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Ryan James Murphy Of Hampton Bays Dies May 11

Till Valhalla, Ryan. May your soul be at peace. God Bless" May 17, 19 7:05 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

It looks trashy and is in poor taste to their neighbors." May 28, 19 7:48 AM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

Poland, you sound quite foolish. Typically, when a nation is decimated through annexation, war, or what have you, the victors don't bear guilt or owe reparations to the losing side. To assert that we are responsible for stealing their land is nonsense." May 29, 19 11:22 AM

The construction of commercial advertising in state highway right of ways is barred under state and federal law... Moreover, the work in the area has been conducted with insufficient regard for the safety of the traveling public." .... Christ, is it that hard to understand?" May 29, 19 11:57 AM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

If they had just followed the rules of the agreement there wouldn't be any problem. But of course, greed takes over and the owners want to take advantage of the circumstances for monetary gain and ruin it for the kids. SHAME." Jun 7, 19 9:17 AM

Southampton Village Elections Heat Up As Candidate Challenges Incumbent Mayor

Community Party? Remove a Y, Slide over that T, and Insert an S beforehand and you got the Communist Party. Oof." Jun 7, 19 2:58 PM

State Approves Law To Allow Driver's Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants

Are you not registered in the Selective Service?" Jun 24, 19 10:51 AM

Why does it seem like every republican is becoming a conspiracy theorist who believes every democrat and their mother are part of the deep state? Too much Breitbart?" Jun 24, 19 10:56 AM

Shinnecock Urges State Supreme Court To Dismiss Lawsuit Over Billboards

This may work to the State's benefit, now they can ticket commuters staring at a 60ft electronic advertisement for "distracted driving."" Jul 8, 19 9:28 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Customers Could Soon See Significant Increase In Water Rates To Maintain Local Control

Yeah, didn't realize Cutomers was a word. What ever happened to proper editing?" Jul 8, 19 9:53 AM

Road Work At Montauk Highway Intersections In Hampton Bays Raises Safety Concerns Among Some Residents

The redesigns of north rd & montauk hwy are a huge failure. The reconstruction and elimination of a westbound montauk hwy merging lane has INCREASED traffic and DECREASED safety. Now a light NEEDS to be installed at the intersection of North rd & Montauk because there are no singular lanes for going east on north road or going east on montauk highway as there was previous. ITS A DISASTER AND A DANGER TO OUR RESIDENT'S SAFETY. Changes must be made for our safety." Jul 15, 19 12:10 PM

do you make the left turn to go eastbound on MTK HWY while other commuters are turning across your face trying to get on North rd? Probably not, because its a mess AND dangerous." Jul 15, 19 12:10 PM

Developer Proposing 60 Affordable Apartments Could Get Chance To Apply For A Zoning Change Next Month

I work full time as a public employee for the town of Southampton and welcome this project as I am hopeful to be eligible, to be able to settle down, progress my career and eventually start a family here.

If projects like these don't happen in towns like ours the were average real estate is unaffordable for even a modest sized home with a middle class salary, the town and county will see a dramatic shift in demographic with people in their 20's/30's moving elsewhere to more thriving and growing communities throughout the country. Not that it hasn't begun happening already, but the blue collar worker here will starve, drown in debt or migrate elsewhere as a means of basic survival as the local economy stagnates and declines.

Current residents should allow for a more open mind when it comes to beneficial civil projects like these. It gives other hard-working people the same opportunity you were afforded to start a life here, when it was attainable. I understand logistics can be a nightmare - just look how bad the county F'ed up the new north road construction to make way for million dollar townhomes on the Shinnecock canal - But with proper planning and design a solution could be created. Hey ya never know, you might like your new neighbor." Aug 7, 19 8:51 AM

Who's we? I've grown up here since I was a child.

It's not the Village of Southampton, its in the Town of.

Have you looked at the definition of "ghetto" recently?

So you're saying the people who serve your community everyday shouldn't be afforded the right to live here? Give me a break." Aug 9, 19 5:56 PM

Southampton Village Board Amends Surfing Restrictions, Will Set Up Committee To Look At Issue

Correct me if I'm wrong, but biking is allowed - just not on the sidewalk I believe." Aug 26, 19 9:35 AM

East Hampton School District Asks Board Of Elections To Keep Voting Out Of The Schools

Until you realize that effects contracts and pay..." Sep 19, 19 2:36 PM