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Concerned Citizens Group Sees Limited Success Three Years After Its Formation

I am appalled at the judgmental comments and character attacks made by Sr. Mary Moore. Dare I say "how unchristian"? I cannot believe the leadership of the Church of St. Rosalie is condoning such behavior and allowing the Centro Corazon de Maria to use their resources. I am embarrassed to be a parishioner. It is time for me to find a new place to donate my "time, talents and treasures"." May 25, 15 8:27 AM

If you don't like the FOIL process, fight for reform, but don't deny anyone their rights. If I execute my rights, I do not expect to by judged by a member of the religious community. I also don't expect a member of the religious community to condone that breaking the law is an effective method of problem solving. If you live in the real world long enough, you know that that never turns out well." May 25, 15 10:29 AM

I would love to see a zero tolerance for code violations. I am tired of returning shopping carts to the Shopping Center that people leave on the sidewalk on Montauk Highway. I would also like to see zero tolerance for people who don't pick up dog feces on the beach. I stepped in a big pile of it last summer. " May 25, 15 3:18 PM

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment(s). I actually respect all that you have to say, whether or not I agree with it. " May 26, 15 5:52 AM

It looks like you made this comment in reference to the highhatsize comments directed at me. Wow you guys are harsh. Based on the number of comments you both have, you have been playing in this sandbox for a long time. Good for you for exercising your right to free speech. I plan on doing the same." May 26, 15 6:47 AM

Hampton Bays Library Seeking To Build New $13.3 Million Facility

It is baffling to me that the Library can report in good faith that the “community” wants a new library. What community are they referring to? Is it the 150 or so random attendees that attended the library meetings? This is certainly not representative of the 14,000 residents and 5,000 homeowners of Hampton Bays. As an attendee to one of those meetings, I can tell you that the Library has no supporting documentation as to who these random attendees are except for a sign in sheet and a “show of hands” vote. Sadly, it is possible that these random attendees may get what they want at our expense if we don’t show up to vote against the expansion. I have not seen a real business case for a $13 million investment in our community and I see no alternative but to vote against this expansion. " Nov 21, 15 9:40 AM

20 years of debt" Nov 21, 15 9:41 AM

My point was that about 150 of almost 14,000 random people showed up to a meeting and the Library Board decides that that represents the community. I believe that they need to do their due diligence and exercise their fiduciary responsibility to the approximately 5,000 taxpaying homeowners. I believe that there other taxpayer funded bricks and mortar that can be used for the book clubs and chair yoga classes." Nov 22, 15 11:27 AM

I respectfully disagree about blaming the NYC folks for this one. I was at one of the meeting and it didn't seem to be NYC folks. It seemed to be mostly clients of the Library. There were several senior citizens who have earned my respect, but got insulted when I suggested they could take their card games and book clubs over to the "senior" center and what may have been some young parents who wanted some more after school activities. The moderator, the consultant, emphasized that it would ONLY cost about a $100 a year - didn't really focus to the 20 year part or the overall $13 million, so for the 30 or so clients that were present, that must have sounded like a real bargain since the cost is spread over 5,000 taxpayers. " Nov 24, 15 7:52 AM

Longtime Hampton Bays Library President Steps Down, Passes Baton On Renovation Project

This entire process has been outrageous and I urge all HB taxpayers to vote down this referendum. About 300 random individuals showed up to the various forums (in total). I attended one of the meetings and neither the consultant nor the administration could answer basic questions as to WHY HB needs a new library in the digital age of books and research and how many clients actually use the library and for what purpose. It seems that HB library administration wants to reinvent itself as a recreation center and community center. HB already has a community center (a/k/a senior center), several taxpayer funded and for profit recreation centers, and several Houses of Worship that open their doors for community and recreational activities. HB taxpayers have invested millions of dollars in the HB schools in the past few years. Let's use the bricks and mortar that we have to its full potential and stop wasteful construction. I wish Board members that have fiduciary and fiscal responsibility over taxpayer monies would stop treating HB taxpayers' funds like bottomless pasta bowls at the Olive Garden.. " Jan 19, 16 1:57 PM

So the Library Board hires a consultant that was embroiled in lawsuits with the EH School Board 5 years ago. I hope the Library Board has clear and convincing documentation as to why they chose Sandpebble over other bidders for this project. " Jan 19, 16 3:44 PM

Hampton Bays Library Seeking To Build New $13.3 Million Facility

The costs were estimated at $1 million collars to complete all the repairs. That is far less that $13 million dollars. The 20,000 square foot of usable space is in structural sound condition. I reviewed the minutes of the Board - there was ONE complaint in the year that the card group was "inconvenienced." - no reports of overcrowding. However, 3 employees complained of problems and now the taxpayers are paying for a security guard " Jan 23, 16 5:47 PM

Yes let's put things in prospective. The HB taxpayers are paying for a $16 million bond to make improvements and repair the school. Capital budgets are not operating budgets. Accounting 101" Jan 23, 16 5:52 PM

And is it really your argument that HB taxpayers are drowning in school taxes so it is "no big deal" to spent another $13 million on a wasteful construction project? Wow is right." Jan 24, 16 10:07 AM

As a responsible taxpayer and a C.P.A., I actually went to a library forum. Are you saying the consultant's estimate of repairs is not correct? Why did the Board advertise the first meeting in April as a meeting to discuss $1 million of repairs? I am a responsible prudent taxpayer of HB and just because you belief that if there is wasted spending in the schools that should give the library the right to waste money. I am willing to invest in the community but not waste money. " Jan 24, 16 5:15 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Discuss Their Vision For Hamlet's Main Street

I was at that meeting. I am not sure how the reporter can state that 50 people agreed with anything. Marc Fasanella and Frank Zappone did most of the talking presenting their vision. A few spoke. The rest of the attendees quietly The lack of opposition should not be assumed to be agreement, potentially just fact gathering. I started attending community meeting about 2 years ago and it seems it is the same 50-100 people that attend these meetings. Good for them for speaking up for what they want. However, it should be clear to the Town Board members that the attendees do not represent the 14,000 residents and 5,000 property owners. " Mar 2, 16 6:48 PM

I am an HB resident only 17 years and I try to go to the meetings. I would hope all our opinions get respected - if not at least I know I tried." Mar 3, 16 4:31 PM

and I find it a baffling that some one can say that the would like to see the "ice cream stores return". HB has several ice cream stores - Gemeilli Gelato & Carvel for starters. Maybe we should start supporting our local "mom and pops" and local businesses. " Mar 6, 16 8:11 AM

I would hope that everyone's perspective is respected and considered. IMHO the Town Board should not make decisions based on the input of a vocal few. There is certainly enough "proven concepts" of what works (just look to the revitalization of Brooklyn) without recreating the wheel. They should make sure that have a true representative sample of the residents and taxpayers." Mar 6, 16 10:16 AM

No I mean revitalization of the 70-90's. I lived through the urban decayed, high crime, low quality of life Brooklyn." Mar 6, 16 12:54 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Wants To Buy Adjoining Lot To Accommodate Expansion Plans

As a HB taxpayer, there are no words to describe how betrayed I feel by the Library Board. If they are so passionate about building a new expanded library, they should find other means of funding the building than using taxpayer funds. It is misleading to say "the community wants it" based on the poor attendance at the 4 forums. IMAO, the taxpayers of HB have had enough. " Mar 7, 16 7:55 PM

I agree - we need to spread the word to vote NO to this referendum. Only 150 voters showed up to the last Library vote and of course almost everyone voted yes." Mar 7, 16 9:09 PM

The article states that the vote is set for TUESDAY, JUNE 14. The taxpayers of HB should spread the word to vote NO. There is no need for an expanded "library" for card games & exercise classes There are several other public recreation facilities in HB. IMHO, the Board should go back to the original $1 million of repairs as they reported last April. " Mar 8, 16 9:10 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Discuss Their Vision For Hamlet's Main Street

It is interesting to me that the reporter updated the report and changed the focus of the meeting and quotes from some of the participants. Not sure how that happens." Mar 9, 16 11:51 AM

Free Summer Shuttle Service To Begin Serving Hampton Bays, May Expand To Other Areas

Thank you Councilperson Scalera and Jamie Bowden for working so hard on this." Mar 18, 16 9:20 PM

Southampton Town Makes Moves To Keep Good Ground Park Work On Track

Wow - Great Picture - I really should have combed my hair before I ran to Town Hall for a 12 Noon special meeting on Thursday that was only in the Press that day. One of my neighbors on Squiretown Road is adversely effected by the Park (not just the constructing) and the mike was ripped out of her hand at the Civic Association Meeting on Monday when she tried to get information. I wonder how many residents know what is going on at the park and how much money is being spent. Frank Zappone was not at the meeting. So much for trying to be good neighbor. Lesson learned - if you can't show up to a meeting because your are working two jobs, you may have the Town rip a driveway next to your property" Apr 6, 16 1:27 PM

Babyboo, I love HB - sorry you don't. I was "complaining" about 100 parking spaces that are accessed from Squiretown Road between two homeowners houses and across from one other homeowner. The traffic is heavy on the road as is There were way more trees coming down than I expected. You can hear the highway now. I supported the Park - I didn't realize they were going forward with the entire Master Plan without additional input. Don't turn it into something it is not.

" Apr 7, 16 8:16 AM

Voters Approve Hampton Bays Library's $2.23 Million Budget

I had reviewed the budget they provided before the vote (even though they provided about 6 lines of data). It was a net zero change. I suspect that is why it was such a low turnout. I am waiting to see if the Board comes up with a Plan B for major repairs/renovations - you might get your outrage then." Aug 12, 16 8:27 AM

I am not sure I understand your comment. Generally people who complain about low voter turnout are the people that make the time to vote - some of us even try to understand the issues. " Aug 12, 16 3:48 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

In my opinion, this renovation plan as well as the new building is/was excessive. The Library is adequate, albeit in need of some repairs/update. The Board presented a $1 million renovation plan which seemed reasonable and adequate. I did not come by this conclusion lightly. I am a full time homeowner in HB for almost 20 years I am a CPA and spent 30 years in finance and accounting in Corporate America (and plenty of time in libraries); I also attended 2 of the Library presentations; I reviewed the financial information provided by the Library and spoke with neighbors that use the Library more than I do. The Library Board has a fiduciary responsibility to ALL taxpayers, There are over 5,000 residential properties in HB, Only 20% or so have children in the School district, but yet 80% of our taxes go to the school. If there are not adequate after school projects, that should be addressed with the school. Other programs at the library can be streamlined and shifted to the taxpayer funded Senior Center, Squiretown Park, etc." Jan 24, 17 8:25 AM

PQ1 - couldn't agree with you more. I think the Library is an asset to the community, but it is adequate the way it is. There was a $1 million renovation proposed at the community meetings last year which seemed reasonable and prudent and fiscally responsible. How does it now snowball into $10 million? I have no confidence in the estimates or the process. I have no choice by to oppose this renovation. It is also unfair to taxpayers that are out of town for the winter to move forward on the referendum vote in mid-March with only 2 months notice." Jan 25, 17 8:11 AM

As I indicated, I have no confidence in the estimate or the process based on my attendance at 2 of the community meetings conducted by the Library administration and Sandpebble. However, I don't see where you obtained the information about Ms. LaVista contract and Sandpebble." Jan 26, 17 12:15 PM

chief 1 - I attended the HB community meeting where Sandpebble provided the engineering studies and estimates for the 4 scenarios for the repair or replacement of the HB Library ranging from about $100K to $14 million. Sandpebble made the point that they had no vested interest in the outcome. However, when the Board decided to go with the new building, Sandpebble made the presentation as the project manager. The Board was asked whether the selection of the vendors had been done by competitive bid and questions were raised as to whether or not the engineering study and project management should have been conducted by separate firms to avoid real or perceived conflict of interest. The attendees were never given an answer or explanation. " Jan 26, 17 11:29 PM

McAllister Offers Opinion On Hills Proposal, Says PDD Plan Would Have Less Impact On Environment

I made an educated, informed, thoughtful decision at the onset of the Project not to formulate an educated, informed, thoughtful opinion for or against this Project. It seemed to that it is the responsibility of our Town Board to make an educated, informed and thoughtful decision based on the merits of this multi-faceted project. It seemed to me that the environmental issues are the most critical and I have no expertise in that area. I have heard the opponents of this project state that this project will have a material adverse effect on our drinking water and bays and ocean. I have heard them insinuate that the developer engages in unethical practices and their previous projects have damaged the environment. Do the opponents really believe that our Town Board will knowingly approve a project that will damage our drinking water and bays and oceans? Do they think our Town Board will knowingly approve a project proposed by an unscrupulous developer? I find that absurd. I have more respect for our Town Board than to think that." Feb 20, 17 11:52 AM

I assume that the Town Board will take the necessary steps to complete an adequate and detailed due diligence of this project using all the data they have available to them and employing any experts they believe are necessary. Then, and only then, will they make an educated, informed, and thoughtful decision. If the Town Board does not conduct an adequate and detailed due diligence dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's, then the taxpayers and residents have a big problem for this project and every other decision before the Board - Garbage In - Garbage Out." Feb 20, 17 6:00 PM

It seems to me that the Town Board should have policies and procedures to identify independent subject matter experts. The rest should be background noise in their decision. I am not sure where the money is coming from or is used for, but if it a legitimate not-for-profit, their tax form 990 is pubic information." Feb 23, 17 7:37 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Wants Second Vehicle Access Point For Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

I applaud Frank Zappone, Kyle Collins and the Town Board for taking a fresh look at the plans for Good Ground Park. I watched the video of the Work Session and found the discussion to be thoughtful and focused on the business development of Main Street which was the original purpose of the Park. It seemed to me that all Town Board members agreed that this property should be purchased with Town funds as opposed to CPF monies to provide for more flexibility in its use. It seemed to be that quotes noted by Councilpersons Glinka and Scalera related more to having policies and procedures for future use of surplus funds so not to have the surplus "become a slush fund" than it was directly related to this important project in Hampton Bays. " Mar 7, 17 5:46 PM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Still Pursuing Purchase Of Adjoining Lot

BTW, I went to the Library board meeting on Tuesday along with several other concerned residents. As ST as indicated several times in these posts, this is a closed appointed board formed under the rules of an "association". Based on their own admission "they don't need the approval of the taxpayers" to buy the building even though it violates the spirit of the vote. They also indicated that they don't know what they will do with the building. "Maybe we will rent it out", they say when pressed for the cost of maintaining or demolishing the building. Since when is a library in the real estate rental business? St has been right all along, - taxation without representation. The Board is accountable to 5,000 residential property owners and dozens of commercial property owners for millions of taxpayer funds. This is a tremendous responsibility. As a former auditor and CPA, I take the fiduciary responsibility over my tax monies very seriously. I plan on following up with various requests under FOIL. "Trust but verify" as the saying goes." May 7, 17 11:13 AM

st - honestly, I did not realize how bad the situation was until I went to the Board meeting on Tuesday. I will reserve any further comment until I submit and receive responses to the document information request I am preparing which will include their competitive bidding process and RFP process, engagement letters and contracts, documentation supporting the the alleged overcrowded parking lot that has had multiple accidents, etc. I have spent 30 years as an auditor - the documents, or there lack of, will speak for themselves. " May 9, 17 12:19 PM

Hampton Bays Library No Longer Seeking To Purchase Adjoining Property

The Board did an evaluation on the building and presented to the public in August 2015. The meeting was covered by The Press. They had a listing of repairs and upgrades that were needed then. No building, much less a public building, should fall into disrepair. I am not sure what they have or have not done to repair or maintain the building since the evaluation two years ago. At the April 2017 Board meeting, it was reported that that water was coming in from the foundation. I am an auditor, not a builder, but I suspect that is a good place to start making repairs." May 10, 17 1:35 PM

Baywoman, I don't know anyone that was in favor of buying the building specifically because they did not have a plan. What were they going to do with it, how much was it going to cost to renovate and/or maintain, etc. It is almost two years that this is going on. I know that the Board members are volunteers and dedicated members of our community, but that role comes with a tremendous responsibility for taxpayer funds from over 5,000 property owners. " May 11, 17 7:54 AM

MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

Police Chief Skrynecki will be making a presentation tonight (Wednesday, June 21st) at the Hampton Bays Fire Department Substation on Ponquogue Avenue. The meeting is open to the public and everyone concerned about Hampton Bays should consider attending." Jun 21, 17 3:43 PM

CaptainSag, no secret meeting. It was the monthly HB CAC meeting and we hosted the Police Chief. Chief Skrynecki indicated he is going community to community making presentations. I don't know where he is going next, but I suspect that if you contact him, you can find out. BTW, there were posters all over Main Street, emails were sent out from various community associations in Hampton Bays, it was on Patch and on various social media platforms. " Jun 22, 17 7:43 AM

Westhampton Free Library Appoints New Trustee, Places Term Limits On Board Members

st, I understand your frustration. The Hampton Bays library is also an appointed board under an association library structure. I did some research on the process after the Hampton Bays library board put forth a 2nd referendum. I had no idea how undemocratic the process is. I am thankful to those that step up to volunteer to be on the board, but just like the school board, they are receiving and expending taxpayer funds and the boards should be voted in by the taxpayers. " Jul 20, 17 12:10 PM

New Head Of Southampton Town Public Safety Appointed, With Some Dissent

The video should be on the Town website in a few days. I suggest everyone watch it, even if you are not a Hampton Bays resident. I, too, was there (clearly since I have been quoted in this article). Many of us that have "stepped up" did so because we love Hampton Bays and we recognize that there are serious issues that need to be dealt with by serious, smart, dedicated leadership. It seemed clear to me that neither Jay Schneiderman nor John Bouvier believes that the issues facing Hampton Bays are a big deal. They suggested that our calls for action are "politically motivated" and "unsubstantiated misconceptions" It seems that they believe we should not be concerned with the squalor and danger in the illegal motels, gang stabbing, MS-13 gang activity, violent home invasions, brothels,and drug dealing, low performing schools and high taxes. They are right.. WE shouldn't be concerned.... THEY should be concerned and be taking action. Maybe the reality is they have "unsubstantiated misconceptions" that can never be overcome and they will never act to correct the issues. Thank goodness for the East End Drug Task Force including the Southampton Town Police Department - they seem to be taking our issues seriously.
" Aug 24, 17 3:18 PM

I believe the civil service issue was dealt with - "where there is a will there is a way:. The new code enforcement director will only be as effective as the Town Board allows. If there is no will to do anything about the illegal use of the motels or the illegally over crowded housing, nothing will change. The number of officers have clearly not kept up with the number of building permits and residents. The issue about additional code enforcement officers was raised last budget cycle, but I believe it was voted down. If it becomes a "numbers" game, they will focus on the low hanging fruit like sheds, noise, overgrown grass. I am not confident that much will change about the illegal use of motels or the illegally overcrowded housing based on the Town Board meeting, but we can't give up." Aug 24, 17 5:54 PM

Hampton Bays Library Heating System Failure Will Leave Building Without Heat For Weeks

I am seriously confused and concerned here. Who doesn't want the building to be maintained? The taxpayers voted down a $10 million new building and expansion - I have heard no one say that the building mechanics should not be repaired and replaced in necessary. I have been to several Board meeting with other residents and in fact we suggested that the Board come up with the plan and put it before the voters so the building does not continue to deteriorate. The is a major capital asset paid for with taxpayer funds in our community and needs to be properly maintained." Oct 4, 17 10:22 AM

I am not sure where you get those numbers from. there are approximately 5000 residential properties in HB that pays for the library. Different people use it at different times. I suspect it is closer to the other way around - 5000 properties pay for it and I suspect that they don't have 5000 patrons a day." Oct 4, 17 1:58 PM

Crowds Fill Hampton Bays For San Gennaro Feast Of The Hamptons

I honestly don't understand the negative posts. I was there several times since I can walk from home with family and friends - we ate, drank and chatted. There seemed to be a lot of people from outside HB (and based on the captions on the pictures - there were). It was especially crowded Sunday afternoon with lines for the food trucks. I was glad to see our local restaurants highlighting their fabulous food. I think Hampton Bays has the best restaurants and not everyone will come out just to go to a restaurant.
There were people walking on Main Street too. Let's celebrate our local success and thank the volunteer organizers - (now if we can just get the Town officials to do something about the illegally used motels maybe these visitors would have someplace to say overnight...just saying!)" Oct 4, 17 2:18 PM

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