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Sand Land Questions County Report

Is access to safe drinking water a fundamental human right? " Jul 9, 18 4:28 PM

Changing The Perception Of Hampton Bays One Project At A Time

Clean water is essential to life : )" Jul 9, 18 9:44 PM

United States Files Civil Action Against Shinnecock Indian Nation Resident For Illegal Dumping

Gordon Smith knows that indigenous people have been treated unfairly for hundreds of years. Nearby, private properties have been recently been permitted to install shoreline hardening materials that have made public beaches and dune ecosystems disappear. The hypocrisy of the EPA going after Gordon Smith at the same time as the agency rushes to cater to corporate interests is disgusting.

What Gordon Smith has done to the wetlands adjacent to his property is unfortunate and questionably legal. Filling wetland is passé and gross : (" Jul 10, 18 4:00 PM

Land Acquired By Town In Hampton Bays For Future Waste Treatment Facility

The East End desperately needs a wastewater treatment plant, just make sure to site it somewhere that I will never see or smell it." Jul 11, 18 4:18 PM

Southampton Town To Install Surveillance Cameras At Town Parks, Facilities

The surveillance state is now!
Generally, I am comfortable giving up some privacy in exchange for the sense that through the use of video, culpability may be established for serious matters such as a fatality. Cell phone and Internet surveillance is another matter.
I would like to see increased use of cameras with automatic ticketing and yes I have been fined by them ; ). I'd also like to see cars that required the swipe of a valid license to operate. And I'd also like an ice cream...
Cameras everywhere feels vaguely dystopic but the future is now." Jul 11, 18 4:51 PM

Tesla Pitches Car Charging Station At Kirk Park Beach Parking

TSLA is a short ; )
" Jul 13, 18 12:50 PM

Get Control Of Your Garden By First Knowing Who The Enemy Is

Rabbit hunting season opens November First. Rabbits are delicious, healthy and plentiful : )

Another thoughtful article from Mr. Messinger!!" Jul 13, 18 1:02 PM

Neighbors Battle Over Sagg Agricultural Preserve

Most fences are ugly!" Jul 15, 18 9:29 PM

Tesla Pitches Car Charging Station At Kirk Park Beach Parking

Elon Musk tweeted that British Cave explorer Vern Unsworth is a "Pedo". Vern Unsworth was part of the team that rescued the boys from the flooded cave in Thailand. TSLA Model 3's are poorly manufactured. Elon Musk is unhinged : (" Jul 16, 18 10:37 AM

Officials: Hampton Bays Well Field Should Be Operational By July 18; Water Issues Should Lessen

Hamster Bays gets the short end of the stick : /" Jul 16, 18 10:41 AM

UPDATE: Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Union Employees Reach Agreement On Contracts

People who are smarter and work harder than myself annoy me because they often achieve more than I have. I am a jealous, envious person who blames others for my shortcomings.

It is other people's fault that I am not a hard-working medical professional who deserves fair compensation." Jul 17, 18 11:00 AM

Zeldin Weighs In On Trump's Remarks At Helsinki Summit

Vote early and vote often : )

" Jul 17, 18 9:56 PM

'Glamping' To Be Offered At Cedar Point County Park In East Hampton

Wonder what "untouched" areas of Cedar Park will be graced with glamping tents." Jul 18, 18 8:42 AM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Board Approves Deepwater Wind Easements For Wind Farm Power Cable Thursday Night

Industrial wind turbines are better than offshore oil drilling" Jul 20, 18 9:03 AM

UPDATE: Schiavoni Withdraws Proposed Moratorium On Development In Aquifer Districts

Let's store (literally) tons of human feces for many decades in antiquated cesspools above our aquifers : /" Jul 23, 18 10:58 AM

Town Of Southampton Tops $1 Billion In Assets For First Time

The CPF has been an outstanding success, helping to protect the little bit of nature that the south fork has left. " Jul 24, 18 12:48 PM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

Comparisons to Hitler are inaccurate, distasteful and muddy the memory of the holocaust. Gershon lost cred with this statement.

Tuck Frump!" Jul 24, 18 6:19 PM

Your allusions to violence towards those you disagree with is pathetic!" Jul 25, 18 1:06 PM

It's so easy to spout nonsense based on memes and billboards.

In chapter 23 of Martin Luther Kings autobiography he wrote the following about the 1964 Republican National Convention: "The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction and extremism. All people of goodwill viewed with alarm and concern the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right."

In 1958 Martin Luther King said " I don't think the Republican Party is a party full of the almighty G-d nor is the Democratic Party. They both have weaknesses...And I'm not inextricably bound to either party."" Jul 25, 18 3:31 PM

Southampton Town Closes On Joint Purchase Of Lobster Inn Property

I hate waterfront parks! I wish the Lobster Inn was sold to the highest bidder and McMansions were built there. I spent time with my family at Old Flying Point last weekend, that place is a total dump, it should be sold. The Town of Southampton is a horrible place and life sucks : (" Jul 26, 18 9:45 AM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

Fred s' comment at 8:59am on July 26th is absurd and hateful!

"bicycle seat sniffing Muslim"

Please refrain from name calling and use at least quasi decent English.
Intelligent, well-constructed arguments containing citable facts from vettable sources are valued here on both sides of the aisle.

" Jul 26, 18 10:00 AM

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