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Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

"Americans are lazy. End of story"

Wow, you sure have a low opinion of 300 million people. What's keeping you here?

Are there any other countries filled with lazy people, or do you reserve your broad, baseless hatred for the people of this country only?

" Jul 23, 14 2:32 PM

No, not really. As a liberal, I would expect you to avoid broad generalizations of people. But then there's always been the self-loathing, anti-American exception to the "no stereotyping" rule." Jul 23, 14 3:12 PM

Montauk's Dock Restaurant Changes Sign Deemed Offensive To The Irish

Neither is "Latino" for that matter." Jul 29, 14 10:49 AM

There are only 3 races in physical anthropology: Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid.

Every other classification is not a race, but an ethnicity or cultural group." Jul 29, 14 3:28 PM

Governor Signs New Bill To Facilitate Merger Of Southampton And Tuckahoe School Districts

Looks like a lot of Southamptonites aren't happy about picking up their fare share.

You want "the help" to live somewhere else and make them to pay higher school taxes on their $400k house than you do on your $2mil house. " Aug 8, 14 5:07 PM

fair" Aug 8, 14 5:08 PM

Two 2-Lot Properties On The Market On Sagg Pond

OK, if that's what you really want." Aug 20, 14 9:06 PM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

"although he has heard some people in the area, particularly those in the contracting and construction industries, complain about the influx of immigrants and migrant workers into the area, which he suspects is why Hampton Bays has been targeted."

The nerve of those roofers, carpenters and masons for complaining about seeing their livelihoods destroyed by illegal aliens not burdened by things like income taxes and insurance. Just doing the jobs Americans won't, right?
" Aug 22, 14 5:58 PM

One Man Recounts His Journey From Ecuador To The East End

So nice to see 27East and Michael Wright celebrating illegal immigration and the trashing of our laws.

Luckily our resources are so abundant that we no longer have any citizens who are in need and can relieve South and Central America of their excess population." Sep 1, 14 4:18 PM

Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book, 'Hard Choices,' In Westhampton Beach Sunday

You mean the tax returns illegally leaked by IRS employees to various left wing groups?

But hey, if you disagree with someone politically they're not entitled to the protection of the law, right?" Sep 6, 14 5:21 PM

'Survivability' Shop In Bridgehampton Aims To Help Prepare For Disasters

If they are NFA licensee, then they can sell automatic weapons, but of course, since the early 70's those can only be sold to government agencies.

" Oct 3, 14 4:28 PM

Southampton Town Seeking Landlords For Rental Housing Program

Most homeowners who've had experience renting to Section 8 welfare recipients have learned the hard way that the seeming benefit of direct payment of government housing benefits is far outweighed by the potential damage to their property.

It also drives up rental costs for non-subsidized renters." Oct 6, 14 1:58 PM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

illegal immigrants bypass both border entry and exit checks and protocols designed to limit the spread of infectious diseases. Then, once in the country, they have a vested interest in staying away from authorities, thus increasing the likelihood that should they have a disease, it will be treated late or not at all.

I understand your kneejerk denial of the possibility that this sudden, widespread outbreak, shortly after 50,000+ students from Central America where this disease is common entered our schools, is merely a coincidence.

You don't even want to consider the possibility of a connection because you're so enlightened that you can only see good things as a result of illegal immigration." Oct 14, 14 5:24 PM

So enterovirus is very common? Hmm. Thanks for enlightening us.

Now, let's see the full statement from the CDC....uh oh, looks like your cut and paste missed this part: "Enterovirus 68 (EV68) is a rare enterovirus associated with respiratory illness " Hmm, "rare" says the CDC. As in low double digit numbers over several decades.

Perhaps you should spend a little less effort on juvenile insults, and a little more on reading comprehension. That is, of course, assuming you weren't purposely trying to deceive with a little creative editing to give the impression that this disease was "common" in the United States." Oct 14, 14 7:29 PM

Tuckahoe School Files Suit Against Town For Denying FOIL Request For Golf Course Revenues

Formulaic name calling, check.

Exaggerations so extreme they are indicative of mental illness, check. (Plantation owner, really?)

Sense of self righteousness so strong unassailable no matter what the facts are, check.

Besides, as a "progressive liberal" you should be in a great mood tonight. The Ferguson protesters finally got what that wanted according to their chants, "What do we want, Dead Cops!".

" Dec 21, 14 7:23 PM

Liking your own post. pathetic." Dec 21, 14 7:24 PM

Local Residents To Make A Statement With Women's March On Washington

Interests of "this country"? That sounds pretty rich coming from leftists who say this country was "stolen", is illegitimate and was "never great"." Jan 18, 17 3:08 PM

Don't forget amnesty for illegal aliens NOW, as well as an immediate "family reunification" program to bring in their extended family who haven't gotten around to "fleeing violence" yet, right?

Oh, and surely you'll be marching to insist that all those foreign entities and Wall Street billionaires who funded Clinton's family foundation get something in return for their cash.

And lastly, don't forget to chant something nasty about Bill Clinton's sexual assault victims. I mean, his behavior didn't rise to anything like Trump's juvenile comments, and heck, I'm sure those "trailer trash" women were just asking for it." Jan 18, 17 3:12 PM

UPDATE: LIPA Approves $740 Million Wind Farm To Power The South Fork

Agreed! Now the Hamptons will have all the electricity it needs to power thousands of mansions over the Summer, while the working families of Long Island have the privilege of paying this regressive "green tax".

Highest electricity rates in the country! Punish the poor, punish the poor! Thank you NYS and johnj! Your "progressive" policies really show us the way!" Jan 25, 17 3:33 PM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

Grabber in chief? Oh, you mean his comment. It's too bad you can't laugh off his words, the way you laugh at Bill Clinton's actual sexual assault victims. But I know, it's ok, he's a democrat and those women deserved the way he treated them.

The best part about winning it all, is that every morning, even before we Republicans begin another day of dismantling all your liberal agenda "accomplishments", as each of your dreams is systematically dismantled and thrown in the trash before your eyes, the impotent anguish you feel will eat you up, all day, every day....for years and years to come..... You'll look like you're 100 years old before you have the opportunity to cast another wasted vote........." Jan 25, 17 3:36 PM

Not only can you start bring up the San Bernadino, bit the Boston bombers were "refugees" as well.

Fundamentally though, none of this matters to the left. As far as they're concerned, this "stolen" country was illegitimate from it's founding. Therefore, we don't have the right to stop anyone from coming here, whether illegal aliens or unvetted refugees." Jan 30, 17 9:53 AM

Three East End Schools Listed This Week By State Comptroller As Being In 'Fiscal Stress'

The real problem is that our schools are bucking under the costs of central American "refugees", some clearly in their 20's, who were ushered into the country en masse as part of the Democrats plan to change the country by importing their preferred demographic group." Jan 30, 17 10:05 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School Board Does Not Plan To Revisit Columbus Holiday Name Change At Next Meeting

And the "Indians" didn't sprout out of the ground, they aren't indigenous. They wandered across the frozen straight linking America to Eurasia. They spent centuries conquering, slaughtering, and enslaving each other. Torture and vicious brutality were a common trait amongst tribes, with the warrior, conquering tribes (Commanche, Apache, Mohawk) preying on agrarian tribes.

Nothing noble about it. Indians weren't a monolithic bloc. Why are we supposed to shed tears over a stronger, more intelligent tribe coming over in boats and conquering just like tribes were doing to each other for a thousand years before Columbus showed up?" Jan 31, 17 10:49 AM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

You get your information and regurgitated opinions from Comedy Central hosts, and you're going to mock someone else's source of news?

Trever Noah? John Oliver? I guess they couldn't find any American men that would be willing to trash their country day after day, so they had to import foreigners to feed the empty vessel that sits on most leftists shoulders." Feb 13, 17 4:04 PM

Zeldin Meets Privately With Opposition Groups; One Participant Dissatisfied With Treatment By Staff

-200+ anti-Trump inauguration protestors indicted yesterday for felony rioting.

-"Rape Melania" sign seen among the burning flags and burning effigy of President Trump during NY protests.

-Torture video of anti-Trump people forcing a mentally disabled man to say "F** Trump".

-12,000+ death threats against Trump on twitter.

-Multiple articles musing in major publication musing about the assassination of Trump.

-Keynote 'Women's March" speaker Madonna musing about blowing up the White House.

-Vicious attacks on Trump's children and family, including Barron, a child.

You saw none of this though, right?
" Feb 23, 17 10:19 AM

Tim Bishop called the police when the Tea Party protested, left under armed guard, and canceled Town Hall meetings. The Press praised him at the time, calling it "appropriate".

Why the double standard, libs?" Feb 23, 17 10:21 AM

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