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Restoration Of Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Piers Complete

Great job by all." Nov 27, 18 5:28 PM

Hot Sales In Sag Harbor Area

Little sag harbor is gone as the locals move away one by one." Jan 5, 19 3:02 PM

Thiele Withdraws Bill To Create Southampton Trustees Tax Line

It’s funny that all five trustees said during the last cycle of of campaigning that all five trustees would support getting a tax line and only three lived up to there word,and Fried Thiele Agreed with a republican and not two people from his own party who caused it to be shot down." May 19, 19 9:47 AM

You must be listening to bill who is controlled by jay and how many meetings did you attend and ask those important questions." May 20, 19 8:40 AM

Four Candidates Running For Two Seats On The Sag Harbor Village Board

Freash ideas,getting involved with the community school,fire department,little league,Jennifer sounds like she would be a great village trustee,I’m voting for her on Election Day in sag harbor." Jun 5, 19 9:29 AM

Primaries Set For Southampton Town Races

conservatives please vote tuesday june 25,2019 for two local east enders mike and Bruce for the 10th judicial district convention on the conservative party 1st assembly district." Jun 24, 19 1:24 PM

Keith Scott Krzyzewski Of Southampton Dies July 4

keith was a all around good guy, he will be missed in the sag harbor school district," Jul 9, 19 9:29 AM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Demands Southampton Town Remove St. Andrews Road Sign On Private Road, Accusing Highway Superintendent Of 'Fraud'

it sounds like Alex is looking out for all the taxpayers and not just club members and Alex has always had the conservative line until the party is being run by Torres and the west end gang, Jay and heckman was given the line by Torres who is heckmans brother in-law who was fired by the board of elections, nepotism at its best and I wonder if he has any other family members that might need a party position ." Jul 16, 19 9:12 PM

Planning Board Moves Forward With Environmental Review Of Proposed Fitness Facility In Bridgehampton

kelli’s pond is a very fragile body of water and does not need more pollution ." Aug 13, 19 6:47 AM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Food Trucks At Farmstands, Though Not Unanimously

the town should do everything in there power to support local farmers and businesses, the people who already pay there tax’s to the town,no let’s bring more outsiders to set up shop for a season at best,hats off to christine and julie for voting yes to the farmers and voting no to out of towers who want to make this place look like nyc." Aug 15, 19 3:37 PM

there a second food truck parked in butter la at a local farm stand that is family owned and run and all live in bridgehampton and some volunteer in our local fire departments, they do not drop by to take money out of southampton town unlike the bike share program some of the town board members voted for." Aug 16, 19 5:08 PM

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