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UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

Whether the scoreboards stay or go, when the smoke clears Lance & Co will find themselves more isolated and more distrusted, in a community far more ready to dismiss their future protests, no matter what the merits. That is the big picture. He and the other current tribal leadership may pound their chests for having asserted themselves, but their constituents should be throwing tomato’s." May 19, 19 9:42 AM

Cars Collide On County Road 39 On Saturday

Speed cameras everywhere, fewer intersections. This is not rocket science." May 19, 19 10:44 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

I will personally boycott every company I see advertise on these. And that isn’t because I think I know who is legally in the right...I really don’t. I am just offended by these horrible things, and how they impose themselves on me. And I won’t be a customer of any company that imposes their message through them. Maybe I’m all by myself, I don’t care. Personal call." May 23, 19 6:21 PM

Long since done." May 23, 19 7:34 PM

Driving by today, the advertiser I saw was an operation called Shinnecock Functional Fitness. https://shinnecockfunctionalfitness.com

They install rubber mats for gyms, apparently. I see no difficulty denying them my personal rubber mat business. But if someone out there is building a gym, going elsewhere is a very American way to register your opinion." May 24, 19 9:11 PM

Southampton Village Begins To Prepare For Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Move

It needs to move, and that’s the land they have, and it makes sense to go there for a variety of important reasons. But, yes you are correct, there needs to be some very thoughtful people getting creative with how the traffic situation will work." May 28, 19 5:30 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Takes Early Look At Proposal For CVS In Hampton Bays Movie Theater Space

None of us - the Planning Board included- controls the destiny of locations like this. Communities can set standards and impose rules, but ultimately the outcomes (including permanent vacancy, if the rules are too rigidly applied) are determined by the laws of supply and demand. Movie theaters need ticket buyers, and entertainment is increasingly at home. Retail is moving online. Major chains will outcompete most independents. These are forces well outside the control of the Planning Board. They should be grateful there is a new lessee, versus a shuttered box sitting empty forever, which it may be if they aren’t smart about it. " May 29, 19 3:53 PM

I think there is a chicken/egg problem here. Theatre companies can only purchase big hits for so many of their theaters...the most in-demand movies are expensively priced by their producers. East Hampton gets the best movies because that’s where the most ticket buyers are. Hampton Bays and Southampton dont have enough customers to justify expensive hit movies most of the time. I promise you they are not showing secondary movies because they are dumb." May 30, 19 9:13 AM

Southampton Town Board Looks To Ban Release Of Balloons

So, little Susie coming home from a birthday party yells “wee” and tosses her clown-made poodle balloon skyward, and ...WHAM: cuffs, perp walk, mug shot, lawyers, trial, 15 days hard time.

Dear Town Board: littering laws can cover this one, just enforce them. Stop wasting the taxpayers’ time with silly pandering things like this that will accomplish ZERO" May 30, 19 9:26 PM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

Mayor Irving lets please figure out a how to get our kids out there learning to surf before we lose big pieces of summer." Jun 5, 19 7:22 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Rejects Petition To Incorporate East Quogue As A Village

Sorry, if there are 34 dead people on a petition of huge consequence, Jay did the right thing. I get the difficulty of exact precision, but if the petitioners are serious and diligent, that should not happen. So the appropriate presumption is that it wasn’t sufficiently serious and diligent." Jun 10, 19 8:43 PM

UPDATE: Jesse Warren Wins Southampton Village Mayoral Race

Much of the macro trends in the village are driven by market forces that are well beyond the control of village level politics. But nothing wrong with fresh young faces bringing a new energy. Good luck gentlemen." Jun 22, 19 12:18 PM

None of which is any different than NYC, by the way, which has retail vacancies all over the place...whole blocks on 3rd and Lexington. Landlords have investments at high values, bricks and mortar retail is on the receiving end of evolution. The standoff is the fault line in the American real estate industry. In a seasonal market like ours, it’s exacerbated. Anybody out there who thinks a mayor or village board can pass some feel-good rules and protect us from all that...sorry." Jun 22, 19 4:51 PM

Press News Group, Sag Harbor Express To Merge

Every day on this site we read comments about our elected officials, appointed boards etc., and how someone or other thinks they aren’t serving the people of this community well. Well, those who think they can rely on public officials - increasingly single party loyal- to check their own conduct, are kidding themselves. In the end, we rely on a strong, ethical, courageous and non-partisan press to police the conduct of our public officials. I wish this merged company every success in being that for our community." Jun 24, 19 11:56 AM

Real Estate Transfer Tax Bill To Support Affordable Housing Passes State Legislature

These pages frequently rage about the ill-effects of inflated real estate valuation in our community...punitive property tax inflation, retail vacancies/greedy landlords etc etc. Much of which has been driven by government manipulation...interest rate suppression inflating asset values. So, along comes Fred Thiele & Co and the next governmental “fix” of a problem through governmental manipulation of real estate values, this time inflating the lower end of valuations, but of course it will flow through the whole market. Bubble upon bubble upon bubble...it never ends well for those it purports to help." Jun 25, 19 11:24 AM

I’m sure it doesn't, nor should it. But, in my experience, pretty much every time the government has messed with markets to benefit a certain group, it ultimately hurts that group. That’s what your heart should break for IMO" Jun 25, 19 3:05 PM

Strong Beats Rana In East Hampton Justice Battle; Reform Democrats Fall Short In Bids For Trustees

Apparently Gregor has more relatives than Schneiderman. Meaningless event." Jun 26, 19 6:36 AM

Alex Gregor Beats Out Jay Schneiderman For Independence Line, Forcing A Three-Way Race For Supervisor In November

I would say that “disgrace” pretty much sums up Alex Gregor. The 85 people (1 school bus?) who showed up for him should wear bags over their heads today. Luckily, the Independence Party is already irrelevant, and will go away completely if this is the quality of their endorsements." Jun 26, 19 2:04 PM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Demands Southampton Town Remove St. Andrews Road Sign On Private Road, Accusing Highway Superintendent Of 'Fraud'

To quote Casablanca: I’m shocked, SHOCKED to learn that Alex Gregor abuses his office, deliberately ignores his legal authority, files false requests for tax money (a crime), sends taunting selfies about all of the above, then lies lies lies, right to our faces, about it all. And, oh, by the way, all the while being completely wrong on the facts about this road, according to EVERYONE ELSE. Yeah, let’s elect this lowlife some more. Great idea. To his 85 primary supporters (approx 1 school bus), please take a bow." Jul 16, 19 4:46 PM

‘Looking out for the taxpayers”. Hmmm. By lying to have a sign made with taxpayer money, that never existed before, wasn’t authorized and isn’t accurate, all to advance his personal political message of ’Fighting with the rich” and help him keep his taxpayer job? Have to disagree with you on that one." Jul 17, 19 3:03 AM

Honestly, it is time for Alex Gregor to resign his office. He is simply unfit." Jul 17, 19 5:30 AM

Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong. Is that an excuse for a public official to act illegally and perhaps criminally against them?" Jul 18, 19 5:39 PM

Pottery Barn Opts Out Of Lease In Southampton Village

This is not just our area. Everywhere. NYC especially. Traditional retail real estate is simply going to have to be repurposed to something that is Amazon-proof. Hate to say it, because it’s an historic building, but what the Village really needs is more parking for Starbucks and Citarella. Sad statement." Jul 31, 19 8:13 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Sets Sights On Lake Agawam Conservancy Group

Sounds pretty smart for the village to organize the home owners and private sector around this terrible problem. Our young mayor seems wise enough to know the limitations of local government. Good luck on this initiative." Aug 1, 19 5:38 PM

St. Andrews Road Sign Installed By Highway Superintendent Mysteriously Removed

So Gregor isn’t returning calls now. Sneaks away his sign, and now hopes everyone will just forget about how wrong he has been. Hey Alex, were you IGNORANTLY WRONG about this all along? Didn’t know the law it is your job to apply? Or were you ARROGANTLY LYING about this all along? Figuring you would just bluster and hope the divisiveness would fuel your political ambitions? Answer the phone. Let us know which it was. Then resign." Aug 11, 19 9:40 AM

Maybe send Alex the bill for all the fake illegal signs he has made to advance himself into higher office/pay ?" Aug 12, 19 9:30 PM

We can, and should, dump the entire elected office of Highway Superintendent. Other towns have, and created instead a DPW that works cohesively within the town government. Already a relic of the old settlement days, the separate elected office has been thoroughly destroyed by Gregor, who has used it as a platform for his own self-advancement, and made it completely dysfunctional vis the vis the Board. Assuming Gregor won’t resign, which he should, let’s scrap his whole department. Like, now." Aug 13, 19 6:49 AM

Southampton Village Board Amends Surfing Restrictions, Will Set Up Committee To Look At Issue

Our village government, writ larg, has never looked so idiotic as they do right now, on this issue. And that is saying something. Surfing is the most popular recreation for kids on the east end right now. Fix it, you knuckleheads." Aug 18, 19 3:19 PM

Alec Baldwin And Kevin McAllister Talk About Climate Change On The East End

So, if I want to learn about acting, should I go listen to some environmental scientists talk about it? No? Why then should we care about actors talking climate change?" Aug 24, 19 9:33 AM

Former Executive Editor Of The New York Times Speaks About 'Truth In The Time Of Trump'

The ‘mainstream” media has been dumping gasoline all over themselves for decades by squandering their own credibility and allowing themselves to become totally politicized. All Trump did was light the matches." Aug 27, 19 2:55 PM

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