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Southampton Town Board And Supervisor Candidates Debate The Issues

As I explained in a recent letter to the Editor, Greg Robins and Alex Gregor are all wrong about assessments and taxes. Newsday agreed with me and cited the erroneous statements about assessments and Real Estate taxes by Gregor and Robins as a key reason for their endorsement of Jay Schneiderman. Greg Robins Real Estate taxes have risen less than 1% per year over the last 4 years and his taxes actually went down by $66 in 2018. Alex Gregor's Southampton taxes have gone up by less than $9 per year for the last 4 years. Most of the increase in Gregor's taxes is due to the School taxes in East Quogue. As I said in my letter either they don't understand this subject matter or they are trying to confuse the voters in a vain attempt to get elected." Oct 25, 19 1:00 PM

Ray Overton makes some cogent comments on assessments and taxes. the problem is that Greg Robins and Alex Gregor, who are both running for Town Supervisor don't understand this very important topic or they are deliberately trying to confuse the voters. Either way, they are demonstrating that they are not qualified for the Office. " Oct 25, 19 4:27 PM

Dear bigfresh & marlinspike,

Please tell us your actual names. We all know that George Lynch is Turkey Bridge.

I am new to this site. I am a frequent writer of Letters to The Editor, which requires that you disclose who you are by name.

It would be helpful for all readers and participants to know who is saying what.

There is no reason to hide and nothing to fear if you stand by your comments.

I look forward to learning your identities.

Thank You. " Oct 30, 19 11:06 AM

Dear Marlinspike & big fresh.

Your silence is deafening... why are you afraid to disclose your identity ???

Presumably, you believe in what you say...

I know George Lynch and Ray Overton... Please identify yourself...

Thank You,

Dick Sheehan" Nov 1, 19 5:43 PM