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East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

$70 million?? Who are they kidding?" Jul 29, 10 6:30 PM

State amends law to allow fishermen to trade up

Good thing!" Jul 29, 10 6:33 PM

Two boats collide on Peconic Bay near Robins Island

Good question." Jul 29, 10 6:38 PM

Michael Lohan charged with harassing fiancee Kate Major at Water Mill home

You got that right, Cap." Jul 29, 10 6:40 PM

We're all feeding the beast by even talking so much about it." Jul 29, 10 6:41 PM

Governor Paterson vetoes bill to rename Westhampton preserve after Edwin 'Buzz' Schwenk

OK, so Buzz did some little time, so what? So he was a Republican chairman, so what? Paterson's off the beam on this one." Jul 29, 10 6:43 PM

Quogue gas station project back on Hess's radar

No gas on Montauk Hwy. between WHBeach and EQuogue. We need this sucker.
" Jul 29, 10 6:45 PM

More accounting mistakes discovered in Southampton Town; audit to be released

A screwup is a screwup, and whoever's responsible oughta face the music, even if they're out of office. This is my money and yours we're talking about!" Jul 29, 10 6:48 PM

Independence Party endorses Bishop

These guys have 20,000 votes. That's enough to do it. No wonder everyone's sucking up to them." Jul 29, 10 6:50 PM

Southampton Town lawmakers walk out of discussion on MTA lawsuit

You're a councilman and you walk out on a meeting, that's like walking off the job, right? " Jul 29, 10 6:52 PM

Suffolk County Eligible for $2.5 Million in EMS Grants

If Suffolk County wants to make things SAFER, they should use some of that money to ship these sex offenders and their trailers out of Westhampton and Riverside." Jul 29, 10 6:55 PM

Tucker outraised Mayor Teller in failed election bid in Westhampton Beach

Guess Connie got a lot more bang for the buck." Jul 29, 10 6:56 PM

Vice President Joe Biden vacations in Southampton

"Kaiser" huh? Sounds about right, with that comment." Jul 30, 10 7:01 PM

This kind of garbage gets thrown around every time a Pres or VP, Republican or Dem, takes some time off somewhere. Give it a rest, people." Jul 31, 10 11:55 AM

Two traffic issues are up for discussion in Westhampton Beach

Right on, Sue! I don't love all-way stops, but those trucks are too much -- gotta do it." Aug 3, 10 11:32 AM

Civic group voices no concerns over Speonk development

So not all development is bad, huh? Makes sense." Aug 3, 10 11:33 AM

Federal program provides money for home improvement projects

Don't like looking to government for all the solutions, but federal money is good. Why? Because New York puts a lot more in the pot than it gets out, so this is getting some of ours back. Go for it." Aug 16, 10 10:29 AM

Developers agree to reduce number of proposed condos, in exchange for preserving Canoe Place Inn

The CPI preservation thing is a gift from God for the owners, because it lets them bargain for the Tiderunners deal. They wouldn't have even a shot at that kind of density if weren't for these people who are ready to give away the store just to keep the CPI standing. The CPI's not worth it. It's not even close. " Aug 16, 10 10:42 AM

Town Board agrees to postpone public hearing on Speonk condo application

Ms. Fleming is right. Shut em down." Aug 17, 10 9:23 PM

Gregor is asking for $1 million more for roads

Sounds like Mr. Gregor needs to make up his mind how much he wants this money. It's easy to blame the 2 Republicans and the 1 Conservative for roughing up the Highway Super who beat their guy in the election, and that may be part of what's going down, but it looks like Gregor didn't really fight for the full amount. So what's he do instead? He leaves the civics and Fleming and Throne-Holst out there hanging. With friends like this guy, you don't need enemies. " Aug 17, 10 9:39 PM

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