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Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Do me a favor Mets, refrain from putting words in my mouth. You have no idea what you're talking about and to suggest I'm somehow complicit in this horrible event is despicable. Instead of insulting people why don't you put forth your plan to prevent this from happening again. Let's hear it. Because you know if we make guns illegal no one will ever get shot according to your logic. Because according to your logic this would work with drugs as well right? Oh wait I forgot drugs are illegal. And funny thing there are many people addicted to legally prescribed drugs. And don't get me started with drunk driving." Oct 4, 17 12:26 PM

Yes June great idea ...because we all know criminals get their cars the same way they get their guns. Legally. " Oct 4, 17 9:51 PM

Plans For Hampton Bays Diner Building Are Moving Forward

Hooters .....
Hahahaha" Oct 7, 17 10:43 AM

Court Dismisses Suit Against Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis

Kids have the ocean the bay and a few parks and the movie theater. Not everyone is fortunate enough however to pay to park at a beach or take the time to take their kids to the beach.
There really is not much for kids to do here plus the only bowling alley/arcade east of the shinnecock canal is now a CVS. Why is this an issue ?" Oct 9, 17 7:12 PM

I'm not suggesting the beach is not an option relax ....but maybe not everyone wants to go to the beach. And who doesn't love mini golf? Perhaps bowling will be something to do in the winter ....? So why can't this facility be an option?
You're going to have to get over the fact that we live in an age where kids live , on line . At least bowling may get them moving? Also mini golf is interactive .
" Oct 9, 17 11:46 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Oh please June , "lack of furor"... ?!? Tim Tebow was generously mocked for his dedication to his faith. Compared with a bunch of felon crybabies that complain about the flag and the police....sure June, it's a race thing.....smh " Oct 12, 17 7:37 AM

To Fore1gnBornHBgrown ....Try google for info on Tim Tebow ...and while you're on line check out You Tube ....Peggy Hubbard can explain what the NFL really stands ( no pun intended) for ......." Oct 12, 17 7:55 AM

Well SH press
That was ridiculous to remove my post. Typical, but ridiculous. No Junie , I'm not blind. But I'm interested in how you feel my point proves yours ? Clearly you're not aware of the lengthy rap sheets of many of these athletes that cry police brutality. " Oct 14, 17 7:08 AM

Junie .....you never answered my question...what's your opinion of Thomas Sowell's opinion of racism......???
Come on pal ....I'm dying to know !!!!!!" Oct 14, 17 5:02 PM

And there you have it Junie, you just proved MY point. Mr Sowell is a brilliant man that cites facts, something the over emotional left is not familiar with. " Oct 15, 17 12:51 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Credits Drop In Crime Rates To New Analytic Tools

What's unreal is you thinking trouble areas don't exist. Yes I'm sure there are plenty of white collar criminals that live south of the highway, but that doesn't erase the trouble areas ....." Oct 18, 17 8:09 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

Snopes is run by leftists. You left that part out . " Oct 20, 17 10:17 AM

How is this a comeback? Yes Snopes ...liberal .....left....your point? " Oct 21, 17 10:30 AM

Ironically paragraph 1 & 2 of your post perfectly describes how it feels to read your posts......." Oct 21, 17 10:55 PM

Zeldin Has Nearly $1.17 Million In Campaign War Chest

I hope that's televised!! I'm in the mood for a good comedy!!" Oct 25, 17 1:54 PM

Ah yes,Miss Autocorrect......you know EXACTLY what that is ....you have one every time someone mentions the name Trump. " Oct 27, 17 9:59 AM

Don’t bother Po ........" Oct 27, 17 10:02 AM

Please explain your comment...I’m confused " Oct 29, 17 9:14 AM

Junie ... what have I been ranting about???" Oct 29, 17 10:09 PM

Is this Fore......or June ???" Oct 30, 17 4:40 PM

To be led by HRC......
The horror " Oct 30, 17 6:06 PM

Truly disgusting!!
Praying for the victims families and all the injured.
Wake up America " Oct 31, 17 11:09 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

Wow June. First you prattle on about domestic violence being the precursor to mass shootings yet you minimize Alec Baldwin’s disgusting behavior towards Kim Basinger ....and his attitude in general....and call it an “Irish temper”..Interesting " Nov 7, 17 7:18 AM

Well Junie you just proved that you know absolutely nothing about domestic violence. Also not sure who you think my idol is....but I know you’re clearly ok with a POTUS playing hide the Stradivarius Churchill in the Oval Office....." Nov 7, 17 1:24 PM

Thomas Sowell would disagree. But I’m sure with his first name being Thomas ... you would have a comment....
We can thank the Democratic Party for the current situation " Nov 9, 17 10:34 AM

Wow Junie
You just perfectly described 8 years with Obama !!!" Nov 11, 17 12:58 PM

Alec Baldwin Decides To Not Donate To Sag Harbor Cinema, Representative Says

Yea June ....everyone is jealous....especially of a man with well documented anger /domestic violence issues and another fine upstanding member of society that took it upon himself to drive while intoxicated jeopardizing everyone else on the road. Real gems these two ...." Nov 15, 17 4:26 PM

Former Sag Harbor Firefighter Sues Village And Ex-Chief, Claiming Sexual Assault By Department Member

What are you babbling about???? And you’re from Hampton Bays as well? Wow you’re confused!!!!
" Nov 16, 17 8:59 AM

Alec Baldwin Decides To Not Donate To Sag Harbor Cinema, Representative Says

So, turn a blind eye to people with anger management issues and drunk drivers because you know, money. There are plenty of wealthy people with better character that donate to various causes in the Hamptons. " Nov 17, 17 4:25 PM

Luckily your identity is hidden as well. The nerve. You accusing people of slander , that’s rich.
I was never ordered to take anger management classes nor did I ever have to check myself into a rehab.
Please,most locals know the “real deal” with the wonderful celebrities we have to endure because we live in the fabulous Hamptons. So as long as they donate ( tax write off) , what difference does it make? See what I did, I quoted your hero !
Also I’m concerned that you may need medical attention. You seem to have a severe case of sycophantitis." Nov 18, 17 9:27 PM

Democrats Sweep In Southampton Town Elections

Why is it dumb ? " Nov 19, 17 10:18 AM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes No On GOP Tax Bill In House Thursday

So what does that make her ? " Nov 21, 17 7:56 PM

I’m asking about one in particular. " Nov 22, 17 10:05 AM

Wow you’re bitter " Nov 28, 17 9:38 AM

It was more like cultural appropriation, which in my opinion is even more insulting. But I’m picking up what you’re putting down....." Nov 28, 17 9:43 AM

And remember Jesus was Jewish......." Nov 29, 17 9:34 AM

You're living in a fantasy world if you believe we live in a Judeo Christian society " Nov 29, 17 11:01 AM

My post was directed to Mets. But while we're on the subject... As a Jewish person I can tell you that I'm not offended when someone assumes my religion. I'm offended at the asinine and insulting comments I receive after I tell a person that I'm Jewish and that I don't celebrate Christmas and Easter. Also, plenty of not so devout Christians never have to explain why they still celebrate Christmas, or why they may feel the need to defend Christianity. Interesting. Not everyone is "Christian at Christmas". Yes an actual response I once received. Hanukkah is not the "Jewish version of Christmas." Dec 1, 17 3:48 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

I'm going to assume that you are aware of the fact that Ed Koch considered anti Zionism equal to anti Semitism." Dec 2, 17 10:52 AM

Which part ? " Dec 2, 17 6:14 PM

How is Israel, “taking precedence”? Please explain.
" Dec 7, 17 9:09 PM

What program(s) like Japan ? Are you serious Mets? How would you cope with Japans immigration policies ?" Dec 17, 17 11:32 AM

Nothing quite as beautiful as seeing a bigoted windbag redlined......" Dec 17, 17 11:35 AM

Mets...you need to understand that some of them are !! And where was HRC when she decided to "stand by her man" ? Was SHE living in the 1950's ? And what about Bill's victims that SHE vilified ? Was that a "gold digger" move?
Give me a break
Sit this one out.....
" Dec 18, 17 11:28 AM

Thank God Trump won!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!" Dec 24, 17 10:39 AM

Define "gangsta" .......
" Dec 29, 17 10:04 AM

And for you June from 12/25/17....

Why not wish you a Happy Hanukkah ? People say Merry Christmas to me all the time during the " Holiday" season. I'm Jewish.

Also you're correct , Jesus never said Merry Christmas...but he did say Happy Hanukkah." Dec 29, 17 10:40 AM

Response to June Bug from 12/29/17

What changes are you referring to? And what "complaint" did I make ? I merely stated a fact.
Obliviousness and insensitivity can be blamed on individual people, not on greetings during "seasons" in which Christian and Jewish holidays share calendar time. And as a 54 year old Jewish person I can tell you that I'm not offended by the Christmas season itself . I'm offended at the response I've received many times after I've stated I do not observe .This is exactly why your comment on 12/27/17 is just so ironic. What do you mean you don't celebrate Hanukkah.....??? Come on everyone is Jewish during Hanukkah Junie , don't you know that ?????

Personally I'm offended by "Happy Holidays". It muddles everything and confuses people. Education is key. Instead of jumbling everything together in the ridiculous effort to not offend ,why not educate people. For example, the assumption by many that Hanukkah is the Jewish version of Christmas is a problem. The fact is ,most non Jewish Americans have zero understanding of Jews and Jewish holidays. And shouldn't they ? After all we supposedly live in a Judeo Christian society....more on that later......

Also on 12/25/17 you respond " who knows ,who cares " re: what Jesus may or may not have said during the "season". Well ,you cared about Jesus enough to make a definitive statement about how Jesus never said Merry Christmas....So I'm confused.
And because according to you, if it's not in the bible...it didn't happen ? That's funny.

Sadly I get why Hanukkah was "elevated". The Jews that acculturated themselves basically felt the need to compete . Which is unfortunate because Hanukkah is not the same as Christmas. Also by trying to compete, Hanukkah became another consumption casualty. Plenty of Jews felt at home before the invention of Mensch on a Bench. In fact this crap is exactly why Hanukkah is considered a "Jewish Christmas". I never felt the need to compete with an elf that causes chaos in the middle of the night. I was never made to feel less than because we did not celebrate Christmas. Thanks but I don't need you or anyone else to tell me, a North American Jew, what Hanukkah is all about or what it feels like to be Jewish. If the term "Judeo Christian" couldn't bond Jews and Christians in America, Mensch on a Bench certainly wont.

" Jan 3, 18 3:23 PM


What if you could be the POTUS for one month. What would YOU do about North Korea and Iran." Jan 4, 18 3:42 PM

Denver Colorado decriminalized public defecation...
Let that s%#t ( pun intended) sink in...
hooray for illegal immigrants
Apparently taking a dump in the street is a low level crime.

I know who’s gonna rationalize and defend this....
" Jan 7, 18 1:34 AM

To HHS from 1/7/18

No lies posted by me...

I'm quite surprised that YOU don't know the definition of decriminalization!!??

And, merely my humble opinion, but one that I'm sure is shared by many law abiding legal Americans, the punishment for a crime becomes changes/ becomes irrelevant once the perpetrator is found to be ILLEGAL, another word you have trouble comprehending.
" Jan 10, 18 11:43 AM

Mets...get over the black man crap. Ironic that you accuse everyone of racism yet you keep pulling the card. It's impossible for you and your ilk to comprehend that the color of his skin has ZERO to do with the fact that he was a horrible POTUS...yet ironically again, race relations were at an all time low during ( and now after) his presidency...go figure." Jan 16, 18 11:27 AM

Seal Pup Found On Amagansett Road, Released In Hampton Bays

Absolutely nothing ! " Jan 18, 18 10:27 AM

Women Will March In Sag Harbor On Saturday

I would be happy if they marched in a country where women are actually oppressed. " Jan 19, 18 8:26 AM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

You just described the Clintons !!!! " Jan 20, 18 11:46 AM

Eastport Firefighter Is Department's First Elected Female Officer

I'm picking up what you're putting down Erin.... ; )" Jan 20, 18 12:03 PM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

But I'm confused June. Voting for HRC would have put a rapist back in the WH." Jan 22, 18 10:03 AM

But how hard do we have it ? You tell me." Jan 22, 18 10:06 AM

Hey 2329702 you never answered my question. I'm a woman btw. What a surprise huh ? " Jan 23, 18 9:54 AM

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!
" Jan 25, 18 9:38 AM

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