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Blue Duck Bakery Cafe In Southampton, The Original Location, To Close Doors On Saturday

My family and I will miss Blue Duck, their sunflower bread and lindzer tortes are the best anywhere!

It is unfortunate that so many locally-owned businesses have shut down and been replaced by dull regional/national/international chains that take a significant portion of their profits out of the area. Thank goodness Herricks, Job's Lane Jewler, Fudge Company, Corwith Jewlery, Hildreths, Rotations, Ye Olde Bake Shop and other locally owned businesses are still around : )" Sep 11, 18 1:36 PM

New York Moves Closer To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana causes Reefer Madness -- it's users lives are ruined as they slip further and further into insanity. People who peacefully ingest a plant should be violently be impisioned in for-profit corporate prisons ; )

On another note, CGC has been on a tear the past six weeks. " Sep 11, 18 4:07 PM

Southampton Town Sets Public Hearing On Purchase Of Land Where Remains Were Found

$250 interest per day multiplied by 365 days equals $91,250 in interest per year.

If a loan was taken out for the full cost of the property ($370,000), that would represent an APR of 24.66%. Fortunately, the interest rate on my mortgage is significantly lower : )

It does sound like Mr. Beladidze does want to do the right thing and is being reasonable but I suspect that somewhere along the way some figures got mixed up." Sep 12, 18 11:10 AM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

"The Beaches Are Moving" by Wallace Kaufman, which was published in 1979 is an enlightening book : )" Sep 12, 18 10:57 PM

Southampton Trustees Look To Close Duck Blind Loophole That Favors Homeowners

Mr. Becker's quote is the first time in decades of reading the Press that I recall profanity being written.

Ever increasingly, on the South Fork and elsewhere, the desires of the wealthy are given priority over the rights of people with less money. Those with more resources are better able to navigate the system and have their preferences prevail.

Mr. Becker has valid concerns about how safely people are hunting near his home and did properly follow regulations to terminate Mr. Robinson's blind permit. However, the optics of this decision feel really lousy to locals who have long traditions of carrying out their hobbies/jobs in particular locations. It's getting harder and more expensive to be a fisherman/hunter out here.

In the words of Billy Joel -- "There ain't no island left for islanders like me."" Sep 14, 18 10:20 AM

Lake Agawam Coated By Worst Algae Bloom Ever Recorded On Long Island

Yucky! There are fewer and fewer ponds/lakes that are fiahable/swimable on the South fork and the problem is going to get worse. A municipal wastewater treatment plant is badly needed, just don't put it anywhere I'll ever see it ; /" Sep 14, 18 2:24 PM

DEC Orders All Mining Activity At Sand Land To End

IMHO -- the large, grotesque houses nearby are more offensive and cradle to grave polluting than the pit. That "gravel pit" has been off Middle Line Highway for as long as I can remember. Homes near there used to be relatively affordable because the "gravel pit" smells in the summer and the racetrack was loud. Now that the area is full of fancy houses, loud/smelly uses (that do pollute) are being pushed out in favor of cutting down the woods to build more fancy houses with impervious asphalt driveways, toxins throughout the building materials and outdated septic systems. Middle Line was beautiful and a challenge to drive on before it was paved, back when people of average means could buy a house on Middle Line. I may be idealizing the past but I preferred Middle Line when it was more natural and unpaved. " Sep 17, 18 1:10 PM

You are right, as human knowledge and technology improve, policies and laws should also evolve.

Two points to add that prove that I should focus more on work and less on posting comments online ; )
1) Worldwide GHG emissions are presently at an all-time high. According to the World Resources Institute, in 1970, worldwide CO2 emissions were 14,531 metric tons. In 2011 the figure grew to 32,274.
2) Worldwide smoking related deaths are also at an all-time high. According to the British Council, in 1990 there were over 1.8 million tobacco related deaths, presently about 6 million people die each year from tobacco use." Sep 17, 18 4:12 PM

Deepwater Files Its Application For South Fork Wind Farm

Deepwater Horizon's wind farm lease area is Cox's ledge which is 15ish miles ESE of Block Island. The existing five turbine Block island wind farm creates roughly 125 Gigawatts per year which powers about 17,000 homes.

PSEGLI currently charges me between 17 to 19 cents a kilowatt hour which seems fair, the NYS average is 18.1 cents per kilowatt hour. My balanced billing payment is less than $60/month for a 2,300 ish sq/ft house. I would like to pay more in visual assessment benefits to bury more cable. The diesel powered backup generators that are run during the summer smell bad, their athsma inducing haze can be seen miles away. Wind power isn't without its downsides but it is better than the status quo!" Sep 19, 18 10:53 AM

New Traffic Plan In Place At Bridgehampton Intersection

I am often mistaken but I believe the intersection of Millstone Road and Scuttlehole Road is in Bridgehampton. If I had to pinpoint the border between Watermill/Bridgehampton, it would be very close to The Car Doctor at 610 Scuttlehole. Hooray -- I've made another comment that accomplishes nothing while shirking more important tasks ; )" Sep 24, 18 10:08 AM

Dead Whale Washes Ashore In Amagansett

Low frequency vibrations from wind turbines, diesel engines, offshore drilling, military testing and other human activities may effect whales ability to echolocate. However, the 8 million metric tons of plastic that end up in the ocean each year poses a greater threat. Over 100,000 marine mammals die each year as a result of consuming plastic. Most whales are more intelligent than I am ; )" Sep 25, 18 8:47 AM

East Hampton Village Bans Smoking And Vaping On Public Property

Enforcement of this legislation will be selective -- depending on one's appearance, one person may be able to vape schedule 1 illegal substances while sitting on a bench on Main Street while a different person may end up in jail because they are unable to pay the $250 fine plus penalties that stemmed from their smoking legal Lorillard prouducts at the train station. " Sep 26, 18 11:05 AM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Latin-American immigrants are a wonderful addition to our community : )" Sep 27, 18 10:15 AM

@ knitter: Your comment at 10:49am on Sept 27 was eloquent and shows a deep understanding of both American history and English language. Please refer to a map -- all of the countries in South and North America collectively make up the America's. People living anywhere between Nunavit Canada and Cape Horn Chile are Americans.


Southampton Town Board Expects To Receive Official Proposal From SCWA Next Week

My water bills are absurdly inexpensive. My family takes long showers, washes our ugly polluting vehicles, frequently uses the dishwasher/washing machine and sprays potable water all over our wasteful lawn. Our water bill is always under $50 for three months (not including douchey bottled drinking water). IMHO -- municipal water rates on the south form are way too low." Oct 1, 18 11:58 AM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

My life isn't as good as I hoped it would be -- my career isn't highly lucrative, I barely have any free time and I'm tired.

I prefer to blame others for my shortcomings rather than accept the results of my own actions.

" Oct 2, 18 9:33 AM

Silver's Restaurant Is Going To Stay In The Family After All

Hooray!!! Ryan will do a wonderful job running the restaurant : )" Oct 3, 18 10:28 AM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

I politely suggest that "...Christopher Columbus's mistreatment of Native Americans..." should read as "...Christopher Columbus' mistreatment of Indigenous people..." and that the Press always use "Indigenous people" instead of "Native Americans".

The suggested change to the apostrophe is stylistic but editing "Native Americans" to "Indigenous people" is substantiative. "Native Americans" is an outdated term. When European settlers arrived, the area was not referred to as America by those living here. The best way to refer to indigenous populations is by using their tribe name, collectively they are Indigenous people. Language matters : )" Oct 3, 18 10:47 AM

@ even flow -- "white America" is not 300 million people, never has been, never will be. The 2014 US census determined that the total U.S. population was 318.6 million people. 197,879,516, or 62.6%, identified as non-Hispanic white. I strongly suggest everyone read Ta-Nehisi Coates' "Between the World and Me".

White people (men especially) are justifiably scared of losing their elevated place in our society. Hard-working Indigenous, Black, Hispanic and Asian people are making strides forward while large swaths of middle-class white Americans are increasingly struggling owing to global capitalism that protectionism can not stop. Eventually, the vast majority of us will be mixed race -- be educated, forward thinking, kind and MAGA : )" Oct 4, 18 10:17 AM

Fischer Challenges Longtime Senator LaValle; Thiele Faces Newcomer Patrick O'Connor In November Election

Fred Thiele is wonderful -- experienced, hard-working, non-partisan and he has the best interests of his constituents in mind. Vote for Fred Thiele! " Oct 4, 18 3:00 PM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

@ even flow -- I stand corrected, I misinterpreted what you meant and left out a key part of your statement. You are right, it is unfair and inaccurate when snippets are quoted out of context. Your idea that "white America" is a myth is compelling and something I'll think about, I do agree that there is no single unified "white America" working collectively to advance racially exclusive goals but rather that the established power structure does benefit some racial groups more than others. Thank you for the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with you and I hope you have a good weekend : )" Oct 5, 18 10:54 AM

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