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Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

Exactly - HB is reported to have 13,000 residents year round and grows to 31,000 in the summer. The rules should stay the way the are. " Dec 22, 16 2:53 PM

Hampton Bays Senior Citizens Community Looks To Form Tenants' Association, Citing Years Of Neglect By Landlord

This is disgraceful. St. Rosalie is not responsible for this housing, but I suspect most of the residents are their parishioners. St. Rosalie's has known about the complaints for a long while (it was in their bulletin). I wonder if they ever did notify Catholic Charities. They have no problem being advocates for their pet projects - maybe this one was just not that important to them - very sad." Dec 26, 16 7:01 PM

Southampton Town Might Now Open Different Western Beach To Four-Wheel Vehicles

Some of you are passionate about YOUR access via 4 X 4. We have all lost access. As Jay said, beachgoers and 4 X 4's don't mix. This is the last stretch of beach you can walk without worrying about the high tide water mark. It is disgusting to have to walk in tire tracks or encounter the the occasional cowboy that thinks someone walking needs to get out of THEIR way in the their 4 X 4. Like the idiot that thought it was a good idea to have his dog run along side his truck - not paying any attention to people walking." Dec 28, 16 7:14 AM

Thiele Asks For Federal Support After Sag Harbor Fire

I agree. It seems the elected officials only want to deal with the "feel good" stuff - never mind the drugs, crime, code violations, etc. No real substance to most of their actions. Sad for them - sad for us. ." Dec 30, 16 8:25 AM

East Hampton School District Denied New Trial In Sandpebble Lawsuit

From what I understand there was a change in the scope of work in EH. Clearly, the courts did not award Sandpebble the full contract amount since he did not do the work. BTW, I went to the HB Library presentations conducted by Sandpebble. It was clear to me that he was leading the group for a new library where none was/is needed (and thankfully voted down). " Jan 3, 17 9:40 PM

Chief1 - I don't believe I am wrong. Sandpebble only received a portion of what he sued for and then a ridiculous interest rate. The reports said the School Board changed the scope of work and Sandpebble did not execute the terms of the contract, but sued for for breach of contract for what I believe was the full amount. He was not out of pocket for any work. Just not cool where I come from. Glad the HB Library did go forward with the expansion with or without Sandpebble." Jan 4, 17 9:40 AM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

And here we go again VOTE NO. there was a reasonable plan for renovations presented for $1 million - I seriously don't understand why this Board doesn't see that the taxpayers of HB are fed up with the school tax and the library tax a/k/a the free babysitting service tax. They conduct programs that directly compete with the small businesses that give back to the community. Seriously STOP." Jan 18, 17 6:19 PM

It is incredibly disturbing to me that the Board announces this mid-January for a March referendum when many of the residents of Hampton Bays left for the winter. Seriously, they should be ashamed of themselves. If truly cared about the taxpayers of Hampton Bays, they would put this out in the summer. We need to get the word out and get absentee ballots to those we know that are out of town." Jan 19, 17 5:48 AM

That had a reasonable effective $1 million proposal when they started this - now it is almost $10 million. How can we trust the Board with our money. Please everyone vote NO." Jan 20, 17 5:26 PM

Management Firm Says Issues At Hampton Bays Housing Complex Are Being Exaggerated By Tenants

I agree - St. Rosalie administration has known of problems there for at least a year. Have they tired to help? They have no problem advocating for their pet projects. Maybe one less pilgrimage - stay home and help those in need right in your own backyard and not demanding others help. Didn't the woman in charge just win some award?" Jan 20, 17 6:13 PM

Southampton Town Alters Plans For Waterfront Park In Riverside

The B.S. that comes out of the Assistant Supervisor's office about town projects is disgraceful. The design, execution and management of the Good Ground Park is financial disaster and a social accident waiting to happen. I have to assume that Mr. Zappone has the blessing of the Supervisor - they both have to go ASAP." Jan 22, 17 4:39 PM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

what a surprise - no one wants a Home Depot or a Target - how much time and $$$$ was wasted on this?" Jan 28, 17 11:34 AM

What is your point about the school. The school taxes are killing HB. About 80 percent of the taxpayers DONT have kids in the school district but 70 percent of our taxes go to the school. How is that fair. Who cares what the storefronts look like if no one is shopping in them or no one can afford to have commercial property due to the school taxes. Look at the Diner." Jan 29, 17 8:53 AM

Hampton Dad, this is my point. Those without children are paying for the school, the library, the parks so "children will have a safe place to play" and what do we get? Dirty beaches, dirty streets, overcrowded housing, illegal use of motels, good ground park with no monies for maintenance and events but hey we got a study on what people think the Main Street should look like. Seriously? Is that the best they can do? Those businesses and commercial property owners are struggling to pay the taxes and rent. How about the Town help with that?" Jan 29, 17 10:45 AM

and a big NO to the Library proposal" Jan 29, 17 11:08 AM

Rickenbacker, HB has the highest tax rate per fair market value in the Town of Southampton - around 20 percent. It is ridiculous. . People who purchased modest homes have seen their taxes skyrocket because of the school taxes but have seen their property values decrease and stagnate. The Town throws us a bone for a study for how storefronts should look when we ask that they enforce the occupancy laws, ask for additional code and law enforcement, more resources to clean the beaches and parks. Dtree Not everyone that does not have children in the District is over 65 - some don't live in HB full time and are sending their kids to school elsewhere and that are over 65 have paid their "dues" working for 30 plus years, 50 weeks a year, 40 plus hours a week to collect social security. " Jan 29, 17 6:20 PM

and Rick, this is not about being short sighted or selfish - just the opposite, there are several urban economic studies that show you can only tax the middle class so much before those that can leave - do ;eave and leave behind those that can least afford it. It is not in anyone's best interest in HB (especially the School District) to keep pushing for more services on the backs of those that don't reap the benefit, and can leave. " Jan 29, 17 6:52 PM

I don't blame the kids, but the District and others that think they can continue to tax those that don't benefit and can leave. It is really not in the best interest of the very people they are trying to help and serve. Then the Town ignores the residents when we ask for basic quality of life services. It is really absurd how little the taxpayers of HB get for our taxes." Jan 29, 17 7:41 PM

hblc, I couldn't agree with you more about the CURRENT board. I think they are doing a great job of keeping the costs down. I am also aware of their position against the Accessory Apartment initiative of the Town Supervisor and their position against the illegal use of motels. Kudos and keep up the good work I say! However it took a lot of effort n the part of many residents who put themselves out there to ridicule and name-calling. It is not just the School budget, it is the Library Budget, playgrounds in Good Ground Park when we are already paying for at least 3 parks, Frank Zappone saying we need ANOTHER park so that those that may not have parents that drive can get to a waterfront park. Seriously, some people act live the kids are playing stickball with a broken broom on Montauk Highway.

As far as the "argument" that the investment per student is the lowest is actually not really much of an argument. Most of the schools costs are FIXED and they would be same even there were 5 kids. You could be spending millions per student and still have a 3 rating in the middle school if the administration was ineffective or the students were poor learners." Jan 30, 17 7:23 AM

vos, you ask how the real estate tax problem of the Diner is relative? How many pancakes do they need to sell just to cover the reported $50K tax bill? You speak of the "Master Plan" - look to who and how many were involved and when it was done and how relative it really is. Most of those plans are outdated by the time they are completed. If the Town was serious, it would be a "living" plan and constantly updated. " Jan 30, 17 7:47 AM

Rick, I agree the students and taxpayers would be best served if the Districts on the east End merge. However, h*ll will freeze over before that happens. There is probably a break even cost per student where there is optimal cost effective education. I think our "conversation" got off point. The Town commissioned a $50K study for some window dressing over an outdated master plan designed by a handful of people who think window dressing is a problem solver. There is nothing wrong with window dressing but the Town needs to clean the windows first and THAT seems to be too much trouble for them. The HB taxpayers get very little for the level of taxation we are subject to....and now the library wants almost $10 million for a renovation....a big no...." Jan 30, 17 6:44 PM

It is funny how the posts on the article had almost nothing to do with the ""pattern book". That should be very telling to the Town Officials as to how little the residents care about the way the storefronts look on Main Street - which goes back to my very first post - How much time and money was wasted on this? Who actually wanted it? There are so many more important issues facing the Town. Doesn't the Planning Department have better things to do with their time? More money wasted....." Jan 31, 17 7:50 AM

Schneiderman Says He's Still Mulling Reelection Bid; Gregor Is Prepared To Make Another Run

Wow, I hope the readers see through your attempt at digging up some unsubstantiated and unfounded dirt. It is sad that this happens in politics. It is no wonder people don't want to run. Anyone that reads the posts know that you stand with the democrats in SHT, but many of your posts are thoughtful. IMHO, this post diminishes your credibility." Feb 3, 17 11:27 AM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

Once again the posts on this have gone completely off course. This is a meaningless study stemming from a meaningless outdated master plan. The Town want to avoid the real problems regarding the illegal use of motels, overcrowded housing, lack of code enforcement and law enforcement and lets not discuss the boondoggle of the lack of funding for Good Ground Park.
Dtree the survey and the survey results are on the website and have been for months. Sign up for "notify me" and be an informed resident.. There is not one house that is overcrowded and without rental permits. There are many - they don't have right of access like the police due and how do you expect them to proof there is more than one family when everyone lies." Feb 5, 17 9:57 PM

Schneiderman Says He's Still Mulling Reelection Bid; Gregor Is Prepared To Make Another Run

We seem to agree that hopefully the Republicans will nominate someone that will represent the people in SHT and has a proven track record of sound decisions (whether or not you agree with them). I believe that Ms. Scalera is one of those people. I had high hopes for Mr. Schneiderman, but he continues to disappoint me. " Feb 6, 17 7:45 AM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

davidf, All those on "notify me" received a detail analysis of the results of the study. I haven't checked if it is all on the website, but it is public information and you could obtain it. As far as my comments, regarding access, yes I recognize the rights we have under the constitution. That is exactly my point. It is very hard to prove that there are multiple families living in a house or a house is shared by multiple unrelated individuals especially when people lie." Feb 6, 17 11:17 AM

Schneiderman Says He's Still Mulling Reelection Bid; Gregor Is Prepared To Make Another Run

NTiger, I find politics and campaigns distasteful. Frankly, I do not understand why anyone would want to "have decades of experience in campaigns and politics". Politics and campaigns have become big business and profit center for those involved instead of a means to an end of government by the people and for the people. Ms. Scalera has worked tirelessly for the people of SHT. I would be proud to have her as the next Town Supervisor. " Feb 6, 17 6:59 PM

Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attacking, Killing Family Pet In Hampton Bays

I agree with Draggerman, these dogs at minimum should have been taken away from the owners the first time. (If that was the only other time - who knows if there were other times that went unreported). As far as breed versus owner, scientists can't even prove nature versus nurture for humans, how can anyone make an educated statement whether or not the problem lies with the breed or the owners. However, a 200 pound aggressive man can do a lot more damage that a 90 pound one." Feb 7, 17 8:41 AM

to be clear I meant that the dogs should have been taken away after the first reported incident and monitored and not necessarily "put down"." Feb 7, 17 10:21 AM

Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

I think that this study was a big waste of time and money, but please don't comment to those that take time of their evening to show interest in the community. It was open to the public There were over 1,000 respondents to the on-line survey. The consultants represented that they went to each of the business owners on Main Street and told them about the meeting and survey. If you have a specific concern, contract the Planning Department of the Town." Feb 8, 17 1:44 AM

Timeline Is Uncertain For Bridgehampton Pedestrian Safety Project

excuses excuses - why are these people still working in Town Hall? If they worked in the "real world", they would have been fired years ago." Feb 8, 17 8:04 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman To Run For Reelection

I actually think I saw the "jay mobile" the other day in the Village - flashing lights and all. ...at the taxpayers expense...add that to his longevity payment....but don't provide services to the good hardworking people of Hampton Bays in the 2017 budget..."let them eat cake". The democratic committee would have done us all a favor if they just cross endorsed the republican candidate. " Feb 11, 17 8:31 AM

Turkey bridge, everyone that reads the posts knows you are part of the Democratic machine. I had high hopes for Mr. Schneiderman, but I am done. He turned back on HB one too many times already. The silence is deafening when we ask for basic services for our health and safety. The other 2 j's are no better. I find it to be politically ironic that the councilpersons supported by the republics have fought for funding for services for the safety and health of the good hard working residents of HB while the democrats act the cat go their tongue. I would LOL if it wasn't so sad. . Mr. Schneiderman has demonstrated that he is not a "man of his word" just a "man of his word of the day". He stated publicly (along with his "blocker" Frank Zappone) that the cost to maintain Good Ground Park would be "hundreds of thousands of dollars" , so what did he put in the 207 budget and hope no one was looking. - 1 1/2 staff persons to maintain all the Park in the Town. He has violated my faith and trust." Feb 11, 17 1:28 PM

please read between the typos - had enough B.S., but should have done a better job of proofreading. " Feb 11, 17 3:36 PM

NTiger, I agree. Many of the residents and taxpayers of HB have been frustrated with the lack of attention to basic services for years. Mr. Schneiderman's policies are "same old same old". It is very sad for the good people of HB. " Feb 12, 17 7:55 AM

Sorry TB, Mr. Schneiderman is responsible for his administration. He is the CEO, COO, and CAO of the Town of Southampton. In Corporate America, there is a test of internal controls that starts with the "tone at the top" If the "tone at the top" is determined to be lacking transparency, integrity and accountability, the auditors expand their field work since they have no confidence in the administration. Mr. Schneiderman has set a tone, like his predecessor, that accountability, transparency and integrity are not priorities - continue making excuses and avoiding the facts and hope no one notices.

The issue of incorporation is irrelevant. Mr. Schneiderman;s administration collects my money and I expect services in return. Period.

" Feb 12, 17 2:23 PM

My point exactly - follow the money - follow the facts - no matter who is in charge, it seems we need to do that. It doesn't matter if it is a republican or democrat. If they can't provide transparency and accountability (no matter what party), they should be gone. I have been following the money and the facts since Mr.S Schneiderman has taken office since I had high hopes for him. He has, with the help of the other 2 J's and his administration, disappointed me repeatedly with his attempt at smoke and mirrors. So sad for all of us. " Feb 13, 17 9:55 AM

No Problem - first of all, it is not just him, but his administration that is a reflection of his policies. (1) the "jay mobile" - watch the work session after J#2 was elected and you will see what I mean. (2) the CSEA approval (3) the GGP one-day opening for photo ops right before ATH was running for election and then closed for alleged construction (4) the GGP rush to begin construction with funding for the comfort stations (5) the rush to construct GGP with adequate community input for the design (6) the presentation by the Planning Department for the Pattern Book at the 3/3/16 work session recommended by the HB Economic Development Committee when there was never a meeting of the committee (7) the promise at the work session in HB for "hundreds of thousands of dollars" for maintenance of GGP when none is in the 2017 budget (8) ignoring the requests for additional quality of life services at the public hearing in HB about the 2017 budget from residents in Flanders and HB. (9) putting up a pathetic attempt at a "community project portal" with some pretty pictures to satisfy the residents requests for transparency on community projects. I thin that is a good start. if I go through every work session and Town Board meeting I can probably come up with lots more." Feb 13, 17 12:00 PM

TB I guess that is the best comeback you can come up with. The lack of transparency and accountability doesn't just impact HB, it impacts every taxpayer and voter. My mother used to say "one lies and the other one swears to it.", but if you follow the dots...the money and the facts...the truth usually comes out. I truly believe that government is supposed to work for the people. I refuse to sell out like some people have. Sorry." Feb 13, 17 7:38 PM

While our "pet peeves" may by different, from my observations and analyses the cause is the same - a pathetic administration, carryover by the previous administration, now lead by Mr. Schneiderman. Their planning policy = throw the spaghetti on the ceiling and hope it sticks and if not, hope they are gone before it falls on someone that sues the Town. The GGP was constructed without the infrastructure for the multi-million dollar comfort stations. (Who does that?_ First the Town informed the community that they had the money and then quietly they said they didn't. Where did all the grant money go? Good Luck trying to get that answer. " Feb 14, 17 8:00 AM

I would vote for anyone who hasn't sold their soul to the highest bidder..." Feb 14, 17 10:50 AM

I ad high hopes for Mr. Schneiderman - he seems like a smart guy - has many contacts - but if he would only use his power for good and not evil it would be great. He reminds me of my son - I had high hopes for him too - started a collage fund when he was young - now I call it his "bail fund"." Feb 15, 17 7:36 AM

State Won't Make Any Upgrades To Riverside Crosswalk Where Rash Of Accidents Occurred

It seems like the safety of the residents of Flanders and Hampton Bays has become optional....but hey we got a one day party at good grand park so I guess they figure that makes up for it." Feb 17, 17 5:18 PM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

I am just curious how this organization and its PAID executive director became the the voice of the Latino community on the east end - legal and illegal.. Who is funding this organization and what is there motivation? Some of these people are the hate and fear mongers. "The right thinks the left is wrong and the left thinks the right is evil"." Feb 20, 17 5:48 PM

LOL - but actually not so funny. The definition of discrimination is the treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which the person or thing is perceived to belong rather than on individual merit. OLA can do what they want, but it is when the Town Governments recognize this group over other such as "OCA" that they act in a discriminatory manner such as having OLA as part of the search for Police Chief when "OCA" was not. I thin it is time that "OCA" brings a discrimination lawsuit against the town." Feb 21, 17 7:19 AM

No wonder our country is in the shape it is in - everyone's ethics have gone down the drain. Shameful." Feb 21, 17 1:58 PM

davidj - there are many areas in the tax law that amazes me, but it is not tax evasion, it is tax avoidance and is legal. If employers are saying their employees are actually "subcontractors" - that is actually tax evasion and illegal. " Feb 21, 17 6:48 PM

dfree, Employers historically have inadvertently or purposely misclassified INDIVIDUALS as independent contractors and therefore did not pay SS Tax, unemployment, disability. LLC's can get a tax id number even if the person is an illegal immigrant and cannot get a SS# on their own. The IRS does not match 1009's to LLC with the same process as they do individuals. Some one very unethical is advising people how to conduct business on both ends. A lot of big businesses got caught years ago, maybe the IRS needs to look into this on the East End." Feb 22, 17 4:02 PM

and I really don't if it is President Trump, an illegal immigrant or a contractor. No one should be evading taxes. Everyone I know legally avoids taxes by taking all the deductions they can on their tax returns." Feb 22, 17 4:34 PM

Are you saying DJT is not a consumer? Actually contractors generally pay the sales tax on the materials on a construction project - just for the record." Feb 22, 17 4:38 PM

Bigfresh, couldn't agree more about tax avoidance - businesses and individually should do everything they can to legally minimize their tax liability. The underground cash economy on the East End is disgraceful and has ruined legal businesses. Cash laundering is known to fuel drugs and human trafficking...and oh yeah...the Catholic Church." Feb 22, 17 6:02 PM

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