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Outrage In East Hampton After State Says Allowing Mine To Dig Into Groundwater Poses No Environmental Threat

East Hampton Star just ran this story ." Sep 16, 19 8:56 AM

I live adjacent to this and its a nightmare. The trucks are loud and noisy. Not the mention that all of our properties are covered in sand. When Bistrian took over he cleared 10 acres of pristine woods in a matter of days. We all have small children and I'm not willing to risk their health or safety, This mine was basically tapped when he bought it . It is located in a strictly residential area. Honestly, I don't care where the sand from Montauk project comes from. What I do care about is the safety and health of our community. Sand Mines have a long history of being unsafe. Contamintaing water and air. And frankly we are so stressed by it we are listing our house." Sep 16, 19 3:43 PM