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Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board

Can someone please post actual information about the differences between UFSD and CSD? Or a link to information? Can someone please try to help educate the full community as to how it will affect us all? Can someone please post factual information for us to all consider and determine our own views on the matter? Why does this have to happen now? Why can't this happen with public education information sessions so that it can be determined in the normal School Board vote in May? Why a special referendum? Why added cost to our community with a special vote? The Board is supposed to be keeping our costs DOWN, not adding to them with a separate vote? How much will this cost the taxpayers? Where is this website that is referred to above that the concerned parents began? Who in the PTO backed the plan to allow a special vote before our regular vote in May? Did that go out to the whole PTO for a vote? Was there an agenda sent out via the PTO email to ask members to come to a meeting to discuss this? These are the questions that need answering, not the bickering above. Thank you." Feb 13, 10 11:50 AM

Tuckahoe parent drops board overhaul effort

I request that one of the 33 petitioners put together factual information to present to the community taxpayers as to the differences between the UFSD and CSD. Additonal Board Members sounds like a wonderful attribute, but what are the rest of the details of such a move, and how will it affect the taxes, the running of the school, the teaching of the children, the curriculum, etc? It appears as though many people want change. It is important to educate everyone in the community as to the change we are looking to implement, not simply point out the changes you are running from. Please look at the rush that seems to be placed on this by 33 people, and consider educating us all in public, not in small groups behind closed doors as to the details this change will bring upon us all- for the long term. If something like this has not happened since the 1970's (being this quick move to a referendum vote), why is it necessary now? Can't this be discussed at length and voted on in our REGULAR Board vote in May, when the whole community is aware and everyone comes out to vote? A special vote before May will likely result in fewer community members having their fair say in the decision.

Mr. Grisnik states in the above article that he will do whatever is necessary to honor the whole community having it's say. My belief is that this will only occur if this happens during our regularly scheduled School Board and Budget vote in May, when the true WHOLE community comes out to vote.

Our Tuckahoe school needs better communication, better transparency, better community education on what it is doing with it's students and it's administration. Do not rush this process." Feb 13, 10 12:06 PM

Still, everyone talking about something OTHER than the CSD vs. UFSD-" Feb 13, 10 4:18 PM

Man Dressed As Jesus Journeys To Montauk

GOD bless him!" Jun 1, 12 11:12 AM

Police Display Car Involved In Hit-And-Run Death Of Nun As Search For Driver Continues

God Bless Sr. Jackie, and all the Sisters of Mercy who give of themselves so fully every day of their lives, to our Catholic Church, and our community. This is a terrible tragedy and loss of a beautiful life. Please use your energies in prayer for the Sisters, for the driver, and for each other. We should all exercise a little mercy... " Jul 11, 12 8:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Student Plans To Battle Hunger With Backpacks

Aiden, you are a wonderful young man. Please continue to care about other human beings like this, regardless of who they are. Bravo." Jul 11, 12 8:32 PM

Speonk Man Charged With Severely Beating Female Acquaintance

Were hard drugs involved? Doesn't matter. A beating. Abuse. Severe injuries. Really? THAT'S your question?

Won't be back Aug 28? Hopefully Immigration will take his butt to the air port and send him home, where he is legal.

Domestic Violence is about power and control. Healthy relationships are not. Regardless of any other factors. " Aug 15, 12 10:50 PM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

Agreed. They should be summarily dismissed. There is no equality in this decision. This child is not to blame, but should go through the proper testing procedures just as the rest of us do to be granted special accommodations. And certainly that would NEVER be appropriate with a parent.

" Jul 6, 13 8:02 PM

Southampton Town Employees Get Four-Day Weekend After All

FYI all- those stats above are NOT the benefits in SH Town." Jul 6, 13 8:27 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Schedules Straw Vote On Merger

Big fresh, when Westhampton was being explored again around 2006, HB did not offer it as a possibility. They did not have their new expanded buildings and did not have room to offer to tuition students. Parents at the time did not request it either as they were searching for the better performing school district academically. " Oct 12, 13 10:34 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Voters Overwhelmingly Defeat Merger Proposal In Straw Vote Tuesday

You narrow minded people! This was NOT a binding vote! You could have voted yes today, and voted no in December if you did not get the budget you wanted, with the details you wanted. Now, because you voted down a STRAW vote, we do not even have the OPPORTUNITY to continue to discuss details!! I hope you 1,075 NO voters are happy with your selfish, narrow minded decision and jumping the gun. This was short sighted. Enough money to run ad after ad in the Press but not smart enough to pass a STRAW VOTE. Come one folks. You should be smarter than this." Oct 29, 13 10:15 PM

NO. That is NOT the whole story. The WHOLE story includes children. Human beings. Community members. Neighbors. That is the WHOLE story. The taxes are a PART of the story. You sound bitter over the Tuckahoe taxes going down. Tuckahoe has been paying a higher tax rate than SH for decades. This would just be paying the SAME tax rate. That is why Tuckahoe taxes would go down. And SH taxes going up.... you are talking about a couple hundred dollars over the course of a year! And THIS was not even a binding vote!! Well, watch your taxes now. They are likely to fluctuate a bit more than a couple hundred dollars. Short sighted, yes." Oct 30, 13 7:51 AM

Separation of Church and State. Catholic schools have been lobbying for this for decades to no avail. The government does not allow the school districts to do that- even if it would save money." Nov 1, 13 6:32 PM

I believe the Tuckahoe BOE had 133 SHS students enrolled and attending as of last night's meeting.
" Nov 5, 13 1:33 PM

39 in WHB grades 10-12" Nov 5, 13 1:35 PM

New Leader Being Groomed To Take Over Human Resources Of The Hamptons Next Spring

GOD BLESS as you transition in life! Thank you for making this wonderful agency available to ALL in our communities! The huge number of families who have been helped by HRH and the caring staff thank you too! Keep up the great work, and thank you for offering this necessary service, right here, in our neighborhood, for ALL. " Dec 2, 13 7:22 AM

Shinnecock Tribe Holds Historic Vote, Electing New Leadership Council

Congratulations to these history making women! Do great things for the community!" Dec 11, 13 7:39 PM

Monday Storm Dumps Up To 7 Inches, Schools Delay Openings On Tuesday

Town offices will have a delayed 2 hr opening Tuesday. When Town offices are closed or delayed, it is not only for the safety of staff, also for the community members who would be otherwise on the road to travel to Town offices. It is about safety, and the more people stay OFF the roads, the better we all are. " Feb 3, 14 10:38 PM

UPDATE: Man Arrested In Connecticut With Loaded Gun Was Southampton School District Security Guard

Really unbelievable. Thanks, Shawn, for being such a great example for our high school kids. I don't even want to imagine the fine lessons you must have taught during your four year tenure as "security" for us. Drugs, guns, violence. All the best. Thanks!" May 25, 14 12:57 AM

Southampton Town Justice Censured By State Commission On Judicial Conduct

Judge Burke- this is just a bump in the road. Go through the process. Everyone makes mistakes. It will be ok. You've done nothing malicious to hurt anyone. Not one of us is perfect. It's all just a bump in the road......" May 31, 14 7:06 PM

UPDATE: Two injured In Double Car Accident On County Road 39

Southampton Town Police need to help us by enforcing the speed limit, the non signaling lane changers, the road ragers, the U-turners, the dangerous poor drivers...... Please. Our Southampton Town Board elected paid officials should be attempting to protect us all just a little better....... Please. " May 31, 14 7:17 PM

Governor Signs New Bill To Facilitate Merger Of Southampton And Tuckahoe School Districts

THANK YOU to everyone who has worked from both districts to help this process along a positive path. Please be sure to openly and clearly communicate all details of planning to the communities way ahead of any voting. Effective communication has not been the strong suit of either of the districts- so please be cognizant of it. Effective listening has also not been the strong suit of many residents- so with that- residents: please be open minded and listen carefully.
Thank you." Aug 5, 14 3:26 PM

Southampton School District Presents New Projections For Tuckahoe Merger

$100. $200. $300. A year. Now these districts have worked with Legislators so that any increases would be phased in over 10 years, and Tuckahoe would not get the tax decreases everyone griped about. They are working to save a community, and you selfish commenters I would bet are NOT the people who would be hurt by any of these small increases. I would pay it to help YOUR children in MY community. Yes, be fiscally smart. Don't be selfish though.

You know we were recently voted #8 in the country for rudeness? I find this to be a lovely example of just that "Hamptons" true colors shining through!!!" Aug 16, 14 6:57 PM

County Road 39 Reopened Following Two-Car Crash Sunday Morning


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