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An outpouring of support for Obama

Last night marked a day of unbelievable historic significance for the USA and the world. The election of Barak Obama is nothing less than a revolution of hope. The election of Barak Obama signals the beginning of the end of an ideology of hate and fear. Young people see America as a country of diversity. They are not blindsided by the biases of older Americans and they have been heard. Many will try to diminish Obama's victory by saying he benefited from a weak economy and an unpopular president, but the reality is is that Obama was a transformational candidate who spoke to the new America. What a glorious day." Nov 5, 08 10:19 AM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

Congratulations to the Dems. Let's take back town hall!" Nov 5, 08 10:59 AM

An outpouring of support for Obama

I think we've already lived through eight years of titanic disappointment." Nov 14, 08 9:38 AM

Publisher denies folding of Hamptons glossy magazine

VOX is a wast of paper. The Hamptons do not need another glossy homage to the idle rich. " Nov 14, 08 9:41 AM


Congratulations, Sally and Andrea! Perhaps with some Dems in office we can actually get some work done for the everyday people of our community. Glad to see the revolution of hope has finally touched our once Republican stronghold of ignorance and fear." Nov 16, 08 12:38 PM

Cafe owner and neighbor verbally spar over noise

Sam, You are right on! Be sure to send a copy of that petition to me. Anyone remember "Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang"?" Nov 16, 08 12:41 PM

Police: Men caught burglarizing house in Southampton Village

Many of these men came here because there was work. They came here because of an insatiable hunger for cheap labor by local contractors and home owners unable to pay the ever-escalating costs charged by licensed contractors whose rates are ten time those of other cities in the US. I do not condone what these men have done nor do I feel they should be immune from prosecution, but the fact that many of these day laborers now have no work, no money to get home and are actually starving is a real problem. The humanitarian crisis we now face is a direct result of local government's refusal to do something positive about helping these men and women." Nov 16, 08 12:46 PM

Store owner wants Silly String banned

This just in: Having fun found harmful to Westhampton residents. Any person found having fun or attempting to have fun shall be exiled to Silly String Island. This means you!" Nov 16, 08 12:49 PM

Group to sue Bulova developers; project stagnates

Thank you Group for the East End! Good to know there is an environmental watchdog out there with the resources to go after these ridiculous projects." Nov 21, 08 11:33 AM

Legislator introduces watered down fertilizer bill

Do we really want the needs of golf courses to supersede environmental protection?! Come on." Nov 25, 08 1:31 PM

Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

Sounds to me like an attempt to hurt the Democrats. Why not instead cut each members salary." Jan 5, 09 3:37 PM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

Dear No Amnesty,

Your hatred and ignorance are simply overwhelming. Your username is a clear enough indication of where you stand and your all-capital-letter posting serves as further evidence of an extreme and misplaced loathing. Your gut response to the news of the death of a fellow human being is to use his tragedy as a platform for your anger. Pathetic." Jan 12, 09 10:30 AM

Immigration forum highlights work of young Latino activists

Hooray to the younger generation! These kids - white, black, Latino, Asian, native American - they have such intelligence, insight, and pride. They are breaking down barriers and creating a world where everyone will be heard. I am so pleased to know that the future of America is in their hands. " Jan 21, 09 4:39 PM

Bad economy forces some migrant workers home

I am constantly amazed by the hatred and ignorance that exists in Southampton. " Feb 7, 09 6:43 PM

Immigration bill to be revived

I can see why this poster chooses to remain "faceless". " Feb 7, 09 6:45 PM

Two Tuckahoe developments discussed

Yes to affordable housing." Feb 7, 09 6:46 PM

Bishop touts economic stimulus package

Tim Bishop is right on in his support of the president's stimulus package. This money will help every day Americans and it is about time we had a congress and a president who cared about the disappearing middle class. To bayview, stop believing the republican propaganda. By the comments posted here we can assume that a number of people are still devastated by their parties huge losses. Let's not forget who destroyed this economy in the first place, shall we." Feb 23, 09 5:34 PM

NAACP celebrates 100th anniversary

I have had the great pleasure of having worked with Lucius Ware a few years back. He is a great man deserving of admiration for all he's done and continues to do for our community." Feb 23, 09 5:37 PM

Republican majority on Southampton Town Board quashes plan to restructure financial department

It is just too bad that the revolution of enlightened thought passed right over Southampton. The Republican party has been marginalized all around us, but here the same old tactics and ideologies are still warmly embraced. We need to get with the rest of the country and we need to do it soon." Feb 27, 09 12:25 AM

Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

Keep the dog, get rid of Ms. Kabot" Mar 4, 09 11:55 AM

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