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Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

so sorry you are inconvenienced for a short period of time when you "pass through" HB. Some of us that live in HB appreciate the safety of new lights, new sidewalks, and new roads. The few weeks of inconvenience is worth the long term benefit." Mar 31, 16 10:18 AM

It is my understanding that they considered it but it was expensive and would involve every building changing their electric service at their own expense." Apr 1, 16 8:43 AM

Jay Schneiderman Explains Reasoning Behind CSEA Settlement

I have been involved with several collective bargaining contracts. Collective bargaining is collective bargaining. You live with what you negotiate until the next contract. A union should not get to cherry pick when it applies and when it doesn't. Newer employees seem to get the short straw, but that is because those with seniority make the decision so they get what they want sometimes at the expense of the newer employees. That is not the fault of the Employer; that is the fault of the Union. " Apr 1, 16 5:43 PM

It seemed to me that the agreement is to move titles into the bargaining agreement and then reduce the contributions. I am not sure how non-union titles would have anything to do with a union agreement. Non Union is generally not bargained for - you are just told what you are paying. It didn't see where the two were tied together." Apr 1, 16 9:13 PM

Sadly, so many of the people that work full time in the Town struggle to pay their bills not just the Town employees - many with limited benefits. I agree that these are the people that work hardest for the Town by volunteering and giving back to the community. However, I disagree that any change to a bargaining contract should have been done by resolution. (And I agree that the Town wastes money on a bunch of other things)" Apr 2, 16 8:24 AM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

I am not sure who has a worse effect on a community - those that believe they are entitled to more than everyone else or those that encourage it and condone it." Apr 4, 16 4:16 PM

thanks for making my point - you are not entitled to greater free speech than anyone else." Apr 4, 16 6:07 PM

Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Something doesn't make sense here. I find it hard to believe that the Governor's office doesn't understand the layout of Hampton Bays "mainland" and Dune Road. " Apr 12, 16 2:08 PM

I am still confused. How did Supv. Schneiderman know that the rejection was because the Governor's office "got wind" of what Alex Gregor said. Did Supv. Schneiderman "get wind" of that from the Governor's office or did he get that in writing? It just sounds like there is a lot of "wind" around this project." Apr 13, 16 11:05 AM

Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

There is no need for this wasteful project. I can think of many more important projects that need to get done in Hampton Bays. We all need to spread the word to vote no." Apr 13, 16 5:08 PM

The Library seems to be a community center for a hodge podge of services. If there is a need for after school programs, those that need it should address it - the library should not be used as a de-facto after school center. Most of the adult programs can and are already run in other community centers in Hampton Bays - the senior center, the lodge at Squiretown Park, various houses of worship, the adult program at the school. The current building has 20,000 square feet of usable space and was recently renovated in 2006 to accommodate the Teen Room. To demolish a structurally sound building and rebuild a new library is a waste of taxpayer funds." Apr 14, 16 8:10 AM

Yes I have. It was presented that $1 million would bring the building up to date. IMHO, there is no reason to destroy a structurally sound building for more room for programs that can be relocated to other Taxpayer funded buildings. " Apr 15, 16 12:14 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

He is being paid $1000+ a day for 47 unused sick days? How is that possible?" Apr 21, 16 7:31 PM

Next Southampton Town Board Meeting Is Pushed Back A Week; Now Scheduled For Tuesday, May 3

Roughrider28 - I agree - I have watched Councilperson Scalera try to be the voice of reason at several work sessions and board meetings. " Apr 22, 16 12:46 PM

Hampton Bays Library Project Now Stands At $15.8 Million; Board Intends To Buy Adjoining Property

The vote is set for June 14th at the Library. Only voters in the Hampton Bays Library District can vote. Get the word out to your Hampton Bays friends.
" Apr 24, 16 7:51 AM

I wonder how much of the $15 million is the Sandpebble fee to manage the construction if the referendum passes for the library. so much for providing unbiased data. " Apr 25, 16 9:43 AM

Do you know if the WHB Projects were bid out? Based on my understanding, Sandpebble is not a builder but a construction management company. Based on the information provided, Sandpebble was originally hired to provide an "objective" assessment of the current library building. It has snowballed into a new building with Sandpebble being the facilitator of meetings attended by less than 200 individuals. Now we are told that Sandpebble will be the project manager without the library bidding out the contract. Not real confident of anything anyone says right now." Apr 27, 16 8:32 AM

The New York State Office of The State Comptroller has a Division of Investigation set up to review potential/alleged mismanagement and waste. There is a complaint form on their website." Apr 27, 16 5:10 PM

Southampton Town Still Undecided About Switching To Single-Stream Recycling System

I wonder on what information does Mr. Scheinderman conclude that "I think it promotes recycling" and municipalities are "going in that direction". Is that based on documented information or information provided by the carting companies that supported him and somehow will benefit them." May 2, 16 7:54 AM

New Rental Registry Law In East Hampton Leads To First Charges Against Overcrowded Rental

would hope to see the same in the Town of Southampton" May 5, 16 10:29 AM

Sandpebble To Be Awarded More Than $750,000 In East Hampton School District Lawsuit

Let's remember on June 14th when HB votes for the new library that this is the construction manager that was hired by the Board. I wonder how much of the $15 million is his fee. VOTE NO." May 27, 16 5:41 PM

Police: Influence Of Gangs On East End Remains Faint But Occasionally Violent

The stabbing outside of CB's is disgusting. The good hardworking residents should not have to tolerate such violence in their community. I don' care if it is an organized gang or not. What kind of club attracts such violent customers? The owner had several other clubs that were shut down on LI including Riverhead. The SHT Police should be all over that place." Jun 1, 16 3:05 PM

"cheap labor" does not equate to violent criminals. It seems that the owner's clubs are a breeding ground for illicit activities and violence. It shouldn't matter if these are wall street guys or organize gang members, SHT Officials should be all over this place and any other place like it. " Jun 2, 16 3:02 PM

UPDATE: $15.8 Million Library Bond Referendum Fails In Hampton Bays

Did anyone else find the editorial in today's Press insulting? I am a well-educated well-informed voter that actually attended 2 of the forums with several other well-educated, well-informed voters. I have made an educated and informed decision to vote NO. The Library needs TLC inside and out. The building needs to be updated and repaired estimated at the original $1 million. The programs need to be streamlined. It is disconcerting that the Board has let the Library fall into such disrepair and has lost control of its operations that they needed to hire a security guard. So again, I voice my educated and informed NO." Jun 9, 16 9:43 PM

NYPD Officer Under Investigation Found Dead In Hampton Bays Tuesday

Are you saying every single homeless person is exactly the same and no homeless person is dangerous? It seems you have limited knowledge of homelessness. I guess it is OK with you to have those "down on their luck" live in homeless tents or those with substance abuse problems and mental disabilities not get help. Please rethink your logic or there lack of." Jun 13, 16 7:35 PM

UPDATE: $15.8 Million Library Bond Referendum Fails In Hampton Bays

How is it possible that the Trustees are so out of touch with the taxpayers of HB? Fix the building - fix the programs - move on." Jun 15, 16 8:08 AM

Hampton Bays Taxpayers Speak Up, Reject $15.8 Million Bond Referendum

I didn't see any posts about the current staff. I think everyone had issue with an unnecessary construction project. I personally think the staff is great, but I was opposed to the new library. Any reference I saw to the staff was the potential increase in staff due to the new building." Jun 15, 16 2:27 PM

How does "chair yoga" translate into "cultural center" for one thing. There are plenty of other buildings that can be utilized for meetings, classes, etc. It doesn't have to be done at the Library. Furthermore, on what factual authority do you base your conclusion that the value of the community and property values will go up due to a better library or school? Only 1 in 5 households in HB have children in the school district, but yet we pay the highest tax per dollar value of our homes due to the school taxes. High taxes reduce the value of a community and property values. " Jun 16, 16 9:36 AM

I find your comments hateful. Most of the comments were well thought out, practical and based on the issues facing the entire Hamlet. Most people can only spread $1 so far. If the Trustees are sp passionate about the Library, they should find alternative sources of funding. " Jun 16, 16 12:54 PM

Wow - How did you know I was a genius? Good for you! I used my genius-level analytical skills to determine if the benefit of the new library exceeded the cost and if the new library was the "want" of a few versus the "need" of many. Based on my genius-level analytical skills, I determined that the cost exceeded the benefit and the new library was actually the "want" of a few. If the few want the library, they should use their genius skills and find sources of revenue to do so. I make the analogy that I "want" to live in Dune Road; don't need it; can't afford it' and certainly don't expect my neighbors to pay for it." Jun 17, 16 9:18 AM

I respectfully disagree, Bruce Lee. I was adamantly opposed to the new building, but the library is and can be an asset to the community if properly maintained and run. IMHO, they need to fix the building, streamline the programs, and move on...." Jun 17, 16 9:23 AM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

I went to Karumba to support a "local" business. I thought it was related to the Deli in the Shopping Center across the Street. I am surprised to see that it is owned by a NYC-based investment firm. I am not sure how I feel about that. When I first saw it opening, I did think it was related to Rumba's. I guess the courts will figure it all out." Jun 19, 16 9:29 AM

State Suspends Liquor License For Charlie Brown's In Hampton Bays In Wake Of Double Stabbing

From SLA records - License #1278675
Principal's Name - Luis & Rosa Tejada
Just google them and the Crystal Bar in Riverhead and Hempstead and see what other fine establishments have been closed down. I suspect that most of the people that went and were made to pay $30 for a drink because it came with a girl never reported it to SLA or the Police. Maybe they should now to make sure they never get their license back." Jun 20, 16 9:18 PM

CB's business model at night included security guards in protective vest. If you bought a drink it was $30 bucks since #20 was to buy a girl a drink. It was reported that there was gang affiliation. Look up the owner and his previous establishments in Riverhead and Hempstead such as the Crystal Bar that were shut down.. We don't need an establishment like this in HB. Nothing like CB;s. " Jun 21, 16 9:04 AM

You all that hate the Boardy Barn are entitled to your opinion, but that doesn't change the fact the CB's became a cesspool. Did all you see the flyer last year with the half naked girls? We were told repeatedly by Town Officials that they were working on it and couldn't disclose what they were doing. Admittedly my friends went to place a bet at night and were extorted into paying 30 bucks for a beer (that came with a girl) and never reported it to SLA and PD. " Jun 21, 16 1:02 PM

"We are blessed: to have a culture of gang stabbings, prostitution, extortion, intimidation, and organized gang activity in our community? How is that a blessing? I am not sure what G(g)od you get your blessing from, but I am pretty sure mine would not approve." Jun 22, 16 6:07 AM

This is about CB's being a cesspool. I saw the original flyer floating around town and it was disgusting. This is not an overall statement about the nightlife in HB. I was at the Beach Hut last night and there were plenty of people listening to good music and eating. The Canal Cafe was packed across the way. There are plenty of venues in HB to enjoy nightlife. We don't need prostitution, extortion, intimidation to be part of our community." Jun 24, 16 10:41 AM

It would be great if there was a mixture of places all year for all ages. We don't need places places like CB's that was a cesspool at night with the new ownership right from the beginning. It would be great if we all supported all of our local businesses that we already have. (And yes, I do appreciate a good early bird special that usually ends up with a wonderful sunset, but no I don't play mahjong) " Jun 24, 16 11:52 AM

OLA Announces Springs School Vote On Latino Parents Committee

I am confused. Why is a not for profit "announcing" something a School District is going to do? Is there an Irish Parents Committee? What about an Eastern European Parents Committee? What about a Native American Indian Parent's Committee? Why should there be a special committee for a specific ethnic group? Doesn't that discriminate against all the other groups?" Jul 5, 16 12:18 PM

Southampton Town Says Work On Good Ground Park Is Ahead Of Schedule; Facility Could Open This Fall

Couldn't agree more, jams. I can't wait to see what happens after the ribbon cutting and the political photo ops. Does the Town have a plan to keep this Park viable or is it going to be a social nightmare and a complete waste of taxpayer funds?" Jul 5, 16 8:27 PM

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