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Tenafly eruv battle resonates in Westhampton Beach

ok there is one significant difference here 1. there has been no eruv erected 2. the eruv is proposed to be erected on utility poles 3 town guidelines prohibit ANY placement of any material by any party on these poles except by verizon or lipa TATS THE DIFFERENCE HERE we dont want the community to be divided or have a feel of division but regardless of any feeling it illegal to erect anything on these poles PERIOD Bring it to resident voter Vote and it will decide for all whats what The Rabbit seems to keep threatening to go higher and higher thats not a "community standing together but a divided on" He is tearing us apart jewish and non jewish residents and there any a good number of synagogue members who also do NOT want the ERUV It hasn't been needed in 18 years we dont need it now. Let us celebrate the Jewish holidays as one community and not a divided one Church and State belong separated and an antagonistic approach as the rabbi has taken further enhances the separation of this small beach summer community
" Oct 13, 08 10:05 AM

Hampton Synagogue files legal brief on proposed religious boundary

please folks this is not NYC or even Tenafly WHB is for the most part a summer weekend beach community. The number of year round residents are much smaller and We are one of them an dare jewish and not anti semitic. We are trying to preserve the dignity and face of our overly divers community (actuially one of the most diverse and accepting towns in the "Hamptonsa") As all know from talkig to some of the synagogues congregants there are a limited number of orthodox residents here. Most of the people who frequent the synagogue do so as concervative or reform practitioners. They have no need of an eruv. The parking situation is horrebndous as the synangogue was requested 18 years ago on the fact that most attendeed would alk not driuve but thats not the case and the rabbi is using the reverse argument now to try to enable his request for the eruv. The effect on businesses and homes in other communities that were small and of similar size such as cedarhurst were to negatively impact the retial business as they now close early on Firdys and are closed on saturday. The religion is iniitself the issue as to why cant the rabbi him self give disoensation to the few who need to walk with baby carriages or push a wheelchair for the elderly or carry keys or a wallet etc.. Church and state are to remain separate. We also have rules prohibiting any placement of any material on any poles in the town and village This goes for all and is not meant to discriminate but to keep the look of the community. It ssurprising to see that no one comments on the fat that with a non eruv the practitioners who are orthodox and attend serviuce walk plaintly down the center of the roads on saturday morning and friday evenings . This is more of a concern and the eruv will not help correct this situation but could enhance the number of people breaking the law as the roads are for vehicular traffic. So please let the town residents who vot and live her e decide The Orthodox pratcitioners and the rabbi himself are NOT legal voting residents of WHB they visit on the weekends weekdays and holidays. Please respect our community as your rabbi is not." Oct 27, 08 10:51 AM

UPDATE: Moore Ousts Teller As Westhampton Beach Mayor

Way to go Maria. Welcome our new mayor the first female mayor in the Hamptons whb where the Hamptons begin again. Our renewal !!" Jun 20, 14 10:08 PM

Children Flock To Westhampton Beach For Halloween Parade

It would be nice to thank the greater Westhampton chamber of commerce for organizing the parade

Hudson and Molly are miniature schnauzers not Bulldogs " Nov 2, 15 2:04 PM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

dodged a bullet ?? they will go elsewhere and we are screwed we have NO options for bringing in new people to this village HOW SAD" May 20, 16 11:14 AM