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Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase


My comment was clearly NOT about a Trooper being able to catch the perpetrator during the chase!

It was about the legal authority of the NYS Troopers have to go on to the Reservation, which the Village PD may not have, granted.

All the pursuing officer had to do, once the apparent destination of the drunk and head-light-less driver became clear, was to radio for Trooper back up (and Southampton Town PD for that matter, as the Village ends at the west end of Hill St.).

Did this radio request for back up take place? If not why not?

The pursuing officer, according to WM11976, was probably close enough to get a plate number, or at least a good description of the car and the state of its license plate. Were these radio'd in to check for wants and warrants?

There is more going on here than meets the eye IMO.

I hope you are not suggesting that reckless (and perhaps drunk) drivers like this should not be brought to justice?" Feb 5, 10 12:11 PM

Thiele wants to gauge public interest on a proposed Peconic Bay Transportation Authority


That old referendum on Peconic County accomplished "NOTHING?"

Correction -- it planted the seed of a dream.

Sometimes an "idea whose time has come" needs time to grow in the womb, thence to blossom.

Patience." Feb 5, 10 1:42 PM


Or widen the track bed to two tracks, one in each direction, with hourly trams to stop at lots of cross-roads?

When China's growth brings the price of oil to skyrocketing levels, we might look back and wish we had looked down the track a little further?" Feb 5, 10 1:46 PM

Westhampton Beach mayor plans to stick to his guns regarding two Village Police officers

Too much J2 jet fuel in the WHB drinking water IMO." Feb 5, 10 6:43 PM

Westhampton Beach board member, father of Village Police chief, exchange words in supermarket

Too much J2 jet fuel in the WHB drinking water?" Feb 5, 10 6:45 PM

East Quogue church seeks donations for new paint job


So that is your bid to do the work, with full insurance, contractor's license, bond posted, etc.? [$35,000 all-inclusive]

Including scaffolding, all material and labor, flashing, demolition and dumpster costs, take-down of scaffolding and clean up, and so forth?

Thank you for your generosity.

You are hereby awarded the Darwin Award bid!

" Feb 5, 10 7:39 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

Time will tell, Bayman1.

Have a good weekend." Feb 5, 10 8:26 PM

Questions are raised over Town Board candidate's fund-raising restrictions

Thanks Bel for the information.

Gosh, our public "safety" sure is expensive!

Do these figures include future retirement and medical costs, or is this just 2009 compensation?

Could you post a URL for this information?

Is Ryan Hughes any relation to William Hughes, Jr.?

Thanks again." Feb 8, 10 2:35 PM


Bel's financial information above. Wow, those are some big dollar amounts for our public safety.

Mr. Hughes's Facebook page says he is a fan of Tim Bishop. Really?




This election could get really interesting." Feb 8, 10 2:57 PM

PS -- Why does Mr. Hughes's American Flag appear to be flying at the bottom of his flag pole in the top left picture on his site above (just above the rope cleat)?

I thought that proper flag etiquette called for the flag to be flown at the top of the flag pole?" Feb 8, 10 3:03 PM

I am guessing that my 3:26 post above was removed because it contained a link to a news publication/site which is not approved by the editors here. Why they insist on doing this for minor informational cross-references (especially when 27east is a vastly superior site IMO) is beyond me. Anyway, here is the post, less the offensive URL:

Regarding the Ryan Hughes noted in post above --

There is a Ryan Hughes from Hampton Bays, who ran in the 31 to 36 year old age bracket (#279):

[ -- presumably offensive URL removed here -- ]

A Ryan Hughes was hired as a new Town Cop at the end of September 2008 (2008, not 2009):


Starting salary of $47,109.

Is he still on the force? Is the 22k compensation figure in Bel's post above accurate for his 2009 compensation? If he was only paid 22k for 2009, presumably he was not on the force for all of 2009. What were the reasons and circumstances for his leaving the force?

Is this Ryan Hughes the son of the candidate for the Town Board?
[end of quotation from 3:26 post above]


Let's see if this post is allowed to remain by the powers that be." Feb 8, 10 4:35 PM

Thank you Terry, is Ryan Hughes any relation to Bill Hughes?" Feb 8, 10 6:36 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

OK it has now been nine days since the Saturday incident.

Is the Village PD hot on the trail and about to make an arrest, or has the perpetrator made a clean break? If the PD got a plate number, why has an arrest not been made? If no plate number was obtained, why not?" Feb 8, 10 7:10 PM

Whoa Terry, slow down maybe, and re-read the article and all comments. Your questions are pretty much answered IMO.

Talk about being critical without knowing all there is to know!

And yes, you are correct, I don't know everything there is to know about this case. That is why I keep asking questions, and hope that the Press will follow up on this. Also, the PD is free to arrest someone (or not) and to call Colleen to have her update the story to keep the public informed about how our tax dollars are being spent on matters like this.

Their silence is deafening in my opinion." Feb 10, 10 12:02 PM

Peconic Bay Regional Transportation Authority could be a reality, after years of dreaming

Thank you Mr. Thiele for your hard work on this issue through the years. It may be an idea whose time has come." Feb 10, 10 12:21 PM

Questions are raised over Town Board candidate's fund-raising restrictions

Thanks Terry,

OK, so you know that Ryan is not the son of Bill Hughes. This would seem to imply that you know Mr. Hughes, and perhaps his children.

Could you please ask Mr. Hughes if Ryan is any relation to him?

Thanks." Feb 10, 10 1:57 PM

Thanks Terry,

I don't know Mr. Hughes at all, and you apparently do, so why would he accept a call from me?

Are we all interested in the truth here?

Please make the call, and post the requested information re: Ryan (or explain why you are not interested in this process),

Thanks." Feb 10, 10 3:02 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

And when the next possible occurrence kills someone, similar to the scenario posited by WM11976, you are willing to have the blood on your hands, and your comment might be "Doo doo occurs?"" Feb 10, 10 3:07 PM

Beg to differ Terry.

The Southampton Village PD probably has a good lead on this perpetrator. Again, read the article. The pursuing officer was close behind the car and either got a plate ID or a good description of the car.

You seem to be happy with the scenario that the bad guy got away. I have more faith in the Village PD. I will push for this reckless (and possibly drunk) driver to be apprehended and brought to justice,

You however seem happy to shine this incident on.

Yes, blood on your hands if the next such incident occurs because the non-resolution of this incident gives a green light to drivers to escape behind the gates at the west end of Hill Street.

BTW could you explain the term "LEO?" Are you in law enforcement?

Are you associated in any way (employment or otherwise) with Southampton Village, in general or the PD?

" Feb 10, 10 3:55 PM

Questions are raised over Town Board candidate's fund-raising restrictions

Your post is non-responsive to the questions asked, similar to your post about the reckless driver who apparently escaped from the Village PD at the west end of Hill Street a week and one-half ago.

Please answer all questions asked in a calm and factual manner, or tell us that you are not interested in the facts.

Please disclose your relationship to Mr. Hughes and to the Southampton Village PD, and whether you are employed in law enforcement.

Thank you." Feb 10, 10 4:03 PM


Terry is free to answer the factual questions asked. I implied nothing, I only asked questions. The longer everyone does NOT answer the factual issues, the more loaded this message board will become IMO.

Have you noticed that Terry's replies kind of dance around a direct answer? Why?

Now that you have willingly joined the fray, are you related to Terry or Mr. Hughes? Do you know whether Ryan Hughes is related to the candidate Bill Hughes? Are in in law enforcement?

Please post accurate factual responses which will let all voters decide who is the better candidate, based on the truth.

Thank you." Feb 10, 10 5:18 PM


Mr. Hughes is free to issue a press release detailing his relationship (or not) to Ryan Hughes." Feb 10, 10 5:19 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

Thank you Terry for your questions.

The article says the PD "attempted to pull the vehicle over." This would seem to imply that the pursuing officer was close enough to get a plate ID or description of the vehicle IMO. Also WM11976's posts indicate that the PD would have been able to do this.

Yes, the perp. could have been from anywhere, obviously.

[skipping over the "no and no" "answers" which are not all that clear.]

Yes, if there were an arrest for this offense, it WOULD make it less likely that this kind of scenario would happen again, or as frequently. If there is NO further investigation or arrest, it is MUCH MORE likely that this kind of hot chase will happen again, and that innocent victims such as WM11976 may be injured.

Why you keep suggesting that the PD should simply walk away from this is beyond me.

I have no idea how an arrest would be made, what charges would be filed, whether the miscreant falls on this knees, penalties and so forth. How could I? I don't know all the facts, and you seem to suggest that we should stop asking for the truth. Are you related to the perpetrator?

I simply have faith in the Village PD to pursue this matter.

You seem not to have any faith in the PD." Feb 10, 10 5:38 PM

Peconic Bay Regional Transportation Authority could be a reality, after years of dreaming

Great editorial in the new Press. Thank you." Feb 11, 10 1:22 PM

Calverton rail spur announced today by Riverhead Town Board, but it is against the rules to post the link here." Feb 11, 10 7:14 PM

Thiele wants to gauge public interest on a proposed Peconic Bay Transportation Authority

Calverton rail spur announced today. See recent Thiele article." Feb 11, 10 7:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board rejects all seven resolutions pertaining to two police officers

Thanks Publius for your informed posts on this and many other matters.

Would it be possible (without violating the statutory secrecy provisions) for the Trustees to vote publically to hold a disciplinary hearing, and to state at the same time ("whereas, . . . . . ") all of the secrecy limitations you post above?

Perhaps the Village Attorney could make these limitations part of the public debate about holding the disciplinary hearing?

It is my understanding that the secrecy limitations prevent only the disclosure of the actual proceedings of any hearing (not the announcement of the hearing), and the punishment meted out thereby (with certain outcomes being permissible to disclose).

If the Trustees could at least set forth the limitations imposed on them by the secrecy laws, then any subsequent "silence" regarding an intermediate punishment could be gauged by the public within SOME parameters.

Then there is the issue of how the unions got the secrecy legislation passed in the first place, when it essentially protects possible illegal and unethical actions by people who work for US!" Feb 12, 10 10:58 AM

Thank you for the update, Mr. Shaw. The balance you have struck between informing the public and protecting confidentiality seems appropriate IMO.

I hope, however, that your quotes ("extensively") from the report do not constitute a waiver of your Constitutional rights to protect your source(s)!

Now, will some "higher-up" please look into this dysfunctional Village government?

State Attorney General? Suffolk County?

" Feb 15, 10 1:11 PM

Staff housing coming soon to The Bridge


Sounds good in principle, but the seasonal workers who live in the new on-site housing will not be getting paid much IMO (after the allowance for the housing provided). How can local workers compete with such migrant workers whose housing is free and wages are low?

This set up reminds me of when potato farms covered The East End, and many of the summer migrant workers lived in owner-provided housing on the farm. Those migrant camps were not such great places as I recall.

Funny that our new "crop" is no longer potatoes, but rich yuppies whose golf courses are the new farms! Same migrant housing IMO, although its quality will probably be a step up from the farm camps of the 50's and 60's.

Still, very little room here for local workers to compete on a level playing field.

Perhaps the golf course could forego the housing, and raise their wages? What are the chances of this?

The Golden Rule? He who has the gold makes the rule!" Feb 16, 10 3:31 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

Another newspaper is reporting that the car has been impounded, but the driver is still at large and witnesses are not cooperating. It is against the rules of this site to post a link to that other paper, but it is free, comes out on Wednesdays, and has an independent nature if you catch my drift." Feb 17, 10 11:15 AM

Southampton Village denies request for police records


"Who cares?"

Perhaps the tax-paying and other residents (who pay property taxes indirectly) have a right to know the details of who is working for US, and how the Southampton Village PD is handling their officers' other jobs?

Plus how our tax dollars are being used?

They all work for US, and we deserve to know the details.

Kudos to The Press for seeking out The Truth!" Feb 18, 10 8:10 PM

Southampton Village Police pursue suspected DWI driver before dropping chase

See this week's Press Police News column (and here) for the Village PD.

Car impounded, etc.

Hope to see an updated story next week." Feb 18, 10 8:15 PM

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