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State Independence Party Endorses Zeldin In Reelection Bid

Mr. Revere, do you think god only recognizes republicans? Just thinking that might be a little biased and short sighted." Mar 5, 18 3:46 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

The only problem we have to solve is how to get rid of Trump, then we can go about running the country." Mar 7, 18 12:24 PM

Southampton Village Considers Regulations On Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

I agree, leaf blowers add to the quality of life out here. From 7 am to 7 pm it’s a steady drone Leaf blowers and weed wackers. They add zero to quality of life." Mar 7, 18 12:49 PM

Ronald J. Spellman Of Hampton Bays Dies March 6

He was a surfer, lived the life of a surfer, and died a surfer. RIP he was a good man." Mar 8, 18 2:43 PM

East End High School Students Walk Out In Protest Of Gun Violence Wednesday

Po Boy, it was someone with an ar-15 killing students. It wasn’t a car or a knife or a hammer. It was an ar-15 bought legally and used to murder students. You have detention, your not dismissed." Mar 14, 18 4:27 PM

local, he did have access to a gun. Instead of blaming everyone and everything, time to realize how easy it is to get a gun. It was legally bought and was legal till he started killing people.like you said, it’s a people doing nothing problem. By just denying and denying that easy access to guns is the biggest part of the problem, then it’s never going to change. " Mar 14, 18 4:45 PM

Dismissing all kids because a few dopey ones ate tide pods is not intelligent behavior." Mar 15, 18 11:28 AM

Distant School Shootings Reverberate For A Mayor In East Hampton Village

Po Boy , you have thoughts and prayers to stand by. Let us know how that’s working." Mar 15, 18 12:05 PM

In Tweet, U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For End To Mueller Probe

That’s just mean to call Lee Zeldin a toad and tool, it should be mr. toad and tool. " Mar 19, 18 6:07 PM

Misstatement? I’m pretty sure they are still called lies." Mar 19, 18 8:42 PM

Thiele Includes $500,000 In State Budget For South Fork Trains

The LIRR operates on a deficit. " Mar 22, 18 11:30 AM

UPDATE: Southampton And Sag Harbor To Participate In National Marches Protesting Gun Violence On Saturday

Sounds like they have enough sense to put their money where it can help. On one side you have the NRA, why don’t you comment who funds them? Both groups are law abiding, just with different views." Mar 23, 18 6:57 PM

Do you think all those kids that are marching are from another planet or another country? Do you think the women involved are foreigners? These are American citizens , like you. We are all in this together, whether you like it or not.
Do you think the NRA gets all its money from just people, like you? Or are there gun companies and other wealthy donors that donate to them? If the NRA was just people like you, I’d agree. But it gets money from wealthy people as well as big companies.
No ones here to infringe on your 2nd amendment rights, they just have a difference of opinion. If it comes down to not being able to at least talk about it or acknowledge the other side, nothing will ever change. You can keep sending thoughts and prayers after every shooting. The only person it helps is the person saying it. " Mar 23, 18 7:26 PM

Pw Herman to the rescue.you had the same idea as your esteemed leader Bill O’Reilly. He said we should carpet bomb the poppy fields. Brilliant minds think alike." Mar 24, 18 11:14 AM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

Undocumented democrat, adjust your tinfoil hat. I think it’s cutting off the blood flow to your head." Mar 25, 18 4:57 PM

There you go ditch bum. Threats and intimidation, the nra calling card." Mar 25, 18 5:52 PM

Protesting to come to some sensible solution. Lack of action isn’t solving a thing." Mar 26, 18 8:46 AM

I count 98 killed between Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and Parkland. That’s not counting the wounded. So taz, you got a real weak argument. " Mar 26, 18 3:04 PM

Yes, fix the security. So someone with a gun can’t come in and slaughter more children. How about do something about guns. Stop avoiding the obvious." Mar 27, 18 3:55 PM

Good one, as soon as you can conceal a car on your person, I’m in. " Mar 28, 18 5:05 PM

I totally agree with slimealive. This isn’t a right or left wing thing, it’s an American thing. Until we can meet somewhere in the middle of this issue, nothing’s gonna happen. No one wants to take your guns. Just want to keep them out of the wrong hands. If mass shootings keep happening, both sides failed." Mar 29, 18 7:51 AM

Agree. And let’s go Mets " Mar 29, 18 9:00 AM

Sorry pbr, I just ate. Just the thought of Ann Coulter makes me want to puke." Mar 31, 18 8:04 AM

pw Herman , Laura Ingram’s mea culpa was a very hollow one. As stated above she’s a breast cancer survivor. You would think she’d show a little more compassion to someone who was also a survivor. She only apologized after her sponsors started pulling their adds. I’m not buying into her apology .id like to thank 27dan for publishing the list of the companys who dropped her show, I’ll be sure to use them whenever possible. " Apr 1, 18 11:07 AM

Thanks pw, at least you have a sense of humor." Apr 1, 18 12:25 PM

Those good kids from Florida were just protesting about what went on inside their school." Apr 2, 18 9:17 AM

538 puts trump approval rating at 40.7% . " Apr 2, 18 11:38 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Allow Oyster Dredging In April

Is this sound science? Just from a short bit of research it seems to do more harm then good. Just wondering. A citation or article on this would help." Apr 4, 18 12:31 PM

I am real. Like you said, you can get 10 marine scientists. They might know something about something. I have nothing against baymen, they are hard working guys. The thing is, the bays belong to us all. Short term gain for a few baymen isn’t what I was asking about.is it good for the bay bottom? I wasn’t asking if it’s good for a few baymen. Last I looked oysters aren’t scallops. " Apr 4, 18 1:30 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

How about the esteemed Jeff Sessions? He liked the kkk until he found out they smoked pot. But we know the kkk has good people involved. Donald Trump and the birther movement, did that have a tinge of racism to it? Al Sharpton may have been at the White House, but he didn’t become the AG. " Apr 5, 18 8:11 AM

My apologies Mr. Snerdley. I’m not a Sessions fan either, but he said it was a joke after someone called him on it. Then there was that pesky hearing for a federal judgeship. That went swimmingly for him.He has extreme views on race, you could say racist views." Apr 5, 18 8:47 AM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

Hopefully he will learn from this. " Apr 11, 18 12:18 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

That’s funny" Apr 11, 18 5:27 PM

Good luck with John Bolton, our country is gonna need it with him in charge of the nsa." Apr 12, 18 12:04 PM

Trump is a threat to our country, laws and way of life. All he does is say “fake” news when he doesn’t agree, or more likely when he’s lying. Our country is already great." Apr 12, 18 6:13 PM

The right wing smear campaign is in full swing, also known as Fox News. It’s nice to see republicans attacking republicans. Keep blindly following your leader." Apr 13, 18 8:56 AM

Ha, point is they are putting party before country. Attacking the FBI and DOJ. The law and order party my foot.Time will tell if attacking the messenger is a good political tact. Up until this point it’s not working." Apr 13, 18 10:30 AM

FBI and DOJ run by democratic operatives? That is some crazy delusional, conspiracy theory nonsense. Trump won the election, might be time for him to act like it. Going after political opponents after the election sounds like some third world country despotic bs." Apr 14, 18 10:50 AM

great, the “ I know you are, but what am I” defense." Apr 15, 18 7:31 AM

Cunning liar , who’s day is coming. Soon " Apr 16, 18 5:11 AM

Storm front , Breitbart, infowars and Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Two sides to every story. " Apr 16, 18 6:22 PM

We will see how well Alex Jones holds up under all the new lawsuits. He’s a loud mouth conspiracy spreading liar." Apr 17, 18 10:41 AM

Infowars isn’t even news. " Apr 17, 18 11:32 AM

Trumps approval ratings are still in the 30s % range, that’s according to real clear politics. Calm and transparent? Yeah great job. " Apr 18, 18 1:17 PM

I’m not bitter, no worries. Never liked the man, never will. Anyone who makes fun of handicapped people is pathetic.Be ready to jump off that trump train, it’s gonna crash." Apr 18, 18 2:24 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

Cucks? That lingo is used by people on the fringe far right. Favorite word of people like Richard Spencer. Thanks for tipping your hand." Apr 20, 18 5:48 AM

Discovery Land Points To Other Residential Golf Courses Built In Southampton In Pitch For Luxury Golf Resort

Cool, just looked it up on maps. I think I could break 100 for 18 holes ." Apr 21, 18 10:05 AM

Montauk Community Hosts March For Their Lives To Promote School Safety

Hey, ease up. That’s chief1 , he complains about everything." Apr 22, 18 8:44 PM

Councilwoman Julie Lofstad Highlights Struggles Of Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy During Public Forum

That solves that Chief. Whatta you got for solving world peace, or curing cancer?" Apr 23, 18 1:16 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

Wow diseased, you hit all the talking points again. You get a little gold star, in the shape of a snowflake. You ought to get out more. " Apr 24, 18 8:33 AM

If both political party’s can’t come together and discuss this, nothing will ever happen. No one is trying to take away any guns or any rights. It’s obvious that something has to be done. Be it liberal or conservative we are all in this together.lamely attacking each other is counterproductive." Apr 25, 18 9:17 AM

I’m inclined to agree with you. If a bunch of grade schoolers can be slaughtered and nothing happens, there more on tap. " Apr 25, 18 11:10 AM

I’ve been a gun owner since I was 14. I used to hunt, although I don’t anymore. I still enjoy skeet shooting and occasionally shooting rifles. Funny thing is when at shooting clubs, I’ve never heard anyone talking about gun rights, mostly talking about cars and general bs. The guys I have spoken about any type of gun control have agreed that better background checks aren’t any kind of intrusion into gun ownership. I don’t want complete bans or any ban, just some common sense effort to keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to do criminal acts with them. There has to be some kind of sane middle ground on this issue." Apr 26, 18 7:59 AM

All the statements are mine you quoted above.like I said, we need a common sense solution. You can make all the excuses you want, it’s not solving anything. On another note, you should do a little research into John Lott. He’s been highly discredited in his research and analysis. If he’s your go to guy for your research, it’s not holding up.i take no offense to you or anyone else’s opinions. It just highlights the divide that separates our country.i only have 2 comments a day, not because I’m to cheap to get the press online, I like reading it every Thursday morning. So I can’t reply till Friday. Have at it" Apr 26, 18 2:23 PM

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