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Voters Head To The Polls On Tuesday

A side-tender from B. DiPietro . . . Grossman, Tiger, Thiele, McCarthy, Hope, and Weber - personalities in Southampton (SH) Town, and beyond, politics i thought by the now the #Peconic County cracked hourglass would have washed out far beyond the Village of Westhampton Dunes. It is nearly 14 years (9/11) since I ran in the Dim primary for SH Town board where my millionaire opponent - a lifelong GOPer - could not vote for himself. Tracking the SH body politic has not been on my bilge bucket list, rather I am engaged in events on the finca and pressing social media international affairs. If I could contain chuckles of nothing changes if nothing changes I might be able to stitch up a decent analysis of current SH politics. Be assured, to bleat I knew these folks 'when' is not only a snarky bias for this comment (with more to appear - possibly a series?). When I noticed by own name next to David's as new to 27east.com 'family' i knew Arthur was at play dropping in from the celestial Mets game. We are creatures of too many habits and too few originalities. I do believe i met Hal Ross's latest find - dotdot-Holtz - at a hoohaw at SH Univ. Yet, i found no compelling reason to track her political ladder. In any event, the SH Silly Season has pulled away from the dock as she bops and bobs. Capt. Arthur, master of the one-liner, contended politics is a fun sport, and in his brilliance made it so. Maybe this go-around the charmed snake baskets can be stowed and bloated bags of slam and defame are left to sink into the Atlantic drink, eh? My mt. jungle Pacific view - way outside the SH arena - may be considered too foreign and distant, yet, no matter. There is a soul-bent phoenix rising with the falling tide. I fully intend to wet a line. Now, what rig I deploy, lure i use, and bring aboard as my catch - well, these details remain in the bait box. FYI - A taste of the Hamptons aside, the Clinton Redux candidate and You're Fired HairDoDo as the POTUS match-up is creepy theater. Senator Bern Sheepdog is the Manchurian candidate. Reality TV now rules Murica as the world sighs. Stay tuned, i may send SCUDs from here, and/or in letters to the ed. Pax." Aug 18, 15 11:41 PM

Guldi Denied Parole, Will Spend At Least Two More Years Behind Bars

GOG probably has no remorse because what he did in his meta-mind is duck feed compared to what the Feds did to bailing out Wall Street on the backs of the tax paying workers. If one is paranoid about George and your kids and grand children then every hedge fund operator, bankster, and money mogul cannot be excluded. As bombastic and flashy as George is, I truly do not consider him a nasty criminal who hurt or harmed any human being, except maybe himself. His crime is he screwed over the banks systemically fashioned to operate in an unregulated fiat monetary system. It is a rigged game geared to enormously benefit the few while abusing the many. " Aug 20, 15 1:19 AM

Voters Head To The Polls On Tuesday

Oh, oh, my cover is blown. Is cross talking allowed in this forum? Take note Neal, your commitment as crony politico and mine way off the grid manifests into the category it only takes two to have a meeting. Investigating, I found Hqnk Beck, another name from days when collecting sigs in Quogue District 9 only took ten minutes as there were only 5 registered Donkey. I see ballast has nearly evened the playing field. Grania, mistress of home movies and dumping on one's own kind is afloat, too. I went to the Dim's website and nothing fresh there so it seems I will need to whip up a Twitter account to churn more immediate muck. My politics have been focused on an Independent Scotland and #Gaza. I require a refueling and why I am doing loop de loops over Gabreski. Did I sneeze I am on KP duty for a novel titled The Hamptons Fisherman? The lead character is a classy attorney who after four decades of being a country lawyer and ace Striped Bass angler decides to write a tell all. " Aug 20, 15 2:12 AM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

Specialty quality foodie events during the high season organized by a non resident venue vendor sounds fun and enterprising but in reality is not supporting locals concerns. For those of us who fought long and hard to build, get pemits, and open interlopers from up west or even farther out east would certainly reduce local business income. I agree most of the food offered in WHB is no where close to what one can choose from gourmet Napa Valley but quite frankly the beachy casual summer crowd is not into world class cuisine unless catered. The WHB market numbers ( customer base) is too small. My suggestion if the community wants a foodie event beyond the farmer's market (if that is still happening) instead of alienating local food establishments by bringing in an urban grandstand - design to scale. What specifically am I talking about? Well, look at maybe instead of street food competing against local food serving establishments do a juried high end food product faire. Speciality NY food and NY wine products that are small batched and elegantly beautifully packaged. I am organic so I would prefer items such as organic local sauces, organic jellies and jam, maybe local handmade wooden bowls, cool looking dog treats, gluten-free pasta, etc. Are you getting my gist here? Focus on unique superior ingredient specialty items and stay away from serving prepared food. The status quo has its place but it should not stifle creativity or make it nearly impossible to support fresh home made designer foodie products one cannot find ANYWHERE else except at a Westhampton Beach Summer Foodie Festival. Every new original food product creator is looking for a classy small venue to peddle their wares. You might be surprised to see how many frustrated gourmet foodies would turn out to buy locally put up pickles or basil zucchini fettucini. And, no these items will not be inexpensive but they will be hopefully sold with a lock jaw grin and a semi-snotty thank you. The biggest mistake made by the status quo is to live fear-based. Traditions are birthed with a sense of loving concern and new found devotion by young energy. As to the politicians of WHB engage in community solidarity and stop looking for a quick fix from outsiders. The village is tiny but during the off months there is time to mull over, organize and prepare. To attempt to put together a new venue right before the season starts is not viable. Planning and implementation must involve stakeholders. And, as a former local politico never bring in outside vendors without first building a local consensus as change is threatening and/or seen as an attempted ego ride. Spark and charisma sells the sizzle but dedication grows the garden. " Jun 2, 16 2:44 AM