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Developers Behind Canoe Place Inn Project Plan To Break Ground On Townhouses In June

VOS, why are you so upset about this, is the Existing Inn really that good looking or really going make a difference to Hampton Bays, their is no Historical value. if they raise the structure and rebuild in the same style it will be a building that meets todays standards and will be lasting. Hampton Bays needs an upscale destination restaurant and that location would be ideal.

I for one, would really like to see the current eye sore demolished, Good for the Rechlers that they fought all the naysayers.
by mmp

" May 11, 18 7:13 AM

VOS, were u really suggesting that the developer should have spend money to beautify a structure that he wants to ultimately demolish. Im sure he would have accepted anybodies money to beautify the structures while he is waiting to get town approval to demolish them. The group that started a law suit to keep the buildings was also all talk, no-one stepped up to the plate with a check book.

will 37 new Condo owners in Hampton Bays really be a detriment to our community, is a catering hall and a restaurant a negative plight for us.
A town like Hampton Bays need Progress or will die on status quo, what is Hampton Bays status quo, we are now a community that houses the laborers for the rest of the Hamptons, is that the image that we all want.

Im a firm believer that bringing a richer group of people into Hampton Bays can only benefit our community.

We need better shopping, better restaurants a better downtown area, all these improvements are never going to be developed with our current population, new blood needs to come into town and that will bring these changes. " May 14, 18 5:31 PM

John Tortorella Buys Former Friendly's Building, Plans To Put In New Restaurant

There seems to a thread in most of the comments..that Hampton Bays should have inexpensive restaurants, if restaurants such as Centro, 1 North, Stonecreek
are able to stay in business that means people that have a certain disposable income are coming into town, seriously you want an IHOP, or Taco Bell, thats not food thats just a Freezer and a Fryer.
As to the price, in order for a restaurant to make it thru the mid week
lows they need to charge a certain price to stay in business, and they have midweek specials if you have tight budget. I welcome more of these restaurants,
safes me from having to drive into Bridge or Southampton for dinner. " Aug 14, 18 9:37 AM

Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

what are u talking about, wether rich or poor the existing structure was a major eyesore and its great to finally see work on it, regardless of the so-called violations,

do you really love driving by the property and enjoying the view of the mess.

if Hampton Bays gets discovered by the rich summer only residents that do not send their kids to school in HB, your school taxes will not
increase, we need more rich people in HB " Dec 7, 18 6:15 PM

Fully agree with your points, VOS is basically a chronic complainer, who seems to relic in postings (1139 posts) with no sense of business, or monetary knowledge

" Dec 10, 18 8:15 AM

Popular Nightclub Could Be Moving To Southampton Village Main Street Spot

Stop in Inhumanity, a place were people can listen to music and dance should be stopped, but lets propose that Gas Powered Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Construction projects should be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays.
" Apr 25, 19 1:56 PM

Road Work At Montauk Highway Intersections In Hampton Bays Raises Safety Concerns Among Some Residents

I wonder who are the drivers who have difficulty with the intersection. I use this intersection daily, JUST OPEN your eyes its not that hard. As always there are a few people who feel the need to go off topic with these posts. " Jul 13, 19 8:26 AM