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Stop And Shop To Buy King Kullen Stores On Long Island

Worked there back in the day and actually drank a six of two of the stuff. 89 cents a six if I recall. Worse than all of the other cheap beers I drank in great quantities at the time, Schmidts, Rupert Knickerbocker among others." Jan 12, 19 12:35 PM

Southampton Village Residents Rejoice Over Proposed Stricter Regulations To Landscapers

I was just thinking to myself what this town needs are a few more regulations to appease folks who care about these thing. Of course, minimal if any enforcement of these new regulations will be the plan so as not to disrupt everyone else who could care less about these regulations." Jan 25, 19 3:06 PM

Thiele Withdraws Support For Deepwater Wind Project, Says 'Bait and Switch' Has Eroded Trust

"The contracts have been the subject of much criticism, because LIPA has refused to divulge the details of the costs, which independent analysts have said appear to be much higher than agreements for similar projects in other states." - par for the course for LIPA" Jan 26, 19 3:51 PM

Southampton Village Approves Ban On Summertime Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use

Just what SH Town needs, some more regulations on the books along with some cushy jobs for inspectors to hang out by the EQ 7-11 store during working hours.

Eventually homeowners figure out that only way they will get caught if they have an uber-PITA neighbor that is willing to keep contacting city hall the 7 or 8 times before the bosses give an order for the inspector to go issue a ticket for the sole purpose of keeping said PITA neighbor from making any more complaints for a while." Apr 27, 19 12:45 PM

UPDATE: Governor Cuomo Announces $756,000 For Bike And Multi-Use Trail Between Two Hampton Bays Parks

Another grandiose plans to spend taxpayer money. Just as with most projects in HB, the project will take about five years to get a little more than half-way completed. At which point the allocated money will have been long gone, and the project will die before completion." Apr 27, 19 12:48 PM

UPDATE: The Vanna White Is Pulled Off Montauk Beach But Sinks In Harbor; Young Owner Left Homeless

Yes, it was a bit of an adventure that luckily he can now tell stories about." Oct 4, 19 5:15 PM

Governor Cuomo And DEC Launch Blue-Green Algae Removal Pilot Program In Southampton Village

Doing "something" and taking action that will address the problem are often two entirely different things with politicians." Oct 6, 19 12:04 PM

How Nationwide Vaping Concerns Are Playing Out On The South Fork

Folks gonna do what they want to do, not always the healthiest things that others want them to do. " Oct 6, 19 12:07 PM

Hampton Bays Football Defeats Southampton To Reclaim Mayor's Cup

Is there a mayor in any of the towns involved in that battle, or is just a cup without a mayor to the winner?" Oct 8, 19 3:56 PM

Independent Pharmacies Feel Helpless As Unregulated Middlemen Influence Profits

No matter whether Democrat or Republican, new laws benefit those contributing to the party in some form or fashion." Oct 31, 19 12:46 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation Plans To Build Two Gas Stations On Tribal Land

Cheap gasoline will have a lot of support from drivers." Oct 31, 19 12:48 PM

Mysterious Die-Off Of Scallops Seen In Peconics Is Worst Since Infamous 'Brown Tides'

Accepting that climate change exists, and accepting that it is the cause of the scallop die off are two separate things, try not to confuse the two." Nov 11, 19 3:43 PM