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Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

Simon from BEACH BAKERY here...
I believe in free enterprise. FAIR competition, Equal opportunity.
Smorgasburg would have received an A1 location for free. Not pay any rent, except a 100 dollar permit fee. The would also have received the whole new Glovers Lane park as their almost "private" Garden with benches and all.
Water from the village, electricity from the chamber or the village, not pay any taxes, provide no sewage, would use the chamber bathrooms and portable toilets. And the left over water from what they use ? where would it go? in the bushes? THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN UNFAIR COMPETITION.
They would come, take our money and take it back to Brooklyn.

Additional to that, they would have taken away 24 parking spaces in the village/chamber lot, 30-40 spaces in the millroad lot and provide SERO spaces.
In the summer EVERY FRIDAY afternoon and evening it is already very busy in town. Where would the people park who go to the THEATER if every public parking spot is taken? Where would they park to pick up a pie or a book?

Smorgasburg by it self is a good concept but in the OFF season, not on 11 busy Fridays in the summer. The 50 or so parking spaces that they would have TAKEN AWAY is equal to a restaurant with 150 SEATS.

We Merchants have to protect our rights. The CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, who made this application was SUPPOSED to do that for us, not fight against it.

Smorgasburg would have sold wood fired pizza, Ice Cream, Iced Coffee, Asian food, Smoothies .....and it would have been a GREAT success for sure.... but at what cost to the local merchants?
" May 20, 16 8:02 AM

please read my comment below" May 20, 16 9:43 PM

WoW Dee.. thank you!!!! " May 20, 16 9:48 PM

across the Post office, next to Ride Aid. One of the many Mom and Pop places in town who make the village so beautiful with her outdoor seating and nice planters." May 20, 16 9:53 PM