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Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

Town deficit is about the same dollar amount as the expensive new courthouse. Any connection? Anybody know what percent of SH Town budget goes to the Police? Bet its the largest percent by far. I think the leaf pickup service the best thing the town does every year. What percent of budget does it add up to?" Oct 3, 09 10:45 AM

Cancel the new Town Hall or put on hold, millions to be saved ez." Oct 3, 09 12:18 PM

Cancel the new Justice Court or put on hold, millions to be saved ez." Oct 3, 09 12:19 PM

Baymen fall to Mt. Sinai in playoffs

Throwing those kids off the team for throwing eggs on halloween was unfair to those kids and their team. That prank had absolutely nothing to do with school. It was off school property, after school hours, no criminal charges made. Non-school matter absolutely. Total over-reaction, and those kids suffered much more than anybody realizes. And their teamates." Nov 10, 09 2:49 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Gambling is such a disgusting vice and habit; kinda like smoking cigarettes (another tribal biz), Can't blame them for wanting to open a gambling casino, tons of money to be made from losers, but not in my backyard! They can build it on the Southampton reservation, but they'd have to destroy all their property to do so and put up hotels etc. and they'd have to move their residences. Then some tribal members would say "Not in my backyard!"
" Dec 15, 09 5:11 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

Holzman Drive, Hampton Bays NOT plowed as of 8:30 AM MONDAY. Its all hills in my neighborhood, too. This is unacceptable, " Dec 21, 09 8:40 AM

Just call them the comeback kids

Ump called a 3rd strike in 1st inning on Pike and he didn't agree; automatic ejection. Coaches didn't agree, either; more ejections. Umps can be a bit uppity and hold grudges, that ruins the game because they can determine the outcome, not the ballplayers. " Apr 22, 10 7:08 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

The town should buy it and re-open the college and promote the making of FINE ART again!" Apr 22, 10 7:13 PM

Rally held to support push for federal immigration reform

By enforcung immigration laws, the recession would be solved! 10 million available new jobs will employ every jobless American citizen, and as a bonus, the govt won't need to pay unemployment benefits, saving billions of dollars every month! Plus our schools won't be overwhelmed, hospital emergency rooms less crowded, and affordable housing will appear overnight for our kids growing-up. Think about it." May 5, 10 6:50 PM

Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

How the heck can a resident w/ a small car expect to bring dozens of heavy wet bags to the dump??? i propose a compromise: residents will bag the leaves in town approved bags, and town will pick-up. This is more efficient and cost saving compared to huge piles of scattered leaves in the road needing a bulldozer. Neighborhoods up-island do this and it works. And bags should be sold very inexpensive as residents already pay taxes for leaf pickup." Apr 7, 11 11:02 AM

This new plan will cost the average homeowner a minimum of $500.
Anybody that thinks that it will cost $50 to have a commercial biz rake and remove leaves to the dump is in for a rude awakening. It takes me about 8-10 hours of raking over the course of 2-3 different days, and it will maybe be another 4-5 hours of bagging and moving them to the truck and dump. Thats 12-15 man hours. Contractors get $40-50-60 per hour.
And raking is not all done in 1 day; twice a season to do it right.
" Apr 16, 11 1:18 PM

East Hampton Town Weighs 'Carry In, Carry Out' Policy

Guaranteed more litter. People will bury their garbage in the sand like beer bottles, etc. Where is the logic in this? Dirty beaches will save money?" May 5, 11 5:20 PM

Nassau County To Support Shinnecock Casino At Belmont

It is illegal to have gambling in NY but federally recognized Native American reservations are not under state jurisdiction, so Shinnecock Indians can have gambling on their reservation in Southampton. So why can they have gambling at Belmont? Or Nassau Coliseum? Last I heard, Belmont is not an Indian reservation.
Amazing that such a vile addiction as gambling (like cigarettes) can be govt supported, and allow gambling off a reservation.. Its all about money. Nothing else. Absolutely no redeeming qualities with gambling.
Don't get me wrong, if I were a Native American, I'd want a casino, too! But I'm willing to bet (pun intended) that the Shinnecocks don't want a casino and hotel on their res in Southampton." May 11, 11 3:15 PM

Southampton Town Will Need To Come Up With Millions To Meet Tax Cap Next Year

Compromise is needed, otherwise nobody agrees. Make ALL present Town employees pay 50% of their health insurance, and wipe-out acrued sick-leave and vacation pay starting next year. All new hirings in Town get a fiscally responsible contract re: pay, retirement and other bloated benefits. And taxes will go up but with a cap which is fair. COMPROMISE " Jul 24, 11 8:08 AM

Morris, Penn, Malone All Capture Division Titles

"Hampton Bays senior Andrew Morris shocked Suffolk County by winning the discus at the Division III Championships with a throw of 151 feet 8 inches to win the county title."
Thats my boy!" May 29, 12 6:27 PM

Bayman Andrew Morris Earns All-State Status

Andrew was seeded last in his groups flight, and because of that, he had the 1st throw. It went OVER THE OFFICIAL'S HEAD! That throw not only was Andrew's new personal best (157' 5") it was also good enough for 2nd place against the top throwers Division II in NY State.

" Jun 14, 12 8:39 AM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

Lets see....USA bombs a depot of Syrian chemical weapons and spreads them into the air, poisoning everybody for a few square miles. Collateral damage its called. That will fix the problem. Now the opposition (Al Quida/Hammas or whatever they call themselves) will have the USA on their side of the war! That's how crazy that part of the world is. "My friend's enemy is my friend" or something like that. Don't think for 1 minute that there isn't a method in their madness: if Assad sent the sarin, it makes the opposition the victims. BUT if the opposition sent the sarin (and made it appear it came from Assad), they are still the victims. And the USA is is being played for a fool. Al Quiada/Hammas would love to see USA bomb Assad so they can move in. Or have an excuse to bomb Israel (the elephant in the corner of this situation).

" Sep 3, 13 2:05 PM

Kardashians Finish Filming On East End, Head Back West

I just want to see who from around here appears on camera, especially small businesses like mine; the free publicity on tv is a good thing. We shall see." Aug 20, 14 11:47 PM

Supporters, Opponents Sound Off On Proposed Benefits Of East Quogue Golf Course Development

Wow...New sidewalks AND a gigantic new downtown parking lot! Thank goodness for progress and developers. " Feb 20, 15 8:44 AM

Bay Fishermen Say New Rules Are Needed

You're being facetious, right?
We all know It's Obamas fault!
Actually, the seals ate all the flounder. " Feb 26, 15 8:00 PM

Town Asks If Flashing Lights Would Ease Traffic Backups

Montauk Hwy corner at Canoe Place Rd (Shell station) should prohibit "Right on Red Light" from 6-10AM because cars on Montauk Hwy making that U-turn to go East get interfered with cars going thru the red light (turning on red) causing more delays." Apr 29, 15 12:43 PM

Why doesn't the Town create a light-rail train on the empty and unused during rush hour LIRR tracks? NO TRAINS RUN EAST DURING RUSH HOUR! The Westhampton- East Hampton train takes a quick 38 minutes BUT the schedule (that hasn't changed since the 1950's) only runs East at 2:54AM (3:32AM arrival EH), 9:49AM (10:27AM arrival EH) and 1:12PM. Simply run a light rail train East and West from Speonk to East Hampton every hour! Intelligently scheduled trains would be VERY popular for commuters out here. Anybody agree?" Apr 30, 15 7:59 AM

New Season Brings Same Old Traffic Delays For Eastbound Commuters

NO TRAINS RUN EAST DURING RUSH HOUR! The Westhampton- East Hampton train takes a quick 38 minutes BUT the schedule (that hasn't changed since the 1950's) only runs East at 2:54AM (3:32AM arrival EH), 9:49AM (10:27AM arrival EH) and 1:12PM. Simply run a light rail train East and West from Speonk to East Hampton every hour! Intelligently scheduled trains would be VERY popular for commuters out here. Anybody agree?
" Apr 30, 15 1:59 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

I remember eating there about 30 years ago and ordering a cheeseburger deluxe. i foundca fried June-bug was in my French fries. When I complained, the waitress said "we'll deduct the cost of the fries from your check"" Jul 16, 15 6:42 PM

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