about it. Just ask Larry Patterson. Part of the Clinton's private security. He should know.

And when ever I think of both Bush's I think of Saudi Arabia.

Finally for Carter and Obama :
I like to imagine them in one of those "billiard posters" with two more people,
Hitler and The Grand Mufti.

No you are still unwilling to see that land was purchased. And you apparently not aware of how the wealthy Arabs treated the fellahin. And how many fellahin were not aware of how "ownership" worked. Many fellahin were "surprised " to find out their fellow Arabs sold them out. And the other part where the Arabs were encouraged to leave.

You fail to remember that Jews were there before Muslims. Jews never denied Muslim's ties to the region, they Just wanted the same respect.

" Nov 22, 15 1:49 PM

First off I was responding to the statement you made about "our country " and "stolen land".
I never mentioned any presidents. You decided to become specific after the fact (intentionally ) ? Then you mention a number of presidents that actually understood why Israel should not, and more importantly could not go back to pre 67 borders.
Then you mention a few that I would label ambivalent.
And two that definitely are not Jew friendly. So your post was a bit confusing.
Nothing insane. Just facts. In my opinion.

I ( like many other people, and apparently some presidents) feel returning to pre 67 borders would be the end for Israel You do not. You say my opinions are not based on fact. I say the same about yours.

I'm not extreme. That's your opinion. And again, reminds me of the fact that Israel is constantly condemned for defending it's citizens. All of them. Jews, Christians and even the 66% of Muslims ( and I'm sure more by now) that would "stand with Palestine', if a conflict should occur. But that's just my idiotic opinion.

Nothing ridiculous about what I post. What's ridiculous is that the world believed a lie. The only thing waking rational, OBJECTIVE people up, are the unfortunate events in France. So clearly, you do not know the definition of objective.

Why thank you for allowing me to continue to post. And sadly nothing I post is silly. There's nothing silly about the potential destruction America.
And with all do respect , don't tell me what I "think" I perceive about all things Jewish.

And I wonder why Huma Abedin left her job at Muslim Minority Affairs ?

" Nov 23, 15 7:05 PM

*due " Nov 23, 15 11:43 PM

Ok this is getting a bit ridiculous.
In a previous post I stated that you needed to be more concerned with current events. In your response you imply that the ENTIRE country has been "urging" Israel to behave morally ( as if you know the definition).and return "stolen land" .
When does saying "our country" refer only to presidents ?
And some of the presidents you listed rejected returning to pre 67 borders so what are you trying to convey ?
And why do you insist on speaking for everyone? Not everyone agrees with you , just as not everyone agrees with me.
You assume too much.

When did I mention Arafat ? The meeting at Camp David was not the first time Palestine could have become a state, we went over this. For anyone curious as to what happened THIS time, go on line and type in the following:

Mideast Dispatches Tom Gross Media Arafat turned it all down.

This will tell you what happened at Camp David.
In a nutshell, this is all about Arafat's ego, the victim card and Temple denial. And denying the fact that Jews have DEEP ancestral ties to the region.
And 97% was still not enough.

Willing to allow Israel to keep some territory to assuage its defense concerns....? So the 3% the Israelis kept was too much?
Arabs want a 23rd state. Jews deserve nothing.
Speaking of Arabs and all the other Arab states. Why are Arabs treated better INSIDE Israel? I see you still do not understand the concept of self defense.
Again this is not about land.

Is Sharia moral ? How about repugnant? Clearly you do not understand the definition of either word. And I'm not sure you understand what Sharia is.

But back to CURRENT events. I was just acknowledging someone else's comment.
She's very current because of her relationship with Hillary Clinton. Her parents are quite interesting as well.

But since you decided, yet again, to connect it to the lie that Israel stole land and oppresses it's citizens, I'll have to remind you , you are incorrect.

" Nov 24, 15 4:12 PM

What's truly ridiculous is the fact that you actually think I'm NOT going to defend Israel and post a response to you. Funny.
I'll repeat:
No Larry Miller is not a historian. I never stated that he was an authority either. I don't care if he's a 5th rate comedian. He explained the ENTIRE basis for the conflict in a few paragraphs. Second rate comedian, perhaps. First rate essayist? You bet!!

No confusion here. And nothing incoherent. I'm just stating facts that are constantly spun 180 degrees.
The fact that you said "our country" is intentionally vague. Your implication was that EVERYONE in the U.S.( not just government & private), agreed that Israel stole land and they need to return it.
This happens to be incorrect.

Yasser Arafat pushes Temple Denial. I mentioned this already.
He never had any intentions of taking care of his people and creating a state. Muslims did not care about Jerusalem until AFTER 1967.
Again Temple Denial. Again the 97 % was not enough for Arafat. Remember Jerusalem means nothing to Muslims.

Sheikh Hassan al Banna , Founder of the Muslim Brotherhood ,1948:

" If the Jewish state becomes a fact ,and this is realized by the Arab peoples,
they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea"....

And no I never said they physically drank blood. I stated that it's one of the sick things they SAY about Jews. And I stated that there will be peace when Arabs stop terrorizing Jews. Pretty simple concept.

And finally you try to spin what I say about Muslims. I stated that BOTH "moderate " and "extreme" Muslims have the same goal. A fact you choose to ignore. You also choose to ignore the fact that Muslims have a better life in Israel as opposed to any Arab state. Why is this I wonder.... Please stop mentioning human rights when you're unsure of the definition.

Oh and thanks for bringing Bibi back....Despite what you think my name is not an homage to Mr. Netanyahu, but for this post it can be .....

" Nov 25, 15 2:04 PM

And I was accused of being dramatic...Ok....

Calling me an apologist insinuates that Israel should not exist. However I could easily call you the Baghdad Bob of " Palestine" apologists. See how that works ? My statement however would be more accurate because in fact "Palestine" never existed.
So I'm glad we cleared up the fact that I wont stop defending the truth.
And now I'll clear up a few more things .

No I did not cite Larry Miller as an authority on anything. No grammatical changes by me at all. That would be you. I never said he was an expert or an authority or a historian. Those are your words. And leave the poor 2nd rate guy alone already !

Again no fancy word tricks here. I never said Muslims literally drink Jewish blood. No denials on my part. I was just illustrating one of the many vile things that Muslims have SAID about Jews. And the irony of the statement and the fact that it was the Arabs that pushed the blood libels. That's all. Again you're spinning.

The very fact that you cant comprehend that THOUGHT leads to ACTION is both sad AND scary. Have you been watching the news...At all?

Yes and 66% of those Muslim Israeli citizens would STILL stand with Arab "Palestinians" if a conflict should occur. Why are you still trying to paint this idyllic picture of Jews and Muslims happily skipping in the streets ?
And as Bridgette Gabriel stated, the "peaceful majority" are irrelevant.
Again no Muslim is punished for thought. They're punished for when their THOUGHTS turn into ACTIONS. Which they inevitably do.

Now I hate to say this but your Hassan al Banna spin attempt was by far the most obvious and worst, not to mention insulting .
So who was he referring to ? Lets hear the spin on this one ,should be good.
The POINT is ,a Muslim said it, about Jews, and its been repeated for the last 68 years. Nothing was finessed. No propaganda.

Here is what you do not understand. The Jewish leaders of Israel ,before & especially AFTER Israel became a state, took every threat seriously. Something that unfortunately will become a reality in America. Because sadly it seems everyone has forgotten 9/11. As I said Israel has been dealing with many 9/11's....for many ,many years.
So no propaganda. You see David Ben-Gurion knew that Muslim THOUGHTS would turn into ACTIONS.

But you keep on thinking everyone is holding hands, skipping through the streets of Israel.

ALL "Palestinians" dismiss Jewish rights to the land. They dismiss Jewish rights to life period ! Nothing new. Purchasing property ( like the Jews did) affords property rights. Plain and simple. You know nothing about land purchases in the region in the mid 1880's.

There's nothing absurd about the fact that there was ALWAYS a Jewish presence in the region. The region was NEVER void of Jews. Jews have been FIGHTING for two millennia for what's RIGHTFULLY theirs . A lot longer than the "Palestinians" have been fighting for something that was never theirs in the first place. Here's a hint, "Palestinians" are Jordanians.

And again here you go with Temple Denial . I happen to love the phrase. Just like Larry Miller's essay,the phrase gets right to the point ,quickly !! Sure, no "Palestinian " ever agreed with Yasser Arafat in respect to Temple Denial.. **insert another eye roll here..... Arafat is the ONLY reason a deal wasn't struck at Camp David.

And instead of repeating, over and over , that I'm saying " mean things about Muslims", why cant you actually answer some questions? Example, explain to me why Jerusalem became so sacred and important to Muslims AFTER 1967? Hardly ancient "history"....

I wonder what it's like to live under the "heel " of Arab rule. If It's so horrible for Israeli Muslims do tell me , why haven't they left ?
Finally I beg you please stop saying human rights, until you fully understand the definition. Please research human rights in Arab states under Sharia law.

Sure the government is pliant , but not to the Jews and Israel as you like to insinuate. Hello war on Christmas and no pork in schools. Lets not offend or we will upset a certain group. Muslims do not want to assimilate to western culture ,and threated to retaliate when offended. Freedom of speech ? What's that ? Freedom of religion ? Rape epidemic ? Apparently you're not aware of what's happening in Europe.

That and the fact that refugees, that could include potential terrorists, will get room and board in this country BEFORE any veteran does .

That's the definition of national disgrace.

" Nov 26, 15 12:35 PM

I'm well aware of the fact that there are Arabs that are Christians. Thanks for the side note. Incidentally ,are you aware that there used to be many more Christians in the region ? Hmmm I wonder what happened to them ? Maybe some weird virus that affects only Christians... Are you familiar with Lebanon.? As for democracy, the SH Press seems pretty fair only removing ad hominem attacks or incorrect formats etc. See below.

Carter is and always will be an anti Semite and anti Zionist. To call Israel an Apartheid state is beyond insulting to people that have truly suffered Apartheid. No facts, just propaganda. And why would he support Hamas? And he's awfully vague about the Holocaust and the impact it had.
Land was purchased not stolen.

Why do you think Sadat was assassinated ? Are you aware of who assassinated him ? Here's a hint, Muslims.

A fatwa approving the assassination had been obtained from Omar Abdel Rahman..... Does that name ring any bells for you ? If not it should . Here's a hint WTC 1993. Notice a theme ?
And can you be more specific as to what was "forgotten" between 1979 and 2000 ? And I thought we discussed land capture, after being attacked and borders and self defense ? Still not understanding the concept.

As for what Israel "stockpiles". The day Israel became a state it was attacked.
Oh I forgot , they're not supposed to defend themselves. I wonder what Iran is going to do with nuclear capabilities ?
But sure, compare Israel to terrorists. You're just a wee bit confused as to who the bad guys are in the middle east. The only reason it has not been put to use ....? Really ?

So you were there, in Israel with the American Jewish boy ? Is that how you know they were going to TAKE his passport.? I must thank you because that made me laugh !
Read my post again. It explains what to do when you visit a volatile part of the world. And familiarize yourself with being non compliant with authorities in any Arab state.
Thanks for the advice .


And another example of the pot calling the kettle black....I imagine my double digits match yours ?

So you still haven't answered me. Who is treated more despotically. Arab Muslims INSIDE Israel OR Arab Muslims OUTSIDE of Israel.? And if its so bad in Israel ,for Arabs, why don't they leave.? And no ,Israel does not punish good people. A good percentage of "moderate" Muslims living in Israel will stand by their fellow Arabs if a conflict should occur. Did I mention that ?

Again with the mention of human rights! Comical !! Just like all those great human rights in Sharia law....
There's nothing indefensible about it. Just more Temple denial . You never did explain (spin) to me why Jerusalem became important to Muslims AFTER 1967

Yusuf Diya al Khalidi , former Mayor in Jerusalem in 1899 wrote the following , in a letter to the Chief Rabbi in France, Zadok Kahn:

"Who can challenge the rights of the Jews to Palestine, historically it's really your country"

Nowhere else in the world have Jews been allowed to just live. This is why Israel is so important. What did the Palestinian flag look like in 1939 ?

As usual you leave out parts of the story.
The Uganda Scheme was more of an emergency situation. Theodore Herzl NEVER abandoned the idea of a state in Israel. His immediate priority at the time was to save Russian Jews. This would have been a temporary refuge. No Zionist seriously considered this offer. It was always about being in their ancestral homeland. Nice try though.

And I "got it" a while ago , trust me.

You stated that the " push all the Jews into the sea" statement was propaganda ORIGINATING with David Ben Gurion and NOT A REPORT OF ANYTHING THAT ANY ARAB ACTUALLY SAID.

Now whether Al-Banna meant it literally or figuratively is irrelevant. Every Jewish person was aware of his INTENTION. You see most Arabs held (and currently hold) the OPINION that Israel shouldn't exist. So stop trying to minimize the intention. You stated that no Arab ever actually said it. I showed you where an Arab did indeed say it. I'm willing to bet Ben-Gurion knew exactly what Hassan al-Bannas statement truly meant. This wasn't a "welcome to the region, lets live in peace party".

He was factual, he stated that Arabs would like to see dead Jews. Your comment suggestion would have had Ben-Gurion telling a lie.
Arabs don't hate Jews because of land (which there is plenty of for Arabs) they hate Jews because they're commanded to do so.
Don't forget they're not so fond of Christians either .
Or Christmas decorations.....

" Nov 27, 15 2:14 PM

Merely a response to the litany of lies pertaining to "stolen" land. Yes the fact that Muslims have been menacing Jews for the past 130 years necessitates everything Israel has had to do to survive and protect it's citizens .
Israel returned land and was still attacked. So your idea that Israel's defensive posture will improve if land is returned , was proven incorrect. You are mistaken if you think this is about land. It is not it's about religion.

The "Palestinians" caused their own suffering . They chose this path ,not the Jews. The "Palestinians" could have had a state many times. Any bad luck they suffer was brought on by themselves , no one else.

No, my argument is that no land was "stolen"

And clearly some people do not know the definition of Zionism or racism.

" Nov 28, 15 11:38 PM

For the truth please go on line and type in the following:

Jewish virtual library myths and facts chapter 19 the peace process.

Also while on line take a look at what Mark Twain had to say about the region when he traveled there.

" Nov 28, 15 11:42 PM

Every time I post, it's in response to something immoral that's being said about Jews and Zionism.

Example; posts stating that Israel(Jews) stole land and homes by force and that Israel(Jews) should not defend it's citizens, (citizens that include Muslims) when repeatedly attacked. Also statements that Jews have no ancestral ties, and have no right to be there.

So,no clearer statement of something TRULY immoral, anti Semitism....

To support Israel is hardly immoral...
Therefore, not sure you know the definition of immoral.
" Nov 29, 15 6:33 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

Hahahaha boo-boo, coming from someone that cant comprehend that THOUGHTS turn into ACTIONS....

Drug addicts and people that enjoy having sex with kids... what's next ....

" Dec 1, 15 8:52 PM

No,I'm just noticing a theme, that's all.
That would be you,off topic.
Now I understand why you Support Hillary. The Jews will not be able to continue to "run" the country WITH the Muslim Brotherhood in charge......

I'm not the first person to bring up your (spin) defense of Jay Sears. Only the intellectually challenged left wing would NOT see the similarities between the crimes.

It takes a "special" person to be so flippant about drug use and abuse of political power (Bender) and child pornography (Sears)

But since YOU decided to transfer the topic, back to anti Semitism let me remind you, that just as abusing drugs and a political position (Bender) and fantasizing about sex with children (Sears) is indefensible, so is anti-Semitism

I never said Bender had sex with kids. So I hope that adding their names next to their crimes clears up the confusion.

" Dec 2, 15 4:06 PM

American as apple pie ...
Good one !!
I needed a good laugh, thanks !!!!!" Dec 3, 15 9:05 PM

Hey Mr.Z , are you aware I was referring to your comment? Did you forget your post ? So not quite sure what you're laughing at. I don't find innocent people dying funny.
Oh and most "all American" young men don't leave the country to become radicalized and then look to marry a woman that's proficient with assault rifles . But I'm sure he loved apple pie. Maybe she made a mean apple pie as well.....
And I guess terrorism got to the poor souls in San Bernardino before bad weather could...
" Dec 4, 15 1:39 PM

Well did you expect another type of statement?

No Mr.Z ,I don't feel better, I feel horrible. I feel the way I did on, and after 9/11. I feel bad for the people that were gunned down in San Bernardino ,just because they are Westerners. I feel that political correctness will kill us. Yes bad people passed through Ellis Island, but the majority wanted to assimilate not conquer.

Wow two Muslims spoke out.

In the words of Bridgett Gabriel, the peaceful majority are irrelevant.

Where are all the Muslims that were "around" Syed Farook? You know the ones praying and living with him.?
The only one who spoke up too late(because of political correctness) was the person "around" him a lot, his neighbor. The one who saw him every day. The one that saw something unusual but didn't want to be labeled a racist. Political correctness killed 14 people in my opinion.

I'm sorry but a certain amount of profiling will occur when the MAJORITY of terrorist acts are committed by one specific group.
Are terrorist acts committed in the name of other religions ? Yes.
However the majority are not committed in the name of God/Jesus.

The first sentence in Peter Kings comment is accurate. Your point ?
And the GOALS of this specific group IS a threat to our society...duh.

Another threat to our society...Brad Bender dealing drugs.

" Dec 4, 15 8:32 PM

Ah yes, another flippant comment about innocent people dying because of terrorism. They SHOULD make a movie. But remember moviemakers, don't insult Islam.

People,go on line and type in the following : American Thinker who is Allah...

And for some more interesting quotes by P.J. O'Rourke :

At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child-- miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding , ill disciplined despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.....

Global warming- a fashionable worry....

There's a certain kind of behavior in the Arab world that , to me , resembles the way young men behave when there is no significant influence from women in their lives......

So maybe your theory is correct Z. No terror perpetrated in San Bernardino...
Maybe this is what really happened.....

Wifey messed up the apple pie ( she was too busy playing with assault rifles and less time perfecting her cooking skills) and Hubby was REALLY upset and went off the deep end. Because he's been hitting the gym , trying to bulk up, but it wasn't working so he resorted to steroids so it wasn't terrorism it was ROID RAGE over a bad apple pie !!!

So how sad for the poor souls in San Bernardino.. Killed because of steroids and a dessert that did not originate in America.....

Wow I'm glad we cleared that up !!! What a big misunderstanding !!!

" Dec 5, 15 10:08 AM

Classic EXCUSE that liberals use.
Question, was the gun toting NRA lover, toting his gun on 12/2/2015 ? Because that probably could have saved some lives.
Here comes the" blame the gun" excuse.

Farook became radicalized.
Had a STOCKPILE of weapons.
Of course his family is going to say he was "teased" ...Give me a break. This was not "workplace bullying". If Farook had an issue with only one person, why didn't he just go after that person..? Oh because he's crazy ?
No that's not the "story" behind the shooting .Jihad. That's the STORY and the ONLY story behind the shooting.

Oh and you left part of the story out. The part where Nicholas Thalasinos was Jewish and outspoken against Islamic Terrorism. So once again a Jew defends himself and Israel, and a Muslim wont accept that one bit !!

Oh so only one basic rule of WAR...? Well that's encouraging, that you're acknowledging that this is indeed WAR. War on the American way of life. Hi Europe, how are you .....oh never mind it's too late.

Here's WHY we are at war ....Because as far Muslims are concerned , Americans can have their "free" speech. As long as we do not use it pertaining to Muslims. Americans can have their generic "holidays" as long as it doesn't offend Muslims. Right don't paint that target people...BOW DOWN .....

And 14 not 13 people died. Because they were AMERICANS.
" Dec 6, 15 9:30 PM

No I'm not the one with the deficiencies.
And there's a difference between posting on Facebook and physically shooting people . Again why not go after that one person ?
I'm pretty sure you're the one lacking in many areas." Dec 6, 15 9:51 PM

To understand what this is truly about, please read the following article.

Citizen warrior concessions are the establishment of Sharia Law.

" Dec 7, 15 12:28 PM

Muslims have been trying ,and unfortunately succeeding in some cases,to conquer since the 7th century. Remember the word conquer. They did not want to COEXIST. Ever.

They were not known as ISIS,ISIL,DAESH etc... What they were then, is the same thing that they are now ,Muslims. Nothing changed.

The problem now, is that non Muslims believe that there are two very different types of Muslims. Very GOOD Muslims and Very BAD Muslims. This is what causes confusion. All Muslims have the same goal. The difference is how the "good" try to reach the goal versus how the "bad" try to reach the SAME GOAL. Still it's a bad goal for Americans, no matter how it's reached.

It's called Taqiyya: Lie to the non believer to further your GOAL of Islam/Sharia Law. Moderates are just sleepers waiting for instructions. To the people that REFUSE to believe / accept this truth, good luck.

Americans need to wake up, lose the arrogance that "we've got this under control'. And understand that our way of AMERICAN life is slowly slipping right through our fingers. All because of political correctness and the erosion of free speech.

There is a SIGNIFICANT difference between the people that passed through Ellis Island 123 years ago, truly yearning to be free, and people coming here ,ready to change rules and KILL when they don't get their way or because they have hurt feelings. It's called to CONQUER ....

And now that Farook's father stated that his son was "obsessed" with Israel, maybe just maybe , Farook started the fight. Just the way many Muslims attacked Jews and Israel time and time again.Muslims are always shocked when Jews fight back. This time unfortunately a Muslim did win. But this time it happened on AMERICAN soil not Israeli.

Bottom line is Islam is constantly portrayed as a peaceful religion, while being responsible for the majority of terror attacks around the world .

" Dec 8, 15 1:17 PM

To Nature:
Unfortunately many horrific crimes were committed in the name of religion. Many people believe going to confession will absolve them of all sins. That doesn't make it right and I'm not excusing it.
What I'm stating is the majority of terror attacks are perpetrated by Muslims. And that most Muslims have the same basic goal.

I find it ironic that you mention the Crusades. Do you know what prompted them ?

You say condemn. Well then yes, I disagree with what the Koran states. I also disagree with Sharia Law.

Hurt a Muslims feelings and there are two consequences:
1. Death
2. Concessions

You may have misunderstood my "then and now" comment. I'm stating that no matter the "title" the issue is, the perpetrators are all Muslim and have the same goal. Yes even "moderate" Muslims.

No incorrect yet again. Once again vicious libel about Israel and Jews. Completely unaware of real issues and current events.

I'm stating facts about terror attacks occurring on AMERICAN soil. I'm not discussing Israel's policies. And yes the information about Farook's "obsession" with Israel definitely sheds new light on the story.

And once again everything I posted is a fact:

1. Muslims have always targeted and attacked Jews.
2. Muslims are shocked when they lose.
3. Israel /Jews are condemned for defending ALL citizens.
4. This time it happened on AMERICAN soil.

Oh and Jews don't proselytize. In fact ,it's a Rabbi's job to dissuade a person that wishes to convert. Also Jews believe, no matter a persons religion, if that person is righteous, he or she will get into heaven.
Just a little bit of a contrast as to how Muslims feel about non-Muslims.....

And the same question for you, do you know what prompted the Crusades?

I'm not debating interpretations of religion or economics. I'm stating that most Muslims live by a different code. A code that does not mesh well with the American way of life.

How should "we" treat modern day Jews? The real question is how DO we. I certainly know your true feelings..
Here's a better question. How do "modern day" Muslims treat Muslim women? How do "modern day Muslim refugees" treat non- Muslim European women?

What's truly tedious, and to be honest foolish, is the political correctness that turns people into cowards.

And you can apply the last sentence in your post, to yourself. Just replace Islamophobic Obsession with anti Semitism.

" Dec 10, 15 7:31 PM

Sorry, wrong again.
And I see you still do not understand what is happening in the world around you. You cant get past anti Semitism for one moment to notice that it's not just Jews getting slaughtered, Christians are dying as well. And on American soil.
And there's really no comparison between the way Jews and Muslims "behave" in America. And sorry ,I don't see how Sharia will mesh with Judeo Christian values.....not to mention the constitution.

I never said Jews are perfect. I never suggested that Jews haven't committed any crimes. It's never good when people have to take " drastic measures" to accomplish anything, but sometimes that's the last resort.

So the inscription on his tomb offends you ? Here's something that should make you feel better.
There's a street in Ramallah named after Yahya Ayyash, who was responsible for numerous terror attacks that killed Jews in the 1990's.

Dr. Goldstein moved to Israel to help people and support the state. While there ,he saved the lives of Jews AND Arabs. He saved the lives of people that killed Jews.

If anyone is interested in another side of Dr. Goldstein's story, please go on line and type in the following : Jewish Press I was Baruch Goldstein's friend.

I wonder, why did Farook go to Saudi Arabia and marry a woman that supported terrorism ?
There's a difference between leaving America to support a country that you have religious ties to, and leaving America, picking up some new "skills" in another country and returning with the middle eastern Annie Oakley. Oh and killing a bunch of Americans. Because of "hurt feelings"... Right....

Muslims determine how they are treated based on their actions .
Jews are not coming to America, complaining about how they're
treated ,wanting to change laws and gunning people down because someone said something offensive. If a Jew gunned down every person that said "Jew em down"..... Well you should get the idea, but you wont. No ,Jews do not claim to be exceptional. They've been trying to COEXIST since 1947.

" Dec 12, 15 6:35 PM

I was being facetious. I'm sure you love the epitaph, just as much as I love the street in Ramallah named after a terrorist. I love it because it validates everything I've said about Muslims attitudes towards Jews.

Jews do not believe that they are exceptional. And again Jews treat Arabs better than Arabs treat Arabs.

You cant compare Jews to Muslims when it comes to obeying anything ,especially social, legal and most of all moral.

I guess you forgot about the times land was returned, and all the peace that followed....

The most important FACT you keep forgetting is this:
The ENTIRE conflict is not about land , it's about religion. That and Muslims insisting Israel should not exist..

Clearly you know zero about the Koran, but keep that sharp eye peeled for the one or two bad guys. The "individuals". I'll pay attention to the bigger picture.

Sure don't worry about Sharia. Yes ignorance is bliss. And I wonder, what kind of connection Muslim Brotherhood supporters have to our government ? I wonder if they are" in charge" of anything...I wonder what kind of influence they have...If they aide anyone....

And Lots of Jews are not so fond of Arab "Palestinians" .I'm pretty sure that dislike came to a head on May 14 1948, because things were not so great for about 70 years before that.... Oh and no land was stolen. Still fuzzy on how land was actually acquired I see.

But still, land was returned and still no peace. Right, there's never been any "good faith" on the part of Jews towards Arabs...Hmmm just like when Jews returned land and Arabs still attacked... That kind of good faith ?

The "Palestinians" determine their own treatment. And once again you're quite confused. You seem to forget Hitler had many Arab admirers . These are the people that treated the Jews as untermenschen. Arabs were big fans of the Holocaust , just in case you forgot.

" Dec 14, 15 8:02 PM

That was in response to your comment about my concerns about Sharia and concessions. Something you know little about apparently.

Clearly you have no idea what I'm implying, ever. That's because you cant see past all YOUR bigotry.

And again you have no understanding , whatsoever, that in a religious war religion matters. You have zero understanding about how goals are accomplished , even without terrorism. Clearly you have no idea what a "no go" zone is. Europe is being destroyed.

No I'm not the one shaming Americans ,the people that allow and accept concessions are doing that. Benghazi .... there's a good definition of bringing shame to Americans

Why tell American's to "keep their eyes peeled" ? No one want's to be labeled a bigot or racist. Just ask Farook's neighbor. The one that didn't call the authorities....for fear of being labeled a bigot and a racist.

" Dec 15, 15 7:28 PM

I never said that every Muslim is a terrorist. I said that actual real change is achieved ,not by terror, but by" fake assimilation" then concessions. Then no go zones etc. What exactly is demonstrated "worldwide" ? You clearly have no idea what is happening in Germany, Greece ,Sweden, England.
I'm not the bigot.

And it's what Muslims have done, and continue to do, that will cause their "suppression". The peaceful majority are often irrelevant.

Again comparing how American Jews practice Judaism and follow the constitution to American Muslims and what they believe about Sharia law .So ridiculous.

Don't fear for the Muslims in America, they'll be fine. Because people like Farook's neighbor are too afraid to speak up.

And this fact : According to the FBI Jews not Muslims were the greatest victims of what were considered religious hate crimes in 2014. So nothing new here.

" Dec 16, 15 8:53 PM

No hysteria here. Just stating facts. I guess an eruv is so much more offensive as compared to honor killings.

Well 9/11 arose. Didn't expect that did ya?

Still cant comprehend how thoughts turn into actions. I thought I explained that one...?

Right, the current administration has so much respect for the constitution. Okay whatever you say.....I'll stop connecting our current situation to the MB. I guess I was mistaken.......

Ah yes and you finish by pushing more libel. Not surprised.

There's nothing un American about wanting to protect America. After all isn't joe h just talking about the peaceful majority ? Aren't they the people closest to the "extremists" ? The one's that can warn the rest of America , of an impending attack, even before the FBI.......

" Dec 17, 15 8:11 PM

Muslims civil rights ? Which ones ? The Muslims that behave civilly? You do realize civil rights and Sharia really don't "mesh", especially for women. And quite typical of an anti Semite to ignore what's happening on American soil, push libel and harp on Jews. And to complain about how Jews treat the same people that are killing Americans. Blows my mind.

Israel had no choice but to become what you call a "garrison" state. I think that may have something to do with what happened on 5/14/1948. It's called self defense. And people like Farook will turn this country into a garrison state, not me.
Yes our founding fathers just loved Muslims.

For more info on that subject please read the following on line :

WND Founding fathers rip Obamas Muslim "fabric".
" Dec 18, 15 6:43 PM

Haha the jokes on you. As most rational people know, concessions are the establishment of Sharia law. For the rational people reading this , go on line and type in the following :

Daily signal the real impact of Sharia law in America.

Here are three more great articles :

National report city in Michigan first to fully implement Sharia law.

Creeping Sharia documenting the Islamization of America.

America is my name Sharia is here.

The person most likely to violate a female Muslim in the name of Sharia would be a male Muslim that lives by Sharia law. Fifty-one percent of American Muslims are in favor of Sharia.

I guess you forgot, "Palestinians" are Muslim, ( and don't forget they're really not "Palestinians" they're Jordanians). And a reminder, they could have had a state numerous times in the last 68 years. And don't forget about the Muslim Brotherhood and how they've treated Jews, and the influence they have on our current administration.

And no, "Palestinians" are not being massacred. When they attack, there will be a response. For some reason you do not understand this. It's quite shocking that they have not figured this out in the last 68 years either. And the fact that you use the word massacre is a perfect example of mendacious, extremist propaganda.

Right totalitarian, nothing like Arab states. And I see you're still not clear about how our founding fathers felt about Islam.

Many people posting have attempted to " enlighten" you. Clearly it's not working.

Oh here's one more interesting article:
Clash daily the crusades a direct response to Islam's bloodlust. " Dec 19, 15 2:56 PM

It's unfortunate that I was duped by a fake news story . After some more research I discovered I was not the only one. But here's the funny thing. The story in the National Report is not that far fetched because Michigan has been dubbed the Arab capital of North America. It's really only a matter of time......

Like it or not there is such a thing as creeping Sharia.
And I'll quote from an article in ,Sharia the threat, about Sharia:

" This is not a radical concept in Islam, but a fundamental tenet of the faith"

This is an important concept that people are afraid to accept. Instead, people that are concerned about concessions are called bigots.

Haaretz in English could be considered satirical as well. There is Haaretz in Hebrew and there's the English version. And it's not just the language that makes them different. The Hebrew articles are not just translated , they're basically whitewashed. Usually in the English version, ( which is written AFTER the Hebrew version) original information concerning Palestinian militancy is downplayed or omitted . And in some cases the English account is completely at odds with the original Hebrew version.

And Hamas is to blame for what happens in Gaza. The IDF warns civilians of impending airstrikes. Again if the Arabs could be civil, their children would not die. Arab children die because of Arab adults. For more on this please go to.... Jewish virtual library no peace without compromise. So please stop with the mendacious ,extremist propaganda......

And duh everyone knows Obama is a Muslim

" Dec 21, 15 7:55 PM

I never said Sharia existed in any state. Most of the rational people posting here understand I'm talking about the consequences of concessions.

There is a difference between racist and realist that seems to confuse / elude you ?
How many citations can people provide ? You ignore them all.

To blame the U.S. and Israel for what Arabs do their own children is the true definition of nauseating . I'm sure most rational Americans would choose to support Israel over the Muslim Brotherhood.

You can call me all the names you want and insinuate what you wish. That doesn't change the facts ,and that's all that matters.

" Dec 24, 15 3:44 PM

Anti Semitism
Nothing more " Dec 25, 15 7:34 PM

No omission ,just never ending anti Semitism
" Dec 27, 15 10:17 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

Cant stop with attacking Jews ever !!
Simply disgusting." Dec 29, 15 10:03 AM

Right , supporting Israel is disloyal......
I guess the definition of loyalty is the connection Hillary has to the Muslim Brotherhood. I wonder how the families of the victims of Benghazi feel about Hillary.
Nah, the Obama administration just loves Israel and would never spy on the country......
And of course why should anyone in America care if Iran blows Israel off the map. It's not like the U.S. would be affected......I mean we can ignore the chanting of "death to America" right..? Those crazy kids with their chanting.....

Like I said just regurgitated anti Semitism." Dec 30, 15 7:36 PM

No misdirection. Just a response to continuous anti Semitism.
Other folks...good one. And nothing is " alleged ", most people are aware of how disloyal Hillary is.
A bit dramatic yet again. Treachery. Give me a break. I didn't say Lee Zeldin was the victim of anti Semitism. I simply stated that the constant attack about his "disloyalty" because he supports Israel is ,anti Semitism. The suggestion that he does not care about America and only focuses on Israel is, anti Semitism.
I guess it would be more acceptable for Zeldin to be a member of CAIR .

The only habitual thing I do is respond to obvious anti Semitism.

Oh and to save the best for last.....

Which moral code should Jews try to emulate ?Muslims perhaps ? Is that "everyone else" ? No, pure racism is incessant anti Semitism.
" Jan 1, 16 8:18 PM

Yes Hillary is a charlatan.
No, land was not stolen. And land is not the reason for the violence.

" Jan 1, 16 8:58 PM

No incorrect again.
Be loyal should be directed to people that support the Muslim Brotherhood.
Nothing was stolen.

I stated, that calling the support of Israel disloyal, is anti Semitism.

And no, it's YOUR prejudice that is blatant. In YOUR profoundly biased view, anyone that speaks the TRUTH about Muslims is an Islamophobe .

Anyone that supports Hillary should be jailed for treason
" Jan 4, 16 6:11 PM

I'm going to guess that you support Israel the way I supported the Ground Zero Mosque.....

Israel told congress what they discovered; the TRUTH about Obama, and what he does in spite of what congress states. Apparently it's ok for Obama to sign treaties he has no authority to sign, but it's treason to tell congress the TRUTH about Obama.... A foreign ally shows us what Obama is really about ! Israel cares more about the United States than Obama ever could !!!!

Obama is conspiring with Iran. Just in case you forgot, Iran is an enemy to both Israel AND the United States. Obama negotiates with people that chant death to Israel AND death to America. I wonder how the hostages in Iran are doing....

Obama's administration spies on many nations. The operation was discovered when US intelligence agencies spying on Israel intercepted communication......Get it?

Israel knows they are doomed if Iran gets a nuclear bomb. They also know America would be next.

It's a known FACT that the Obama administration is THE most hostile administration towards Israel. ISIL anyone ??? The Obama administration is sabotaging the United States, our allies and peace in the Middle East, THIS is the epitome of disloyalty.

There is nothing unusual about the truth I state. It's just that ,the TRUTH.
And there is nothing fanatical about the following...

1. Obama is a Muslim and does not recognize Israel's right to exist.
2. Hillary is a criminal guilty of treason.
" Jan 5, 16 5:34 PM

An example of dementia ,would be the current administrations first thought ,that it was possible to negotiate with a country that chants death to America while burning the American flag.

An example of colluding would be actually "negotiating" with a country that chants death to America while burning the American flag.

It's not treason to be opposed to The Iran deal.

An example of insanity would be thinking "diplomatic efforts" matter when negotiating with a country that chants death to America while burning the American flag." Jan 8, 16 7:36 PM

First thing, it's Biba not bibi, and everyone is entitled to an opinion.
" Jan 9, 16 11:56 PM

Montauk Man Recalls Refugee Rescues On The Shores Of Lesvos

Check this out:

Shoebat Muslims gang rape American woman in Colorado" Jan 18, 16 12:43 PM

Elizabeth Bowser Of Sag Harbor Dies December 17

Very sweet woman !!!
RIP" Jan 25, 16 11:54 AM

Senior Dog Adopted From Southampton Animal Shelter After His Story Goes Viral

I hope his former owners rot in hell" Feb 6, 16 8:49 AM

Guardsman Reunites With Children At Hampton Bays Elementary School

Thank you for your service Damien Capone !!! Welcome home !!
" Feb 12, 16 5:07 PM

Lack Of East End ATV Parks Frustrates Local Riders

First world problems..." Feb 19, 16 8:41 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

Wrong." Feb 23, 16 3:04 PM

Those are called cells" Feb 23, 16 7:19 PM

And Louis Farrakhan endorsed Obama....Yes THAT Louis Farrakhan.
" Feb 25, 16 7:55 PM

Teen Installs New Sidewalks At Hampton Bays Church For Eagle Scout Project

What an amazing young man !!!!" Mar 3, 16 1:38 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

Is there a difference between Hillary Clinton and a pathological liar ?
" Mar 4, 16 8:08 PM

Wrong ." Mar 8, 16 9:42 AM

In 1991 Trump ceded his yacht to creditors. It was then purchased by Al-Waleed. In 1995 Trump sold the Plaza to Saudi and Asian investors. This all occurred before 9/11.

After 9/11 the Clinton foundation accepted donations from Saudi Arabia.
From 2007 to 2012 Gehad El-Haddad was the director of the Clinton Foundation. In May of 2011, while working for the Clintons ,he began his "side job" as a senior advisor for the Muslim Brotherhood. I'm not sure ,is that un American?
And lets not forget about Huma....
And why won't Saudi Arabia accept Syrian refugees ?

And a big Thank You to Lee Zeldin for understanding the difference between a "street gang / JV Team" and terrorists." Mar 10, 16 5:20 PM

Nothing is underhanded about my post. As usual I'm just stating facts.
So, Lee Zeldin is disloyal because he wants to protect America from terrorists ?
Interesting... Let me help you with some examples of disloyal because clearly you're confused.
Obama and Hillary Clinton. Hope this helps.

Exactly where in my post did I mention Israel ? I'm aware that 9/11 occurred on American soil, are you? And I'M the bigot...funny!

And no innuendo or implication intended. There is absolutely nothing innocent about Hillary Clinton.

And now let ME be clear.

It's quite obvious you know absolutely nothing about the Muslim Brotherhood and their main objective. Nor do you understand what happened in Benghazi.

The NY Times is best used to line bird cages ,because bird s&$t would be the only honest thing on the pages ." Mar 11, 16 1:48 PM

You too could take a look at some of the articles that others have suggested, but that would require an open mind and respect. So it's a waste of time to post any references.

The fact that you're attempting to defend Benghazi is a disgrace and inexcusable.

Even IF the attack was because of a "video", it only illustrates the savage disgusting behavior of the sub humans that perpetrated it.

Benghazi is Sharia. It's just another component of Islam's twisted demented ideology.
There is no difference between 9/11,Benghazi, San Bernardino, etc., etc.

I'm not apologizing for anything. I see you're still quite confused as to where 9/11 occurred. Let me help. It happened in America. What you choose to see as pandering , most rational intelligent people see as protecting Americans from terrorists.

Please stop putting words in my mouth. I never stated that all Muslims are terrorists. I am however waiting for the " peaceful majority" to stand up next to non Muslims and denounce terrorism. When can I stop holding my breath ?

Perhaps if Gitmo is shut down, you could open your home to these poor misunderstood individuals.

The rest of us " nutters" will continue to pray we do not end up like Europe." Mar 12, 16 4:03 PM

One more thing......

If anyone thinks terrorism will end if Israel would just give back land ( Israel did,it didn't work) or if Israel was "wiped off the map", it won't.

Just in case anyone forgot, Iran chants death to America as well.

And remember, Muslims are not fond of Christians either.

So to any non Muslim anti Semites out there listen up: you're considered an infidel as well.

" Mar 12, 16 8:29 PM

So I "almost never" post references? Really? The keyword here is almost....
I've provided plenty of "respectable support". But all you can do is harp on one bogus article ? Hilarious !! Good grief man get over it !! I already acknowledged it was bogus. Let it go. All of my other suggestions are legit.

As for authoritative suggestions .....I suggested an extremely authoritative article : An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America.
But as I stated there is no point in posting suggestions because you ignore them, not because I and others haven't posted them.

The reason you don't see a problem with Huma is simple. You do not understand the main objective of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, most rational ,intelligent people do.

Let's try this again....

I never stated that all Muslims are terrorists. I stated that all Muslims have a common goal. The "moderate" Muslims would like to reach the goal peacefully. The "extremist" Muslims won't hesitate to decapitate someone to reach the goal. Either way they ALL have the same goal.

What is truly disgraceful is to make excuses for their disgusting behavior, as you've done with Benghazi.

You're also confused as to what is considered time immemorial...Let me help
As for the most prominent religions it's as follows:


So go ahead and continue to complain about Israel. Let me remind you, if Israel is wiped off the map rest assured America will be next. In fact it will be just that much easier to obtain the common goal.

Again keep your focus on Israel. The rest of the rational people in America will focus on avoiding becoming Europe. I'm not libeling Muslims , I don't have to. There is more than enough proof of their indifference, (the "moderates") and their disgusting, sub human behavior ( the "extremists")

* Hindus are perhaps the second most hated by Muslims.
" Mar 13, 16 9:34 PM

And there you have it folks !!! A more perfect example of anti Semitism you will not find !!

Of course , land return !! Why didn't Israel think of that ?? Oh wait, Israel did return land .In 1967 Israel returned 94%. That worked well.

Once again, the conflict has ZERO to do with land.

It's always been about one thing and ONLY one thing. Israel's right to exist.
And lets not forget , Muslims are not fond of Christians either.

What an absolute disgrace to defend a document that very clearly outlines the intention to destroy America. Oh wait, it's ok as long as it's done legally and peacefully. Oh that makes it better.

Tedious and logorrhoeic.......Really...?
Lets look at an excerpt:

" The process of settlement is a " civilization -Jihadist process" with all the word means. The Ikawan ( a religious militia) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and " sabotaging" it's miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated and Gods religion is made victorious over all other religions"

Seems fairly succinct to me.

You know what part stands out the most ? Destroying the Western civilization from within.....

What's particularly horrifying, is that the document was discovered in Virginia. Last time I checked Virginia is in the United States.

As for Huma, and her Jew.... she's practicing something known as Muruna, deceit by the temporary suspension of Sharia, similar to Taqiyya, deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam. There is also Kitman ,deceit by omission.

No wonder Hillary gets along with Huma and the Muslim Brotherhood ! When it pertains to telling a lie , they're aficionados !!! I bet she takes a lot of notes !!

And I'm sure most rational intelligent Jews would be ok with Weiner converting to Islam, they can have him .

As for your final statement, talk about the pot calling the kettle black !

" Mar 14, 16 7:21 PM

Ok let's try this again.

First, I would like to address your theory that the main objective of the Muslim Brotherhood's Memorandum is to, "establish Islam in the United States"
Why does it need to be "established" ? Islam exists in America.

If you're Jewish you practice Judaism
If you're Christian you practice Christianity.
If you're Muslim you practice Islam.

Peacefully. Without trying to conquer or convert. That's what America is all about.

No the Memorandum is not about the "establishment of Islam". It's about one thing .....The destruction of America..... from within.

I guess that's why you're so confused. You stated that they're trying to "establish" Islam by " entirely peaceful and legal means....

Oh I get it now . It's ok to, wish to eliminate and destroy western civilization from within, as long as it's done peacefully and legally....

And because I love to help, let me list some better examples of an abomination.

Making excuses for the Muslim Brotherhood's Memorandum.

Hillary "Benghazi" Clinton

Anthony " wanna see my stuff " Weiner.

Anyone that blames Israel for world wide terrorism.

" Mar 15, 16 6:03 PM

Not once, did I state that "individuals" are not free to "achieve goals" in America. It depends however, on what the "goal" is. When the goal is to destroy America, we have a problem.

I may be mistaken ,but I was not aware that there are rules and limits to destroying western civilization.

The issue is not about one particular individual. The goal to "destroy from within", is a common goal amongst a group of specific individuals. Meaning more than one person.

MY assertion ? Seriously ?? Do you read your own posts ? I'm not susceptible to mind games so you may as well stop playing them. I'm not the one trying to spin the Memorandum .It is what it is. Apparently you're the one ok with it, because it doesn't involve decapitation.

I'm fully aware that a person or persons can not be punished for " thoughts". But to ignore the objective of the Memorandum is akin to willful ignorance. As is ignoring the violence perpetrated by Muslims in America and Europe.

I do not agree with special treatment for anyone, including Jews. But our government happens to fund special interests of Muslims and Jews, and a multitude of other things I disagree with.

However the desire to destroy western civilization, trumps installing an Eruv or Halal food in schools.

" Mar 16, 16 5:25 PM

Ok just to be clear....
You're ok with the Muslim Brotherhoods connections to the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, and to their objective, as long as it's obtained peacefully and legally. Got it.

Parasites. And I'M the racist bigot.

Lets not confuse the Jewish parasites upstate with the *Syrian refugees in America and Europe. After all, things are working out so well in Europe. Especially in Germany. Karma anyone....?.

I wonder why five of the wealthiest Muslim countries refuse to accept any refugees? Something about concerns about terrorism? Not to be confused with the Arabs turning their backs on their fellow Arabs (" Palestinians") in 1948. I see a theme but I digress.... just a little bit....

Let me accurately describe what is " diametrically at odds with the liberal foundation of our republic" in one word. Islam.

Only a bigoted racist would compare the planned destruction of the United States to a bunch of Jews upstate receiving "special treatment". I wonder, what kind of special treatment, assistance and accommodations will be made for our new Syrian friends ?

Here is a more accurate definition of autocratic in one word: Obama.

Most rational intelligent people can easily make the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration, and the objective of BOTH.

Most rational intelligent people understand the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood could become a reality considering their number one fan has a few more months in office. And their other number one fan ,if elected, would just pick up the baton.

*Senior officials at the Dept. of Homeland Security admitted that the agency has " no clue" as to how many Syrians have entered the US. That's comforting. Hopefully they're keeping an eye on all those parasites upstate.

" Mar 16, 16 11:45 PM

No wrong again.

I do "get it". Your argument is that the Memorandum is protected under free speech. I never said it wasn't or shouldn't be protected. But go ahead and keep repeating yourself. The rest of us, will not ignore the intent of the Memorandum, or what is happening in Europe. Paying attention to the intent of the Memorandum does not make me a bigoted racist. Calling Jews parasites however, definitely makes you one.

So because YOU say so, there is no connection between the MB, Obama and Hillary. Interesting. Care to cite some references? I've already explained why I won't.

No, I'm not conflating anything. I'm paying attention to Europe. You continue to fail to see how thoughts can turn into actions. You keep your focus on a bunch of parasitic Jews upstate. Because of course they're the ONLY group of people that receive assistance from the government......

If the statement, "their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within", is NOT at least a promise of, a sort of "peaceful" sedition, well I don't know what is. But all that matters to you , is that it's peaceful. Because they don't mention decapitation, it's OK with you.

They're protected , free speech. I guess ignorance really is bliss. I understand "innocent until proven guilty". But to turn a blind eye to the obvious and to Europe is a disgrace. I guess everyone forgot "never again".

Wow " exotic intellectual expression". I thought it was " tedious and logorrhoeic"....?

So now you're romanticizing a document that calls for the destruction of Western civilization. I'll say that's even worse than anti Semitism. But not by much. No effect....yet. That's why it's imperative Hillary does not get elected , because if Obama fails at his mission ,she'll just pick up where he left off. After all, no lives were lost in Libya....

Your biggest concern is a bunch of Jews upstate receiving government assistance. You worry about "unemployable Jews and their unemployable children. Yet you ignore the billions of dollars it will cost to settle ( un vetted ) Muslim refugees.

Personally I would be concerned with the Muslim children , they're the ones with bombs under their Thobe's .....

Thanks again for the definition of parasite. " Mar 17, 16 8:33 PM

Refute the "nothingness". Thank you. You just illustrated why it's absolutely useless to cite references. Nice try though TCM.

This reminds me of the time my four year old Nephew refused to eat his dinner. He put his hands over his ears, and closed his eyes, while turning his head to the left then to the right to indicate no. It's funny when little kids do this. But he was just refusing to eat dinner. He wasn't denying the glaringly OBVIOUS connections between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama administration.

The JDL was founded by Meir Kahane in 1968 to defend Jews against anti Semitism. But that's right, Jews are not allowed to practice self defense....I keep forgetting this.....

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al Banna to fight Zionism. Although Al Banna "rejected" violence in Egypt, ( even though many prominent Egyptian politicians were murdered by the Brotherhoods military wing in the 1940's) he welcomed violence and supported armed resistance in pre 1948 "Palestine". And lets not forget the special relationship Al Banna had with Hitler.

And according to Al Banna;

" It is the nature of Islam to dominate , not to be dominated, to impose it's law on all nations and extend it's power to the entire planet"

Did his buddy Hitler know this ? Because that could have been a deal breaker in terms of the friendship.....It's kind of like two women going to the same party, wearing the same dress.

But you enjoy your bliss and insist the Muslim Brotherhood is merely a philanthropic organization.....

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded on anti Semitism.

The JDL was founded to fight anti Semitism.

Quite ignorantly YOU do not equate Jihad with war because YOU do not understand Islam's ideology and Islam's principal of lying.

So the Memorandum OBVIOUSLY refers to the concept of moral or spiritual struggle? Because YOU say it does..?? So it's ok with you because it proposes a " peaceful jihad"? Wow. Back to willful ignorance we go.....

I guess the many un vetted and unaccounted for Muslims will upgrade the commonwealth. Especially since they too will receive government assistance. Just like in Europe right? Things are going very well over there......" Mar 18, 16 2:07 PM

I do not care if you accept my ( or anyone else's) citations. I thought I made myself clear earlier, I guess not. And you can deny the obvious connections the Muslim Brotherhood has to the Obama administration. You have a right to your opinion . It's also your right to interpret the Memorandum any way you wish.

The fact that the Memorandum is "cleverly" written does not detract from it's intention.

I'm not arguing free speech or due process.

You are free to wander through life viewing Islam's ideology through rose colored glasses. The fact that you do however may be because you do not actually understand the ideology......

Indictments have been made against the Muslim Brotherhood- tied group CAIR. But I know, I know, there are absolutely no connections between the two. Again there is no comparison between the MB and the JDL, as one was formed to perpetrate anti Semitism ( and conquer the world, let's not forget that ) and one was formed to defend against anti Semitism.

I've only failed in your eyes. You're much too busy focusing on government assistance afforded to Jews upstate and not towards un vetted Muslims. But more importantly you ignore what's happening in Europe. Remember the last time Americans ignored what was happening in Europe ?

You are in no position to decide what is rational when you defend a document such as the Memorandum, no matter how it was written.

I'm not filling the air with anything irrelevant. I find it ironic that you describe ME as sanctimonious when Islam rejects ALL other religions and claims superiority. Funny.

When the "peaceful majority" of Muslims decide to reject terrorism and accept other religions ,then we'll be able to accomplish something.

Not really sure how I'm hypocritical but then again you lost me when you described the Memorandum first as ,tedious and logorrhoeic , and then as an exotic intellectual expression......

What "didn't work" ? Didn't work for YOU ? As I said, you lost credibility when you favorably described a document that calls for the destruction of Western civilization.

I will continually employ my " tedious" tactics (your opinion) as long as you continue to defend a group of people intent on destroying the United States.

" Mar 20, 16 3:11 PM

Once again, that's YOUR opinion. And which readers are you referring to ? The anti American and anti Semitic readers, or the rational ones ?

TCM already gave plenty examples of connections. I already explained why it's useless to do so.

I would say it's more embarrassing to defend a depraved group of individuals that vow to destroy America. But enjoy your bliss.

" Mar 20, 16 8:42 PM

And for some more honesty, Obama already tore America apart." Mar 21, 16 2:41 PM

Ah yes , Obummers mission.....slowly but surely coming to fruition. " Mar 23, 16 8:03 PM

Erin, I agree, it's not a joke. Too bad many people do not take it seriously. To answer your question please investigate the following ......

Stealth Jihad

It's also important to understand that there is no such thing as "moderate" Islam. Islam is Islam...

Take it from Turkey's Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014 Recep Tayyip Erdogan.......

" The term " moderate Islam" is ugly and offensive; There is no "moderate" Islam, Islam is Islam."

Or perhaps take what Muslim advocate and leader from IslamNet, Fahad Ullah Qureshi had to say about the subject:

"The "common" Muslim shares the same beliefs, as the Muslim that the western media labels "extreme".

These are just two examples, trust me there are many more.

It would be naïve to think millions of so called "moderate" Muslims don't agree with these statements.

Also, it's easy to infiltrate when the POTUS is a Muslim determined to destroy the country. This is why it is imperative Hillary does not become the next POTUS. She will only finish what Obama started.

Ultimately it's a combination of anti Semitism, (stating that Jews are to blame because of past and current events in Israel, because Muslims say so ), and political correctness.....

It's important to understand that the terror attacks in this country and in Europe really have nothing to do with Israel or Jews other than Muslims have been mandated to perpetrate such attacks by the Quran. But let's not forget Christians are also on that list of infidels to convert or kill.
It's also happening because of "political correctness". Finding fault with Islam is considered blasphemy against beliefs and customs and its basically the rise of Sharia law in this country. Why do you think the POTUS will NEVER use the phrase Islamic terrorism ?

Bottom line this is about Islam dominating the world. To think anything else is just denial.

" Mar 24, 16 5:01 PM

No lies or misdirection on my part. Blaming Israel for world wide terrorism and using Arab "Palestinians" as pawns, is a more accurate example of misdirection.

I've already explained that there is no difference between how "extreme" and "moderate" Muslims interpret Islam.

You can't compare killing in the name of Allah, and killing, because one finally "snaps". One "snaps" because all of ones friends and family are being killed in the name of Allah. Jews don't strap bombs to their children.

So, world domination is ok, as long as it's done peacefully. Still an interesting concept you have there. I wonder how peaceful the citizens of Brussels feel at the moment. And please make up your mind, is it world domination, or US policies towards Israel.....?

And lets not forget , world wide, Muslims are persecuting and killing Christians. I guess the Jews are to blame for this as well.

No "scaremongering" here. I just prefer to live with my eyes open.

I did not say Sharia was implemented....yet. I stated that the POTUS, a Muslim, is most definitely practicing Sharia by REFUSING to put the word Islamic in front of the word terrorism.

Perhaps you should redirect and take your focus off Israel for just a moment and pay attention to what is actually happening in Europe. There are "no go" zones in many places in Europe where there are large Muslim populations. In these areas there are justice systems based on Sharia. Now pay attention. I did not state that Sharia has been implemented there....yet. Law enforcement concede however that they have indeed " lost control" of certain areas. But I'm sure you'll say this is not true, because of course YOU say so.

And once again I'm not sure what you are implying about what occurred in Paris or Brussels. But it's not first time you've misdirected.......

The conflict between Israel / Jews and Arabs is not one that be explained ,"in a nutshell", however ironically, it's actually quite simple. It's the greatest lie ever told.

Let me repeat a few facts.
The Jews that immigrated to the region in the mid 19th century, settled on unclaimed ,unoccupied desolate land or ,purchased land that happened to be extremely overpriced. Much of the purchased land was not owned by the fellahin that occupied the land , but rather by wealthy absentee Arab land owners that essentially sold the land , not informing their fellahin tenants. The confusion surrounding "stolen" land is that many of the fellahin actually believed that they were the owners , when in fact they were not. And lets not forget the lovely Bedouin. In short it was a dump.
So as it is with Arabs, they stabbed their fellow Arabs in the back by selling the land. Why am I not surprised .

Arabs only became interested in the region after the Jews began to reclaim and develop the Jewish ancestral homeland.

Lets skip now to 1948. Arabs could have had their 23rd state then, and four more times since. Again there were 22 Arab states. The Arabs would not accept Israel, one tiny state for Jews. Arabs claim that Jews have zero connection to the region. This is a lie.

Arabs promised their fellow Arabs ( lets keep it real and call them Jordanians, keep in mind they weren't "Palestinians" until 1967),that if Israel did indeed become a state, it would be destroyed. So Arabs told the other Arabs in Jordan to leave. They then tell them that they could return after Israel is annihilated. And keep in mind , there were thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing Arab states at this time. Funny how no one mentions that FACT. But also bear in mind there would have been ZERO refugees if the Arabs had just accepted Israel.

So what happened next ?Five Arab armies failed to annihilate the day old state.

So what happens to all the Arabs that did what they were told ? They are denied access to the other TWENTY TWO ARAB STATES and voila ,refugees . Once again Arabs stab their own in the back. But why ? Because it was the perfect opportunity to use their fellow Arabs as pawns. To say to the world, "see how evil Israel is" , this is why Israel must be destroyed. The Jordanian/Palestinian Arabs have been used as pawns ever since. And, as they've done so many times before, Arabs still to this day refuse to accept their fellow Syrian Arab refugees. Wonderful people.

So the bottom line is this. The Jordanians ( " Palestinians AFTER 1967) have been used a pawns by Arabs to push the Arab agenda of destroying Israel.

There has never been a Palestinian nation. Israel captured the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem from Jordan's King Hussein and the Gaza Strip from Egypt after they declared war against the Jewish state. But I forgot, Jews are not allowed to defend themselves. But lets not forget, Israel withdrew from Gaza and surprise , no peace.

And tell me what happened between the years 1948 and 1967. Why no demand for a Palestinian state ? The West Bank was under Jordanian control and Gaza under Egyptian control.The Arabs still mistreated their fellow Arabs and terrorist acts against Israel continued.....There were no " settlements" at this time.

Again this is not about how Israel treats " Palestinians" ....It's about Israel's right to exist. It's about ignoring FACTS. In the words of a former PLO terrorist, Walid Shoebat.....

" Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was Jordanian and over night I became a "Palestinian" ? Good Question. I don't think 1967 qualifies as ancestral.

Europe is being attacked because liberal idiots welcomed terrorists in with open arms. And I would say the United States was quite ACCESSIBLE on 9/11.

The United States funds Hamas. The US sends $400. million per year to the Palestinian Authority. The PA pays terrorists. Personally I would rather pay Israel to kill terrorists, but that's just me.

It's interesting that you can find humor in the fact that the POTUS can do the tango while Europe bleeds.

" Mar 26, 16 1:32 AM

Ok once again an odd statement..... Yes Jews did purchase land. Uncultivated, swampy, unwanted and often over priced with few inhabitants....
Such a deal........

From 1880 to 1948 roughly 78% of Jewish plots were purchased from large land owners. By willing sellers. Those selling included the Mayors of Gaza, Jerusalem and Jaffa. Even As'ad el-Shuqeiri, Father of PLO Chairman, Ahmed Shuqeiri took Jewish money for his land.

In 1920 David Ben-Gurion stated, " Under no circumstances must we touch land belonging to fellahs . Only if a fellah leaves his place of settlement, should we offer to buy his land , at an appropriate price." He also advocated helping liberate them from their wealthy oppressors. But still many of the actual land owners did sell land to Jews without the fellahin understanding that it wasn't actually theirs.

Israel gained land ( that technically was always Israel's in some cases ) in defensive wars. Again the key word being DEFENSIVE. A direct result from being attacked by Arabs. Again ( wow this is really getting tiresome) if Arabs had agreed to coexisting, there would be zero conflicts.
The fact is, Arabs have the unmitigated gall to suggest Jews have no ties to the region !!!! Again I do not have pity for these savages.

No , it's not "occupation". And for any open minded readers that would like another side to this story may I suggest some articles.

Go on line and type in the following:

1. Camera The west bank Jewish territory under international law

2. Front page magazine Judea and Samaria are Israel

And there you go again discussing human rights. Human rights are afforded to people that behave like humans. The Arabs that live in Israel have more rights than Arabs living in any Arab state. We covered this already.

Practically EVERY nation has condemned Israel and Jews at some point. Nothing new about that. Maybe the other nations should focus on human rights violations in China, The Sudan and Saudi Arabia, just to name a few.

To reiterate : Arabs REFUSED to let Jews have 20%, TWENTY PERCENT to their 80%, EIGHTY PERCENT of the mandate !!!!!!!
You seem confused about this. The Arabs refused a two state solution that was 80% in their favor. And they've refused continuously FIVE times since.

They had many chances to have the 23rd state they so desperately needed......So why don't they??? Let me tell you again.
Because this conflict has never been about land or self- determination. It has been, and always will be about Israel's right to exist.

So as the Arab aggressors start conflict after conflict, and complain when they lose land, here's an idea.....STOP STARTING CONFLICTS AND JUST COEXIST.

Nothing alleged about what Arabs did to their fellow Arabs. Take the words of Mahmoud Abbas......

The Arabs entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead they abandoned them. Forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which Jews used to live....

Yes Arabs are responsible for the dispossession of other Arabs. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise. The Israelis welcomed Arabs to become citizens of Israel. Another fact. The Arabs that like to call themselves "Palestinians" had many chances to create a state, another fact.

I must say it's quite amusing when you call me prejudiced and ignorant, when I could easily say the same about you .
Believe what you want about the POTUS. Most intelligent people know exactly why he refuses to put the word Islamic in front of the word terrorism. It's clear you know nothing about Sharia. Once again you're viewing Islamic ideology just as I expected you would. But hey, that's your right to do so.

I'm sure most Europeans are painfully aware as to exactly what Sharia means.

And for your information June.....

Prior to the 20th century there were numerous attacks perpetrated by Arabs against Jews but to keep it simple I will only list a few attacks that occurred in the 20th century

1917 The Balfour Declaration .....The beginning of Arab's attacking Jews after discussions to possibly create a state.
1920 The Nebi Musa riots 6 Jews killed
1921 Various attacks on Jews in the cities of Jaffa and Petah Tikva, 47 Jews killed
1924 Jews fleeing Poland and immigrating to the region are attacked by Arabs, 133 Jews killed
1929 Hebron Massacre 67 Jews killed
1936-1939 Various Arab revolts against Jews, 562 Jews killed.
1947 Many Arab attacks on Jews after the UN decision

I think it's safe to acknowledge exactly who " started it"......

As for Einstein and various un informed American Jews, that were not "on the ground " in Israel .

Here are some articles for you....

Go on line and type in the following:

1. Jpost Terra incognita when Einstein was wrong.

2.Daniel Pipes the Muslim claim to Jerusalem

3. Free Republic Deir Yassin History of a lie

4. Maurice Ostroff Deir Yassin startling evidence

5. Maurice Ostroff the 1948 war of independence in a nutshell

So forgive me if I do not weep for all the "poor Arabs" that viciously and consistently attacked Jews just for being Jewish.
" Mar 28, 16 10:24 PM

Incorrect " Mar 28, 16 10:49 PM

How presumptuous of you. But that's nothing new. I'm always hopeful that readers will actually read my suggestions. They give people a chance to see the side of a situation not tainted by anti Semitism, anti Jewish propaganda and lies. But if you actually did read my post, you would realize that the citations were not meant for you. I addressed them to the " open minded " readers. I do not expect you to accept the truth. Again the citations are for the open minded , rational readers. They're not for the anti Semitic, anti American, Islamophile, racist liberals.

I'm not shocked that you would discredit anything to do with Zionism .

I never once stated that Israel's conduct during times of war were always flawless. Keep in mind however that there is a difference between starting a conflict and defense in a conflict. The war of independence (most definitely a DEFENSIVE war) was extremely ruthless. Of course BOTH sides did what they deemed necessary to gain the upper hand. But I know , liberal, anti Semitic Islamophiles insist Jews have no right to defend themselves .

Just a quick reminder : If the Arabs had acknowledged that Jews had every right to return to their ancestral homeland , (when all other countries refused them) and if the Arabs acknowledged that there is indeed historical and archaeological evidence of the existence of Jews, and If the Arabs had accepted the 80% to the Jews 20% , and if the Arabs would stop using fellow Arabs as pawns, well then, we could all coexist.

And please enlighten me as to who "us" consists of. The handful of anti Semitic ,anti American racist Islamophiles that agree with YOU ? Thanks but I'm not concerned with their opinions.

And back to your comment about me , mistaking that readers won't read my citations....I think it's more wishful thinking on your part. This way you can spin the citation to suit your agenda .Otherwise how else could you get away with taking ONE sentence out of context and completely annihilating it.
This "damning sentence " only illustrated the continuous desire , by Jews , to avoid civilian casualties, unlike Hamas and past terrorists that AIM their rockets to purposely kill civilians.

You conveniently left out the part about how Deir Yassin wasn't a " peaceful little village" but a center of weapons trafficking during the "violent Palestinian Arab outbreaks" during the 1920's. This information is in the paragraph titled Deir Yassins record of anti Jewish violence.

So back to your "damning" sentence....
In theory, Jews were STILL trying to minimize civilian casualties. Civilians ,that just 20 years prior, were aiding in the attempted destruction of Jews. Similar to Israel today, when Jewish doctors , like your favorite, Dr.Baruch Goldstein, save the very people that often tried to kill them.

And as for Deir Yassin being totally erased ....

Arabs insist Jews have absolutely no connection to the region. But here's a fact :Jerusalem is of no real significance to Muslims. To the rational readers, please refer to a citation I posted previously ; Daniel Pipes The Muslim claim to Jerusalem... And lets not forget the desecration of Jewish holy sites ,as well as the holy sites and areas of importance to many OTHER religions, DESTROYED by Muslims. Remember Islam does not tolerate any other religion.

One final statement/ question. In an earlier post you predictably cited the root cause of 9/11 being Americas support of Israel ( and Jewish control of America...) .
So please explain to me why Muslims have attacked and killed people in countries that do not support Israel ? For example there have been attacks in :
Ivory Coast etc., etc.
These are not "Jew friendly" countries that support Israel.

Again Arabs could have had their LAND. Eighty percent of it. It's NEVER been about land. It will ALWAYS be about Israel's right to exist. Period.

And June , do you know what I find even more dismaying ? The fact that the world was sold a lie. And the fact that Arabs STILL use their fellow Arabs as pawns. The UN calling Israel one of the worst violators of human rights while ignoring The Sudan and Rwanda and China.....???? That is dismaying.

So in terms of Israel, the Jews that live THERE have every right to THEIR freedom and safety and to defend themselves when THEY'RE being continuously attacked because of THEIR religion, not because of land.

And finally to Erin. You have every right to be concerned. It doesn't make you a phobic racist to understand what is happening to women in Europe, and to not want it to happen here. And there is plenty of information regarding "creeping Sharia" (notice I did not say it was implemented ...yet ) and of Muslims committing horrific crimes in the name of Islam right here on American soil. Some have been prosecuted , some have not. But I'm sure someone will tell you that's a lie.....And no, you're not the one that needs therapy.

And for anyone that is interested ....one more citation.

WND The truth about Israel's stolen land by Larry Elder.
" Mar 31, 16 3:28 PM

HHS I know why you take sentences, and entire paragraphs out of context. You do this to distort the facts and the truth, and to push the agenda that Israel has no right to exist. You push the lie that Jews are "marauders" that marched into "peaceful" Arab villages to murder and pillage. Lies all lies.
It's the truth that is so damning to YOUR case.

No matter how many times you, self -hating Jews and Muslims continue to push the lie that Jews have no right to the land, it's still not true.There has always been a Jewish presence in the land, yes, for thousands of years. But here's one fact that can't be denied, there was never a country called "Palestine".There could have been, but Arabs refused it. Many times. And why? Because if Arabs agree to a two state solution that requires recognizing the state of Israel. And that is the crux of the issue. Not bits of land here and there .The entire state is an issue for the Arabs. That is a FACT.

For the rational readers here are some more suggestions.

Free Republic They stole our land VS the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

UK Media Watch Arabs attacking Jews over 100 years of excuses

Jewish Virtual Library Israel war of Independence The capture of Deir Yassin

Commentary Magazine The illegal - settlements myth.

And to Bigfresh...You are entitled to your opinion. But I will say this ,HHS is not making a salient point about anything. He is perpetuating a lie.

And for June, I lost interest when I read ,narrated by Roger Waters. As for David Swanson...He is a virulent anti Semite but more importantly he's anti American. You're the one drinking the Kool-Aid. The Kool-Aid doled out by anti Israel propagandists.

" Apr 6, 16 11:50 AM

Wow bigfresh, why so sensitive...?

And to HHS, clearly you do not understand what the words irrelevant and detrimental mean. And thanks for the summary of the articles I posted. I'm not sure why that was necessary, but whatever makes you happy. And for the billionth time, Israel did not expropriate anything. And again, you are confused as to who is guilty of sophistry in the Middle East....

For any reader that is interested in how the poor Palestinians are doing, go to You Tube and check this out ......

Celebration with Arab Palestinians.

And for a little bit of history stay on You Tube and check this out.

Debunking Vox's lies and distortions part 1

" Apr 11, 16 4:10 PM

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