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Guardian Angels Come To The East End

It is outlined in the article." Sep 3, 16 2:01 PM

Ya gotta' love the "members only" jackets and bonjour jeans though! I think they call it vintage now." Sep 3, 16 2:02 PM

I think it is reasonable to assume that they would do the same or similar as thy did in NYC. I am personally disgusted of hearing people complain at Town board meeting and Civic Meeting about various nightclubs, homeless camps, public urination, prostitution, drug dealing, etc. and having the Town Officials say they are doing something but nothing seems to get done. Maybe a group of aging hipsters in matching hats and jackets will get their attention." Sep 3, 16 5:00 PM

What a horrible comment. I hope your comment gets deleted." Sep 4, 16 11:15 AM

Investigators Bust Illegal Montauk Share House With 18 Tenants Saturday Morning

Great quote from the EH Town Supervisor - I hope I live long enough to see a similar one from the Southampton Town Supervisor." Sep 4, 16 1:04 PM

One Person Injured In County Road 39 Accident In Southampton Monday Morning

Drunk drivers, distracted drivers, speeding drivers, drivers without licenses. The east end has become the wild wild west of vehicular safety. I can't believe that more can't be done to combat this." Sep 5, 16 4:49 PM

Death Road 39 does seem to be the worst, but it seems to be all over the east end. I don't remember it ever being like this. " Sep 5, 16 5:21 PM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

JAMS, I appreciate that you agree that some people are in denial, but the "west of the canal" folks deserve to live in a safe, gang-free, crime-free community. I suspect you agree with that and just meant that the crime and gang activity won't get the attention it deserves until it hits east of the canal. It is time that the elected officials pay attention to quality of life and crime issues raised by residents on the west side of the canal (who make up most of the voters), or we need to vote in new elected officials that will. " Sep 6, 16 8:13 AM

Hampton Bays Superintendent Expresses Concerns Over Town Supervisor's Accessory Apartment Idea

Thank you Mr. Clemensen for standing up for the taxpayers of Hampton Bays and being a voice of reason. The accessory apartment initiative is not economically equitable unless the Town intends on allocating 2X all the expenses to the homeowner that has the accessory apartment. Otherwise, the homeowner collects the rent and the rest of the taxpayers incur the tax burden for the tenants I had high hopes for Mr. Schneiderman being the "voice of the people", but I am starting to believe the only voice he hears is his own." Sep 6, 16 10:39 AM

How many parcels on Gin Lane and Halsey Lane are less than 3/4 acre? If they are over 3/4, the current code allows for them to have an accessory apartment. This program will put more density on already dense lots. Landlords will benefit and collect the rent while the rest of the property owners pay the additional tax burden for the renters. The Town has lost control over the code enforcement issues now with the current code - it will only get worse with more liberal accessory apartment rules. I am thankful to Mr. Clemensen and the School Board for standing up for the taxpayers of Hampton Bays." Sep 6, 16 2:57 PM

That sounds like a very level headed idea. However, the Town needs to address all the illegal apartments, illegal multi-family house and illegal use of motels as apartments in Hampton Bays before any legal apartment should be considered. The Town can't enforce the code they have now." Sep 6, 16 4:04 PM

TB, anyone that follows the posts knows that it is your job to support and praise any democrat in office. Time will tell if Mr. Schneiderman actually listened to Mr. Clemensen or if he will do what he wants anyway. The accessory apartment initiative has limited application east of the canal so I am waiting to see what happens." Sep 7, 16 4:07 PM

Councilperson Lofstad may be new to the Board but she is a resident of Hampton bays and not new to the complaints and concerns of the residents of Hampton Bays including the ZBA approval process. She is one of the residents that went to the Town Board about 2 years ago complaining of the overcrowding in Open Session. I doubt Councilperson Lofstad will throw her fellow HB residents "under the bus", but I have learned to "never say never:." Sep 8, 16 12:51 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Measure To Charge 5 Cents For Shopping Bags

I heard the same thing on the news and that the surcharge applies to paper bags. I am starting to think that our elected officials rush to a decision for a photo op and a headline and really don't care about about substance. " Sep 8, 16 6:55 PM

This article is somewhat confusing about the paper bag issue. It says that the surcharge is imposed on paper bags, but then it reports: "The ban does not include thicker plastic bags, like the ones distributed by Citarella markets, or paper bags." " Sep 8, 16 7:13 PM

Hampton Bays Superintendent Expresses Concerns Over Town Supervisor's Accessory Apartment Idea

I am pretty sure that HB has the highest level of illegal use of motels as apartments, illegal accessory apartments, illegal overcrowded houses. This needs to be cleaned up before any legal accessory apartments can be considered in Hampton Bays. I believe Councilperson Lofstad is working tirelessly for the community. However, she has stated at public meeting that the new accessory initiative will not apply in HB. If she caves under the pressure from Supervisory Schneiderman and goes back on her word, she will have a hard time facing a lot of people in Hampton Bays. It is a matter of personal integrity and credibility. " Sep 9, 16 7:05 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor To Meet With Shinnecock Hills President, Michael Bloomberg On Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal

First of all, anonymous posts don't count a "community input". Anyone that is opposed to what Bloomberg is proposing needs to take the time and let the Town Board know. The Supervisor takes meeting with many different people. However, unless he has overwhelming evidence as to why this is good for the Town, he would be in violation of his oath of office. The School District is a different entity from the Town and donations to benefit one entity should not be used to offset a detriment to another. I am finding that Town's documentation on their decisions are almost non-existent - very disturbing." Sep 11, 16 10:30 AM

Chief1 - yes I know there has been opposition, but it seems to me there are a lot more posts sometimes that attendance at Public Hearings and Open Session at Town Hall. I would suggest that Bloomberg go the a work session that is recorded on SEA-TV and on the Town website and explain his proposal so the public can see it. l don't live under a rock, but with some of the nonsense that goes on the Town, I wish I did." Sep 11, 16 1:15 PM

If you haven't already, go to a Town Board meeting and speak in Open Session. Your neighbors should do the same if they haven't already. Supervisor Schneiderman can't ignore you and say he doesn't know since it is on video and posted to the SHT website. " Sep 11, 16 5:46 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Measure To Charge 5 Cents For Shopping Bags

I have used the reusable bags for groceries for years. They are very convenient. However, I use the single use bags in my garbage pails and yes use them for garbage. So now I go out and BUY heavier, less environmentally-friendly to use for my garbage. People I know uses them for mutt mitts and now need to buy them too. I return all the single use bags to the stores that take them, but there is so much more plastic packaging. I think the ban and the surcharge is like using a band-aid to fix a leak in a dam. " Sep 12, 16 4:05 PM

Bus Riders And Officials Urge Suffolk County To Avoid Route Cuts

So there is a $78 million deficit at Suffolk County. Shouldn't we be concerned about that? Wasn't Supervisor Schneiderman in charge back then? " Sep 12, 16 5:13 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Measure To Charge 5 Cents For Shopping Bags

Do you have any proof for your statistics? Or are you like some of the elected officials that appear to only see one side of an argument..their side. The Public Hearing for the ban in Southampton Town was an embarrassment to any person who wants all the facts to make an educated decision and not base their decisions on their emotions or the voices in their heads." Sep 14, 16 7:51 AM

Petition To Keep Tuckahoe Road Open Gains Traction

I don't understand how a payoff to the Tuckahoe School District could be on the table. The Town and the School District is two separate entities. The School District taxpayers is a subset of the SHT taxpayers. (Notwithstanding it probably should not happen at all!)" Sep 14, 16 6:07 PM

UPDATE: Flanders Man Struck By Driver in Ridge Dies Thursday

Actually, the Press editor had indicated that the stories that involved alleged criminal acts were not going to have the ability to post comments. Not sure why this one does. This accident is horrible. Too many DWI/DUI accidents - too many innocent lives lost." Sep 16, 16 1:18 PM

UPDATE: Nassau Police Chief Speaks On New Role After Being Selected For Southampton Town Police Chief, Thursday

I hope you are right, but the tone is from the top. It is up to Supervisor Schneiderman to set the tone, and so far, I am not seeing where he has made law enforcement, code enforcement and quality of life issues a priority in his administration. I suspect that would not be popular with his liberal supporters. I hope we don't need another gang stabbing, Village assault or potentially the murders in Brentwood to wake everyone up. " Sep 17, 16 3:16 PM

Hampton Bays Professor Founds Nonprofit Dedicated To Improving Environment

Just curious - have you heard some of Professor Fasanella's presentations? I guess you are ok with him telling everyone in HB what type of siding they should use, what type of pavers we should use, get permits to have lawns, only flush every firth bathroom use. Some of his ideas are just not practical. Good Luck to him, but the Town should be doing their part on cleaning up the overcrowded housing and motels and taking care of our beaches and parks in an environmentally friendly manner." Sep 28, 16 4:16 PM

Zeldin Travels With Obama To Israel For Peres Funeral

TB, it seems to me that your peeps are the kings and queens of photo ops. I have watched the Southampton Town Board meeting for years. ATH appeared incapable of understanding basic concepts. She told a consultant to talk to her like she was a sixth grader (or eight year old, I forget the exact term). I was embarrassed for her. Maybe her skill set is more in line with selling real estate or sea shells by the sea shore." Oct 3, 16 9:26 AM

TB, I watched enough of the Town Board meeting over the years and the presenters could not have been any clearer. I watched ATH flip her hair or fix her shawl and had no idea or didn't care what anyone had to say. Sorry, but she gives every woman who has fought to get ahead a bad name. You are entitled to your opinion as am I." Oct 3, 16 3:57 PM

TB, anyone that follows your posts knows that you support any democrat. I have no party affiliation. I believe in voting for the best candidate with an ability to comprehend the issues and make sound decisions. From my observation, ATH is not it the person. The "talk to us like we are children" was about the roads around the Shopping Center - please - not rocket science. I would be surprised if any woman who has made their own way in the business world or anyone in Hampton Bays who knows she turned her back on us is going to vote for her. I believe her words at the September 2014 meeting was that Hampton Bays' problems were the result of us being on small lots established for the working class - as if the working class does not deserve the same quality of life as the rest of the Town of Southampton. You are entitled your opinion - good luck with that. " Oct 3, 16 7:37 PM

HH, You are entitled to your opinion. IMO, ATH had her chance at public office in the Town of Southampton and was not capable of addressing the issues. I cannot in good faith give her one more day. She was party to the over development, she did not address our waters, she curtailed the overspending at the expense of maintenance of public property and the safety of the residents. She repeatedly dismissed the concerns of residents - at times ridiculing them. I am willing to give Mr. Zeldin a few more years. " Oct 4, 16 7:38 AM

Good Ground Park Set To Open For Community Day On October 15

Agreed sgt202. The residents of HB need to be on this to make sure it doesn't turn into a social nightmare. We can't let this turn into a photo and the residents be left with a mess. The Town can't take care of the property they have now. They built an amphitheater in the round but stated that they don't know what entertainment works in that (well...maybe you should have figured that out before you built the amphitheater in the round?). They ran out of $$$ for the comfort stations. I don't have a lot of faith in the management of this project. Time will tell." Oct 5, 16 7:38 AM

Concerned Citizens Of Hampton Bays Study Claims Bel Aire Cove Motel Is Polluting Penny Pond

Thank you CCHB leadership for working so hard on behalf of the Hampton Bays community. It is disgraceful that private citizens have to take so much time out of their personal lives and expend personal funds to do the job the Town should be doing. The system that should be place to serve and protect the law abiding property owners and residents has failed and continues to fail. This motel owner as well as other property owners have demonstrated a total disregard for the law, but our Town Officials have looked the other way for years. I will give Supervisor Schneiderman the benefit of the doubt that he will uphold the law, but if not, I will make sure I "look the other way" when he asks for my vote next year." Oct 5, 16 11:50 AM

Southampton Supervisor Pitches New Housing Division

IMO, the Town can't manage the projects they have now. This is totally a waste of taxpayer monies. Maybe if the Town Officials focused on getting rid of the greedy landlords that overcrowd their houses at the expense of the law-abiding resident, there would be more affordable housing. THE PUBLIC HEARING FOR THE BUDGET IS OCTOBER 25TH AT THE HAMPTON BAYS SENIOR CENTER. GO TO THE HEARING OR SEND EMAILS, LETTERS IN LIEU OF GOING." Oct 6, 16 7:44 AM

Concerned Citizens Of Hampton Bays Study Claims Bel Aire Cove Motel Is Polluting Penny Pond

Not cool, Mr. Quinn calling people idiots. This motel owner basically "thumbs their noses" at the Town Officials and the Town Officials look the other way. It is disgusting. If you think it is ok, you are entitled to your opinion, but don't call other people idiots because they don't agree it is ok." Oct 6, 16 7:52 AM

Tue Republican, it is actually worse than the Town being blind to this. They have known about if for years, and have turned their back on the law-abiding residents and property with all kinds of excuses. I have heard them first hand - ATH told a group of residents that our problems are the result of small lots designed for working class property owners - like working class property owners don't deserve to live in a law-abiding community. I heard Mr. Schneiderman blame the courts and that he is going to attract tourists and then the motels will go back to being motels "organically" - like inviting people to a pool party without cleaning the pool. They be fooled into coming once, but they are not coming back. Thank you CCHB." Oct 6, 16 8:56 AM

The fact pattern is completely unrelated between the motel and the Condos. The motel was established as a typical motel to be used on a seasonal basis. The motel septic systems are also very old. The rooms are currently overcrowded and used by full-year residents. The pollution problem is just one aspect - the motel owner has demonstrated a total disregard for the laws. The Condos will be required to be built up to the current code with up-to-date and adequate septic systems. " Oct 6, 16 7:11 PM

Some people might not actually realize you are kidding." Oct 7, 16 8:38 AM

Also...you must be joking....there are no estates on Dune Road in HB. The two properties next to Tiana were purchased with CPF funds for preservation. When was the last time you were in Coney Island? probably not recently or you would have seen the multi-million complex called the Oceana." Oct 7, 16 2:12 PM

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