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Hill Street To Be Repaved This Week

what happened to paving Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays?" Sep 30, 15 10:31 AM


" Sep 30, 15 12:43 PM

Gregor Argues Against Use Of $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Unless I'm missing something Dune Road floods at high tide year round, and people of all income levels use the road year round. Where's the problem here, a grant to help fix a chronic problem is not something about which to complain." Mar 25, 16 7:10 PM

Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

In a word, absurd. Well the town can save money by lining up rowboats at the Ponquogue Bridge for beachgoers to use in lieu of roads during high tides going forward, very progressive." Apr 12, 16 11:52 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

This road is a problem why? It's a pretty old golf course and a pretty old road, not sure why it has to change for a 4 or 5 day event." Jun 15, 16 7:29 PM

Hampton Bays To Keep Narcan At Schools In Case Of Emergency

Wtf, not a sleepy little town any more. That being said have every opportunity to save a life." Jun 15, 16 7:32 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

How was this guy able to be on the streets to commit more crime after his horrific attack on the girl in Southampton? Wtf " Aug 6, 16 8:18 AM

How "ugly" are the comments compared to the crimes committed by the accused? I find it incredible you are warning people outraged by the fact this guy has been a one man crime spree this summer, without consequence, and seem more concerned with angry readers venting.

More protection for the guilty." Aug 8, 16 12:03 PM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Look at it! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, man! Let me go out there and let me get one wave, just one wave before you take me in. I mean, come on man, where I am I gonna go? Cliffs on both sides! I'm not gonna paddle my way to New Zealand! Come on, compadre. Come on!" Aug 10, 16 8:16 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

my response was to deelove as well, not sure what happened" Aug 22, 16 7:41 AM

Ha, selective deleting of comments, why am I not surprised, meanwhile deelove's insult toward every resident of Hampton Bays remains.

Protecting the guilty again editor?" Aug 22, 16 8:00 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

thanks for the news flash, they've been "here" for quite some time...a disaster waiting to happen. Something needs to be done now" Aug 9, 17 8:54 AM

New Owner's Plan For Old Hampton Bays Diner Property Remains A Mystery

The fact that the buyer is so closed lipped on intentions should be sounding alarms. My bet is something unusual and not necessarily desired on the way." Aug 16, 17 1:00 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Shuts Off Two Wells After Contamination Is Found

Outrageous that this has gone on for over a year and we just hear about it now. Sure keep it quiet while the fire department tries to buy more property. Some bunch of "leaders" in town." Sep 6, 17 8:23 PM

Hampton Bays Corridor Study Inches Forward

So your plan is to let tourists walk around in property owner's yards?" Feb 22, 18 7:39 PM

Southampton Town Surveying Residents On Maritime Park Design Options

sorry I think a BBQ or picnic area is a terrible idea, slobs will no doubt leave their mess behind to blow into the water. a simple walkway with benches scattered and a defined fishing area would make sense, simple cheap and access to all. " Mar 5, 18 12:54 PM

UPDATE: Community To Rally For New Pole For Riverside Osprey Nest

Does this mean we can use DDT again?" Apr 10, 18 8:40 AM

Gas Station Proposed At Site Of Former MtBE Plume In Hampton Bays

Why restart an unnecessary, traffic causing, eco-hazzard? There are enough gas stations in HB already," May 7, 18 9:08 AM

Ribbon Cut On Restored Lyzon Hat Shop

Maybe the Hampton Bays Historical Society can now cut down the weeds at the Chapel they moved to Canoe Place Road." Jul 6, 18 8:53 AM

First ZBA Hearing On Proposed Luxury Golf Course Community In East Quogue Held On Thursday

Am i wrong or are there already water issues in the srea? Adding another 100 acres of chemicals just should not make sense to anyone, in the neighborhood or not.btw this is just common sense not politics" Jul 21, 18 12:53 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

How can anyone on either side of this argument not consider this a destruction of local beauty? Even for a road there are few anywhere as pleasant as 27...let's go ahead and ruin it." May 3, 19 12:51 PM

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