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Trustees Opening Sagg And Mecox Cuts This Week

The hurricane the east end is overdue for will open new inlets in various points along Lung Guyland's Atlantic shorefront." Oct 16, 18 7:56 PM

NY Times Poll: Zeldin Leads Gershon, 49-41, In Upcoming Congressional Race

I agree Slime Alive -- The New York Times is a leading source of accurate information on myriad topics : )

Polls are indicating that Zeldin will win. Although I'm a libtard, who would never vote for Zeldin, I do ackowledge that his victory seems likely.

In the 2014 midterm elections, nationwide 36.7% of eligible voters cast a vote, in NYS the rate was 29% -- pathetic : /

Each vote matters in NYS congressional district 1, please vote on Tuesday November 6th!

" Oct 18, 18 4:41 PM

Lee Zeldin es une poule mouillée ; )" Oct 19, 18 10:11 AM

Schiavoni Proposal To Limit Recreation Space Shot Down

HB Proud -- What led you to conclude that "it sounds as if you believe that the other members of the Town Boad want to poision us with harmful chemicals"?

I don't believe I've ever said or written anything of the sort and that is not my belief. " Oct 22, 18 12:40 PM

Zeldin Campaign Says Misleading Absentee Information Was A Printing Error

It is inconceivable that Zeldin made the same error by spreading misinformation about when absentee ballots are due twice. And, if he did make the same error twice, then it indicates utter incompetence. Also, Zeldin's willingness to throw PDQ printing and Mail under the bus is disgusting. Before any printer runs a order the customer is sent a final proof that they sign off on. Take your pick, either Zeldin is incompetent or intentionally deceitful, no chance was the same "mistake" made twice." Oct 23, 18 11:12 AM

Zeldin, Gershon And The Two Issues That Are Defining 2018

False dichotomies - vs - scientific facts

Lobbyists running the gov't - vs - citizens guiding the gov't

Short-sighted, frothy economic policy -vs- sustainable growth

Vote for Perry Gershon on Tue November 6th : )

" Oct 23, 18 11:21 AM

Can we please all agree not to threaten, intimidate or attempt to physically harm those whose opinions differ from ours?

Anybody who encourages, endorses or engages in violence against others based on a difference of opinion is a despicable pathetic excuse for a human.

Everybody should be treated with respect, dignity and feel safe expressing their non-violent opinions. Spread peace and love : )" Oct 24, 18 11:12 AM

A Long Effort To Keep Montauk's Lighthouse From Tumbling To The Sea

The Beaches are Moving" Oct 24, 18 11:18 AM

Zeldin, Gershon And The Two Issues That Are Defining 2018

Despite the divisions within contemporary society, all true Patriots must focus on the most important issues that face our country -- Crooked Hillary's e-mails, the very unfair witch-hunt against our great American leader and people with darkish skin insidiously integrating themselves here. Ski Wildcat and Mount Snow are both opening today, therefore man-induced climate change is obviously an evil liberal hoax aimed at making it more expensive to operate my giant pickmeup truck. Hey, look over here, don't look there ... focus on brown people walking north which is scary!" Oct 27, 18 11:18 AM

Anything bad is absolutely Crooked Hillary and the liberal media's fault. 2:30pm on Saturday -- Peconoc Bay and its tributaries are flooding and eroding significantly -- very clearly libtards caused today's flooding. Thank goodness I have my NYS compliant AR15 with me at all times, our world is unsafe because of liberal mobs and as a true American Patriot Maverick America First Nationlist it is my duty to protect myself! Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born in Africa, it's okay to grab females by their chocha without consent, Crooked Hillary, biggest witchunt ever,, Elizabeth Warren is Pocohontos, more firearms are the answer, hooray for misogyny, re-elect Lee Zeldin, Benghazi, Crooked Hillary's email, Trump 2020, MAGA!" Oct 27, 18 2:58 PM

Well put, we are getting exactly what we deserve out of representative government!
Many Americans prefer an angry, dysfunctional reality-show circus of a government to a serious, respectable one. We the people are busy meaninglessly and impotently commenting on boards like this one, angrily trying to zing the "other side" and it all amounts to a giant collective waste of time and effort. What collective goals do wingnuts and libtards share? " Oct 29, 18 11:37 AM

Another insight from political ads on the glowing rectangle: "MS13 is killing our children and Lee Zeldin doesn't care".

I am a young, lonely, attractive white woman looking for NSA who prefers surf casting to trolling but sometimes does pull around umbrella rigs.

" Oct 29, 18 4:02 PM

Good morning Disease Diocese. Yes please, I would like to house a refugee family in my house. I've got plenty of space and would be very happy to provide housing and food for a year or two to a refugee family in exchange for a heart-felt thank you. I'm being 100% serious, it is an idea I have gently pursued but have not found an organization which connects needy immigrants with people who have extra space on the east end. If you know of an organization that does this kind of work please provide me with their contact information on this forum. Perhaps you and I can show that a wingnut and libtard can work together to create beneficial change -- thank you for the beautiful, warm-hearted idea : )" Oct 30, 18 9:18 AM

North Sea Whaler -- thank you for the suggestion of alerting local houses of worship that I have extra space and would be happy to help the needy with a warm, safe place to stay. I may do just that and really appreciate the good idea.

Disease Diocese -- What if I told you that your hypothetical scenario was another example of a wingnut creating ridiculous false dichotomies in a lame attempt to support their factless opinions?

But to entertain the scenario, I would probably not be interested in providing free room and board to a 24-year-old man with known drug/alcohol problems who had been arrested for burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and who may be associated with a Mexican gang. Then again, if I met this person and felt they had a good soul, I might be willing to give them another chance, we all deserve redemption, even you and I.

To touch on another idea from your 10:52pm Oct 29th post -- yes I would be happy to pick and choose how my tax money is allocated. I would choose for my taxes to pay for providing citizenship to refugees requesting asylum, dedicated bicycle lanes everwhere, marine reserves, health care for all, safe drinking water, environmental restoration, public transportation and other libtard fantasies and none of my tax money would go to the military, corporate subsidies, ICE, a border wall or leasing public land to extractractative industries. I'd also like a rainbow unicorn riding a unicycle while eating an ice cream cone : ) " Oct 30, 18 3:29 PM

Zeldin, Gershon Spar, Parry In Home Stretch Of Campaign

Lee Zeldin and the NRA sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Mr. Zeldin voted to make it legal to carry high-powered concealed firearms within yards of our local houses of worship, schools and beaches. " Oct 31, 18 9:03 AM

Zeldin, Gershon And The Two Issues That Are Defining 2018

@ Disease Diocese: First -- TLDR. Second -- I am also able to press Control C and Contol V. Third -- it is accepted practice to both quote and cite ones source so as to avoid the impression that one is trying to pass off someone else's work as their own. " Oct 31, 18 9:19 AM

Zeldin, Gershon Spar, Parry In Home Stretch Of Campaign

In reality Tuesday (every single Tuesday) is the most important day during our lifetimes (not my lifetime but all of humanities collective lifetimes). I believe the outcome is already set in stone (although only a fraction of nationwide votes have been cast), we just need Tuesday (any Tuesday will do) to find out what it is.

If Democrats gain the house and hold the Senate then perhaps education spending will increase and our children will learn science, sex-ed, how to properly use a comma and the definition of hyperbole. If Republicans win even the house (ignore need for comma here) it will let us know the American people no longer care about reverently treating the American flag and would prefer to disrespectfully emblazon it on t-shirts, smelly pickmeup trucks (my giant Silverado 4x4 with under 5,000 miles will be paid off April 2019), images of faces of bald eagles online as well as leaving the flag out in the rain/dark." Nov 1, 18 9:27 AM

@ Realistic, I would be interested and openminded to a response from you that provides evidence that my following conclusion is incorrect. I woke up today around 7:00am, open my eyes everyday and embrace truth and knowledge : ) I am not ashamed of Southampton School District, earned my HS diploma there and believe Southampton teachers/administrators are doing an excellent job. What follows is a TLDR analysis of "state scores" which shows that neither NYS or the east end lags behind nationwide averages (and also shows that I'd rather putz around on the internet than attend to more challenging tasks).

It is true that NYS is run by Democrats (Hallelujah!) and that NYS per pupil public education spending is the highest in the nation (double hallelujah). On average, NYS spends $22,366 per pupil compared with a nationwide average of $11,762.

In order to simplify this meaningless, amateur analysis, which will quickly become buried in the bowels of the internet, I chose one metric of "state scores", the SAT. I readily acknowledge that this single metric analysis is not robust and oversimplified.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, the nationwide average SAT score was 1050-1060, the NYS average 1052, Bridgehampton ($56,980 per pupil spending) average 1038, East Hampton ($32,585) 1071, Sag Harbor ($32,842) 1144 and Southampton ($36,301) 1060. Seems clear that all east end schools are in line with both NYS and nationwide averages in terms of state scores.

Thus -- I conclude that realistic is correct that NYS is run by democrats and that NYS has high education spending but I find zero evidence that NYS or Eastern Lung Guyland has low state scores. Certainly, my simple analysis is terribly flawed in it's simplicity. The best indicators of individual academic success are family income and parental level of education. Peace and well-being to all!

" Nov 1, 18 11:27 AM

All of us libtards and wingnuts impotently posting here, myself included, are convincing no one to change their mind and we are all wasting our time/energy rather than productively handling more important business. Having said that, I will continue to waste some of my time here. The real beneficiary is The Press News Group (I like the Press!) whose advertising revenue is dependent on page-views. Bravo to The Press, FB and others for presciently profiting from the deep divisions in contemporary American society by facilitating our pointlessly yelling at each other on-line.

There are exceedingly few opinions on which myself and our current poopy-head President agree upon. I do agree with our current awful president that if the Democrats "win" the midterms that US equities markets will steeply decline. One way or the other, we will see a return to historic trendlines of major indices and it is going to be ugly for all but a select few. Our president is a terrible human but he is skilled at frothy, unsustainable economic growth that is destined to fail and blaming others for his failures. I do hope and believe that Democrats will generally win the upcoming midterms, am positioning myself to profit from the decline in domestic banks/financial institutions and suggest that all you greedy, capitalist pigs reading this take similar positions soon. As Ol' Dirty B____ wisely said, cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M, get the money, dolla, dolla bill y'all!" Nov 2, 18 11:26 AM

Up is down and down is up and black is white and double bacon cheeseburgers are a healthy breakfast everyday and it's okay to grab women on their chocha without consent and politicians who violently bodyslam reporters are my kind of people and random comments on the internet make it so and fake news and biggest witch hunt ever and there is widespread voter fraud that can not be found and people with brown skin are scary and women belong in the kitchen and old white men should choose for helpless women and fake news and I need a firearm to protect myself and Fore1gnBiornHBgrown is right we are mostly here to spin our wheels for fun and there's no such thing as run-on sentences and english sentences don't need a subject & predicate.

Under US jurisdiction. It's not a gray area." Nov 2, 18 1:47 PM

At Candlelight Vigil On Thursday, Show Of Strength And Unity Is Called The Best Response To Violence

@ icecreamman -- who is trying to keep us in fear by using Black ops teams to commit firearm violence? Who/what is the Patsy and why do they want to suppress the patsy ? How are operations funded? How long has this been going on? What countries is the presently happening in? What can a person in Southampton do keep they from making me fearful? How can I learn more? Wind blown sand on bare skin is delicious : )" Nov 3, 18 6:56 PM

Zeldin, Gershon Spar, Parry In Home Stretch Of Campaign

@ Joe hampton -- What are the obstacles to legally owning a firearm on Eastern Long Island? Anyone with a NYS drivers license, who hasn't been found guilty of certain crimes can easily and relatively quickly purchase a variety of rifles and shotguns from Benson in Coram, LI Gun Source in Medford or Dark Storm in Oakdale. A NYS Compliant AR15 starts at $850. Anyone over 18 may keep it unlocked anywhere in their Suffolk County home. I genuinely miss Edwards in Riverhead which until recently was the farthest East Lung Guyland store to sell archery/firearms. I believe the $400 fee you referenced is for a handgun permit and does not pertain to long guns." Nov 3, 18 7:22 PM

I'll be voting for Perry Gershon this upcoming Tuesday because MS-13 is killing my children and I don't care. Also, I want to invite caravan after caravan of dangerous criminals into my country in order to destroy it. And I like chocolate!

Local ocean beaches are loaded with Bass this weekend : )" Nov 4, 18 9:50 AM

Sag Harbor Radio Station WLNG To Be Sold

Paul Sidney described WLNG best when he said "WLNG is like a person. You're with it. It's your friend. We're talking to one person at a time. I know there is no other station in the world like it. Even if you want to avoid it, you always come back. Whether it's Sag Harbor or Norman, Oklahoma. Main Street is Main Street."

In the recent deal, $3.2 million was paid for the property, $125,000 for the tower site and $525,000 for WLNG's license and assets.

I'd like to share a bit of information about Sandra Foshci and would be happy to learn more about the person who is going to own my beloved WLNG.

Sandra Foschi was under contract to buy a loft in the Watchcase Factory in 2014. She married WABC meteorologist Bill Evans in September 2017. She is a Physical Therapist with an office on 57th street in the city.

In 2009, Sandra Foschi testified in the trial of Brooke Astor's son, Anthony Marshall. She said "Their relationship seemed distant and cool but respectful."

Sandra Foschi was the defendant in "Foschi -v- Forward" which was decided on Nov 5, 2010. The case pertained to a business relationship gone sour and a judge found "intensity of hostility" between parties and "transgressions of both parties". Both parties were denied their costs and attorney fees.

Sandra Foschi was the plaintiff in "Foschi -v- Ramaekers and Kinnaman" which was decided on Sept 28, 2018. Ms. Foschi alleged that a March 6th, 2012 fire in her condo was caused by a telescope lens she received as a gift. A judge found that Ms. Foschi's claim was "threadbare" and that "the plaintiff largely ignores the findings of Fire Marshall Andre Ramos" who determined the fire was caused by a DVD/VCR. The case was closed in favor of Kinnaman and Ramaekers and a summary judgenment was awarded to the defendants.

I wish Sandra Foschi peace and well-being and hopes she takes good care of the voice of our community!
" Nov 5, 18 1:57 PM

Zeldin, Gershon Spar, Parry In Home Stretch Of Campaign

Please everyone go out and vote tomorrow, for either Lee Zeldin or Perry Gershon. Please research the candidates and ballot proposals and make an informed decision based on your values!

IMHO -- The Zeldin -v- Gershon race is a referendum on chocolate -- if you like chocolate, even a little bit, vote for Perry Gershon, he's the only candidate that has a proven and documented track record of enjoying chocolate. Chocolate is delicious!!! " Nov 5, 18 2:06 PM

aintof9 is correct, there are no ballot proposals in NYS or Suffolk county, thank you for taking the time to clarify and provide accurate information." Nov 6, 18 9:28 AM

UPDATE: Lee Zeldin Defeats Perry Gershon In 1st District Congressional Race

Consider the Zeldin -v- Gershon race a referendum on chocolate. If you enjoy eating chocolate vote for Perry Gershon! Perry Gershon has a proven record of enjoying chocolate and chocolate is delicious.

Regardless of the outcome of this election let's all treat each other with respect and kindness, we are very fortunate to live on Eastern Long Island!" Nov 6, 18 9:32 AM

Lee Zeldin won, there is no question that the majority of NY-1 voters chose him, it is wonderful that turnout was so high.

May Mr. Zeldin govern with compassion, kindness and work towards uniting our nation!" Nov 7, 18 10:24 AM

Scallop Season Opens In Many Local Waters

I'll wait until the back bays and creeks open on December 1st to freeze my face off diving for delicious scallops. Eel grass and bay scallops go together, when one thrives so does the other." Nov 7, 18 10:28 AM

Zeldin Wins Election To Third Term, But Democrats See Other Victories

@ Preliator Lives -- you are so right with your 7:09am comment today, we should nuke NYC, what a wise Patriot you are. NYC is a terrible, dangerous cesspool, there is nothing reedeeming about it, the museum's are awful, all the places to eat are terrible, there is no interesting architecture, all the schools are failures and Giuliani and Trump were born there. PreliatorLives, I strongly advise you to stay out in the sticks with the deer and the ticks on Eastern Lung Guyland, NYC is a hellscape and you should never enter it." Nov 8, 18 10:48 AM

Nationwide, in the November 6th, 2018 election, Democrats received over 12 million more votes than republicans, about 110 million people cast votes.

Peconic Bay scallops are delicious and taste best when you get them yourself : )" Nov 8, 18 11:02 AM

@ highhatsize -- a vintage Beaujolais?

The idea may be the most interesting / least conventional thought I've ever seen on 27east.

IMHO -- the administrators of a website are entitled to include or censor whatever they want." Nov 12, 18 10:28 AM

@ highhatsize -- a vintage Beaujolais?

The idea may be the most interesting / least conventional thought I've ever seen on 27east.

IMHO -- the administrators of a website are entitled to include or censor whatever they want." Nov 12, 18 10:28 AM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Prepares For Third Term In U.S. House

Lee Zeldin is "the only recipient of NRA cash within the Long Island Congressional Delegation". (Newsday)

Mr. Zeldin co-sponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. This act would allow people to legally carry concealed weapons in our villages, beaches, places of worship, etc. even if the out of state permits do not adhere to NYS regulations.

How does Eastern Long Island benefit from allowing visitors from OK, TX, FL and other states to carry a hidden handgun while here vacationing?
" Nov 13, 18 11:18 AM

How much longer until Camacho from the 2006 movie Idiocracy is President?" Nov 14, 18 11:18 AM

What's Next For Perry Gershon

Perry prefers plastic political placards persist past poll period." Nov 14, 18 11:26 AM

Zeldin Wins Election To Third Term, But Democrats See Other Victories

Misery loves company -- I am a miserable person who basks in the glory of domestic violence ; /
" Nov 15, 18 10:05 AM

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