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Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

While these are sad stories, there is nothing going on in Southampton that isn’t going on in a lot of America. Retail evolves. Barnes & Noble killed the neighborhood book store, then Amazon killed Barnes & Noble. Bricks & mortar stores will keep dying because its cheaper and easier to buy most goods online. That’s capitalism. As is a “greedy” landlord’s right to price their property however they want. Eventually, capitalism will sort them out too. It wouldn’t surprise me if Main Street and Jobs Lane eventually become close to 100% seasonal, because that’s the only time the demand economics will make sense in an online world." Jan 17, 19 11:56 AM

I agree with all of that, except one bit: in the online shopping world of the future, many/most of these properties wont be in retail. Some will survive: liquor stores, ice cream parlors, restaurants, convenience stores, luxury goods..things that are Amazon proof or part of the tourist experience. But I suspect that most of these retail store landlords will have to repurpose their properties to find their highest future value." Jan 17, 19 4:37 PM

The Government is NEVER the solution. Particular our local governments." Jan 21, 19 7:58 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Voices His Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

I truly don’t understand the political left on this. Pot is already decriminalized in NYC, and now parents have to walk their kids to school through wafts of sidewalk pot smoke. Road safety statistics in Colorado are on a terrible downward trajectory since legalization. Local communities need to rally here against Cuomo’s pandering to the socialists before the degradation comes to our own streets. The new left can experiment on the people, wherever they are, who are crazy enough to vote them into local office." Feb 15, 19 11:23 AM

As soon as someone can tell me how to effectively (1) keep it out of public places, and (2) keep stoned drivers off the streets (ps, in both cases, just like alcohol), then I’ve got a totally open mind on decriminalization. But these people who just want to decriminalize at any cost, I hope they start losing more." Feb 15, 19 12:42 PM

Agree. Does anyone out there think that drinking didnt explode after Prohibition? I’m not exactly sure what good is done by making us a more stoned society. Maybe the junk food companies like it." Feb 15, 19 3:30 PM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

I believe the chief. His incentive is to make the community safe. i dont believe Jay. His incentive is to ingratiate himself to Cuomo and the increasingly loony left Democratic Party. I can’t think of a single way that a community will be better by making pot smoking easier. Zero." Feb 24, 19 1:24 PM

Not very. That’s hardly an argument for doubling down with pot though." Feb 24, 19 2:22 PM

Shinnecock Nation Considering Other School Districts For Students

The Nation’s children should go wherever they feel they get the best results for their kids, if that’s their deal with the State. I wish them all good things. Not so much Lance, who can’t help but turn it into more victimhood, more vitriol, and more media attention." Mar 14, 19 9:19 AM

Legislation To Regulate Landscapers In Southampton Village Tabled For Two Weeks

How about just have more people to enforce the volume of people’s blaring outdoor music? Leaf blowers are loud but temporary, and often just fade into the background noise...drunk inconsiderate neighbors are much more offensive, and the village is generally no help att all. Maybe we should walk before we run. " Mar 25, 19 5:30 PM

UPDATE: Westbound Lanes Re-Opened After Five-Car Accident Forces County Road 39 Road Closure In Shinnecock Hills

Is there a more dangerous stretch of road on Long Island than CR39 between Shrubland and Tuckahoe?" Mar 26, 19 5:50 PM

County Road either has to be a highway or a local road. Right now it is trying to be both, with frequent tragic results. Eliminating that conflict means either (1) enforcing the hell out of the speed limit...literally cops all over the road, all the time...$$$, or (2) start to eliminate all the turns and intersections that conflict inevitably with higher speed traffic. Something has to give with the structural set up." Mar 27, 19 8:08 AM

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Mentions Gabreski Air National Guard Base At PFAS Hearing

So what’? Is this news? For the record, Kirsten is a substanceless shill whose words are calculated for her advancement and nothing more. 27EAST, C’MON
" Mar 29, 19 10:32 PM

Southampton Democratic And Independence Party Members Scramble To Submit Petitions To Force Primaries In June

If Independence Party Members are swayed by lowlife Alex Gregor, they won’t be around very long." Apr 3, 19 8:22 PM

Southampton Town Board Denies Alex Gregor's Request For Reimbursement Of Services From NYPD Detective's Funeral

Alex Gregor is an absolute embarrassment to the Town. Low intellect, zero ethics, just a loudmouth panderer to the worst instincts in people. His only goal is to lock in his pension and live forever off the taxpayers. Like Schneiderman or not, to suggest tie his vote on this money grab to disrespecting the widow of a dead cop? I want to shower just seeing his picture" Apr 10, 19 5:05 PM

Southampton Town May Allow Non-Plastic Stirrers At Self-Serve Coffee Stations

If I didn't know thisTown Board so well, I would think this article was some sort of gag. Weighty stuff they are tackling. What’s next...ketchup packets?" Apr 16, 19 9:28 AM

State Legislation Could Change How Tuckahoe Golf Courses Are Taxed

Stupidest bill ever. Thiele is just sucking up. It has no chance. Why? Because it would be a massive state-wide job killer, open space killer, small business killer, and the courses that would get hurt the most- killed actually- would be the ones which can afford it least." Apr 17, 19 6:58 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

What an amicable, neighborly, agreeable letter that was from the Town Board that Lance is doubled-over laughing at as we speak." Apr 30, 19 12:50 PM

State Legislation Could Change How Tuckahoe Golf Courses Are Taxed

Money from an outside event like that would be taxed through income tax, paid to the feds and state, not property tax." May 1, 19 12:43 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Points To Homeowners, Heavy Rains For Lake Agawam Fish Kill

Ive got an idea. Let’s find out what killed the fish and go from there? " May 1, 19 6:26 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

If we are counting on NYS, it’s Plan B time. How about Village, Town and County resolutions to not do business with anyone who advertises on these things? How about the Town publishing a monthly list of the advertisers, so those inclined to boycott them can do so? Best way to kill these things may be to starve them to death" May 2, 19 11:15 AM

Stretch Of County Road 39 Closed After Crash Brings Down Power Lines Onto Roadway

Bright sunny morning. Straight stretch of road. Vehicle rollover.
CR39 strikes again." May 2, 19 2:08 PM

Amen. It is in dire need of enforcement and structural change...fewer intersections, fewer turns. Right now it is both local road and superhighway, with tragic conflicts that won’t change by magic." May 2, 19 7:57 PM

Speed cameras are a no brainer. More turning options are the exact opposite of what is needed. And, by the way, everyone remember that speeders are gonna speed. If not on CR39, they will speed around avoiding CR39. So beware the unintended consequences. " May 3, 19 3:05 PM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

For a community that bases their claim of righteousness on the spirituality of their land, and the use of historical trickery against them, they sure don't mind a little plotting and manipulation themselves. And they sure are are quick to defile that land for money when the opportunity presents itself. The Shinnecocks deserve whatever the law gives them, but their leadership has surrendered the moral high ground once and for all." May 5, 19 9:47 AM

Supervisor Announces Plan To Freeze Tax Assessments For Two Years To Study Process

We all have our historic gripes, but this is a good idea. " May 6, 19 6:12 PM

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