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UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

...more than 8 years less than 8 years, who cares? You admit it is going on and needs to stop - that's what is important. Thanks for agreeing." Aug 8, 16 7:12 PM

For me, this is not about Reagan or Obama, it is about the Town of Southampton Officials turning their backs on the law-abiding citizens when they call for law and code enforcement. Things have to change for the better or we need to change the officials." Aug 8, 16 8:50 PM

Suffolk County Officials To Host Narcan Training Session In Sag Harbor Tuesday

IMHO, the need for this program is nothing Suffolk County should be proud of. A report on how they are getting rid of the heroin supply and suppliers would be newsworthy. " Aug 8, 16 8:59 PM

Vice President Vacations In Southampton Village

I suspect he will have a security detail so he doesn't need to worry about being mugged or stabbed by a potential gang member like the rest of us common folks." Aug 9, 16 11:35 AM

What planet am I living "in" - I think you mean "on" - the answer is earth. I may live by the beach, but I don't have my head buried in the sand (or any place else for that matter). " Aug 9, 16 12:02 PM

correction - johnj - thought I saw "in" not "on" - time to get a new phone!." Aug 9, 16 12:13 PM

JuneBug, we all can look for the good in the world, but we can't put our heads in the sand. "The Only thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing." " Aug 9, 16 2:14 PM

Suffolk County Officials To Host Narcan Training Session In Sag Harbor Tuesday

I am not sure I would make the same analogy. The heroin problem to me is more like an epidemic than a fire. As with any epidemic, you can cure one patient, but you need to get to the source of the epidemic to stop the epidemic. I think, however, we can all agree that we are thankful that this drug exists and that it is proven to save lives." Aug 9, 16 8:39 PM

One other thing to note is that, sadly, the drug does not cure the addiction." Aug 9, 16 9:43 PM

Police Searching For Driver In Noyac Hit-And-Run

I couldn't believe it when I saw it (or didn't see it). The Editor called the comments "ugly". Not everything that is happening in our Town is "pretty" - sorry that some folks don't want to hear that or take responsibility in their part in what is happening." Aug 10, 16 6:54 AM

Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

We need to make sure we don't post anything "ugly", otherwise the editor may take this site down too. So I guess I am done since there is nothing "pretty" about any of this." Aug 10, 16 2:03 PM

Local Residents Return From Delegation Trip With New Views On Immigration

There are so many disturbing things about this Foundation. The Foundation was started by the fortune made by a fertilizer company, which, by all accounts destroyed and continues to destroy LI's waters. From their website, the leadership decides to invest the $60 million to "benefit local immigration issues in Nassau and Suffolk County". From their 2013 IRS Form 990, they fave millions of dollars to various groups such as they contributed $350,000 to Long Island Wins, $150,000 to Latino Justice, $150,000 to National Immigration Forum. The 6 executives split $600,000 a year. But heck, they gave $250 to the Peconic Land Trust to help the environment. Las question, before the editor deletes my post, what do activists groups do? Do they really hep people or do they just take a paycheck and demand other people help people. " Aug 11, 16 7:51 AM

Still No Buyer For Hampton Bays Diner Building One Year After Closure

Mr. Vlahadamis states that he thinks the Town "targeted" him by raising taxes EVERYONE's taxes in Hampton Bays dramatically increased due to the increase in the School Taxes - he wasn't targeted. The Town shifted 1/3 of my total fair market value from my house to the land. Vacant property values are allocated taxes for all services which makes no sense - but certainly not unique to Mr. Vlahadamis. And yes, HamptonDad it is shocking that the Editor not only has taken down comments, but the ability to post comments on selected articles. I believe the Dream is owned by the Vlahadamis family." Aug 17, 16 9:46 PM

Sorry Toes in the Water, but "nasty" comments are and should be individually deleted. Mr. Shaw is now cherry picking which articles you can and cannot post to. He warned us that the comments were getting "ugly" as if a sexual assault and a gang attack is pretty. If the Press does not want comments, then just not allow them on any article, but don't cherry pick. I suspect this post will get deleted as soon as he see it." Aug 18, 16 9:18 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

I heard a black southern clergy point out that the BLM movement seems to be only concerned about "Blue" against "Black" and not dealing with the real issue of "Black" against "Black". I wonder if George Soros is funding this too." Aug 18, 16 9:32 AM

Still No Buyer For Hampton Bays Diner Building One Year After Closure

Mr. Shaw, thank you for your detailed explanation. Maybe your office can send out an email to the subscribers. For some of us, it seemed suspicious that the "tipping" point was the article where many of the comments were directed at the elected officials. Thank you again." Aug 18, 16 11:00 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

I would not make an analogy between Breast Cancer Awareness walk and Black Lives Matter. Breast Cancer Awareness walks raise money for research, free breast screening, helping fund medical treatment and care for those that can't afford it. Maybe I have missed reports where BLM has raised money for victim's families. Hopefully they have and then that would be a good thing." Aug 18, 16 2:44 PM

There seem to a handful of residents in all the communities on the East End that seem to have some sort of bias about some race or some issue. You seem to have a bias against people in Hampton Bays. I guess it doesn't matter how educated someone is - haters will hate. " Aug 19, 16 2:02 PM

This comment is in response to deelove - somehow fell out of order." Aug 19, 16 3:01 PM

Illegal Nightclub Busted In East Hampton Home's Basement

Not funny if you are old enough to remember the fire that killed almost 90 people at the illegal nightclub called Happy Land in the Bronx in the early 90's." Aug 20, 16 8:27 AM

New Radar Speed Limit Signs Installed Near Hampton Bays Elementary, Middle Schools

Yes Mr. Wheeler - apparently protecting innocent residents(including children) inf the Town of Southampton from those that break the law IS newsworthy and warrants a photo op. I would think that doing whatever necessary to protect innocent residents from those that break the law is standard operating procedure - go figure." Aug 20, 16 9:35 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

It saddened me that this event took place on the weekend of the 25th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots. The 26-year old organizer probably has no idea how bad things were and how far we have come. IMHO, they stir the pot of racial intolerance. Some self-proclaimed lone wolf KKK comes out of the woodwork and they give him his platform for hate. I guess that don't know that you fight fire with water not fire." Aug 23, 16 7:10 AM

Hampton Bays Company Donates Swimming Pool To Girl With Rare Disorder

What a wonderful story - what wonderful generous people. Thank you for all that you do." Aug 30, 16 7:19 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

I am confused. Why is something on the Town Supervisor's facebook page newsworthy? His agenda for workforce housing has been announced over and over again. As others said, why doesn't he "walk the walk" and put an apartment in his new house for his friend. I believe he has a motel in Montauk - maybe that can be used for workforce housing at below market rates. So many people want a problem fixed but they don't want to inconvenience themselves or use their own money. I guess our Town Supervisor is no different. " Aug 31, 16 8:11 AM

Maybe the need for affordable housing IS in East Hampton based on the traffic on CR 39. If the work is in East Hampton then the housing should be in East Hampton. " Sep 1, 16 8:19 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

I believe the issue goes beyond "affordable" housing. Some of those starting out and those "ending up" are looking for something small and manageable - look at the "small house" movement. I agree with some posts that the initiative for accessory apartment is ridiculous for so many reasons. However, it seems to me what happened at Sandy Hollow was also awful. I also wish posters would stop blaming the CAC for the Bridgehampton PDD. Based on the public meetings, they were actually working with the developer until some others got involved including PDD-haters. I believe it was the Town's decision to up-size the residential lots at some point. Maybe it is time to invest in sewers and start to down-size again. Here is another suggestion - stop buying up property with CPF funds and turning them into vacant lot eyesores and money-pit parks." Sep 2, 16 10:11 AM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

Wow Deelove, calling people "mentally disturbed" - not cool! I am sure that poor innocent victim in the Village no longer feels safe anywhere. ANY gang activity is unacceptable on the east end - they are like cockroaches - if you see one, there are 100's in the walls. Yes, this group is "dated" but if you knew anything about NYC "back in the day" you wouldn't be so flippant about crime and gang activity. " Sep 3, 16 8:36 AM

Not saying that it is, but "never" say "never" - it seems too many people don't want to admit there is a problem. Maybe there should be a "12-step program" for those in denial - Step 1 - admit you have a problem. " Sep 3, 16 9:49 AM

If nothing else, maybe it will embarrass our elected officials enough to address some of the issues of urban decay instead of "wishing" it away." Sep 3, 16 10:10 AM

Judge Rules That Canoe Place Inn Lawsuit Can Move Forward

We need to remember how this all started. The Rechlers wanted to build on the CPI site a decade or more ago but a handful of vocal residents wanted it restored. II wonder how many of those residents are still living in the area? I wonder if any of them are involved in the lawsuit fighting the townhouses on the east side of the canal? I suspect if Town took a survey today, there would only be a small percentage of residents that care if the CPI is saved. I know people blame the Rechlers for the blight, but I think the handful of vocal residents and the Town Officials listening to them need to own their responsibility in all this. " Sep 3, 16 1:23 PM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

It is outlined in the article." Sep 3, 16 2:01 PM

Ya gotta' love the "members only" jackets and bonjour jeans though! I think they call it vintage now." Sep 3, 16 2:02 PM

I think it is reasonable to assume that they would do the same or similar as thy did in NYC. I am personally disgusted of hearing people complain at Town board meeting and Civic Meeting about various nightclubs, homeless camps, public urination, prostitution, drug dealing, etc. and having the Town Officials say they are doing something but nothing seems to get done. Maybe a group of aging hipsters in matching hats and jackets will get their attention." Sep 3, 16 5:00 PM

What a horrible comment. I hope your comment gets deleted." Sep 4, 16 11:15 AM

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