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East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

They are 100% accurate observations. You continue to insist that you don't know what my beliefs are when you most certainly do. Then, when I repeatedly explained why I will not post certain things you insist that you don't know my beliefs and that I'm ashamed of them..? I've expressed myself perfectly and it's merely your opinion, that my opinions lack substance." Apr 29, 18 4:06 PM

Did you just assume my gender ? Shame on you....." Apr 30, 18 9:26 AM

Of course you know what my beliefs are , it's obvious. My style? Your style as well I see. Stale ? Then why do you continue to respond ? " Apr 30, 18 9:39 AM

There you go again...pretending to be obtuse. Now I lack courage ...ok. I thought it was because I was ashamed." May 1, 18 6:06 PM

No, wrong again. I feel no shame at all and I have plenty of courage. I simply refuse to post something that will most definitely be redlined. " May 2, 18 4:10 PM

I'll repeat ...I'm not ashamed. I told you why I will not post certain things, repeatedly. This interaction ? What is the problem ? You post and I answer. " May 4, 18 12:39 PM

It's driving you crazy .....funny." May 8, 18 7:04 AM

Cops Called To Help Maintain Order At Southampton Town Trustees Meeting

How many people used the picnic area ....just curious ..." May 9, 18 8:39 AM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May 15, 18 8:53 AM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Attends Opening Of U.S. Embassy In Israel

Ah yes
It’s good to know the lies and propaganda about Israel are alive and well
What a shame " May 16, 18 9:05 AM

Everything you just posted ....is a lie.
However I will never convince you so no worries....
There’s plenty of information on line to debunk every anti Israel and anti Zionist claim.
So do your own research
Trust me I’m not concerned about being “redlined”, I just don’t have the time to educate you ..." May 16, 18 9:23 AM

I'm wondering where the proof is that Arabs from Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have a right to live there and Jews do not ? Perhaps proof that the Arabs,not Jews, belong there is mentioned right next to Jerusalem in the Koran ? Or perhaps when the mosque was built on top of the Temple Mount the paperwork was lost ? " May 17, 18 9:48 AM

The violence in Gaza has ZERO to do with the embassy and EVERYTHING to do with the rejection of the existence of Israel, anywhere in the region, period. Nothing new.
It's been confirmed that Egyptian intelligence warned Hamas about further instigation against Israel and also had evidence that Hamas paid civilians to approach the border. There's also been confirmation that 53 of the casualties were Hamas members , not civilians. Again this was not a peaceful protest. It's Hamas doing what it always does. " May 17, 18 11:06 AM

I've already answered your loss of life question. In reference to your sticks and stones comment ,you failed to mention a few key details....such as the Molotov cocktails, homemade bombs, knives bulldozers and my personal favorite the kites with the swastikas carrying incendiary payloads that have caused highly destructive fires. You choose to believe that these people aren't armed. You also choose to believe that this is a peaceful protest of the embassy move. It makes your anti Israel rhetoric more effective." May 18, 18 8:37 AM

Yes because that's what Israel does. Attacks without ANY provocation whatsoever ! You too are leaving out some key details. Thank God its only 60 with 53 of them being confirmed Hamas terrorists. Have some of the pawns of Hamas been killed ..yes. The fact that the IDF has limited the damage to that point is remarkable . But I must remember you historically disagree with Israel defending her borders and citizens , which include Arab Muslims." May 18, 18 8:54 AM

Really? In your opinion, phone calls, dropping leaflets and roof knocking is indiscriminate...interesting. Tell me , because I can see you have all the answers, what should Israel do about rockets, Molotov cocktails, terror tunnels? One more question. If the Jews are such blood thirsty land thieves with no regard for human life and they have all the good weapons....why are there any Palestinians alive at all ????" May 19, 18 11:01 PM

Yea ...sure . " May 19, 18 11:32 PM

Let me guess....YOU think they do." May 21, 18 2:38 PM

When terrorists decide to adhere to the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights is when the same courtesy should be extended to them. Again it's difficult because many of the nations that are members of the UN Human Rights Council are some of the worst violators of....human rights. Now don't get too excited as this is just my opinion." May 22, 18 2:47 PM

If someone holds a belief that is sub human or when one behaves in a sub human manner, I do not believe they deserve human rights. Again I get that this is quite subjective so relax, it's just my opinion. However since you crave answers I'll give you an example. I'm Jewish ,so when an individual is shouting "death to Jews" and "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" I consider that person to be, sub human. I'm sure YOU consider me to be sub human because YOU feel my people stole land and kill non Jews, indiscriminately. Again merely my opinion. But thanks for the sage advice Billy Kunstler. I'll take my chances and continue to hope, that ALL sub Human terrorists that kill innocent people of all religions, and REFUSE to coexist, meet their maker....
" May 22, 18 5:54 PM

Not really, because Israel is not engaging in ethnic cleansing, just sayin........." May 23, 18 9:09 AM

Please tell me where are the ghettos." May 23, 18 10:39 AM

I know what a ghetto is. A few members of my family suffered in the Warsaw ghetto only to be shipped to the Treblinka extermination camp.

In no way whatsoever is Gaza comparable to the Warsaw or any other ghetto for that matter.
And this is not Israel's fault, Hamas is the reason for the blockade therefore blame the "ghetto" situation on Hamas. Keep in mind, Hamas was elected democratically....

I don't remember reading about mansions, shopping malls, a kids water park ( destroyed by Hamas), restaurants, luxury hotels, toy shops, farmers markets brimming with fresh fruit and other delicacies, in the Warsaw ghetto.
I'm also unaware that there was an obesity epidemic in the Warsaw ghetto.

Gaza was returned for peace in 2005. However Hamas' notion of peace included the continuation of calling for the elimination of Israel and continually launching rockets ,into Israel.
As unfortunate as the blockade may be there is a reason for it.

In addition to intercepting and destroying humanitarian aid, Hamas spends any and all resources on weapons of terror.
So you tell me...after land for peace and intercepting rockets for two years...what should Israel do ?

" May 24, 18 9:30 AM

Ending the blockade will work as well as land for peace did. Millions in aid have already been squandered. You are either obtuse or naïve if you actually believe Hamas will cease provoking Israel.
The ONLY solution to this is for ALL of the Arabs and Muslim states to acknowledge and accept Israel's right to exist, and to disband terrorist groups such as Hamas.
I'm not sure how many gentiles the Israeli government is killing but I do know gentiles are at a higher risk of death in most Muslim countries.

One more time...Rachel Corrie entered a war zone at her own risk. Why is America responsible ? " May 24, 18 2:17 PM

Oh ok....." May 25, 18 7:46 AM

AGAIN.....Rachel Corrie was either aware of the dangers of entering a war zone or ,was lied to about just how dangerous the region is. I know one thing is for sure , she was the perfect useful idiot. The Palestinians used her just as they've been used by their own brethren. It's a sick vicious cycle. Israelis love America.

Israelis don't "hold Palestinian lives in contempt" . Israelis are protecting all the citizens of Israel against terrorism.These citizens include Jews, Christians and Muslims.

" May 25, 18 10:04 AM

The rioters , not "peaceful protesters" are hurling explosive devices, Molotov cocktails and my personal favorite, incendiary kites emblazoned with swastikas....you know...because that's exactly what would convince the Jews that this is a peaceful event......a reminder of the fact that these people intend to finish what Hitler started.

Again, 50 of the individuals killed were Hamas members, And there still exists, no matter how careful ANY army is, casualties of war. Your logic , that a terrorist is ONLY a terrorist when he's holding a weapon is skewed.
Perhaps some of the "unarmed peaceful protestors" were only unarmed because 5 seconds prior they tossed a flaming tire over the fence....? Just a thought....

I'm surprised there aren't more Palestinian casualties with the IDF just randomly picking off peaceful protesters from miles away.

This is not a civil rights march led by MLK ..... Stop telling Jews how to handle the people that have been trying to kill them for decades ....long before 1948.
Gaza was returned, Hamas destroyed Gaza. End of story." May 26, 18 7:58 AM

There are plenty of anti Israelis living in Israel just as there are anti Americans living in America. They have something in common. They're still alive. I wonder what happens when a Saudi Arabian criticizes Saudi Arabia..?

Neve Gordon is entitled to his opinion, key word opinion. However it doesn't debunk anything. Again he's lucky he lives in a democracy.

Anyway, I cry for the forgotten Rachels.. Innocent people just going about their lives. Killed because of terrorism. Not because they willingly entered a war zone.

I'm not sure how many times I have to tell you that at least 55 of the Palestinians that were killed were Hamas members. I'm not sure why you weep for Hamas members. A bit disturbing to say the least....

Jews built a state and take the safety of the citizens of Israel seriously. The tone was set on 5/14/1948. It's not Israel's fault that the Arabs / PLO squandered billions on terror tunnels and rockets instead of building a state, especially in Gaza. But they still manage to build luxury hotels so...priorities....

Israel is over criticized

When Arabs recognize Israel's right to exist is when the carnage will end. Stop blaming America and Israel.

One US "politician" has a spine. The embassy move proved that. Because why continue to kowtow for fear that we will upset a bunch of terrorists ? The embassy move did not cause the riots. Terrorists don't need a reason to terrorize. The embassy move was promised by three presidents. Terrorism DID NOT CEASE between the years 1995 -2018 so to perpetuate the BS that the move was not completed because of "security" reasons was just that...BS...... 9/11 one good example.

Why don't the people of Gaza march against Hamas ? Oh that's right... because HAMAS WAS DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED.
" May 27, 18 12:20 PM


Why do you accuse everyone of casuistry ? Because you can't admit you're wrong ?

To your first paragraph ...relax.

Nothing was authenticated. If you're into propaganda check out some of the garbage Pallywood churns out. It's hilarious !!

It's not irrelevant when terrorists are killed. It's a victory against terrorism.

Flying incendiary kites decorated with swastikas....you left that part out.

They're not " only palestinains" , they're terrorists intent on breaching a border and screaming kill the Jews while doing so. What do you think will happen once they get through ?

The IDF is not massacring people at will.

" May 28, 18 9:14 AM

I'm stating facts. Everything you post is false. It was indeed a war zone. Military operations were being carried out to combat terrorism. Because as you know, Gaza was returned for peace.

I don't need to "justify" anything. Terrorists that commit terrorism run the risk of being killed. It's a chance all Hamas members and paid civilians that democratically elected Hamas ,are more than willing to take.

The act of flying kites with incendiary devices decorated with swastikas illustrates intent. Thoughts of killing Jews often turn into actions. They weren't storming the fence to borrow a cup of sugar...

The IDF most certainly employs non lethal methods. If the IDF were indiscriminately massacring people ,more that 60 would be dead. I consider the death of 50+ terrorists a victory in the war on terror.
" May 29, 18 10:40 AM

Make my case ??? I believe I did. " May 29, 18 11:12 AM

Yes HHS .......SIGH indeed.....

And the rest of us have suffered reading your Islamophile love letters and your disgusting justification and at times, complete denial of terrorism.

Human decency was on full display at the security / border fence when the IDF showed extreme restraint while listening to a bunch of savage terrorists spew , "kill the Jews" as they're attempting to breach the border. Kill the Jews is something Jews have been listening to since 5/14/1948 and to be factually honest , long before that. Maybe that's why Israel sees this for what it is, the usual terrorism perpetrated by Hamas and the Palestinians that democratically elected Hamas, not a "peaceful protest".

And you ......FBHG
You too, ignore Hamas' genocidal goals and excuse its terrorism. If you do not understand why the instruction to break down a security fence **key word security** while shouting kill the Jews, is a clear and present danger to the Jewish communities that are only hundreds of yards away, you may be obtuse or perhaps willfully ignorant or just plain anti Semitic. I'm going with all three...

Hundreds of acres of Be'eri Crater Nature Reserve which was home to many species of wildlife was destroyed by the incendiary kites. Sad. Also the thousands of burning tires not only presents a health risk for Israelis but to Gazans as well. Also affected ,the animals and birds that inhabit the ecosystem.
It seems as if the "Palestinians" are trying to turn Israel back into the wasteland the Jews encountered in the mid 19th century.

Israel gave Gaza back for peace. Hamas controls Gaza. Hamas was democratically elected.

" May 30, 18 9:56 AM

It's your opinion that it was unnecessary and that they were unarmed. Again, you choose to believe that Hamas and the Palestinians that willingly elected the terrorist organization known as Hamas,are not terrorists . It's ok, it's your right to do so. Just as it's Israel's right to take all threats from a terrorist organization seriously and protect all of Israel's citizens. You choose to accept Hamas' propaganda as fact knowing ( or not perhaps ??) that Hamas is a terrorist organization.
" May 30, 18 11:59 AM

Hahahah MY grotesque extremism ....that's RICH !!!!

I approve of the self defense measures taken when threatened by terrorists screaming KILL THE JEWS while storming a border / security fence...

Your math is off. Also, Israel was attacked on 5/14/1948 by people screaming ...KILL THE JEWS " May 31, 18 11:35 AM

The Pallywood videos ? Hahahahahaha
" May 31, 18 12:26 PM

You're entitled to your opinion. " Jun 2, 18 9:23 AM

I'm willing to bet that you and the Israelis differ on the definition of imminent threat" Jun 4, 18 9:05 AM

FBHG...Remember you're entitled to your opinion." Jun 5, 18 9:31 AM

And again, you are entitled to your opinion." Jun 5, 18 9:53 AM

It's called rabid anti Semitism . But remember....it's not against the Jews......Just against Israel's founding, existence and policies......" Jun 7, 18 7:26 AM

To FBHG...

My comment was directed to dfree re: HHS....
So why are YOU responding defensively ???

To answer this comment I will suggest you read Biba's latest comment to you. I concur.

" Jun 7, 18 9:07 AM

Hahah HHS
All lies !!!
You just really hate Jews !!! " Jun 9, 18 1:31 PM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Attends Opening Of U.S. Embassy In Israel

Please HHS
The professional victims are the Arabs that call themselves "Palestinians". The Arabs that have been and are STILL , 70 years later, being used as PAWNS by OTHER Arabs.
YOU should take your own advice and try thinking.
" Jun 10, 18 7:56 AM

Man .....Biba is spot on when describing you HHS...! " Jun 15, 18 11:13 PM

Oh silly HHS .....
Wrong again......" Jun 17, 18 9:35 AM

More rambling by the #1 Islamophile ...." Jun 18, 18 1:41 PM

What siege...?" Jun 21, 18 6:12 PM

Translation: Blame Israel for Hamas' actions. Apartheid does not exist in Israel just because you think it does. Israel returned Gaza for peace." Jun 22, 18 8:21 AM

I hate to break it to you FBHG but certain precautions are 100% justified. Relax ,I'm not disputing tangible obvious things nor am I disagreeing with them. You can stop saying Apartheid though because that's NOT a fact , that's a lie. Tell me please .....how should Israel deal with a bunch of terrorists knocking at the backdoor ? And AFTER the Gaza was returned for peace.....Tell me , why should Israel have an open border with an entity that want's to destroy it ? I want your brilliant solution ......" Jun 22, 18 8:58 AM

Translation.....wait until the terrorists are actually INSIDE Israel and only with weapons in their hands, also never assume any terrorist or "civilian" is concealing a weapon because what are the odds..............fantastic strategy FBHG....
" Jun 26, 18 12:45 PM

On the contrary....my translation is 100% spot on.

There is no proof that these people are unarmed. You're still confused about what it means to conceal weapons or explosives.

Also, it's good to avoid letting terrorists that intend to kill Jews breach a SECURITY FENCE. Key word ...security. There is a reason the SECURITY FENCE exists. The terrorists were repeatedly warned to not approach the fence.

The past predicts the future. If you expect the IDF to assume the violent rioters are NOT concealing weapons you're obtuse. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I thing the IDF have a better idea as to how to handle terrorism considering they have been subjected to it for the last 70 years.

For example.... The IDF learned the hard way that not all "injured civilians" being transported in ambulances for TREATMENT by the IDF medics are actually injured OR civilians. The "civilians" that aid and abet terrorists are terrorists as well. Did you catch that ? The IDF treats injured Arabs.

Thank you for your concern but I don't spend my time aiding and abetting terrorist organizations and ignoring warnings at violent riots so I think I'm all good......" Jun 26, 18 3:24 PM

FBHG ,here is some clarity ....because apparently you're still very confused.
You insist it's extrajudicial execution. Not only are you wildly incorrect you're perpetuating anti Israel sentiment. Classic anti Semitism.
Most rational intelligent people know when someone follows a group of terrorists and acts in concert, death may occur.
An individual runs the risk of death when he or she ignores warnings and enters a war zone.
This is about personal responsibility and risk.
And lets not forget ....collateral damage.
The IDF are there to protect Israel from terrorists that vow to kill all Jews.
The terrible IDF with their "assumptions".You're right ,the IDF should really give the people shouting kill all Jews while sending over incendiary kites with swastikas ,the benefit of the doubt.
Forty five rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel on 6/20/18...good times at the peaceful protest.

" Jun 27, 18 10:41 AM

Hahahah oh boy.........." Jun 30, 18 10:39 AM


HHS you lie repeatedly and each time that you are caught in a lie you simply replace it with a new lie, the reason being that there is, in TRUTH, no way to justify the callous murders of Jewish civilians by Hamas (and non Hamas members as well),just because they are Jewish and it's the goal of Hamas and Hamas supporters to destroy Israel and kill all Jews.

Jewish children killed while sleeping in their beds for GOD's sake !!!!!! Or perhaps just waiting for a bus, shopping in a market, just existing ....period.

" Jun 30, 18 10:54 AM


You're trying to reason with people that give a full pass to Hamas and people that support Hamas. Don't waste your time....

Dfree.....dayum you're good !!! " Jul 1, 18 10:05 AM

'Interdependence Day' Walk In Sag Harbor To Protest Treatment Of Immigrants

You don't know the point....... are you serious ????" Jul 3, 18 12:48 PM

Yea Fred s that's it.....smh with a bit of eye roll......" Jul 5, 18 9:16 AM

Springs Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

As a passenger on a bike I can tell you this.....I would LOVE to be able to beat the life out of people texting. In fact texting , applying makeup, eating etc. There should be much heavier fines for texting imo...." Jul 9, 18 7:42 AM

Drunk Yoga Classes Come To Montauk

Do they drive home drunk after class....? " Jul 10, 18 11:05 AM

Well with all due respect DD and Hobie can correct me if I'm wrong but I think Montauk is sometimes treated like the wild west where anything goes as compared to the other "Hamptons" towns. I know a few years ago it was like spring break during the summer months and a friend of mine had to break out the hose because drunk people were using her front lawn as a toilet....It's ok to have fun but blatant disrespect for the area and the local residents is ridiculous ....Also...with drunk driving and the opioid abuse issue
out here I feel Drunk Yoga is really a bad idea. " Jul 11, 18 8:46 AM

Zeldin And Gershon Come Out Punching In First Days Of Congressional Campaign

Maybe Obama left some of his lip gloss in the OO....." Jul 12, 18 5:18 PM

Yea ,he had other relationships where he used plenty of lip gloss..." Jul 13, 18 8:35 AM

Drunk Yoga Classes Come To Montauk


Yea it's great ...until someone drives home drunk after class and kills someone. The drinking and driving problem out here is bad enough. Why add to it ? Besides , most fitness experts agree that this is just a marketing gimmick and that it's actually contradictory...Yoga is supposed to increase your consciousness , whereas drinking beer lowers it.

Yoga is an ancient serious practice. This is not Yoga but an opportunity to drink and socialize ..." Jul 16, 18 5:15 PM

Startup Luggage Courier Service Partners With Blade To Transport Bags

Hahahah oh boy...the anti airport people are going to LOVE this ......." Jul 17, 18 9:38 AM

Zeldin Weighs In On Trump's Remarks At Helsinki Summit

So you're saying you did not call someone a Nazi ? I'm confused ....." Jul 18, 18 9:41 AM

Why Jerusalem ?
" Jul 18, 18 10:31 AM

To johnj...

I must remind myself that sarcasm does not translate well through text. Yes I know EXACTLY why you mentioned Jerusalem....He seems to like spending all his time there ? Do you have an idea as to how many times he's been ? I'm curious. Thanks, I will eagerly wait for your reply.

You're a riot ! Defending anti Semitism with more anti Semitism !!! You're offended because a JEWISH congressman supports one of our only allies in the region....
Then there is the Clinton Foundation and Saudi Arabia and 9/11 and Hamas terrorists in Gaza ...they get a full pass....Ok

And finally to FBHG
Are you a moderator on this post ? Because I was addressing V.Tomanoku, not you. " Jul 19, 18 12:00 PM

No....just stop. I know your MO .... You don't enlighten, you bully. Of course it's clear ...again I personally made the mistake of using sarcasm in a text form. " Jul 19, 18 12:32 PM

Man....... SHP you people......????

I'm redlined for telling the TRUTH about the conflict in the ME but it's all good to accuse the IDF of wantonly killing "Palestinians" ......
Sick S&*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" Jul 22, 18 1:56 PM

Nope ,you're wrong.......again." Jul 23, 18 8:50 AM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????" Jul 26, 18 8:59 AM

Hitler moved the embassy to Jerusalem ?!?!?!
People CAN change....Hitler ....what a mensch !!!! " Jul 26, 18 9:05 AM

Hahahah *eye roll*

My comments are "half baked".... why ? Perhaps because you pretend to not know what I'm suggesting... sure.....

Another prime example...You didn't know Zeldin is Jewish...

That's correct...stop judging ,because all you do is antagonize and instigate like a petulant child. " Jul 27, 18 8:38 AM

Perhaps if HRC won....." Jul 27, 18 8:43 AM

I did answer you...
Again you already know what I think...Just as I know EXACTLY what you think." Jul 28, 18 8:05 AM

Peter Marino Announces Purchase Of Former Rogers Memorial Library Building And Intent To Open Museum There

With all due respect to everyone, the dude IS dressed like Mr. Slave from South Park and I don't care what his wife does for a living. It's just my opinion but I feel the SH Press picked a bizarre photo to use. I say that having respect for pretty much all types of lifestyles.....
However I'm happy the building will be saved, it's beautiful." Jul 30, 18 2:59 PM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

I don't know Fred s.......I see a lot of people at his rallies.....Not exactly a "small group".....
So, speak for yourself......" Aug 2, 18 11:22 AM

I don't think you're aware of what Tommy Robinson is fighting. I have a cousin that lives in London. It's not good.
I find it amusing that people like you Fred, fight against intolerance yet ironically the people you care SO much about are some of THE most intolerant people on the planet" Aug 3, 18 10:44 AM

Wow you are clueless ...Were you aware of the fact that the Middle East was not always predominately Muslim ? Do you know how it became predominately Muslim ? This mass migration was happening long before ISIS et al. You have NO idea what's going on. Again the most intolerant people on the planet expect everyone else to tolerate them. Classic. " Aug 3, 18 11:29 AM

9/11 and how Muslims treat women and infidels is enough proof for most rational individuals
" Aug 5, 18 7:01 PM

Hahahaha oooh boy that’s a good one ....
I can’t stop laughing!!!!
" Aug 7, 18 10:48 AM

HHS's thoroughly anti Semitic crackpot tin foil hat response in 3....2....1" Aug 8, 18 7:25 AM

Hahaha FBHG you are an insufferable piece of work. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest Biba means no......Ray Charles could see that. You just like to instigate. Biba's answer is CRYSTAL clear !!!!

You are a petulant nagging trouble maker trying to prove some point you have in your head......You try to "out" people and yes you are 100% a bully.

" Aug 9, 18 2:09 PM

Appearances can be deceiving.
" Aug 9, 18 4:47 PM

FBHG.....you don't strike me as someone that has a problem reading between the lines.
Do a little research ....read some of my older posts. Then put it together ....." Aug 10, 18 2:54 PM

Dayum ......anti Semitic and beyond disrespectful and a distortion of reality and facts ....

Never ends " Aug 11, 18 12:58 PM

Dayum ......anti Semitic and beyond disrespectful and a distortion of reality and facts ....

Never ends " Aug 11, 18 12:58 PM

Wrong" Aug 14, 18 3:16 PM

Lee Zeldin Declines Invitation To Forum On Morality Organized By Local Interfaith Clergy Group

According to the Rabbi

Zeldin & Trump = Bad for Jews and women

Linda Sarsour + Good for Jews and women

Go figure

HHS' and probably FBHG's rabid defense of a woman that called the Imam Siraj Wahhaj her "mentor and motivator" in 3....2....1 Then the defense of the Imam to follow soon after Hahahahahahah " Aug 14, 18 3:36 PM

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