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Southampton Village police chief rescinds internal rule governing secondary employment

Perhaps I am missing something in all of this. Why was the press so adamant about getting these records and what did they intend on doing with them when they get them?

Long Island is an expensive place to live and we reside in the most costly part of it. If someone has the time to work a second job and make some extra money why can't they be allowed to do so?" Mar 11, 10 9:36 AM

Southampton Town officials revisit idea of charging clubs for additional police presence

I have sat here and read these comments and am greatly disturbed. In this economy I am shocked to see fellow residents supporting assessing high fees on local businesses in the hopes that they shut down. The East End economy is dependent on people coming here to spend money. When a business shuts down then it is no longer generating revenue for the local economy and it is no longer a draw for people with money looking for a place to spend it. The Town needs to be supporting the flow of money into our community and fostering business, not utilizing strong arm tactics to undermine profitability.

When you read the article in the press about the 21 Neptune’s arrests (see “Police cite 21 on drug charges at Neptune Beach Club over holiday weekend” by Will James Jun 2, 2010) that brought about the Town’s discussion on assessing police fees, it is important to note that 20 out of the 21 arrests were based on drug usage in the PARKING LOT of the Club. That means that these offenders were doing these illicit activities by themselves outside of the range of the Club’s Personnel and Security. Neptune’s employs very strict searches of the patrons coming in the door and it seems to be having an effect, considering the arrests in the Parking lot as opposed to inside the club.

As for the Boardy Barn, they are open one day a week for four hours during daylight hours. Does the place generate noise? Of course, just as it has openly done so for the last 40 years. However that noise stops when the place closes at 8pm. Those that complain about the noise from the Barn should realize the Barn was there first and they came to where the noise was, the Barn did not come to them.

When the Hampton Bays Parade or some other local event needs a place for a fund raiser the Boardy Barn has been there to help them. This institution not only employs our friends and neighbors but actively works to support our town and community.

As for those who deny an impact on the local economy order chinese food or pizza from stores in the Wild by Nature shopping center at 8pm on Sunday. Find out if there is a wait. Stop by Slo-Jacks, or the Diner, or John’s Pizza around the same time and see if you see patrons there from the Barn. Is the LIRR filled with passengers from the Barn on Sundays? Absolutely, but if it didn’t have the passengers there wouldn’t be a need for that train to run through our town and I think we can all agree that train service to our community is a good thing. Thanks to responsible drinking campaigns these patrons are taking public transportation instead of drinking and driving and that too is a positive. When the patrons head to that train they stroll past every other eating and drinking establishment on Montauk Highway. When they do they spend money.

The Town should be supporting businesses that draw crowds to our Town. We shouldn’t be scaring or chasing those paying customers out town with an excessive police presence. The Town should be working to extend the stay of those patrons so that they spend more of their money while they are here.
" Jun 9, 10 11:21 AM

Shinnecock Nation explores opening tribal college at Stony Brook Southampton site

Why not have a tribal college? Its a great campus and it would be good to see the site continue to be used for education. The last thing I'd want to see it the land torn up for some outlandish development." Jul 2, 10 12:44 PM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

I constantly recommend Rumba. It is a great local eatery that caters to the local population and generates jobs in our town. When is the Town of Southampton going to start working to foster business in our community instead of pushing it elsewhere? " Oct 29, 10 10:46 AM

Tupper Advances To Nationals In Elks Hoop Shoot

Congratulations Riley. You represent the best things that Hampton Bays has to offer. Good luck at the nationals. Everyone at the Southampton Elks are very proud of you." Mar 31, 11 4:20 PM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Town Board Restricts Parking Near Rumba

Why is it that the Town of Southampton fights so hard to destroy Hampton Bays businesses? You have a location that attracts diners to come to your town to and spend money in a local business and in response the Town develops local ordinances designed to diminish the viability of said business. This restaurant isn't accused of promoting underage drinking or having out of control patrons vomiting in the streets. Its only crime is being successful. We should be bolstering local businesses that are successful not creating legislation designed to make it more difficult for patrons to spend their money in our town. " Jul 27, 11 5:26 PM

Town Gears Up For 'Escape 2 New York'

If you look at the 'glamping' facilities as you drive past the Elks lodge you'll see that this is not some sort of burning man throw your tent up anywhere event. This is a very well organized high end event that has been undertaken with the full review and approval of the Town of Southampton.

It is also not very polite to refer to the Elks as 'old farts', considering the dedication the group has to the local community and the tremendous amount of charitable work that the Elks do. In the last few years the Elks have purchased two transport vans for the Disabled American Veterans to shuttle local vets to the VA Hospital in Northport, donated $12,000 to the Hampton Health Society for the purchase of insulin pumps for Southampton Hospital, and this past June the Elks gave out six scholarships to local kids heading to college.

The Elks are not a pack of hoodwinked old farts, they are a long standing local organization dedicated to bettering this community.
Damon Hagan, Exalted Ruler Southampton Elks" Aug 5, 11 12:55 PM

Rumba Owners Are Trying To Walk A Fine Line

The occupancy of the place is not 20 people. They are allowed to people up to their occupancy limit which they have been doing. To satisfy the town they moved their parking up the street and got a shuttle. When is enough enough? Why is the Town of Southampton against local businesses?
We have vacant storefronts and abandoned restaurants on Montauk Highway and yet we have our local government singling out and targeting a successful business that brings money into Hampton Bays. All the Town is doing is scaring business away from our community and sending it elsewhere." Jul 27, 12 12:11 PM

East Quogue Golf Course Development Gets Green Light For PDD Application

What all of the environmentalist seem to ignore is that this property is already approved for the development of 82 homes as a matter of right. Something will be built there whether anyone likes it or not.

So it comes down to a choice between 82 individual families of year round residents, adding year round burdens to the school district and aquifer, managing there own lawns and fertilizing their yards any way they see fit; or, one property owner developing a golf course with no impact to the local schools (except for the massive 3 million dollars in increased tax revenue) and one party to hold accountable for waste water management.

If your position is that you are concerned for the environment and that is why you are against this project you are being disingenuous. Something will be built there. The Community Preservation Fund will not be buying this property. That is not an option. There is exactly two things that are going happen at this property. Either there will be 82 homes or 1 golf course.

It will either be 82 year round homes and 82 individuals to watch for their fertilizing or 1 golf course without year round impact and one party to hold responsible to abide by the waste water management plan. If you are truly in favor of lessening an environmental impact you must support the PDD." Jan 15, 14 2:27 PM

Southampton Masons Celebrate 100 Years

Congratulations. You guys are really on the level." Jun 16, 14 12:59 PM

VFW Members Show Off Their New Home In Westhampton Beach

Great job with the move, the renovation and an increase in involvement with the base. Good luck at the Post." Jan 12, 16 10:10 AM

Southampton Town Board Candidates Participate In Press Conversation Saturday

Sorry Neil I rarely post on 27east." Jan 17, 16 9:00 AM

UPDATE: Additional Candlelight Vigil Planned For Tuesday Evening At Bridgehampton School In Honor Of Orlando Tragedy

Thank you Congressman Zeldin for being the only one in this article (the author included) to be quoted calling this attack what it is. A terrorist attack targeting the LGBT community." Jun 13, 16 2:21 PM

Fundraiser In Southampton Village Raises Money For Trump

If Turkey Bridge is not a fan of yours you must be doing something right." Jul 15, 16 3:14 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Town Justice Andrea Sciavoni is up for re-election this year. She ordered that this man charged with violently attacking and stabbing someone be released without bail, and that individual has now allegedly broken into another persons home and sexually assaulted them. I would encourage everyone to not vote for her." Aug 7, 16 1:03 PM

Local Boy Scout Troop Soars With Nine Eagle Scouts

From one Eagle Scout to so many others, congratulations on going all the way and earning scouting's top honor. Welcome to the club." Oct 7, 16 10:42 AM

Quogue Wildlife Refuge Spooky Walk Is Canceled

If you have young kids take them on the enchanted forest walk. My kids love it." Oct 7, 16 11:36 AM

Hulme Tapped As Grand Marshal For 2017 Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade

Congrats Jim!!! Looking forward to watching you lead the parade." Dec 12, 16 8:20 AM

Hampton Bays School District Honors Veteran Matthew Dwyer

Congratulations Matt!!!!" Feb 1, 17 8:44 AM

Lars Clemensen Named Grand Marshal For Hampton Bays St. Patrick's Day Parade

Congratulations Lars. If you are looking to go all out I'll lend you my kilt." Feb 2, 17 8:22 AM

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