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UPDATE: Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Pleads Guilty For Looting Scholarship Fund

Agree on that, but you have to abide by the Law, when committing the crime, you cannot play the pity card! As long as his family and friends enable him to continue his game, he will never see the Light.
" May 6, 16 10:23 AM

Warren Booth Will Keep Job With Hampton Bays Water District, Over Town Supervisor's Objection

Well, maybe you need to put GPS in the Town trucks, that will show you exactly his job performance all day!
" May 13, 16 2:51 PM

Time for a change at the HB water district! They are all related except for maybe 2 or 3 of them! " May 14, 16 9:19 AM

It's called GREED!! Intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food!
" May 23, 16 4:25 PM

Hampton Bays Fire Department Could Pay If Contamination Of Water Wells Is Traced To Firehouse Property

Mr Warner should tell the public his boss is living it up in Florida, along with the others!!! TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!!
" Nov 29, 17 5:18 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Files Lawsuit Over Well Contamination

So Why are they not using the $1million to fix this Now??!!
" Feb 26, 18 8:49 AM

Tensions Run High At First Public Meeting To Discuss SCWA Management Of Hampton Bays Water

Right on chief1 !!! How is it Robert King even considered an employee, when he's in Florida 2 to 3 months at a time!!!
" Nov 30, 18 9:11 AM

Yes, it's true, need only to check his fb page !!!
" Dec 1, 18 5:58 AM

WOW, CODE Inforcement will have a busy day Monday !! Your friends from the HBWD have illegal apartments as well, ( Robert King).
" Dec 2, 18 10:31 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

It's corrupt! Time for them to get an audit! Mr Booth is now on a paid 3 week luxury vacation! Mr King will soon take his 3 month paid vacation! SCWA needs to run that place!" Dec 19, 18 6:12 PM

Just watched the HBWD meeting on channel 22, also can be watched on youtube. What a Liar!!! Mr. King said he did not have dirty brown water on the the day of the day of the problem? Fact is he was in Florida and we live on the south side of town and had brown water! But he would never have that problem anyway, because he's rich enough to afford the best filtration system!!!
" Dec 21, 18 3:27 PM

Southampton Town Board Denies Alex Gregor's Request For Reimbursement Of Services From NYPD Detective's Funeral

What a Greedy Creep!! These guys are a bunch of lazy ass people anyway!!
" Apr 11, 19 7:58 AM