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Planning Board votes against rescinding Woodfield Gables decision

Who are the real estate interests on the board? Is this Blaney the same as Blaney Reality? Is Mr. Skismore in real estate also?
I can smell that chloroform already." Sep 8, 08 2:08 PM

County selects developer for industrial park

Weprint - Rechler et al is a big contributor to Frieds of Levy and other political campaign committes. Need I say more?" Sep 9, 08 12:01 PM

$22,500 over the last few of years to various candidates isn't chickenfeed;
but yes, you're right - everyone does it - like Sheltair, LI Jet, etc - yes, it is the way things work.
This project does hold great potential for the local area - lets make sure the local area does indeed benefit from it and air traffic does not increase. I've lived across from Gabreski for 30 years and after all the promises this one may actually happen. Gabreski is a potential gold mine - lets hope be benefit from it." Sep 10, 08 2:06 PM

Debate on forced retirement for police officers continues

Did the Governor sign the bill that allows a group of officers to receive full pensions dispite the fact they entered service at a later age and at age 55 would not have enough years of service for a full pension?
This could be quid pro quo.
By the way, is Mr. Greenberg's first name Harry or Seth? He looks suspiciously like Harry Greenberg, a gentleman who once worked in the City of New York's Labor Relations office and since then has represented the Nassau PBA." Sep 22, 08 12:10 PM

Hangars for antique planes will be constructed at Gabreski Airport

Keep at them Sharon; the only way they'll live up to the promise of no increased aviation is if they know we're monitoring. Helicopter season is pretty much over, now its the weekend prop and occasional jet flying overhead.
And you are right - antique and older plans are often louder." Oct 6, 08 10:28 AM

Developer declines to make presentation to village

Let me guess - Mr. Jorma's civil rights are being violated too.
What a travesty! What ever happened to home rule and self determination. If a civic entity decides it wants to maintain a certain community atmosphere and environment - so be it - just look up island at all the over development - is this what we want?
Development at Gabreski? good thing - get some good paying year round jobs - expanded bakery? sure - but on Main Street?
Condo's on Old Riverhead Road? On the face it doesn't sound like a bad idea but look deeper - is it more upscale development or workforce housing? Upscale is more profitable - thats what will happen." Oct 9, 08 4:56 PM

After four years, Southampton Town Trustees approve Dockers proposal

Poor decision, the shellfish beds will be closed - and Mr. Hoffman willl be back for more- listen to the Bay Keeper, he's right
I don't know Mr McAlevy but folks like him are needed to speak their minds, and Mr. Bennett should be ashamed of his comments - we live in a democracy - everyone should be heard." Oct 9, 08 5:04 PM

Legal opinion on eruv is likely a precursor to lawsuit

Ms. Hamilton's comments are interesting. Government is not preventing Orthodox Jews from performing any activity; Jewish Law is.
Why go to a civic government for relief of a law that is not government's doing?
Should the Village allow the eruv as defined, then it is in a de facto sense repressing activity in those areas that are outside the eruv.
" Oct 16, 08 8:09 AM

Group opposed to eruv urges petitions

That's not quire the quote that I see unless the article has been editied .
The issue is Government is not forcing observant Jews from performing certain activities; Jewish law is. Why should an elected government give relief to a religious law? It defies logic and I think that should this go all the way to the Supreme Court (assuming the Village refuses) the Village would be upheld.
Suppose during Lent an observant Christian wants to eat meat on a Friday, or during Ramadan an observant Muslim wants to have lunch. Do they go to City Hall and ask for a law to be passed to allow it? " Oct 16, 08 4:27 PM

Thank you Joe for that clarification. I did not mean to imply Mr. Greenbaum was making things up and I hope no one saw it that way.
I am sure we all want to keep this civil and respectable." Oct 16, 08 8:41 PM

Legal opinion on eruv is likely a precursor to lawsuit

I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but was their some discussion that the eruv initially was to be much bigger, from Remsenburg to Quogue? If that is true I am not sure why it was reduced in size - perhaps to have to deal with only one civic entity?( Westhampton Beach?)" Oct 16, 08 8:47 PM

Group opposed to eruv urges petitions

Sorry Steven - don't see it that way - eruv or no eruv - anyone can move anywhere. You are trying to make this a civil rights case - it is not (despite what the governor says). The issue is the village is not restricting your rights in any way - religious law is. To seek recourse from a civic entitiy for a religious law makes no sense." Oct 20, 08 1:33 PM

Hampton Synagogue files legal brief on proposed religious boundary

The Village would prevail in court. The Village is not preventing the Orthodox community from doing anything: Jewish Law is. " Oct 23, 08 12:36 PM

The religion is impeding itself, not government,
The religion should resolve it, not the US courts.
So drop the veiled blackmail threat about the cost - perhaps this time the synagogue will end up paying.
But Gordie (hey, I saw your handle play many times!) is right - the Village needs expert advice and the stamina not to cave in to financial blackmail threats.
" Oct 24, 08 9:46 AM

Woodfield Gables approval coming

The only buffer to the continued expansion and development north of the Montauk Highway will be Gabreski and the Pine Barrens - and even they will be threatened. Talk to the old timers who recall there was some sort of pillow factory there - using all sorts of what we now know are carcinogens. A vapor barrier will provide protection? Ah come on." Oct 27, 08 3:57 PM

Hampton Synagogue files legal brief on proposed religious boundary

I have also, whether a joke or serious" Oct 28, 08 1:43 PM

Rivercatwalk developer files $25 million lawsuit against Southampton Town

meet the $25 million dollar man, Andrew Campanelli , - now suppose he loses his three suits - can the government entities (i.e. taxpayers) collect the cost in litigation? " Oct 31, 08 11:41 AM

An outpouring of support for Obama

I saw a statistic in the NY Times that stated that of all of Obama's votes 61% were from whites, 23% from blacks, 11% hispanic, and 5% all others. I assume this is determined from exit poliing. Regardless he would not have won without substantial spport from whites.
" Nov 6, 08 2:40 PM

Rivercatwalk developer files $25 million lawsuit against Southampton Town

Interesting info from CommonSense -

"The orginal intent of the statute was to favor plaintiffs whose civil rights were violated based upon race. Thus, the law is skewed in favor of plaintiffs and their attorneys"

I suppose the Synagogue might have this in mind" Nov 6, 08 2:50 PM

Police: Men caught burglarizing house in Southampton Village

Kudos to the gentleman walking the dog. If you see something, say something." Nov 10, 08 1:31 PM

U.S. Coast Guard calls off search for four fishermen

Well stated Mr. Jacobs. They are my neighbors and we are all lucky to have the 106th in our community.
God bless and protect them all." Nov 13, 08 1:23 PM

Following hate crimes, a new town policy

Yes - there is a part of the civil rights movement that is in the civil rights business - that is, in order to perpetuate itself it must find any reason to continue to exist. Thats not to say there isn't a need to ensure rights aren't violated but to assume a rope on a pole automatically is a hate crime is a good example; anything for attention and a press story." Dec 4, 08 7:29 AM

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