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Hampton Bays Man Cuts Down Hundreds Of Beetle-Infested Trees

Sounds more like Southern Pine Beetle--a recent arrival on Long Island--than Black Turpentine Beetle to me.
BTB is a serious pest of imported Japanese black pines but does not usually kill native pitch pines on the scale described in this article. SPB, which was just IDd on Long Island last fall, does kill pitch pines, and Hampton Bays is unfortunately one of the epicenters of the outbreak.
SPB will NOT attack oaks or any other deciduous trees, however. I hope that Mr. Salvatore has consulted a professional arborist and if he does have SPB on such a large scale it needs to be reported to the DEC so neighboring properties can be monitored for problems." Aug 29, 15 12:32 PM

Jobs Lane Wall Project Slated To Begin In Late September

I hope no trees will be removed. The grounds of the Art Center are an Arboretum, containing a number of wonderful, unique specimen trees. Some have been lost to storms, etc., it would be a shame to lose more." Sep 5, 15 1:14 PM

Trapped Turkey Rescued By Westhampton Beach Fire Department At Bideawee

I'm wondering if this lucky turkey is actually under the care of Evelyn Alexander Wildlife rescue in Hampton Bays, because I believe the Quogue Wildlife REFUGE cares for injured animals that are permanently non-releasable.Two wonderful organizations but with very different missions.
And if the turkey's REALLY lucky, they'll hang on to him/her till the day AFTER Thanksgiving!" Apr 22, 16 8:39 AM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Let's all call the number on the flyer and tell them they are they are pretty damn lame, they are not welcome in our town, and if they insist on referring to African-Americans as "Negroes," they should learn how to spell the word...!" Jul 26, 16 8:38 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Highway Department Renourishes Beach During Storm

It's a tropical storm WATCH, not a warning. There is a difference. (Let's hope it doesn't change. As of 11 am Monday, Cape Cod is now under a warning.)" Sep 18, 17 11:05 AM

Preparation For U.S. Open Heading Into High Gear At Shinnecock Hills

Don't believe there's a switch, the LIRR is single track from Speonk to Montauk (which is why they could run an eastbound OR westbound commuter service--but not both at once). There are only a few sidings, I think Hampton Bays has one.
I used to take the train when I went to LIU Southampton. They closed the station when they raised all the platforms for the new trains, probably to save money. I wonder if it would make sense to reopen the station, if Southampton Hospital is going to build there. It would be handy for hospital employees, not to mention patients and their families." Apr 4, 18 8:14 AM

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Expected To Open In Westhampton Beach

I own a plug-in Prius hybrid and work in Westhampton Beach so I was all excited till I read how much they were going to charge: $1.75 for two minutes works out to $52.50 an hour. My car takes about an hour and a half to charge on regular household current, so I hope that figure is in error, or that these will be ultra fast chargers. Or, sorry, gas would be cheaper.

I also believe the stats given in the article on charging times at retail and leisure destinations must be based on FREE charging. Nobody but nobody is going to pay $52.50 an hour for three and a half hours to charge their car, it doesn't make sense.
" May 19, 18 12:34 PM

Thanks, Draggerman, I'm glad you see it too!
Now, if it's one of the ultra fast chargers it won't take anywhere near that long to charge the car, but will the charger stop charging money once the car is charged?
If not, the people we want to spend time in the village will have to go running back to move their cars. Not exactly a leisurely visit.
And if it doesn't cost any more once the car's topped off, I can see people leaving the car there for hours, preventing others from using the charger..." May 21, 18 3:53 PM

Tesla Pitches Car Charging Station At Kirk Park Beach Parking

It does seem odd to put them in a public parking lot.
How much will a charge cost? Or is it free?
Will these charging stations only work on Teslas or will they charge anything? There are many kinds of electric and hybrid cars out there, Teslas are relatively rare. Just wondering.
I'm pro-electric--I own a plug-in Prius myself--but I would want answers to the above at the very least. And a beach parking lot might not be the best place--it will either take away parking from the general public, or cause frustration to electric car owners who can't get a charge because all the charging spots are in use as general parking.
" Jul 17, 18 8:20 AM

Public Vote To Determine Fate Of Hampton Bays Water District Would Be Final Say

I also have not received a survey. I've lived here in Hampton Bays since 1992. I get my annual voter-reg card from the Board of Elections (and my water bill) just fine, so what gives?" Jan 10, 19 8:16 AM

UPDATE: Westbound Lanes Re-Opened After Five-Car Accident Forces County Road 39 Road Closure In Shinnecock Hills

Take out the LIRR? Betcha the (admittedly few, so far) people on the commuter shuttle all got home on time! Every time something like this happens a few more people who sat in traffic for 2 hours will be inspired to try the train..." Mar 27, 19 8:11 AM

UPDATE: County Identifies Other Locations Where Person With Measles May Have Spread Disease

And that belief is based on ONE study from 1997 which has since been thoroughly discredited. It was a poorly designed and executed study, and the author had undisclosed financial conflicts of interest and other ethical violations which led to his losing his medical license. Several subsequent studies failed to find any connection at all between vaccines and autism.

If your children aren't vaccinated, please, PLEASE read an essay by children's book author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, etc.). His young daughter Olivia died of measles in 1962, before there was a measles vaccine. In the mid-1980s when England was having a measles outbreak due to low vaccination rates (sounds familiar?), he wrote his essay. Just Google "Roald Dahl Measles" and you'll find it. It's a powerful, heartbreaking plea from a parent who's been there. It will make you think, and, I hope, act to protect your children." Apr 26, 19 8:53 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Takes Early Look At Proposal For CVS In Hampton Bays Movie Theater Space

No, sadly, you do not need to continue. Lots of empty retail space around. I could add that the former Center Island pharmacy in the Wild By Nature shopping center is also still empty. And yet Hampton Bays still has 3 pharmacies: Rite Aid, Liggetts, and the pharmacy in Stop N Shop. Surely we don't need another!
But CVS has been moving into towns that already have a Rite Aid; it seems to be a deliberate strategy. They opened in the old bowling alley in Westhampton Beach last year, don't ask me why since there are at least two other pharmacies in WHB too." May 29, 19 7:44 PM

UPDATE: Dead Whale Removed From Montauk Beach On Friday

The Coast Guard helps remove all sorts of floating debris, natural and man-made, which are considered a menace to navigation. It would be no joke if a small boat hit a 30-foot dead whale.
And the AMCS is not a government agency, it's a conservation organization, and they would too report if the whale was killed due to some human action (although in this case it's probably too long dead to tell).
Win sky, do not make the mistake of lumping all authorities together into one big anonymous "they."
That's how "they" keep us divided, hopeless and helpless! :) :)" Jul 27, 19 9:17 AM

Southampton Animal Shelter Partners With Global Animal Rescue Organization To Save Dogs From Yulin Meat Market In China

It's a cultural thing, of course.
And with increasing globalization all these cultures are meeting and clashing as never before.
In India it is definitely NOT okay to eat cows.
In Japan it's okay to eat dolphins.
City people are freaked at the idea of eating Bambi; country people hunt to feed their families.
And so on.

I think what really disturbs about this story is that these dogs who have been raised as pets are being slaughtered as food. That feels like a betrayal, to say the least.
In the U.S. unwanted horses are auctioned off for the horsemeat trade.
Neither practice enjoys wide public approval in its own country and hopefully both will die out soon!" Aug 9, 19 8:05 AM

County Legislator Contenders Debate In Hampton Bays Monday

Turkey Bridge, I agree. Suffolk has not been irresponsible, we've beed dealing with a bunch of unexpected problems starting with Superstorm Sandy and it hasn't let up since. Should we ignore climate change and its corollaries such as tick- and mosquito-borne diseases and coastal erosion? Ignore the opioid abuse crisis? Ignore PFAS in the groundwater we all drink? Ignore traffic, lack of affordable housing, and our crumbling infrastructure? I could go on, but I think I've made my point.
It's the Republican formula--run on a fiscal responsibility ticket, use that excuse to cut services once elected, then use the savings to give breaks to all your rich friends and corporate donors, not to cut deficits.
" Oct 10, 19 7:45 AM