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Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

Wow! What a disappointment! I was really looking forward to this. I've been to the event in Brooklyn and it's incredible!! All I have to say is that that owners on Main Street clearly don't understand basic economics if they fought this. So many people would come out for this event from all over Long Island. The foot traffic from this even alone would have increase their daily revenues ten fold as well as increase their long term earning potential as more people would be exposed to our tiny Main Street. It's so obvious based on the comments I've read on this article and ones like it that the owner of Shock store and Simmons Bakery were the two shops ralleying for this to be denied. I just want to say I will NEVER step foot either of your establishments again (I wouldn't go into Shock anyways because that store is terrible....) and I plan to tell all of my friends and anyone who will listen that you ruined this great opportunity to bring new food, culture, and fun to all of us here in WHB and across Suffolk County. How selfish and unintelligent are you, Shock & Simmon?!" May 20, 16 6:47 AM