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Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

I don't typically respond to intellectually retrograde, partisan rants, but I'll amuse myself for a moment.

1) They are perfectly free to express their views, as the left wing of the Democrat party, not "Women" as a whole, a deceptive representation, a deliberate deception.

2) As usual, your attacks lack specifics, resorting to little more than name calling. Misogynistic? No, it's you who believes possession of female genetalia requires support of leftist causes, lest they be stripped of their status as a woman and opened up to vicious mockery by your vile kind. In your view, Republican women have forfeit their right to decency or fairness. Second class status would be a step up from where you put females who don't step in line with the left.

3) "Until I have a uterus". I see, so what subjects are women not permitted to speak about because they possess the incorrect genetalia? It's a strange view of equality you have, Orwell nailed this one.
" Jan 20, 18 8:52 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

So at what point will economic performance be attributed to Trump? Please be specific, because if you were honest, you'd say he'll be responsible as soon as it goes bad." Jan 30, 18 1:58 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin's 'Living Will' Bill, Covering Big Banks, Passes House Unanimously

Wow, not much passes unanimously ever, and especially in this environment. An impressive achievement." Feb 1, 18 6:24 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

Leftists like you regularly wish death upon America's military volunteers. They cheer for our enemies and call our pilots cowards. They stand in Congress comparing our soldiers to Nazis. Patriotism is a punchline to you, and the military represents the power of what you have defined as an evil, imperialist nation.

You think loyalty to this nation is for fools, especially those foolish enough to join the military.

And here you are, using them as a handy, hypocritical prop for your lies.

Tell me again how much respect you have for the military." Feb 8, 18 8:41 PM

East Hampton Vigil Will Honor Lives Lost In Parkland, Florida

From the Star

-Mr. Hausig said the group wishes to gather primarily to honor the victims, but the vigil will also be a first step in setting up a coordinated lobbying effort for additional restrictions on the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms." Feb 17, 18 1:45 PM

East Hampton Vigil Honors Those Killed In Florida High School Shooting

The same 2 dozen people at every left wing rally. " Feb 18, 18 2:26 PM

Six Democrats Campaign For Chance To Challenge U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin In November

So Pacman, why do you believe illegal aliens have the right to be here? Do you agree with your fellow leftists that this is an illegitimate nation, and therefore it has no right to control it's own border?" Feb 21, 18 9:05 AM

You have so much hatred for this country and it's democratically enacted immigration laws. Why can't you just be honest with people? Tell them they have no right to demand people immigrate to this country legally, and tell them why. Can you do that, or will you just devolve into personal insults as you usually do? Just explain why you think illegals have the absolute right to be here." Feb 21, 18 9:09 AM

I thought progressives like you want carbon energy to be "punishingly" expensive. Are you now advocating that lower gas prices are a good thing? Do you want to destroy the planet?" Feb 27, 18 7:14 PM

UPDATE: Thousands Without Power After Heavy Snowfall Across Region

LOL, perhaps a taxpayer funded program would be much more to your liking. Encouraging private enterprise? What kind of Marxist are you?" Mar 13, 18 1:16 PM

You must be so disappointed, being warmed by carbon based fuels that aren't "punishingly expensive" to reflect the "true cost" of their damage to the earth. Remember folks, Mr. Z would like you to pay more, much more for the oil and gas need to heat your home.
" Mar 13, 18 1:19 PM

UPDATE: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Directs Flags To Half-Staff In Memory Of Four 106th Members Killed In Helicopter Crash

And 6 years ago, remember what this clown announced to the fanfare of his gullible supporters. It's hard to believe a Nobel Peace Prize winner would leave this mess for President Trump to inherit.

The Guardian
21 Oct 2011

"President Barack Obama on Friday declared an end to the Iraq war by announcing that all American troops would be withdrawn from the country by year's end."
"Obama spoke of a ***promise kept***, a new day for a self-reliant Iraq and a focus on building up the economy at home."" Mar 16, 18 7:15 PM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

Have you noticed it can get a little cold here in the winter, not to mention torrential rain and snow? I certainly hope you are wrong about our society devolving to the majority riding bicycles while our wise environmental progressive leaders will have to travel by luxury self driving (taxpayer funded) cars, so they can focus on what we'll need to sacrifice next." Apr 5, 18 8:48 AM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

Can you post a quote of his "apology"? No, you can't. Meanwhile, while you're busy slandering a veteran, leftists like you on campuses around the country call for Israel's destruction, just like Al Queda and ISIS.

Or perhaps it's the fact that he's served in the armed forces that lies behind your hatred towards him. We know how much left hates our military and celebrated their casualties." Apr 8, 18 6:42 PM

Perhaps they should teach about the 100 million+ slaughtered and starved by leftists like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. The Nazis were bad, but the left, was far, far worse. There is little difference between the Marxism espoused by today's left and the ideology of three 'progressive' heroes listed above. Today's Antifa movement can trace their heritage all the way back to the 1930's." Apr 8, 18 6:46 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

So what, specifically, do you want the politicians to do to ensure, 100%, that no innocent person is ever shot again? If you were to get your gun control wish list, what, specifically, would law abiding citizens be allowed to own? Or would you simply extinguish the right of citizens to be armed, reserving that privilege for government agents only? Specifics please." Apr 10, 18 9:45 AM

OK, then how about just telling us what you want to see in gun control. What would be "enough"? So many anti-gun advocates are cagey, resort to ad hominem attacks, and generally seem to be desperate to avoid answering a question who's answer would likely cost them the support of lots of people. If you got all the gun control you wanted tomorrow, would legal firearm ownership still exist, and what would it look like?" Apr 10, 18 10:39 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Discusses Combating MS-13 Gang At Roundtable With President Trump In Bethpage On Wednesday

Hi Fred! My parents immigrated here legally, it took nearly a decade. Nearly every country in the world shapes it's immigration policy to meet the needs of that particular country. Canada, for instance, takes education level, work experience, health, and the likelihood that the immigrant will "become a public charge" on the social welfare system. Is that offensive to you? When your grand parents came here there was still a great need for unskilled manual labor, there no longer is. I'm curious though, do you believe this country has the right to limit who, and how many people come here, putting this country's economic and social interests above all else? Or does the desire of a foreign citizen to come here overrule our laws?" May 24, 18 12:53 PM

Wow: "No morals" "No objective truth" "You can't talk to a gorilla".

When you see a leftist using language like this, you can understand how left wing students in Cambodia felt justified in marching middle class families to their deaths in the killing fields. The degree of unrelenting hatred and your eagerness to dehumanize your fellow Americans is frightening. I'm sure you're too much of a coward to acknowledge this, but I strongly suspect you'd like to see Republicans dead, en masse.

" Jun 7, 18 4:45 PM

Community Supports Lobster Inn Purchase During Public Hearing On Tuesday

So your in-gear reasoning is that because the specified use of CPF funds is impaired by a lack of open space to preserve, they should repurpose the money something else, you know, like a nice (privately run) hatchery and a restaurant? When you come across a steaming, stinking pile of ego you'll always find a turd at it's center.

" Jun 13, 18 9:40 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Member And World War II Veteran Lubin Hunter, 101 Years Old, Meets Tiger Woods At U.S. Open On Tuesday

I don't know about that clean living part. A good proportion of the 110 year olds asked that question seem to credit a daily serving of alcohol! (though never tobacco or fatty foods, I guess those who would aren't around to give that as an answer)." Jun 14, 18 9:03 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Discusses Combating MS-13 Gang At Roundtable With President Trump In Bethpage On Wednesday

Glad to see you've come to terms with Hillary's loss. Your grieving has a long, long way to go, particularly with the insufferable angst you'll feel as the Blue Wave turns into a ripple, but at least you no longer believe the election will be overturned by recounts, electoral college manipulation, lawsuits of various sorts, etc etc. Hillary lost. Hillary lost. It just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?" Jun 15, 18 7:55 AM

Gershon Wins Democratic Primary; Zeldin Attacks City Roots

Shut up and vote for the white male financier, who by my calculations, spent about $3500 per primary vote he used to defeat 3 far more qualified female candidates. Surrender your principles and vote for him.

The cocktail party, third home, private jet to Aspen flavor of socialist will be well represented by Gershon." Jun 26, 18 11:02 PM

Perhaps we could present some pictures of MS-13 machete victims, and ask Democrats why they believe illegal immigrants have the right to be here. Perhaps you can answer. Should those entering the country illegally with children be allowed in? It's a simple question, can you answer it honestly? Are we allowed to control immigration, or do the rights of those coming here illegally trump ours?" Jun 26, 18 11:05 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Board Approves Deepwater Wind Easements For Wind Farm Power Cable Thursday Night

LOL, you wouldn't think that if you had the slightest clue as to what is involved in mining and refining the rare earths needed for turbines." Jul 22, 18 1:36 AM

Fundraisers Set To Benefit Gun Safety Group Moms Demand Action

"“[The fundraiser] is not at all about taking somebody’s gun away,” said Mr. Clark"

Of course they will have to take guns away from citizens to achieve his goals. Does anyone actually believe otherwise? Does anyone believe the activists are happy to "lock in" current gun ownership rates, when they claim that's what lies behind the violence they seek to end? It defies logic, and a long history of incrementalism proves this.

One common element of most anti-2nd Amendment activists is a willingness to mask and muddle their true intentions in order to slip their agenda by citizens who would otherwise oppose them. You will rarely find specifics on just what rights they intend to strip from law abiding citizens.Mr. Clark, like the groups he supports, wants a ban on all semi-automatic (one trigger pull, one shot) firearms. That accounts for more than half of all firearms sold in the country, and not just the 2% of so-called assault rifles. In effect, it will redefine the 2nd Amendment to limit private ownership of guns to pre-1902 technology.

So before the ad hominem attacks begin please answer this simple question: If you get 100% of what you want, every restriction and ban, what would legal ownership of a firearm look like? What would citizens be permitted to own (if anything) and under what circumstances? What would remain of the 2nd Amendment as it pertains to private citizens?

" Jul 24, 18 11:19 AM

I'd be happy to explain. First, where did you get the idea that machine guns are legal? The incredible depth of ignorance such a statement makes clearly highlights how many people, like you, who have strong opinions like you operate on falsehoods and untruths. Machine guns have been banned for nearly 50 years.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was made clear by the founders who wrote it. It has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting, hardly endeavors that rise to the level of requiring constitutional protection. It has to do with the fundamental right to protect oneself, including collectively against a tyrannical government that may arise. Every significant constitutional scholar and the courts have repeatedly affirmed this to be the case.

So what are these "sensible restrictions" you say you want imposed? Be clear, what, if any, firearms should civilians be permitted to possess? You're proposing eliminating existing rights, so you have an obligation to be clear about what you want. As I already asked, what would legal gun ownership look like if you got everything you wanted? What would law abiding citizens be permitted to possess?" Jul 24, 18 12:07 PM

UPDATE: Lee Zeldin Defeats Perry Gershon In 1st District Congressional Race

You and your like minded leftists believe illegal aliens have the right to stay here, free from the 'fear of deportation'. They want ICE to be abolished. They want illegal aliens who've committed further crimes to be released into the community instead of being deported after finishing their sentences. You may have plausible deniability by not uttering the phrase "open borders", because you know most decent people would be repelled by that, you just want the same outcome by whatever means necessary. What's that chant the left uses when that attack ICE? Oh yes, 'NO BORDERS, NO WALLS, NO USA AT ALL'.
" Nov 10, 18 1:31 PM

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