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Alec Baldwin Decides To Not Donate To Sag Harbor Cinema, Representative Says

Luckily your identity is hidden as well. The nerve. You accusing people of slander , that’s rich.
I was never ordered to take anger management classes nor did I ever have to check myself into a rehab.
Please,most locals know the “real deal” with the wonderful celebrities we have to endure because we live in the fabulous Hamptons. So as long as they donate ( tax write off) , what difference does it make? See what I did, I quoted your hero !
Also I’m concerned that you may need medical attention. You seem to have a severe case of sycophantitis." Nov 18, 17 9:27 PM

Democrats Sweep In Southampton Town Elections

Why is it dumb ? " Nov 19, 17 10:18 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes No On GOP Tax Bill In House Thursday

So what does that make her ? " Nov 21, 17 7:56 PM

I’m asking about one in particular. " Nov 22, 17 10:05 AM

Wow you’re bitter " Nov 28, 17 9:38 AM

It was more like cultural appropriation, which in my opinion is even more insulting. But I’m picking up what you’re putting down....." Nov 28, 17 9:43 AM

And remember Jesus was Jewish......." Nov 29, 17 9:34 AM

You're living in a fantasy world if you believe we live in a Judeo Christian society " Nov 29, 17 11:01 AM

My post was directed to Mets. But while we're on the subject... As a Jewish person I can tell you that I'm not offended when someone assumes my religion. I'm offended at the asinine and insulting comments I receive after I tell a person that I'm Jewish and that I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter. Also, plenty of not so devout Christians never have to explain why they still celebrate Christmas, or why they may feel the need to defend Christianity. Interesting. Not everyone is "Christian at Christmas". Yes an actual response I once received. Hanukkah is not the "Jewish version of Christmas." Dec 1, 17 3:48 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

I'm going to assume that you are aware of the fact that Ed Koch considered anti Zionism equal to anti Semitism." Dec 2, 17 10:52 AM

Which part ? " Dec 2, 17 6:14 PM

How is Israel, “taking precedence”? Please explain.
" Dec 7, 17 9:09 PM

What program(s) like Japan ? Are you serious Mets? How would you cope with Japans immigration policies ?" Dec 17, 17 11:32 AM

Nothing quite as beautiful as seeing a bigoted windbag redlined......" Dec 17, 17 11:35 AM

Mets...you need to understand that some of them are !! And where was HRC when she decided to "stand by her man" ? Was SHE living in the 1950's ? And what about Bill's victims that SHE vilified ? Was that a "gold digger" move?
Give me a break
Sit this one out.....
" Dec 18, 17 11:28 AM

Thank God Trump won!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!" Dec 24, 17 10:39 AM

Define "gangsta" .......
" Dec 29, 17 10:04 AM

And for you June from 12/25/17....

Why not wish you a Happy Hanukkah ? People say Merry Christmas to me all the time during the " Holiday" season. I'm Jewish.

Also you're correct , Jesus never said Merry Christmas...but he did say Happy Hanukkah." Dec 29, 17 10:40 AM

Response to June Bug from 12/29/17

What changes are you referring to? And what "complaint" did I make ? I merely stated a fact.
Obliviousness and insensitivity can be blamed on individual people, not on greetings during "seasons" in which Christian and Jewish holidays share calendar time. And as a 54 year old Jewish person I can tell you that I'm not offended by the Christmas season itself . I'm offended at the response I've received many times after I've stated I do not observe .This is exactly why your comment on 12/27/17 is just so ironic. What do you mean you don't celebrate Hanukkah.....??? Come on everyone is Jewish during Hanukkah Junie , don't you know that ?????

Personally I'm offended by "Happy Holidays". It muddles everything and confuses people. Education is key. Instead of jumbling everything together in the ridiculous effort to not offend ,why not educate people. For example, the assumption by many that Hanukkah is the Jewish version of Christmas is a problem. The fact is ,most non Jewish Americans have zero understanding of Jews and Jewish holidays. And shouldn't they ? After all we supposedly live in a Judeo Christian society....more on that later......

Also on 12/25/17 you respond " who knows ,who cares " re: what Jesus may or may not have said during the "season". Well ,you cared about Jesus enough to make a definitive statement about how Jesus never said Merry Christmas....So I'm confused.
And because according to you, if it's not in the bible...it didn't happen ? That's funny.

Sadly I get why Hanukkah was "elevated". The Jews that acculturated themselves basically felt the need to compete . Which is unfortunate because Hanukkah is not the same as Christmas. Also by trying to compete, Hanukkah became another consumption casualty. Plenty of Jews felt at home before the invention of Mensch on a Bench. In fact this crap is exactly why Hanukkah is considered a "Jewish Christmas". I never felt the need to compete with an elf that causes chaos in the middle of the night. I was never made to feel less than because we did not celebrate Christmas. Thanks but I don't need you or anyone else to tell me, a North American Jew, what Hanukkah is all about or what it feels like to be Jewish. If the term "Judeo Christian" couldn't bond Jews and Christians in America, Mensch on a Bench certainly wont.

" Jan 3, 18 3:23 PM


What if you could be the POTUS for one month. What would YOU do about North Korea and Iran." Jan 4, 18 3:42 PM

Denver Colorado decriminalized public defecation...
Let that s%#t ( pun intended) sink in...
hooray for illegal immigrants
Apparently taking a dump in the street is a low level crime.

I know who’s gonna rationalize and defend this....
" Jan 7, 18 1:34 AM

To HHS from 1/7/18

No lies posted by me...

I'm quite surprised that YOU don't know the definition of decriminalization!!??

And, merely my humble opinion, but one that I'm sure is shared by many law abiding legal Americans, the punishment for a crime becomes changes/ becomes irrelevant once the perpetrator is found to be ILLEGAL, another word you have trouble comprehending.
" Jan 10, 18 11:43 AM

Mets...get over the black man crap. Ironic that you accuse everyone of racism yet you keep pulling the card. It's impossible for you and your ilk to comprehend that the color of his skin has ZERO to do with the fact that he was a horrible POTUS...yet ironically again, race relations were at an all time low during ( and now after) his presidency...go figure." Jan 16, 18 11:27 AM

Seal Pup Found On Amagansett Road, Released In Hampton Bays

Absolutely nothing ! " Jan 18, 18 10:27 AM

Women Will March In Sag Harbor On Saturday

I would be happy if they marched in a country where women are actually oppressed. " Jan 19, 18 8:26 AM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

You just described the Clintons !!!! " Jan 20, 18 11:46 AM

Eastport Firefighter Is Department's First Elected Female Officer

I'm picking up what you're putting down Erin.... ; )" Jan 20, 18 12:03 PM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

But I'm confused June. Voting for HRC would have put a rapist back in the WH." Jan 22, 18 10:03 AM

But how hard do we have it ? You tell me." Jan 22, 18 10:06 AM

Hey 2329702 you never answered my question. I'm a woman btw. What a surprise huh ? " Jan 23, 18 9:54 AM

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!
" Jan 25, 18 9:38 AM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

I wonder how many HRC had..? Maybe that explains her weird jerky movements and bad balance issues ......." Jan 27, 18 9:16 AM

What changed after the shootings when Obummer was POTUS ? " Jan 28, 18 11:20 AM

Yea....that's what I said. Try answering the question." Jan 29, 18 11:09 AM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

Anything to do with Linda Sarsour and Rasmea Odeh is not exactly female friendly.
Remember what Linda had to say about Ayaan Hirsi Ali ? It was quite disgusting considering what Ali endured. Linda "I was an ordinary white girl" Sarsour thinks she is more of an authority on living under Islamic rule than Ayaan Ali. Last time I checked Brooklyn is a little more relaxed than Mogadishu." Jan 29, 18 2:56 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

Wow SH Press...Just wow. And I'm confused FBHB ....YOU, not me, suggested that service members only join for a paycheck and benefits.....Hello ????????????????????????????" Feb 8, 18 10:41 AM

What is your suggestion Z ? We don't need the Military ? I'm a right wing fool because I recognize the necessity ? " Feb 8, 18 10:56 AM

Illegal is illegal. Why is this so confusing for you ? " Feb 9, 18 10:12 AM

Ok sure..How did you get here ? Legally ? I have no problem understanding the difference between legal and illegal. Nice deflection though." Feb 9, 18 10:40 AM

Well in YOUR mind you are, but that's typical with entitled people that feel the law doesn't apply to them. Sorry to disappoint but no, it doesn't " eat me up inside". I just feel bad for the legal US citizens that suffer because of people like you. " Feb 10, 18 10:30 AM

Well of course not ,I don't know you...... I'm merely stating a fact that there is a legal way and an illegal way to reside in the U.S. How am I putting you in a "bad light" ? I inquired about your entry into the country. If you feel that you are seen in a bad light that's your problem. Fill in the blanks ? The issue is legal versus illegal. This is simple stuff. It's called a slippery slope. " Feb 11, 18 1:45 AM

What ??? You're the one being coy. Legal citizens and the individuals that become citizens legally ...those people suffer. " Feb 13, 18 3:33 PM

Sounds like something is eating YOU up inside.....
I really haven't paid that much attention to you in general so I must have missed the time you explained your status. I'm basing my opinion on your statement about what requirements need to be met to be considered a legal citizen.
" Feb 14, 18 5:56 PM

East Hampton Vigil Honors Those Killed In Florida High School Shooting

Where do criminals " purchase " guns ......? " Feb 25, 18 9:53 AM

Six Democrats Campaign For Chance To Challenge U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin In November

Exactly !!!!! " Feb 25, 18 9:55 AM

Where do they live ? " Feb 26, 18 8:51 AM

I was being facetious......" Feb 26, 18 5:27 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

Careful.....you'll be labeled an islamophobe..............." Feb 28, 18 3:32 PM

To the non liberals here .....Go on line and check out an article in
American Thinker....
Sheriff Scott Israel's deputy provided firearm training for radical Mosque.

While you're at it, You Tube Nezar Hamze.

Most normal people will find this extremely disturbing. The rest will cry islamophobia and claim Hamas is philanthropic.........." Feb 28, 18 4:20 PM

Well at least they’re were all just fired.
Imagine if they worked for Clinton.....
" Mar 1, 18 8:19 AM

Wow HHS .......
I find it interesting that you completely ignore the subject and launch into some BS tirade about Kushner.

Most normal, moral ,awake and aware ,reality based individuals that have not succumbed to political correctness ,find it odd, that the Sheriffs Department that refused to enter a building where children were being slaughtered is the same Sheriffs Department that found it necessary to inform individuals with ties to Hamas how to protect themselves with firearms

But you go right ahead and continue kvetching about Kushner

I knew were lower than a snakes belly, but this places you in wagon rut territory " Mar 1, 18 1:42 PM

Just as I said.....lower than a snakes belly, in a wagon rut...the same to ANYONE that thinks what happened to those children is ok.

I also suggested you tube. Either way the information is available. And it stinks.

May those poor children rest in peace. May their families find peace if that's even possible.

" Mar 2, 18 2:08 PM

Stop, your willful ignorance is showing. Read my posts from 2/28 & 3/1. You know EXACTLY what my theory is. You know what I think because I know what you think. " Mar 2, 18 2:40 PM

Yeah, I didn't think so.....Hahahaha ..... your assumption is incorrect. I only get to post twice because I don't subscribe. Maybe try thinking before you post....
My point is CRYSTAL clear.
You understand EXACTLY what I'm saying or, you're deliberately obtuse, it's one or the other......
" Mar 3, 18 10:06 AM

Really? That's your answer ? Hahahah . And you're speaking for all the readers now? And you're suggesting all the readers are as obtuse as you ??? How rude and insulting !!!!
Has it dawned on you that I refuse to take your bait ? Or are you slow with this as well ?
Now remember, I won't be able to respond until tomorrow............." Mar 3, 18 10:26 AM

Oh please HHS enough with the complaining about the American Thinker already!!! Ugh....such a pathetic attempt at deflection. Lucky for you the information is available in other publications!!

Of course YOU see islamophobia. People in the rational world question the the motives of this particular Sheriff’s Department.
I endorse reality and I abhor political correctness." Mar 5, 18 8:17 PM

Who is "us" ?" Mar 6, 18 12:32 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Farrakhan is a public figure with a platform.
Believe it or not , that’s enough.
Hopefully the hypocrisy of the “Woman’s March” will reach a few more people.
" Mar 8, 18 11:27 AM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

Do you mean to tell me "family stories"...... is not enough evidence ???
Hahahaah" Mar 12, 18 10:52 AM

After Nearly Three Decades In Sag Harbor, La Superica Restaurant To Close

All good things ....as in Sag Harbor itself. Because that's what is happening. Sag Harbor has become another victim of greed and is slowly losing it's very distinct charm.
And Ken.....such a great guy....
Supe's will be missed !!!! " Mar 15, 18 9:24 AM

Hey,Tay.....I don't recall seeing a Caesar salad for $22. on the menu, perhaps it contained shrimp...? Shrimp is expensive. Have you seen the price of avocados ? I never paid $17 for a perfect.....Here is my question, did you read the article ? The cost to run a business is ridiculous when the landlord is greedy. Supe's, like Conca Doro was one of the last few reasonably priced establishments. Don't get me started on the greedy rental situation out here. Again Sag Harbor will go the way of East Hampton and Southampton and that is sad. This is not about inevitable change, it's about greed. " Mar 15, 18 1:45 PM

With all due respect this had zero to do with competition. Ken was forced out." Mar 20, 18 2:42 PM

With all due respect Mr. Timer what do you think the "deal" was about. Of course the owners can "do what they please" ...But I think you're missing the point. And Local....was it 5 star Mexican cuisine ? Maybe not. But it was decent and fairly affordable. The place had a fun vibe. Many people worked there through high school and even after. Ken is an awesome boss and even better person. I get it that things change, but this was a case of , "if it isn't broke"....." Mar 22, 18 5:14 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

City-journal (dot) org..............
Obama's Biggest Failure." Apr 4, 18 6:12 PM

Since it's founding ? What ???? " Apr 4, 18 7:48 PM

Well ....I'm responding to Junes comment ,I guess I misread it....Yea thanks I know about slavery. I also know it still exists thanks to welfare. Thomas Sowell explains why. And while I'm here can you tell me why you ignored Biba's comment on Louis Farrakhan? Or did I miss it ? Just curious. " Apr 5, 18 7:13 AM

Great...."stand by" it...Unfamiliar ???? Really......??? Well now that you're "familiar"......" Apr 5, 18 2:44 PM

Did you do your research yet ? FYI Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan , not the same person. I would love to hear your opinion on both of these individuals. " Apr 6, 18 8:33 AM

What a surprise...You're all talk until you realize you cant spin something. Yea sure, those two are "random folks".
Why do I have to put anything in front of you ? You're capable of researching. Or not, whatever..." Apr 6, 18 12:47 PM

June.......I'm the one hectoring ???? I guess you're not familiar with FBHB's incessant hectoring, when he was pretending he didn't understand my previous posts...... nice projection June....
What part is pointless June ? Second class status ? Really? I wonder what Thomas Sowell has to say about that. Someone in my life ? You mean your buddy FBHB ? I don't think you understand how commenting works.

So instead of an intelligent response ,or perhaps providing proof, that these two men are not indeed racist, you once again resort to insults. Sad. But it's even more sad that you are defending despicable people because you've become a useful idiot to the black community.... It takes a "special" person to defend the likes of Wright & Farrakhan....

Jeremiah Wright lives in a $1.6 mil home.
Louis Farrakhan's net worth is roughly 3 million...
If that's second class I'll take it............" Apr 7, 18 10:27 AM

Oh June let me rephrase it.... nice projection on behalf of your pal FBHG....I'm not sure how you get excessive defensiveness out of my comment, but now you, are definitely projecting ! How am I resentful ? I'm stating a fact. " Apr 10, 18 7:40 AM

So you're hectoring ...Yea...I know." Apr 10, 18 7:43 AM

You're still hectoring.......seek help" Apr 11, 18 10:43 AM

Now you're deflecting a tiny bit. When did I comment on your tone? I guess you're upset with the word hectoring. Relax, if it makes you feel better I'll use the word badger. I never said you weren't polite but you're still badgering me because you're well aware of what my thoughts are. I know this because of how you respond to my posts. This makes you quite disingenuous. Besides, I've explained myself ad nauseam. And I'll ask again, who is "us"? " Apr 11, 18 4:15 PM

Did you really think I did not know what you meant when you posted "us"......? Yes, I understand there are more than two readers. Using the word us ,implies there are other readers, "on your side" which puts me in somewhat of a defensive position. And that is a form of badgering / bullying. Yes, your tone is 100% badgering because you are disingenuous. You're disingenuous because you are lying when you state , "I merely want to know what you think". You know exactly what I think.

Hahaha painfully huh ? The only thing you're painfully doing is you're trying to get me to post something that you know full well will get me redlined" Apr 12, 18 3:06 PM

You know exactly what I would be posting because you already answered me when I posted it the first time. Badgering.... You're a bad liar. And besides, what is the point of posting something that will be redlined ? And why would you think I'm ashamed ? I guess June is the other half of "us"......" Apr 13, 18 11:54 AM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

I noticed the fact that indeed this is a hate crime and that fact has been somewhat ignored. Yes he needs help, but he’s not a “child”. He’s one year, at best, from young adult.
" Apr 15, 18 10:14 PM

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