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Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

This might sound crazy, but consider for a moment that some people may actually benefit from Obamacare." Jul 21, 17 12:57 PM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

"You’re undocumented. You don’t have rights here in the United States."

Turns out that - yes - they do." Sep 22, 17 3:09 PM

I think it's less losing sight of the law and more a feeling of empathy for folks willing to risk life & limb in search of a better life for their families. Also, a recognition that if presented with similar circumstances we might do the same.

Also, to mtkfishman: how do you know they "sneaked into the country"?

You're right that crossing the border without inspection is a criminal offense, but merely overstaying a visa, which is how the majority of illegal immigrants came to be undocumented, is actually a civil violation, not a crime. " Sep 24, 17 10:07 AM

I'm assuming they're referring to the deleted comments, though the assertion that ICE on the east end is "protecting" anyone from parents trying to give their kids a better life is pretty offensive. " Sep 24, 17 10:11 AM

My only question is: would you like to see every person subject to deportation deported?

Personally, I subscribe to the idea that there is a point of diminishing returns for spending on immigration enforcement, particularly when the targets are humble, patriotic, and productive folks, but I understand where the "enforcement first/only" folks are coming from, even if I disagree with their cost-benefit analysis. " Sep 25, 17 6:13 AM

I don't understand what you propose...that restauranteurs should be exempt from wages & tax laws because "the restaurant business then any other business"?

That we should live up to the examples set by other countries by denying people access to justice based on their immigration status?

What would you do differently?" Sep 25, 17 11:37 AM

Oh boy, this character witness is doing his "close friend" no favors." Sep 27, 17 12:17 PM

So what'd he do from April 24 till September 19, comply with the law in good faith? If so, he should look forward to being exonerated in a court of law. If not, then he's just as culpable.

In either case, you are doing your "close friend" no favors by continuing to discuss your personal knowledge of his ongoing case on a public forum." Sep 28, 17 9:36 AM

Friend, your knowledge on the topic is indeed "Po"

A quick google search will confirm that about two thirds of undocumented folks are overstays. Even the conservative Washington times agrees." Sep 28, 17 9:58 AM

It sounds to me like you think being a note-holder is different from being an owner, and being absentee is an absolute defense to liability.

I think the prosecutors on the case are better-informed than you." Sep 28, 17 10:29 AM

Again, your knowledge is lacking.

Since you have chosen to avoid doing your own research in favor of whatever knowledge your profession imparts (you never did say what that profession was...) I invite anyone reading to google for themselves.

You can search for the Washington Times headline (a conservative publication) which reads: "Staggering number of visa overstays now biggest problem in illegal immigration"" Sep 28, 17 10:32 AM

That's hilarious, did you even read the article? Ok, we can keep going.

How about the NBC article whose headline reads: "Visa Overstays Outnumber Illegal Border Crossings, Trend Expected to Continue"?

Or, if you think NBC is biased news, Fox News said: "In 2016, according to a new report from Homeland Security, only an estimated 106,000 people managed to cross our southern border and enter the country undetected; more than 600,000 overstayed their visas."

If you admit you're wrong, I'll stop beating you over the head with facts." Sep 28, 17 11:15 AM

That's a very gracious offer, but a quick chat about this plan with his attorney would probably result in advice to the contrary." Sep 28, 17 12:21 PM

Ok: visa overstays are how the vast majority of illegal immigrants come to be undocumente today, outnumbering illegal border crossings 600k to 100k in 2016, and made up about 42% of all undocumented people in the U.S. in 2014." Sep 28, 17 12:57 PM

The court of public opinion is as old as time, and its ubiquity is not limited to Southampton Village." Sep 29, 17 2:56 PM

Crowds Fill Hampton Bays For San Gennaro Feast Of The Hamptons

Make sure you don't look in the kitchen next time you grab a slice of pizza...you might be disappointed." Oct 2, 17 9:29 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

The records say he received at least $1,000 in the 2016 cycle. Not a significant amount, but obviously more than "a dime."" Oct 3, 17 8:45 AM

The facts are that these tragedies are now commonplace; that everyone should accept the new reality, consider themselves warned, and act accordingly.

If you think promoting policy in response to these events is effective, you haven't been paying attention." Oct 3, 17 8:53 AM

You seem to think all Democrats march to the same tune. Don't you recall that it was Democrat detractors to the ACA that removed a public option, effectively neutering any incentive for competition in the law?" Oct 3, 17 9:03 AM

I agree, but isn't it equally politicizing and repulsive to immediately propose a clampdown on immigration when it's a Muslim American who does the shooting?" Oct 3, 17 9:08 AM

Are you seeking an example of folks using an act of violence by an American muslim as grounds for a legislative response, or was that directed at bigfresh?" Oct 3, 17 10:08 AM

I prefer to think myself "tolerant of mass shootings" since the emotional price required to be an opponent is far too high with little sign of success in the foreseeable future." Oct 3, 17 11:13 AM

Yes, and once upon a time doctors prescribed cigarettes too.

Nevertheless, over time we learned that more cigarettes led to more people dying, not less." Oct 3, 17 1:19 PM

Boston bombing and Pulse shootings come to mind, even though both were committed by American Citizens. The San Bernandino shooter was also born here, but POTUS frequently referred to it as justification for the muslim ban while on the campaign trail.

I can't be bothered to Google for you, but you may also want to check out the "Bowling Green Massacre" for evidence that tragedies, real and fake, are politicized at the earliest opportunity by guilty parties on all sides." Oct 3, 17 1:25 PM

I'd wager you're wasting keystrokes, June. Eventually enough people will die, or the right people, and change will happen. Not before." Oct 3, 17 2:14 PM

Actually, Trump first called for what was still called the "muslim ban" on December 5, three days after the attack in San Bernardino, so we could figure out "what the hell is happening."

Administration officials subsequently confirmed that an "immigration nexus" in some of these commonplace attacks was sufficient justification to promote the travel ban.

I'm not saying they are good justifications any more than a tragedy where the guns were illegally obtained are good justification for more stringent gun laws, but both politicians and laypeople, liberal and conservative, champion their policies in the aftermath of these violent events." Oct 3, 17 3:03 PM

That's cool, man. I'm just saying the politicization of tragedies is about as commonplace as those tragedies, irrespective of party affiliation." Oct 3, 17 9:49 PM

Who did they appease? Zero Republicans voted for it. It was for democrats in swing states. " Oct 3, 17 9:56 PM

The facts are that no Republicans would vote for it even without the public option. We know this because....they didn't. It was a concession to the insurance companies and on-the-fence democrats. We know this because...they said so. " Oct 3, 17 10:33 PM

You get it, Mets. One day enough people will die, or it'll be a room full of legislators' kids, and change will be prompted.

Until then, we should all come to terms with the new normal." Oct 4, 17 9:20 AM

East Hampton Town Board Will Vote Thursday To Proceed With Years-Long Airport Application

I'm sure the folks who use the library on a regular basis feel differently about the investment's merits." Oct 4, 17 11:24 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

LOL let's not act as if nothing was tried, now. Don't we remember Obama being portrayed as the big bad boogeyman coming to take your guns away?

That congress would rather accept the status quo doesn't mean POTUS did "nothing." Trump is the one who said "to actively do nothing is a decision" after the Pulse nightclub shooting. " Oct 5, 17 7:00 AM

Slimy is a liar. The NRA donated a thousand dollars directly to Trump and spent $30M trying to get him elected. It's all public knowledge so be sure to Google before you blindly believe Slimy liar." Oct 5, 17 7:05 AM

Let's not mischaracterize the law on automatic weapons. While pre-1986 automatic weapons are legal to own, there are highly stringent laws in place, including a registry and background checks that require the ATF to visit your home, if I remember correctly.

I was still surprised to learn there were hundreds of thousands of these weapons out there, but you can't just walk into a store and get one. " Oct 5, 17 7:10 AM

Seriously. Did you read up top where he lied that Trump got zero money from the NRA? I can only wonder if it's deliberate or compulsive. " Oct 5, 17 7:37 AM

Did ya'll know that Trump agreed with Obama's push for new gun control after Sandy Hook?

Following the defeat of that new legislation in 2013, Obama took the following executive action:

"In addition to expanding and bolstering the background check system to cover sales that take place online and at gun shows, Obama said the administration will provide more funding for mental health treatment, FBI staff and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives agents."" Oct 5, 17 7:51 AM

It's almost like the power to enact meaningful action lies with the legislators, not the executive.

Expecting POTUS to fix the problem of gun violence by himself is like expecting DACA to fix the broken immigration system.

Which is why I can't fault Trump's flip-flop since Sandy Hook. A belief that frequent mass shooting are not a problem to be solved makes inaction all the easier." Oct 5, 17 8:54 AM

I agree, "complicit" is a little excessive. "Indifferent" would be more accurate." Oct 5, 17 10:05 AM

For what it's worth, my reading on "bump stocks" says they can be easily manufactured by amateurs." Oct 5, 17 10:08 AM

Perhaps you would prefer "ambivalent"? "Tolerant"?

How would you describe the collective response toward regular record-breaking mass shootings?" Oct 5, 17 10:17 AM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

Can you please expand on where, exactly, the above statement erred?" Oct 5, 17 10:25 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

So they didn't give it to Trump, they gave it to a pro-Trump super pac. Great distinction, even flow.

Nevertheless, Trump still received $1,065 directly from the NRA, slightly more than "not one dime."" Oct 5, 17 11:34 AM

Interestingly enough, we do license, register, and test vehicle owners, don't we?

And you're misunderstanding: it's not mere ownership of a firearm that indicates indifference to mass shootings, but the staunch opposition to any policy measures that may reduce their frequency." Oct 5, 17 2:23 PM

And that's your prerogative, They call me.

I was merely pointing out that those staunch stances in favor of inaction are why our collective response to mass shootings can be accurately described as indifferent, ambivalent, or tacit approval of the status quo." Oct 5, 17 2:54 PM

Coincidentally, a couple of centuries of jurisprudence have proven that there are, in fact, constitutional laws that place reasonable limits on firearm ownership.

After all, the majority of cannon used during the revolutionary war were owned privately but that doesn't mean we have artillery for sale at Wal-Mart." Oct 5, 17 3:17 PM

I think you misunderstand: obviously gun owners don't condone mass murder, and there's plenty who support rational regulations (the abovementioned bump stock might be one many agree on), but the blasé response to these events is now a predictable collective shrug.

If you would not describe our response as inaction, what would you call it?" Oct 5, 17 7:26 PM

That's three straight comments that end in unanswered questions. Will this be a third?" Oct 5, 17 8:47 PM

Someone's never heard of Occam's razor.

The only part of this conspiracy theory that I'm going to touch is the one about rate-of-fire: bump stocks make it possible to fire much faster than a semi-automatic rifle would usually allow. The shooter was able to hurt hundreds of people by having the capacity to send hundreds of rounds downrange in a matter of seconds and keeping several loaded rifles on hand.

Now a question for you, Dan: if there were more shooters, why do we only hear one rifle firing at a time? " Oct 6, 17 6:19 AM

I think the only legislative tools with a possibility of decreasing future deaths AND passing congress (in keeping with the constitutional ban on sawed off shotguns) are regulations targeted at technology that maximizes a weapon's capacity for destruction beyond a reasonable amount.

The bump stock ban being debated would be one example, but frankly my opinion is that it's too little too late.

Record-breaking mass shootings every year are normal and will continue to be until there is a tragedy that can't be ignored." Oct 6, 17 6:28 AM

That's a really good point, dnice. Since I've adopted the sincere belief that nothing will change, I changed my habits instead and actively avoid these large crowds.

When I do groceries and the like I make it a point to keep my wits about me and make note of where my exits are. I regularly scan others' hands in case I see a weapon and carry a knife in case it's necessary, and if it's my turn, life's been good to me.

The point being these tragedies won't stop, so we should act accordingly. " Oct 6, 17 6:39 AM

Remember when Slimy was caught lying about NRA contributions to Trump further up? Who would believe him if he was calling someone else a liar, specially with such scant evidence?" Oct 6, 17 7:32 AM

Owner Of Remsenburg Rental Home Gets 90-Day Prison Sentence

You probably meant "multiple families" because this just makes it sound like you have problems with brown people." Oct 6, 17 9:08 AM

Hampton Bays Library Heating System Failure Will Leave Building Without Heat For Weeks

Speaking of BS, your entire comment is conclusory and offers little support.

Rest assured, the folks who use the facility on a regular basis don't think it's a waste of taxpayer money." Oct 6, 17 9:26 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

But are you hopeful that it will in the face of inaction? I know I'm not." Oct 6, 17 9:35 AM

You wrote: "The latter will have little impact no matter what is passed."

It's undeniable that tough laws in other countries has been wildly successful in reducing gun fatalities as far as statistics go.

While I hope alongside you for a change in the "decay of society", or more specifically a decrease in mass murder, I am resigned to accept the futility in promoting legislation destined to fail despite its merits.

Evidence-driven legislation should be at the forefront of policy discussions, but it regularly takes a backseat in this context to the emotive tradition of firearms in the U.S.

Instead, we must accept that mass shootings and needless deaths are the price we've chosen to pay for the joy of sending rounds downrange with hot steel." Oct 6, 17 10:24 AM

"Safeguards to the degree constitutionally able" are all we ask for.

Two centuries of jurisprudence have shown that hardware legislation is enforceable, most notably in terms of the US v. Miller decision which says sawed off shotguns are not protected by the 2nd amendment. Perhaps one day well will collectively find that such legislation is also a prudent part of the conversation, probably as the result of an unimaginable tragedy, or one that disproportionately affects those with the power to effect change.

I wouldn't support the repeal of the second amendment, but I would also not blindly defend it from reasonable regulation." Oct 6, 17 11:48 AM

Girl Scouts Donate Little Free Library In East Quogue

I can't decide if you're serious, but just in case you should visit the HB library and see all it has to offer for yourself. You'll probably find they couldn't be easily replaced by a mailbox with a dozen books inside." Oct 6, 17 12:02 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

I'm merely pointing out that constitutional regulations do exist, and by refusing to pursue legislative options we are collectively acquiescing to the status quo.

The lack of specificity in your plan to strengthen "core societal values" doesn't inspire confidence either." Oct 6, 17 1:09 PM

How simple bump stocks are to manufacture go to my point of "too little too late."

Perhaps we can knock down a couple of body counts here and there by restricting high-capacity magazines, or bump stocks, or armor piercing rounds, but I predict we'll continue to see mass murder in record-breaking numbers regardless of what regulations we manage to promulgate, merely by virtue of how many arms are out in the wild already, and the inevitability of their firepower coming into unstable hands.

God bless America." Oct 6, 17 2:05 PM

Thank you dnice! That's the blasé admission I've been looking for: "mass murder is normal, get over it."" Oct 6, 17 2:06 PM

It's probably unfair to fault Trump for the September job losses. At most, you can say he failed to weather the storms as his predecessor did." Oct 6, 17 2:16 PM

I get what you're saying, but my point toward such regulations is that, no matter how ingenuous, an amateur hotfix will be less efficient, which would be the point of hardware restrictions: to reduce the amount of damage a mass murderer can commit, not to prevent it from happening at all.

We are stuck with mass murder for the foreseeable future, so we might as well live our lives accordingly." Oct 6, 17 3:25 PM

Still waiting for some specifics on how to stop the "po" decay of society." Oct 6, 17 3:27 PM

Last active season was Katrina? Aren't you from Southampton?

Where were you for Irene and Sandy?" Oct 6, 17 3:32 PM

Dnice: when you wrote "why should it change?" what did the "it" refer to?

I assumed you meant the status quo, which is record-breaking mass shootings on a regular basis. " Oct 6, 17 11:18 PM

Well let me ask it this way: what did you think "it" was when you responded to Mets Fan? Gold star if you don't ignore the question this time. " Oct 6, 17 11:24 PM

It's not really a tough question. In the context of Mets Fan's comment, "it" referred to the status quo of mass murder on a regular basis.

In your response, it sounded like you felt that didn't need to change.

Feel free to clear any of this up for me because I'm confused as to what you meant, or why you're getting so defensive. " Oct 6, 17 11:39 PM

When people talk about wage disparity, it's in the context of other problems such as rising cost of living, inflation, and stagnant wages.

Wage disparity is not bad in and of itself, but when the middle class begins to sink into poverty because their income is not keeping up with their expenses...well, that's a problem for everyone in a consumer-driven economy." Oct 7, 17 7:46 AM

Notice how he said "outperformed" without reference to any measurable metrics. " Oct 7, 17 7:47 AM

Lol, coincidentally we've come to the collective conclusion that, sometimes, we lose income through no fault of our own. That's why things like unemployment and disability exist.

An economy requires consumers and will crumble without their patronage, isn't that the point of BLM's boycott of the NFL?

If people don't make disposable income they are not buying goods. If people aren't buying goods businesses are suffering. If you businesses are suffering, so do their stockholders & employees. Simple, really. " Oct 7, 17 8:19 AM

Mets actually pointed to the first month of job losses in seven years; that's what this conversation is about, please keep up." Oct 7, 17 8:25 AM

The irony here is that folks "who feel left behind" have existed much longer than 30 years. " Oct 7, 17 6:01 PM

Southampton Town Considering Creating Opioid Task Force To Combat Spread Of Drugs

If you have any tips or names for the SHPD, I'm sure they'd appreciate it. " Oct 7, 17 6:07 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Was there really any criticism of Tim Tebow's kneeling? Didn't it go viral, culminating in everyone "Tebowing"?

Would love to see evidence of this criticism, because I don't remember it at the time and am skeptical every time someone brings it up." Oct 11, 17 8:30 AM

And if life begins at conception, spontaneous embryo loss is a bigger tragedy than 9/11, the holocaust, and the rise of communism combined.

We should also revise all our population statistics accordingly. " Oct 13, 17 6:43 AM

Sturgis: I took your advice and Google confirmed my experience. The most "mocking" I found was that "hallelujah" was played by a minor league team when he came up to bat and the mascot frequently kneeled, or "Tebow-ed".

Looking further back, there was one writer that exhibited reservations about the Jets signing Tebow because of the LGBT fanbase, which is not really scathing criticism. In fact, the articles that try to dig up this criticism in retrospect seem to have a hard time finding it.

I think the perceived criticism of Tebow's faith is highly exaggerated, and certainly nowhere near the criticism laid at the feet of the anthem protesters today." Oct 13, 17 6:55 AM

Didn't find any "criticism" of Tebow's faith, and a handful of mocking reactions at most.

Certainly nowhere close to the vitriol aimed at anthem protesters. " Oct 13, 17 6:57 AM

Hey slimy. So Obamacare died October of last year?

Remember when you were caught lying about the NRA's donations to Trump further up the page? Good times. " Oct 13, 17 7:03 AM

Nobody is genuinely suggesting we cut veterans' health benefits.

We're suggesting that purposely hurting folks by leveraging their healthcare politically is a grimy thing to do." Oct 13, 17 3:41 PM

Southampton Town Issues More Than 200 Code Violations For Illegal Rentals In Hampton Bays During Housing Crackdown

Why should government be responsible for your housing? Unless you're looking for a homeless shelter? " Oct 14, 17 6:44 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Someone quoted the Bible hypocriticaly? That would NEVER happen... " Oct 14, 17 6:47 AM

Riverside Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting 5-Year-Old Boy

So, in your opinion, how long must one live in Riverside to be a "Riverside" man?

Is it possible they were referring to the place he resides, not his citizenship? " Oct 15, 17 8:04 AM

who's sticking up for anyone? I'm asking if, even though I was born elsewhere, I still qualify as a "Hampton Bays man? Is there a cutoff?

Just trying to wrap my mind around the rule here." Oct 15, 17 9:01 AM

who's sticking up for anyone? I'm asking if, even though I was born elsewhere, I still qualify as a "Hampton Bays man? Is there a cutoff?

Just trying to wrap my mind around the rule here." Oct 15, 17 9:01 AM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Is it still racist if many black people hold that same opinion?

Isn't it weird how every time there's a conservative academic of color, they're trotted out by the Republican party for everyone to see?

It's like "but I have black friends!"on a grand scale." Oct 15, 17 9:08 AM

Yes, that's why you can go into walmart and get a bazooka..." Oct 16, 17 8:59 AM

Current mood toward mass murder: ambivalent" Oct 16, 17 9:02 AM

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