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State Police Arrest Four in Sag Harbor and Montauk for Providing Alcohol to Minors

Sag harbor has used tco's in the past and I think the last time soup"s was sited the the same violation.i wounder why they were not on the list to be checked out to see if they were in violaton again, oh I know why they were not checked, the owner is on the village board?" Jul 9, 14 12:49 PM

WLNG's Rusty Potz Signs Off After 40 Years On Air

Thanks rusty for all the years were in sag harbor on redwood road." Jun 3, 15 2:10 PM

Southampton Town Trustees To Adopt First Public Budget

Thanks Scott, and all the trustees for praticing open goverment." Jul 22, 15 6:49 PM

New Communications Tower Proposed For East Quogue

AT&T should put a tower out east in Sag Harbor where there is very little service or none." Aug 20, 15 1:31 PM

UPDATE: Services Set For Longtime Weather Observer Richard Hendrickson

Mr Hendrickson was a very gentle and kind man,he will be missed." Jan 10, 16 9:32 PM

Donald E. Fanning Of Southampton Dies April 15

Don was one of the good guys,RIP." Apr 23, 16 11:38 AM

Good Samaritan, Bay Constables Rescue Fisherman After Fall At Shinnecock Inlet Monday Morning

Another great job by our Southampton town bay constables,always ready in seconds to respond." May 9, 16 9:40 PM

UPDATE: Toddler Revived By Emergency Personnel In Near-Drowning In Montauk Wednesday

If need be,they can land in a field of roadway." Jun 1, 16 7:54 PM

Trial Begins In Lawsuit Against East Hampton Over 'Truck Beach'

Good luck to the trustees and the town With there fight to keep our way of life and to keep the beachs open for all." Jun 8, 16 10:58 AM

Blue-Green Algae Blooms Discovered In Mecox Bay

Jim,the trustee that was in charge of mecox bay gave it up and I was asked if I would take it on as i have sagg to.Scott and Ed recived a temporary permit to open mecox in June of this year as the old permit had expired under the last trustees watch.Sagg was just opened to flush out the bay and to drain down the water level as there were issues with basements flooding.Mecox was opened in June of this year to flush and drop the level of water and as soon as we can get any type of permit to open mecox it will be done for all the freeholders of town of Southampton." Aug 24, 16 2:52 PM

Swede Amund Edwards Of Southampton Dies September 2

One of the good guys,he will be missed." Sep 5, 16 3:24 PM

Pierson Boys Soccer Team's Season Ends In Heartbreaking Double Overtime Loss

Congrats guys on a great season." Nov 2, 16 6:54 PM

Humpback Whale Spotted Splashing Around Moriches Bay

Hope he comes to Hampton bays and eats some bunkers��" Nov 20, 16 9:51 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Officials Work To Clean Up Icy Roads

I think all the highway crews did a great job with what type of snow storm it was and it is easy to talk from a good nites sleep in a warm and dry house.I would like to see you do a better job and go around the clock trying to keep up when you could not see anything with white out conditions for most of the storm,again thanks to all who did there best.
" Feb 10, 17 8:35 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Predicts Piercing State Tax Cap With 2017-18 Budget

Great job Sandra,two years in and the money that you have spent finally caught up on the backs of the taxpayers." Apr 9, 17 3:12 PM

SagTown Coffee Reopens Eight Months After Fire

Good shane����" Aug 8, 17 8:12 PM

Sag Harbor School District Begins To Set Priorities For Stella Maris Renovations

The taxpayer will suffer again and maybe they could find the Applainces that were installed and the taken by out the elementaryschool to make room for another class room.How many times did they change that room.
By the time this is over,we could have built a new school to our spec"s and just think it only has just the beginning." Oct 11, 17 12:26 PM

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