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Union rejects East Hampton Town medical coverage proposal

Did anyone check who had the correct numbers? Was it McGintee or Kaplan?
I am just as disappointed in the fact that the workers are being hurt because the town board (some of who most of us really like) didn't see that the medical coverage was underbudgeted for years. Lowen said "We gave them a year, they did this to themselves." NO, they did not you did it to them by not making sure your Supervisor budgeted the correct amount. It is not the employees job to make sure money is in the budget to cover the costs. Even if taxes had to go up a LITTLE bit for the past 4 years. No one thinks it's fair for the employees to suffer for McGintee to knowingly underestimate the costs or for the board to allow him to do this. " Nov 19, 08 5:53 PM

Democratic committee attacks Democratic Town Board over budget

A new poll tells me the Democratic Committee standing behind MC GINTEE is as deceitful as he is. Either you knew of the financial situtation long before the rest of us OR he pulled the wool over your eyes too. If that is the case how can you blame the other 4 Board members for trusting and believing in him IF you did too????" Nov 24, 08 8:23 AM

East Hampton Village Mayor slams town board for increase in property taxes in budget

You are right. Everyone hired as favors, all new positions created, part timers, & all of Mc Gintees "FRIENDS" should be eliminated. That would save a fortune in payroll and medical benefits. I hope they all THANK him on their way out." Nov 25, 08 2:40 PM

Changes rattle some East Hampton Town Board members

What is up with Hammerle? Didn't vote no on Hulse's salary! Weren't you one who called for his resignation?? Maybe McGintee threatened NOT to appoint you as his deputy if you went against him?? If the democrats decide to run you for Supervisor, you just lost my vote.
Changing liaisons for Mansir & Prince WERE to punish them. You know it & so does everyone else.
McGintee,next January can't come quick enough. Who will miss you? Here's wishing you many sleepless nights." Jan 7, 09 10:06 PM

East Hampton Town hires its first comptroller

If Fred Theile thinks highly of her it is a good sign.
Just hope McGintee isn't able to wrap her around his finger.
If she is going to be fair, honest, see through his lies, and report facts to the rest of the board - then she will be well worth the $!" Jan 27, 09 2:33 PM

Town stands firm on not televising budget meetings

There is no logical reason not to air these meetings. Many people in the community would be willing to sponsor them. They are just trying to hide the facts that will eventually come out anyway. The committee should have ALL financial documents they ask for & McGintee AND Hulse should be at every meeting. Meanwhile, McGintee, Hammerle & Lowen are digging themselves further in the grave. I hope Janet is honest and not afraid to speak out when the time comes. East Hampton taxpayers are counting on you! " Feb 24, 09 9:57 PM

Group may recommend restructuring, sale of East Hampton's facilities

Deb Foster is in this for 1 reason and 1 reason only. She had her chance & blew it. This Bonnie chic: Isn't she the one who built her multi million dollar golf course right next to a dump and sewer plant THEN complained about the smell?? Sounds like my cousin who built her house 1/4 mile from the airport and now is complaining about the noise & wants the airport closed." Mar 5, 09 1:49 PM

East Hampton belt-tightening recommended

Rethink any of the above that would hurt the employees and/or taxpayers. The whole town board which included Deb Foster have hurt us enough due to their ignorance and negligence. Now we have to pay for your mistakes?" Apr 4, 09 6:08 PM

East Hampton Town may be due for stiff budget cuts

Thank you all for your hard work, honesty and not jumping to make recommendations without all the facts ( I doubt you will ever get them).You should all be on our Town Board!" Apr 15, 09 3:06 PM

East Hampton considers layoffs to plug deficit

People actually getting laid off due to 1 man's lies in order to get re elected. This is not even believable!" May 8, 09 8:03 AM

Democratic slate likely set going into Tuesday's convention

Did anyone think Zwirn would take any other tactic but to pretend he is a different "Kind of Democrat?" He did exactly what he was supposed to do - refuse to run with anyone on the current board. Problem is the Democratic committee either refused to see the problem or refused to admit there was a problem. Therefore, anyone running under their party has already lost the majority of taxpayers. He can say what he wants but anyone who lives in East Hampton who didn't show their face before Foster talked him into running is not going to get many votes around here. We don't care who you work for!" May 13, 09 2:24 PM

Hults faces felony charges; probe's focus turns to supervisor's office

Let's all remember come November that the DEMOCRATIC party stood by and defended these criminals. This Independent will NEVER vote for a Democrat in East Hampton Town again unless the current party heads are replaced! " Jun 11, 09 3:10 PM

Zwirn proposes action plan on town finances

Zwirn has lived here for decades but 9 out of 10 people never heard of him.
Zwirn works for Levy who wanted to endorse McGintee last year.
Zwirn was blaming the economy for our town's financial problems BEFORE Zwirn is NOW blaming the Town Board and distancing himself from them. HOW SMART!
Zwirn was brought in by Deb Foster who knew there was money missing from the CPF BEFORE the election, but waited until AFTER to speak up.
Zwirn appears to be a well spoken smooth politician.
MANY believe he is a Bill McGintee in disguise. " Jun 25, 09 2:58 PM

Letter snafus causes trouble for Zwirn

No wonder why everyone I have talked to doesn't like this guy! Regardless of his intentions this was not only unacceptable but arrogant. Stick to your business "UP ISLAND" unless you get elected which is highly doubtful. By the way, was that letter really signed "East Hampton Town" ??? Where is Molanari when we need her?" Jul 14, 09 6:32 PM

McGintee resigns as East Hampton supervisor

Do you think he will be arrested or not?" Oct 5, 09 11:15 PM

East Hampton Town Board members walk out on budget talks

Loewen never left the room until Hammerle cancelled the meeting. Mansir did leave. Prince walked out for a short while, I'm sure to compose herself so she wasn't part of the scene. Loewen & Mansir were right the Board should have talked to the union 1st to see if they could help save enough money to avoid layoffs. Hammerle was right Loewen & Mansir should have let him know earlier they had changed their minds. Like it or not they are all human, lost their tempers and did not act professional. So where do we go from here? " Oct 25, 09 2:05 PM

East Hampton Town Board write-in candidate Prudence Carabine

No doubt, Ms. Carabine is a nice caring woman. Unfortunately, too many people at this point are looking at her as a spoiler. The fact is if the best 2 people DO NOT win the seats on the Board votes that went to her most likely would have gone to the better qualified people. I am afraid after the election too many people will be blaming her if the outcome doesn't result in the 2 best qualified people. I am sure she thinks she is 1 or the 2 best qualified people. However, as a write in she simply has no chance of winning. Many people think she is being counter productive and selfish by not being realistic. " Oct 29, 09 8:29 AM

Wilkinson beats Zwirn; Quigley and Stanzione beat Leber and Whelan

As for Scott King: Read the comments (on the computer) after E.H. Star article. Parking his truck (with his name on it) in front of his opponent's house after he won! I won't forget that in 2 years & I will make sure everyone else knows it too. I don't want our tax dollars paying for someone who would do such a horrible thing. Shows his whole personality. He is as arrogant and mean as you all know who!
The Zwirn team showed class after their loss. King should take lessons." Nov 5, 09 6:16 AM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

I don't know any mother who would not have done the same thing Ms. Quigley is accused of. Board Member? lawyer? A mother is a mother & can not behave rationally if watching their child get arrested. By the way, I just got home from the Corner Bar (Tuesday Night) where a whole bunch of E.H. Town police officers were drunk at the bar. Did they ALL walk home? " Mar 9, 10 7:32 PM

I met your wife when she was helping my husband and me with estate questions. I immediately liked her while overhearing a conversation with one of your children on the telephone. She is a mother above and beyond everything else. For this I not only like her, but respect her. Whatever did happen that night can happen to any of us and I don't know any mother who wouldn't have tried to protect their child. Anyone who doesn't agree either isn't a mother or shouldn't be! " Mar 9, 10 9:48 PM

Is protecting the wrong word? Maybe it should be mother or parent instinct(as I think my husband would react the same way I would). You have to remember most people who get arrested aren't arrested in their own driveway with their parents having to witness it. If he had been arrested on 114 or Swamp Road Mrs. Quigley would not have witnessed or reacted to the situation. She is only normal and by reacting without thinking in this type of situation is what I believe most of us would do!" Mar 10, 10 1:05 PM

To Cold in the Hamptons: No, I was not drunk at the bar. I was sitting at a table having dinner in full view of the bar. I can promise you I was not the only one there that night that noticed them and commented. No, I didn't drive home but certainly could have because I only drank diet coke. My biggest confusion about this whole mess is if the officer was going to pull him over for the light why didn't he do it long before the ride from 114 all the way down Swamp Road??????
" Mar 10, 10 9:44 PM

Mr. Z: Great point. I am a mother and agree with you 100% it is a motherly instinct and Theresa Quigley is a WONDERFUL mother!" Mar 12, 10 12:51 PM

East Hampton officials to meet with DA over additional CPF transfers

Everyone I know has lost faith in the DA since McGintee's expensive attorneys seem to have gotten him off the hook so far." Mar 18, 10 3:27 PM

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