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Limo Company Owner Provides Night Of Luxury To Family in Need

Nice story. Good to see East Enders taking care of each other. Question: how was this family forced out of their home in HB? Are there not laws to protect them or was landlord not doing what he was suppose to do? " Dec 19, 18 10:24 AM

Hampton Bays Coach, Teacher Dave Goodman Is Put On Indefinite Leave After Dispute With Administrators

Knowing both the coach and AD I can say they both do a great job. Drew gets his hands dirty and does everything by the books. If you look at other school districts who coaches give kids addresses so they can go to their school and play sports and the AD knows about it and the community and no one says anything or even worse a kid in ineligible cause of grades and still gets to play, that would never happen in Hampton Bays. That being said the coach probably got pissed and wrote and said not the right thing. He should of not went to the press and spoken but he did. Until the coach shares the texts and emails he is wrong. Go to the doctor pass the eval and then run your mouth " Feb 1, 19 1:44 PM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

Thank You Lee for supporting our President and keeping all Americans safe. Stop the drugs and gang members from crossing our borders. " Feb 26, 19 9:37 AM

East End School Districts Reveal Preliminary Budget Figures For 2019-20 School Year

Jealous???? Then go to college get a masters. Have years of college loans and like most teachers on the east end get a 2nd job.

Its called working hard to do what you want with your life and then get what you want. American dream " Mar 21, 19 11:48 AM

Not everybody on the east end can be an electrician, plumber, and pool builder to have all those things. My friends who do that are members at country clubs, have ski houses, and drive big boats. Some were given the business by daddy and some worked hard for it. Get off your computer and work " Mar 21, 19 12:00 PM

Best Friends Share Spotlight As Hampton Bays Valedictorian And Salutatorian

Congrats Girls. It’s nice to see hard work, being active in the community/school, and having teachers and parents that support you and encourage you to do your best pays off in the end. Good Luck in your future endeavors. You make everyone from HB proud. " Mar 22, 19 11:51 AM

UPDATE: Driver Who Caused Four-Car Accident On CR 39 Monday Morning Charged With Driving Without A License

Maybe they will start doing that for every accident. My friend was in a 4 car fender bender and he was only one with a license Nothing made the paper, but if I had an expired registration I would be on WLNG. " May 14, 19 10:10 AM

UPDATE: Tribal Council Chairman Will Not Attend Civic Association Meeting Monday Night Due To Community Protest

However, according to a spokesperson for Congressman Lee Zeldin, the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs has found no records of the land being held in trust. If the land is not in trust, the state can enforce federal regulations, which, under the Highway Beautification Act, ban these types of billboards on certain roadways.

"It's now up to the NYSDOT to determine if there was a violation of federal highway law and, if so, it's up to them and the New York Attorney General to enforce it," Zeldin spokeswoman Katie Vincentz said. " May 16, 19 11:38 AM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

70 local businesses have expressed interest in advertising. Come on please. " May 28, 19 6:07 PM