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UPDATE: County Identifies Other Locations Where Person With Measles May Have Spread Disease

I see my prior posts were taken down for trying to make people aware that more research to be done... The beginning to the end of the 1st amendment....

Vaccine studies violate the basic standard of research. There are no double-blind, placebo controlled studies for safety.
-2016 : WHO research guidelines have declared that study participants in a trial Must receive an established effective intervention - i.e. an approved vaccine Must be used as a placebo.
Reference : International Ethical Guidelines for Epidemiological Studies prepared by the council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) in collaboration with the WHO 2016. Pages 9, 11.
" Apr 28, 19 3:40 PM

Vaccine trials only enroll healthy children (and adults) in the study protocol. After approval, vaccine studies are recommend for everyone with a chronic illness with no research to evaluate the effect of the vaccine - and it's ingredients - on the overall health of the recipient. " Apr 28, 19 3:46 PM

Shinnecock Nation Leaders Say Signs On Sunrise Are Essential To Tribe's Economic Well-Being

I like how they want to advertise the tribe, and then you get there to see all the "No Trespassing" signs at every road. You can drive through to buy cigarettes, but don't step onto their property on non Pow Wow days... Or else! And don't venture too close from bay side.... Might hear a bullet whizz past your ear. Very welcoming. " May 13, 19 1:40 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Looks like its leaning in a photo on Patch. Hope they didn't half-a** it. " May 24, 19 4:29 PM

UPDATE: The Hamptons Standard Sued For Claims Of Trademark Infringement As It Changes Name, Menu

Makes sense why not too many families were going. $100.00 for burgers and fries (not including drinks) for a family of four isn't exactly "affordable food for the masses". Buckley's is 1/2 that. " Oct 21, 19 4:41 PM