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East Hampton High School Students Walk Out For Climate Change

Using our children to be activists in perpetuating this hoax is downright wrong. Teachers need to check their politics on the outside of the schoolhouse doors. I am glad to see that only a handful of EH students have participated. However, that is a handful too much. Shame on liberal indoctrinators using their position of authority in our schools. Scaring them into believing the world is going to end in 12 years is nothing short of child abuse. " Sep 23, 19 2:48 PM

First it was global cooling, then it was global warming then they changed it again to Climate change. It is all junk science designed to indoctrinate our impressionable children. The liberals are 0-41 on their climate change "predictions" so far. Great track record. Drink the Kool-Aid if you wish. " Sep 23, 19 5:46 PM

Zeldin Calls For Federal Review Of New York State Driver's License Law

It's not the Driver's License that matters to the looney liberal progressive commies. It is the ability they are giving ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote in our elections. Just take a look at what it did to Kalifornia. Congressman Zeldin deserves another term. New York state needs to purge itself of corrupt progessive/regressive politicians. Enough is Enough !" Sep 24, 19 4:00 PM

Sixth Lawsuit Filed In Fight Over Future Of Montauk Eatery

Clock swings both ways Van Scoyac. How many people have you bullied vis-A-vis outside counsel?" Sep 24, 19 5:54 PM

Zeldin Calls For Federal Review Of New York State Driver's License Law

What social benefits are you receiving FBHBG???? You spend a lot of time here commenting. And as far as illegal aliens driving and having accidents/insurance etc. Most of what I've witnessed over the years they run away from the scene. If it involves a fatality they leave the country and sometimes get caught doing so. As I said, this has nothing whatsoever about drivers licensing but more to do with enabling those who should not vote the abilitity to vote in our elections albeit illegally. Once they cross the border they are felons so what difference do any other of the laws in our Republic mean to these people? Let me give you a clue FBHBG, NOTHING!!! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a J-O-B. " Sep 25, 19 6:59 PM

Fencing Goes Up To Block Off Most Of Long Wharf In Sag Harbor During Renovation

And just like that, they're putting up a fence to keep people out. " Oct 3, 19 7:55 AM

Press Session In East Hampton Focuses On The Future Of Wind Farms

Looks like a HUGE turnout! NOT!

No way in the world all that crap they want to put in our oceans will provide enough sustainability to stop burning coal and oil. Not to mention, does anyone understand what saltwater does to metal and dissimilar metals? Not only corrosion but galvanic corrosion, aka electrolysis.

These liberals aren't bright enough to understand all of the above plus the fact that it takes oil and coal to spin the generators to create the electricity to charge the batteries in their electric cars.

Speaking of which, how much destruction is done to the earth to mine the minerals that are required to manufacture those batteries and all of the oil that is burned in the process. Plus, batteries have a useful lifespan. What are the plans to dispose of all of those batteries not to mention when one of those cars is in an accident and creates a toxic fire? Ever think about that libs??????

Bottom line is; Liberals are hypocrites. Feel good at taxpayer cost with no substance.

BTW, I was once a Democrat. Never vote D again, EVER!!!" Oct 7, 19 5:15 PM

My pleasure. I am glad you were able to drink it all down in under 60 seconds." Oct 7, 19 7:03 PM

Mysterious Die-Off Of Scallops Seen In Peconics Is Worst Since Infamous 'Brown Tides'

Has nothing to do with climate change. The climate has always been changing for billions of years and up until recently we've had scallops. Global cooling then global warming now the liberals call it climate change. It's all just liberal fallacy. Look for causes that are more recent such as road runoff, septic pollution and lawn chemicals specifically herbicides. Liberalism, y'all know what it is..........." Nov 11, 19 8:19 AM

Recent Fungal Disease Killing Bats In New York

I'm shocked that not one liberal has commented yet that the bat die off in NYS is due to global cooling/global warming/climate change ? They must have all been glued to their television sets today watching the Schiff-Sham and all of their so-called "overwhelming evidence" go down in flames. Liberals=butt hurt sore losers." Nov 13, 19 3:53 PM

Mysterious Die-Off Of Scallops Seen In Peconics Is Worst Since Infamous 'Brown Tides'

We need electric boats. Maybe they can install charging stations at every offshore windmill ? I'm surprised the looney liberals haven't come up with that idea yet." Nov 13, 19 3:58 PM