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Riverside Carnival Goes On Despite CPF Regulations

And how much does the taxpayers pay mr. Bean?" Oct 11, 14 12:14 PM

Southampton Supervisor Seeks To Organize Non-Union Salaries

Remember it's all a game. " Oct 11, 14 2:28 PM

Rechlers Trim Canal Townhouses As Part Of Revised Canoe Place Inn Proposal

Don't blame Kyle Collins, he is told what to approve or not approve. Politics is a game. " Oct 19, 14 3:20 PM

State Lawmakers: Hampton Bays Main Street Will Be Repaved By Next Spring

New state law cross walk signs are in need of replacement. " Oct 26, 14 2:40 PM

Bigger Union And More Police Requested For Southampton Budget

New guy....Union workers earn far less than non Union employees, so this may put a cap on the higher salaries that some non Union employees will earn.
" Oct 30, 14 2:38 PM

Municipality workers are civil service workers, union and non Union. They all receive benefits. Are you saying municipal workers should NOT be civil service employees?" Nov 4, 14 2:03 PM

Union Says It Will Challenge Southampton Town Highway Department Changes

Is it acceptable to split this positions duties to other employees. it's really about the duties not the title of this position, right?" Nov 25, 14 3:19 PM

How long does it usually take for a decision on a improper practice claim?" Nov 30, 14 1:59 PM

Two Southampton Town Board Members Want To Forgo Their 2015 Raises

Agree it is a very small savings however this was personal. My question is why councilwoman Fleming never seems to be ready for the meetings. It's always, I didn't see this, I didn't know about this, what is this about. I know the job is part time but please review and ask about the intended resolutions before hand. " Jan 7, 15 3:52 PM

Looked at the video, a resolution for the whole board with an amendment request at the last minute,yes. No reason to table such a resolution, and this is not the first time ms Fleming was not aware, as she states, as to what is brought forward at the board meetings. " Jan 7, 15 7:13 PM

Southampton Town Trustees' Leadership Change Expected Friday

What a shame. Seems like the trustees are going to let the town take them over. " Jan 8, 15 12:08 PM

Southampton Town Struggling To Close $100,000 Assistance Project

Mr. R. Blowes name always appears when a problem with the town is found. " Jan 29, 15 10:57 AM

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

THANK YOU SOUTHAMPTON TOWN HIGHWAY DEPARTMENTS for making the roads safe for all of us not only during the snow season but all year long. " Jan 29, 15 2:53 PM

Tuckahoe School District Agrees To One-Year Tuition Deal With Southampton

This in addition to paying the high school taxes already in place?" Feb 24, 15 11:54 AM

New Push To Change Election Process On Long Island

I also feel that there should be term limits, approximately 6 years, for all elected officials in all town halls. Just sayin! " Mar 1, 15 5:35 PM

Ed Warner Jr. Is Sworn In As Southampton Town Trustees' President

Congratulations to Mr. Warner.
I think that Eric Shultz should run for either town council or town clerk. Mr Shultz would be excellent in either position. " Mar 3, 15 12:23 PM

Peconic Bay Medical Center To Join North Shore-LIJ

It would be nice if this article went into more detail as how this will affect patients etc. " Mar 28, 15 11:13 AM

Southampton Trustees Will Use Town Accountants

I am sure that Ed Sr. Is looking down and not happy. " Apr 23, 15 5:53 PM

Southampton Town, Suffolk County To Try Out Yellow Light Plan To Ease Traffic

It would also be helpful if the light on Main Street in water mill was a yellow flashing light. The traffic backs up at this point. " May 5, 15 10:51 AM

Town Officials Celebrate Earth Day, Start Of Plastic Bag Ban

Ever notice when the town is going to give away some sort of bags that westhampton beach and bridgehampton do not get the same as Hampton Bays. I guess we have to get used to being NOT the upper class even though we pay taxes. " May 8, 15 2:54 PM

Hampton Bays gets the less expensive items from the town. " May 8, 15 2:55 PM

Highway Superintendent Requests More Finances, Equipment From Town For Roadwork And Snow Removal

Having safe roads are a little more important than spending monies on historical buildings. That's just my opinion. " May 13, 15 4:15 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

I guess some deals have been made, again. " May 20, 15 11:31 AM

lisa Dunlap for town clerk. She is very professional. " May 21, 15 12:01 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Well maybe he can make sure the beach is cleaned of wine bottles and other garbage when his drum buddies finish their drum playing on the beach." May 23, 15 3:47 PM

the town needs to clean house, new supervisor, town clerk, town attorney, tax receiver and the head of human resources. " May 26, 15 8:47 PM

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