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Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Congressman Lee Zeldin did not toss Hampton Bays under the bus Mr. Supervisor Schneiderman. He is the bus. Wake up!

You and the SH Town Board are playing political games at the expense of the people of Hampton Bays. All people. School children, tax payers. The problem will not go away unless you are honest that there is a problem.

- Brothel on Foster Ave.= MS 13 connections.
- CB’s Bar Knife event = MS13 connections.
- Sexual Assault in Southampton post the HBFD drunk event.= MS13 connections.

The majority of the Southampton Town Board is fake news. They place political spin over the health and safty of the people of Southampton. Awful leadership.

" Mar 7, 18 9:47 PM

All these crimes are documented and supported. Ask the chief for the reports.." Mar 7, 18 10:03 PM

Let me lay this out for you and shoot in the center of your goal post, MS 13 GANG activity crime increased 100 percent in Southampton.

That’s a fact Jack. " Mar 9, 18 7:39 AM

Ok. So your not good at math, reading comprehension and local geography. Let me lay it out.
From when to when? From the first crime committed and reported as MS13. You can pick the dates. Totally up to you. (This is the math part)
No place in the story or Congressman state “brown skin people”. (This is the reading comprehension part)
Hampton Bays is Southampton. (This is the geography part)

But your good at identifying facts on what is and is not MS13 and choose to label “gang” due to number of people within the event. Perhaps you should have google do all your thinking and keep playing the race card.

BTW- to make sure, I am joking as someone as smart as you knows this already. It’s for the others who read this." Mar 9, 18 11:36 AM

MS Gang crime is up 100 percent in Southampton/Hampton Bays and Lee Zeldin district. BTW, this is was with just with the first crime.

Thank You Congressman for getting out in front as SHTB are lacking information to fully understand the scope.

We welcome all ICE visits to Southampton to protect America." Mar 10, 18 2:22 PM

Strain On Hampton Bays Water District Caused By Out Of Service Wells

SHTB is responsible as the HBWD reports to it. Again, they have little care or skill to handle this. You have the person who runs the department (and not show up to report to the SHTB), they send a flunky to respond to the SHTB. This is same person who is a no show in a leadership roll that is part fault with the HBFD.

The HBWD leadership needs to be fired and department needs to report to SCWD.
" Jul 4, 18 5:15 PM

Changing The Perception Of Hampton Bays One Project At A Time

This is propaganda and the Southampton Press is not, and will never be cutting edge reporting. The relationship between the paper and SHTB is like family. Thank you to the SHTB for doing its job and spending resources tax payers paid for.

What makes Hampton Bays special is the people and the best physical location of any town on the south fork. It has the best multi ocean beaches, bays, canals on the south fork. It has a LIRR station right in town. It has it all. No other town on the east end has what Hampton Bays can offer.

It is not a perfect town and had to deal with a poor history with the SHTB that put it down and dumped on it. The current SHTB has improved with the treatment of the town but has not made progress to address code issues with hotels along with over crowding in single family homes, water quality and high school taxes.

Hampton Bays has a started the come back. Thanks to the people who care and see how great the town of Hampton Bays can be.." Jul 10, 18 11:22 PM

Officials: Hampton Bays Well Field Should Be Operational By July 18; Water Issues Should Lessen

HBWD is a joke and the people that run it . SHTB fears them. Robert King has not met with the SHTB. Given the mismanagement of wells and the HBFD they should be fired! . HBWD needs to have SCWD take it over and clean it up.

" Jul 16, 18 8:34 PM

Zeldin Weighs In On Trump's Remarks At Helsinki Summit

Park Ave Perry he is your man! " Jul 17, 18 8:41 PM

Southampton Town Board Having Informal Talks With Suffolk County Water Authority Regarding Possible Takeover In Hampton Bays

This is a must. HBWD is over charging the people of the town and the club needs to stop. A clean up is needed and not just the water. I like to see a published list of employees along with pay and beni's. Better command, control and over site is needed now. There is a great lack of trust with HBWD for many reasons. To think of the water quality issue and over charging, it is time for change ! " Jul 24, 18 9:02 PM

Southampton Town Board Weighs Non-CPF Costs Associated With Historic Tiana Lifesaving Station

CPF is out of hand. This project is a joke. Wait to the Lobster Inn CPF gets underway. More government mismanagement.as the town will not be able to keep pace with upkeep needs. CPF was to purchase open spaces and has changed in such a way to assist the town to get itself into trouble." Jul 24, 18 9:25 PM

Southampton Town Plans To Purchase The Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays For Redevelopment

SHTB should just enforce the code and laws. Simple. The slush fund called CPF will get the town into trouble.

The Hampton Bays School district needs to bring their case of the dumping on the schools to return funds to the taxpayers." Aug 15, 18 8:50 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection To Offer Train Service To Bridgehampton School Staff

This is just more political BS. Dump on those towns west of the canal for those east of it.

Major fail. " Sep 1, 18 10:51 PM

State Audit Shows Issues With Hampton Bays School District's Purchasing Policy

If true, regarding the consultants, please report this to the state for investigation and/or school board. " Sep 23, 18 3:32 PM

Former Hampton Bays Chamber Of Commerce Building May Have New Tenant By Year's End

Frank buddy, your estimate is 30 percent low.
This is just proof, along with the other projects that SH has neglected their duty to keep pace with upkeep on parks and buildings such as the beach structures on Dune Road . As it spends more on CPF projects, someone will pay for up keep and management. It will be you and I.

What a joke that Life Saving station is turning out. What a waste. To see the SHTB discuss it was shameful to think who will open and close it. It will sit for 20 years and rot.

Word is the Ponquouge pavilion was estimated a third too low over the original budget - a building neglected the last 20 years, I will be surprised if the scale back version is ready by June 2019.. Let me list the excuses for you. 1. Weather.. 2. Contractor.. Are the permits in place or will SHTB be able not to follow the town rules. " Sep 23, 18 4:18 PM

Community Members Speak Against Town Purchasing Bel-Aire Cove Motel In Hampton Bays

Once again this story is poor reporting by the Southampton Press.

This must get done and will get done. The issue is if the Town has the means to complete it one way or another, either CDF or CPF.

This illegal SRO pollutes waste into the bay will never be sold to any private business in the current state.

Get it done, one way or another. Call in the DEC to shut it down if need be. This business has so many code issues it places first responders at risk along with those who rent the rooms.

This place impacts the health and safety of all. The people that live there , the community along with the school.

" Sep 26, 18 10:21 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

This event was one sided. It was not a true view or had any open dialogue of our community. No one discussed the issues truthfully. This is about illegal immigrants, not immigrants. We should work with the police and ICE.

My family immigrated to United States of America legally. Everyone that comes to America should. My family legally contributes to the community. Stop illegal immigration as it places people in harms way, including those that came undocumented with their families.

Illegal immigrants get taken advantage by businesses, the wealthy (they need cheap labor that Americans are too lazy to perform), along with socialism groups and the church that needs a new flock.

Support the citizens of United States of America." Sep 26, 18 11:09 PM

What a poor story. Elise is not reporting the facts and story correctly at all. This is not about the immigrant community but illegal immigrant community.

Illegal immigrants need to do it right. Make it right. By doing so you will have no fear and be part of a wonderful country here in United States of America." Sep 30, 18 7:23 PM

Town Looks To Secure Court Order Against Sand Land

What a joke this SHTB is! The same crap happens at the towns own facilities but yet the rules do not apply to the town. This is a money move. Follow the money and dirt of SHTB." Oct 2, 18 9:34 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Wants To Reclaim Road From Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Yes! Nice job Alex. SHTB look out for the big money. They crap all over onto East Quouge, Riverside/Flanders and Hampton Bays. The repave job on Dune Road was to please the big money down the road. " Oct 2, 18 9:42 PM

Southampton Town Seeks Permits To Process More Yard Waste In Hampton Bays

Awful that SHTB along with Jay are not open and truthful. All of them. The Town Board is broken and has put people at risk.. How is this possible to go after Sand Land yet the town is in clear violation of the DEC permits. Water quality needs to be tested at the transfer station in Hampton Bays and Southampton..

It is time to have a real government and management who are full time professional leaders. This SHTB are over their heads and can not handle the administration of a large town. Years of lack of enforcement of code, failure to follow it, has made it possible for SH to get out of control. SHTB plays with CPF like its fake money It now uses it as a means to get around what it should be doing. Making hard decisions and enforcing code.

." Oct 3, 18 8:50 PM

Southampton Town Approves Addition $1.2 Million For Beach Renovation

Town is getting ripped off. Nothing new. I bet this project will not come in under the budget nor on time. The town will pay off project managers to over see it, and it will still not get done on time or under $. I would say this is already 30 percent over budget.

I am sure something will be scaled back - aka, not done, not complete to fit the budget or make it ready for the summer." Oct 3, 18 9:02 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

If ICE and the police had the means at the time they could have prevented 9-11 by holding and deporting the 3 out of 5 terrorists here illegally due to their visas had expired.

Point is, local Police and ICE need to work with each other." Oct 6, 18 8:19 PM

Zeldin Proposal On North Shore Helicopter Route Signed By President Trump

This is about an improvement for the people on the east end that has been going on for a long time. Yet Speed Racer and others will make it more about division and negativity. FAA could not get it done, now it will get done.

" Oct 8, 18 7:30 PM

NY Times Poll: Zeldin Leads Gershon, 49-41, In Upcoming Congressional Race

OLA is dangerous when telling SHTB that our very own government departments should not fully cooperate with each other.

Amazing how bad this is for all on behalf of illegal immigrants. Is this more left social decoding to make it soft between "Peaceful Communities" vs "Peaceful Illegals".

" Oct 14, 18 7:17 PM

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