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Suffolk to change signs on County Road 39

I actually think this represents a rather graceful admission that the current "police state" signs are inappropriate and I am very glad that the County is willing to listen to our concerns. Bravo!" Dec 9, 08 9:53 AM

Christian Wolffer dies in swimming accident

A truly sad story. The saying "larger than life" gets over-used, by not in Christian's case. He truly was a stand-out among the players who have occupied the stage that is life on the East End. " Jan 2, 09 1:10 PM

Recession means busy streets on the East End

We're quoting Lizzie Grubman once again so you know that issue has come full circle! But Prohamptons is right, we all make mistakes, and let's hope Lizzie has learned from hers. And you know, I hope, that even Eliot Spitzer was back on TV this week talking about his former--and prescient--investigation of AIG. My, my...can his rehabilitation be far behind? " Mar 20, 09 7:37 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

When you enter the realm of public service, you open yourself up to higher scrutiny--and, I beleive, a higher standard of conduct. Mr. Brautigam has sacrificed his viability as an effective public servant and this will only serve to distract the Town from the very important task of finding out what the state of the Town's finances truly are. It's time for Mr. Brautigam to step down and solve his personal problems and be with his family. " Mar 20, 09 7:42 PM

Zappone to be appointed deputy supervisor of Southampton Town

I had the pleasure of serving with Frank while we both sat on the Town Transportation Commission. I have also had great fun "crossing swords" with Frank on our very different political views; however, this is one very bright man with a lot of good ideas and a teriffic sense of fair play. Ms. Throne-Holst has made a very smart pick and one that should serve her--and the Town--very well. I wish Frank the very best--and look forward to even more "discussions" across the party lines. " Dec 19, 09 9:58 AM

Stony Brook University will announce drastic cuts to Stony Brook Southampton

Betrayal! Of the first order...First it was the incompetence of LIU: I remember David Steinberg standing before a faculty meeting saying he would defend the college to the last--and he was proven a liar and a charlatan. Now it is Dr. Stanley and Dr. Pearl who have betrayed us and sacrificed academic excellence and community spirit on the altar of avarice and the budget. This campus deserves better than all of them and I only hope that from these twice-cooled ashes something better will yet arise. Shame on you Stony Brook! You will NEVER be welcome on these shores ever again! " Apr 6, 10 8:11 PM

Shelter Island soldier killed in Afghanistan

Ride on, brave warrior. Your sacrifice will be added to the rolls of those who have paid the ultimate price for this nation's freedom, and we will not forget you. Bless your parents and family, too, and please smile down on them and give thm comfort. I also dearly hope that some memorial will be made for you on Shelter Island--something at the high school, even renaming it in yuor honor, would be totally appropriate.

A note to Ms. DiNapoli: It's Army 1st Lieutenant Joeseph Theinhart, not "First Army Lieutenant..." Not a criticism--you probably are not that familiar with military terms, but Lieutenant Theinhart deserves proper credit. " Jun 7, 10 8:46 AM

Sorry, Major--my fingers sometimes get ahead of my keyboarding skills. I was trying to concentrate on the substance over the spelling. I'll try to do "gooder" in future. " Jun 8, 10 12:54 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

Just by chance I was picking up my own son today and heading home when we got on the Sunrise and saw fire trucks straddling the highway erecting a HUGE American flag. Instantly, I knew what was going on. We drove a bit further and saw Southampton fire trucks with another display, and men in turn-out gear lining both sides of the highway. Our Supervisor and Town Council were standing there, in a light rain, which I thought was a wonderful and very touching tribute--good on them! I decided to pull over..."What's up, dad?" said my son. I couldn't even respond. I was so choked up. He saw my tears then and grew silent. Finally, I was able to compose myself enough to say, "C,mon, son, let's get out of the car." We stood by the road and minutes later the funeral cortege, preceded by numerous police cars, came by. I saluted and my son, God bless him, put his hand over his heart. We had been at Calverton last week decorating graves, so it finally sunk in with him what was going on. Then, possibly 50 or more Guard Riders came by, on motorcycles, and they were so close I could see some had tears behind their goggles, too. When the procession had passed, I looked down at my son, suddenly praying that he never has to go in harm's way like this young soldier chose to do. But I know he will, because he is my son, and he will do what I did, which my father cried over, too. It was heartbreaking to watch and, at the same time, heart-stiring as well. Rest well, young man. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Good bless you, Lieutenant, and all your family,too. " Jun 9, 10 5:35 PM

2010 may be banner year for Long Island wine

Hurry! Hurry! Before "Earl" gets all the best grapes! Pick now! I'll help... " Aug 31, 10 5:15 PM

Destroyed Mailboxes: Foul Play Or Plow Damage?

Close examnation has revealed that only those mailboxes that have been accepting mail from President Obama's re-election campaign have been destroyed. There was also one report of an overly gleeful Rush Limbaugh speeding down Noyac Road with a special, heavy duty stainless steel baseball bat attached to the right front bumper of his big, black BMW. " Feb 21, 12 10:52 AM

Westhampton Veteran Forbidden From Flying Old Glory

This is an absolute outrage--that this American hero cannot fly the flag he defended on his home. I can certainly understand the association's concern over violating a warranty on expensive siding, but you would think the siding company would be able to come up with a flag holder that doesn't "violate" their product. But the greater violation is this Veteran's rights--and the slap-in-the-face against our nation's flag. " Jun 1, 12 10:24 AM

East Quogue Music Teacher Resigns From District

Your comment is totally inappropriate. The School Board has taken an action that is allowed and protected under state law. You are only helping spread whatever rumors may be out there and unless you are (a) willing to file a criminal complaint that you are prepared to back up with facts (b) tell us who you are and allow us to judge your credibility (c) prepared to defend yourself from potential blowback in a libel suit, your comment should not be given any credibility. So, who are you--and do you have the courage to stand up to your allegations?" Jun 23, 12 5:25 PM

Woman Claims She Was Forced Into Slavery In Water Mill Home

I echo Mr. DiStefano's statement above. Rose Halsey is one of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever known. She was my son's teacher and more than that a fabulous mentor. It is inconceivable to me that Rose or Larry would behave as alleged in this suit. This fine, upstanding family will not lack for character witnesses if this ridiculous suit is pressed. I smell a scheme here and a clueless attorney who is going to run into a local buzz saw of ridicule if he is foolish enough to go forward without some careful investigation. If anyone wants to have a Rally for Rose and Larry, sign me up. " Jul 26, 12 11:46 AM

Press Columnist And Author Reynolds Dodson Dies Following Battle With Cancer

One of "the good guys." We hardly ever saw eye-to-eye politically, but we had fun! Spritited conversations and exchanging ideas wityh Ren was always invigorating. He offered a lot to his readers and a great deal to the community. We wouldn't have some of the bike paths and safe bike lanes we have around here if it hadn't been for Ren. A lot of us are going to miss him and there's going to be a big, blank page to fill over on the let hand side of the editorial page. RIP, my friend. " Sep 9, 12 12:49 PM

Press Wins National Award For Excellence

Congrats, Joe. You guys always do a great job on behalf of and for the community. Nice to see your hard work--all the hard work--get recognized. And, by the way, the comment from "jimbo123," above, is a perfect example of why I have argued for a long time that those who post here should be required to use their real names. Maybe he mispelled his...perhaps its Dumbo123... " Oct 8, 12 5:33 PM

American Flags Vandalized In East Quogue Village Green Park

Probably friends of Eric Snowden..." Jul 15, 13 7:21 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Opens Cooling Centers After National Weather Service Issues Heat Advisory

Sounds like a line right out of "Mein Kampf..."" Jul 15, 13 7:27 PM

Dorothy Lichtenstein Donates $1 Million To Stony Brook Southampton

Nice to see SUNY SB president Stanley back on the local campus and enjoying some positive PR. Dorothy Lichtenstein deserves a lot of thanks for this generous gift. Let's hope it's the reboot of a
trend in donations and confidence.
" Jul 18, 13 1:12 PM

ATT Cellphone Customers Say They Are Fed Up With Poor Service

Not really...I haven't gotten a reliable signal out of Verizon at my home in Southampton--ever. " Jul 19, 13 1:59 PM

Tuesday Will Be An Odd Primary Day In Southampton Town

Would just like to add a brief comment: this article is essentially correct except for the headline. My candidacy, at this point, is not against Linda Kabot, or Anna Throne-Holst, for that matter. It is FOR the right of the Conservative Party to have, on the ballot, the candidate of the Party's choice. Registered members of the Conservative Party will have the chance, on September 10th, to write in the name of anyone they would like to see on the November 5th Conservative Party line--it's that simple. " Sep 1, 13 1:52 PM

I had not been aware of this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention--I'll take a look. I will say this, though: usually, much in regard to "local politics" is more about the person being endorsed and the skills they have than necessarily being an adherent to a particular party line. We all want the best person for the job. " Sep 2, 13 8:47 AM

Yes, in the sense that we don't get to choose who's on the ticket, but no in the sense that we are supposed to have a representative government: we pick people to make choices for us; but, if we don't like the choices, we vote out those who choose (or elect new party chair people as the case may be). " Sep 2, 13 12:15 PM

No, I do a not feel used. I was taught that when your country, party, cause calls you, you ask, "How can I help?" " Sep 6, 13 10:12 AM

I did not seek this opportunity. It was presented to me unsolicited. I had to think about this very carefully and I consulted with my family first and foremost. I truly enjoy and value my current position on the Planning Board. Doing anything else was not on my radar, but, as I said above, one of my core principles is about duty and service, so here we are." Sep 6, 13 10:17 AM

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